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Wedding rings, sculling and blisters......

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Aug 20, 2006, 1:35:39 PM8/20/06
Hi all.

Quick question - having very recently acquired a wedding ring (by the
normal and traditional means <grin>) I find it not too comfortable when
sculling, with the generall feeling that maybe a blister or two are on
their way.

What's the general consensus - is it better to wear your ring when
sculling, of take it off for the duration of the outing ? I'm rather
reluctant to go taking it off, but also am none too keen on extra
blisters and the general finger mashing that seem likely to occur. Of
course, the ring may be a little on the loose side.

What do you guys do ? Might it be worth tightening the ring up a tad ?



Carl Douglas

Aug 20, 2006, 2:02:50 PM8/20/06

Youra -
I could never row with a ring on - too much collateral damage to ring &

I always tied my wedding ring to my shoe-lace. It was almost a
good-luck charm. Then one day I was run down head-on by a bunch of
foolish women under an idiot coach whose 3 visiting crews he had racing
up our very narrow stretch, 2 of them on quite the wrong side of the
river. I heard them as they loomed round the inside of the bend &
bellowed, but they & he ignored me. I was so nearly skewered by the 4-
that it still keeps me loose to recall it. I dug in 1 blade & _just_
averted the kebab position.

Such was the impact, & such my anticipatory tension, that I took 1 shoe
& half stretcher with me as I flew over their 2 strokeside riggers.

The sad bit was that the ring my wife gave me at our wedding then went
to the bottom, or to who knows where, while I was busy saving myself &
avoiding the dummies in their trailing double - which tried to row
straight through the lot of us.

We haven't replaced the ring - how can you? But if my supposed secure
attachment point, which I'd used for over 30 years, came so
spectacularly unstuck, what would work better?

Cheers -
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sue t

Aug 20, 2006, 3:10:01 PM8/20/06
I love my wedding ring and husband almost as much as I love rowing ... oops,
I mean AS much, if not more, than rowing. Even so, I don't wear my ring
while rowing or erging. I leave my ring in my jewelry box. And as a result
of forgetting to put it back on, I hardly wear my ring at all. Plus it's
difficult to slip it over the callouses.

Had a crewmate that wore hers and she eventually had to have it cut off due
to it becoming too tight. Her finger wasn't getting enough blood
circulation, was turning blue, was swelling, and the rowing was the reason.

My husband realizes my not wearing my ring is not a reflection on my
feelings for him.

Ewoud Dronkert

Aug 20, 2006, 3:16:41 PM8/20/06
On Sun, 20 Aug 2006 19:02:50 +0100, Carl Douglas wrote:
> I always tied my wedding ring to my shoe-lace.
> [...] what would work better?

Make it into a pendant?


Aug 20, 2006, 4:53:05 PM8/20/06

Mine hasn't been off in 35 years. Never a bother once the callouses
hardened except have to ensure any dirt is cleaned out or it acts like
sand paper. 9 carat gold, so is harder wearing than 18 carat, and still
looks nearly like new.

Don't get it tightened as your fingers and knuckles will enlargen with



Aug 20, 2006, 8:55:10 PM8/20/06

Youra wrote:
> What do you guys do ? Might it be worth tightening the ring up a tad ?

Both my wife and I take ours off and leave them somewhere secure. I
also take mine off if I am doing manual work (I teach woodwork, work on
boats etc).

One sculler at my club used to wear his all the time and eventually
couldn't get it off because of the build up of calloused skin etc. He
had to get it cut off and repaired by a jeweler. He now puts in on a
thin leather strap neck lace (with his club key!) when he trains.

Aug 20, 2006, 9:15:53 PM8/20/06

Both my wife and I, we row a 2x together, leave our rings secured when
we go rowing, or when we forget to do that I put them on the same
paracord that I keep a very loud whistle attached to, around my neck.
We've both left them on when rowing but found that the blister
underneath is not pleasant, and since it can be avoided easily, our
solution was obvious.

