Poot's post on TNA iMPACT! primetime, 11/3/05

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Poot Rootbeer

Nov 4, 2005, 8:29:38 PM11/4/05
Listen, Poot is a very important and handsome man, and does not have
the time to spend two hours sitting at home on a Thursday night to
watch the TNA primetime special as it airs! That is why he is sitting
at home for 90 minutes on a Friday night to write this post instead!

First off, TNA needs to come up with a name for it's 2-hour primetime
specials. When WCW put on a "Clash of the Champions", you knew you
were getting something more special than just another edition of WCWSN.

Nice video package showing all the big names in the sport who are not
currently involved with TNA. Why.

I wonder if Simon Diamond is jealous of Hoyt for getting to keep the
name "Lance".

It wasn't that long ago that Simon Diamond was tagging up with a then-
unknown Steve Corino in front of 50 people at NJ indy shows. I find it
endlessly amusing that TNA is now pushing him as an experienced ring

Jobber squash matches don't belong on "big event" cards like this.
Even if they are the best showcase for a guy like Ahmed Brown.

I don't get why any wrestler would choose to participate in the X
Division, from a kayfabe perspective. It's more risk, for lesser
reward, than the NWA Heavyweight division. Plus they probably make
less money than the main-eventers.

Austin Aries 3:16 says "I have the best beard since Ronnie Gardocki".

Good 6-man match. It was spot-fu, sure, but 6-man matches are supposed
to be. Lucha libre baby.

Sanjay Dutt's about 2 years away from being shinybaldheaded. I wonder
if he'll start shaving all over, like Angle and Rock did.

Is Raven ever going to wrestle on TV? Or at least get to the fireworks

Losing the Dudley name was the best thing that could have happened to
the Dudleyz. Ray and Devon moved beyond the inbred comedy gimmick
about five years ago, and they finally have a team identity to match.
Doesn't mean I cared about their tag match, though.

If Ultimate X matches are so innovative and high risk, they should be
saved for actual title bouts. Battling so hard for just a #1
contendership doesn't make sense. Plus, hanging the belt from the
cables works much better than the red X symbol.

Commercial breaks in the middle of matches are lame.

Petey Williams is pretty great. But not yet the X Champion, Don West.
Pay attention.

I hate Jarrett for the same reason I hate HHH -- I'm a smart mark, and
therefore I know that he has "the stroke" behind the scenes. It's an
inherent conflict of interest that prevents me from ever thinking that
he's really earned the rewards he gives himself, no matter how close he
comes to actually earning them.


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