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seat pads

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Steven Maynard-Moody

Jul 28, 2001, 11:30:24 AM7/28/01
In preparation my first attempt of a rowing marathon in November, I've been
experimenting with seat pads. I have a comfortable CD seat in my single and
never use a seat pad for any workouts less than 2 hours, but I figure it
will take me 4ish hours to do the 26+ miles.

I have a "Sore No More" sorbothane pad and one of Nick's "Pelican Pads" of
wool fleece. They are both good but at this point the Pelican Pad has a
slight edge. I've tried using both with the fleece over the sorbothane, but
that proved worse than each individually. The fleece provides a little less
padding but massages your butt and draws sweat away. I haven't tried either
for the full distance, that will wait for the cooler temps in the fall.

My only complaint about the Pelican Pad is that it is much wider than the
seat and rubs the saxboard. I have the fear of getting to 25 miles and then
having the fleece edge catch the wheels forcing me to row fixed seat to the
finish. Also how much energy to I waste over 4000+ strokes if I need to
overcome the slight friction of the fleece on the saxboard during the
recovery? So Nick, can I cut it down to size and re-stitch the edge?

Steven M-M

Gareth G Price

Jul 28, 2001, 10:09:30 PM7/28/01
I wouldn't put a pad on the seat till your ass gets really sore as it will
benefit you more to put a pad on once your sore than to get used to it for
the whole way as you won't be experienceing the relief the pad will bring
with 6 miles to go.....


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Nick Suess

Jul 29, 2001, 12:47:21 AM7/29/01

"Steven Maynard-Moody" <> wrote in message

Why not? As long as you don't expect me to measure your butt for you!

Just a reminder to the newsgroup that the generously wide Pelican Pad costs
A$25 (that's 25 Australian dollars - only about US$13) plus p&p, and is a
charity fundraiser for Australia's famous Royal Flying Doctor Service. Visa
and Mastercard accepted.


Steven Maynard-Moody

Jul 29, 2001, 11:00:18 AM7/29/01
I'll have to experiment with this; thanks for the suggestion.

Steven M-M

"Gareth G Price" <> wrote in message

Steven Maynard-Moody

Jul 29, 2001, 11:03:34 AM7/29/01
The only reason "why not" is that the fleece is stitched to the rubber
backing and I don't want it to become unraveled. No butt measurement
required; I'll use the seat as a template.

Steven M-M

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Catriona Greenshields

Aug 21, 2001, 11:22:58 AM8/21/01
Doing Boston Marathon then?

Before I did it I was told by a vetran of the race to wear lots of
pairs of knickers, to pad out the backside. However, after doing it,
I would say that as long as your seat has not caused you any problems
before, you should be fine over the near 5hours you will be on the
water (believe me - 4 is a little unrealistic).
The other point being that after 50km, a sore bottom will be the least
of your worries, because everything else will be numb, esp the back.

I was lucky and did not blister my hands, but most people cover their
hands with tape, and this can make the problem worse, as it rolls up
and forces a blister. I don't know what might be the best thing to
do, but I am sure there are people out there with ideas. All I can
suggest is - LIGHT GRIP! even if the normal conditions of gale force
winds do prevale.

Big the race in a double with your Osteopath!! It
is what I did and I would not have finished if I had not.



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