Chono VS Takada

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Hisaharu Tanabe

Nov 13, 1992, 12:34:55 AM11/13/92
to (myself) writes:

A small correction:

>2) UWFI has to pay 30,000,000 yen(more than @200,000) for a membership of
Should be $200,000, of course.

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Hisaharu Tanabe

Nov 12, 1992, 10:02:35 PM11/12/92
A news from fj group for those who care....

New Japan and UWFI finally had a meeting, without Takada. At the end of the
meeting, Miyato & Anjo told NJ that they'd be back after UWFI has its own
meeting to decide whether they accept two of the requests NJ asked for.
Choshu said "everything could be decided more smoothly if Takada were here.
There won't be another meeting." UWFI had a press conference and said the
NJ just doesn't wanna have the match. Those two things they couldn't accept

1) The challenger for the NWA world title will be determined in a battle
royal that will take place on 12/32(?) in the famous Ganryujima. This
match will include Takada, Choshu, Saito, two others from NJ, and three
others from UWFI.

2) UWFI has to pay 30,000,000 yen(more than @200,000) for a membership of

the NWA(in order to challenge for the belt).

Sakaguchi said that the whole thing is over since they couldn't accept these
two things.

Well, I guess that the 20 years glory of New Japan is over as well(although
Katz would probably say it was over several years ago).

If the match will take place, this is still gonna be interesting.

Hisaharu Tanabe

Nov 13, 1992, 11:25:37 PM11/13/92
Let me explain the whole story(as much as I know) as requested by one of the
Puroresu Lovers.

As those who read the Observer already know, Nobuhiko Takada, along with
UWFI and Lou Thesz(who presented his old NWA belt to Takada as the "world
championship"), went to New Japan office and challenged the current NWA
champion Masahiro Chono. It was a sneak attack, which would probably sound
very familiar for an obvious reason. Trust me, it wasn't an angle(especially
to those who think everything that takes place in the wrestling world is an
angle). UWFI expected that NJ refused the match so that they can say NJ
was too afraid to have the match. They went to NJ office while the NJ
president Seiji Sakaguchi, who is also the 17th(according to the Weekly Gong)
NWA president, was in the US for the Havoc.

I hope I could explain enough.

The whole thing is said to be started when Chono said on one of the interviews
for some wrestling magazine that he wanted to wrestle against Takada. UWFI
took advantage of this. They didn't succeed completely, but they could at
least make NJ look bad.

The reason I said the 20 years of NJ's glory is over is that NJ, which had been
the most popular promotion during the most of its history, had to give those
two terrible requests to UWFI. Also, NJ used to have an attitude of "f**k NWA.
We decide the best of the world." Now they started kissing the ass of the
three-letter world "NWA." Yo Katz, could explain more of why NJ ain't NJ
no more?

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