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May 11, 2021, 6:02:14 PMMay 11
On 11/05/2021 15:12, James Kwan wrote:
> Has anyone else had absolutely atrocious service from Carl Douglas?
> Placed an order for a fin with Carl on March 15th - it's now May 11th, and no sign of the order. I've emailed the company 7 times and received 2 responses, many promises and excuses but no success.
> Anyone know a better business bureau in the UK to report this to?

James -

You may not appreciate that sometimes a micro business encounters
issues, as we have done this year, with vital machinery. And also with
family illness but, as we don't share private matters, I will go no
further there.

Yes, there has been a communication failure for reasons I won't seek to
explain or to excuse. And, yes, you are understandably pissed off. When
I've posted this response I shall refund your order payment, and seek
ways to do so with added interest, as is only fair and proper.

This is a shame as we do have your Filippi-fitting 4x AeRowFin ready to
ship to you. But clearly you, who were so very complimentary of our
product when placing your order, now prefer to go elsewhere. I
understand that, and it is fine by me. But that you now actively
encourage others to rip off our product is deeply unpleasant. The
ripping off or flop-copying of other people's product designs was
normalised some 40 years ago but has never been attractive. And your
nation has complained louder than any other about similar conduct from
its largest single trading partner.

So be it. Having resolved our machinery issues I am focussing on
meeting the needs of our other, very patient and trusting clients.

Just a footnote: we exist solely to do our level best to serve this
sport, and to do so in every possible way. Generally we succeed, but
sometimes we do not. And as we have stayed small and personal, we lack
the big company resources to push past major obstacles. Yet it may be
that we have contributed more that our fair share of the meaningful
technical advances and safety innovations than others, helped crews to
win, and done so with minimal bragging - would you even know today about
hydrodynamic steering foils and their performance enhancing properties
had we not developed AeRowFin for the winning GBR 2000 VIII?

Anyway, we understand your position and we still, of course, wish you
and your crews well


Carl Douglas Racing Shells -
Fine Small-Boats/AeRoWing Low-drag Riggers/Advanced Accessories
Write: Harris Boatyard, Laleham Reach, Chertsey KT16 8RP, UK
Email: Tel: +44(0)1932-570946 Fax: -563682
URLs: & now on Facebook @ CarlDouglasRacingShells

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