- Paul Smith

PS - I just got a new cap from JL that has a small zippered pocket
which would make another splendid temporary storage location, though in
an accident could turn out as Carl's shoelace did. OTOH, if the
lanyard left my neck, I'd suspect that something very bad had happened
to both of us.


Aug 21, 2006, 8:52:45 AM8/21/06
What about a floatable keychain? Put it on a lanyard or something and
wear it around your neck. If you go for a swim and it comes off, at
least it will float.

Personally, I take it off for erging because it bothers me with the erg
handle, but have left it on for rowing this summer (admittedly a seldom
occurance this season unfortunately). It doesn't bother me (much)
while rowing/sculling. I can feel it, but I don't get a blister there,
and it doesn't bother me as much when rowing as when erging for some

My wife takes her engagement ring off quite often. She's in the
medical profession, and the stones get in the way, and/or tear the
surgical gloves she so often wears. She generally keeps the wedding
band on, which is a very thin plain gold band.

I'm still waiting for Mike Sullivan to chime in here. His solution is
best, IMO, and has to be quite flattering to his mate. ;^)



Aug 21, 2006, 10:57:16 AM8/21/06

Youra wrote:

> What do you guys do ? Might it be worth tightening the ring up a tad ?

I deliberately got mine a size too big so that I can take it off when
rowing/sculling - didn't want to inadvertently end up like my Dad, who
would have to get cutters on his to get it off! Tend to leave it at
home somewhere safe (though I've got so many "safe" locations, I oft
forget which one I left it in!). My better half knows that it's just
for practial reasons also.


Aug 22, 2006, 4:28:06 AM8/22/06
Thanks for the input guys - I guess the jury is not unanimous, but
taking off seems to be the majority verdict....

KC - I'm all agog !! - what does Mike do ....... ?


Aug 22, 2006, 6:57:14 AM8/22/06
After much reflection of the symptons..clearly this is not
physiological...more an angry reaction akin perhaps to a
poltergeist???.. from your boat and equipment at having been spurned
for another that you deem to be more important than being on the
water!! I think your boat is questioning your decision!!!! Clearly your
sculling is proving to be a jealous lover not easily forgotten.....I
hope it was worth it!!!!!


(seriously though congrajulations)


Aug 25, 2006, 11:29:56 AM8/25/06
Funny you ask--my wife and I are both rowers--she wears hers but I have
never worn mine. My fingers, like the rest of me, are bony--because I
am so thin. With boat work, engine work and bike repairs constantly on
my agenda, any jewelry is a problem for me. Our 8th anniversary was
this week, and I was thinking about the fact that I do not wear the
wedding band. I proposed to my wife that I have a band tattooed on my
ring finger--but she didn't seem interested in that idea. I've seen
"ring tattoos" on others around my city, and think it's a novel and
low-impact idea--with a certain level of permanence and commitment that
a real wedding band seems to impart. Interesting article about this

There are at least two tattoo parlors within five blocks of my house.
Maybe I'll look into it more. I have had more than my fair share of
advances from women (and even a few men) at my club--and while that is
flattering, a wedding band (or tattoo of same) would be useful and
would save myself and the would-be admirer some embarrassment.


Grady Knight

Aug 26, 2006, 8:37:25 PM8/26/06
I've attached a carabiner to my footstretchers. My keys and wedding
ring get attached there every morning. Its worked well so far
(including a number of intentional flips to show new rowers how to get
back in). In case the footstretchers are wide you might try a rescue
carabiner. The opening is a bit wider so it can fit over wider
attachments. Hope this helps,

Mike Sullivan

Aug 27, 2006, 7:24:28 PM8/27/06

"Youra" <> wrote in message

> Hi all.
> Quick question - having very recently acquired a wedding ring (by the
> normal and traditional means <grin>) I find it not too comfortable when
> sculling, with the generall feeling that maybe a blister or two are on
> their way.

You're welcome to my idea.

I got my wedding ring tatooed on.



Aug 29, 2006, 5:08:30 AM8/29/06
There are some new sweatbands, the ones you wear on your wrist, with a
tiny zipper pocket in too. JL or NewWave, I can't remember

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