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Jason Todd, Executive Director of the McCain-Palin Campaign

Oct 21, 2008, 6:38:38 PM10/21/08
fox News, Monday, Oct 20th:

This is going to be tough: Not for the obvious reasons, but because
Fixed Noise is just so FCUKING BORING.
Blah blah blah William Ayers blah blah blah Jeremiah Wright blah blah.
I may just gloss over the primetime guys:

OReilly has Senator Sherrod Brown is on his Shitlist. Oh, and the
NYTimes is liberal propaganda. (Apparently everyone is mad at some
"hit piece" they did on her. Whatever.) Bill opines: “If Hardcore
leftists gain control of the government, fair minded Americans are in
trouble." Yikes! Bernard Goldberg is a guest for the 735,649,073th
time this year.

Hannity and Colmes: Whoops! Got a phone call! Damn! Missed the Whole
Show. I weep.

Greta VanWreckMouth is on the tour bus with Cindy McCain. She's a
nice enough woman but goddam she looks likes she has a vampire
boyfriend on the side who regularly sucks her blood.

Fox and Friends: OK THIS is the good shit. These guys - Steve Doocy,
Brian Kilmeade, and Blonde Fox Chick are the real deal. They're the
Imperial Guard as opposed to just rank and file. Hannity is their
General. Everyone else at Fox wants to do the "fair and balanced"
thing, but these guys could give a fuck less. They're Bush slaves
through and through. Let everyone else write McCain off and retire to
the tea room. They're going down swinging.

They start with Palin’s appearance on SNL. They immediately lash out
at the show complaining that they made her look stupid, had Alec
Baldwin insult her to her face, didn’t let her talk, and other
candidates have looked much better going on the show.

Doocy:” Tina Fey’s evisceration of her has been substantial”
Question of the day: “Do you feel Palin was sandbagged by SNL or was
it a good performance?”
Saturday Night Live, welcome to the ranks of The Liberal Media,
Hollywood, The NYT, Unions, colleges and, of course, The Dixie Chicks.

OK, then there's the Colin Powell thing.

The Colin Powell thing. Georgette Mosbacher, the Morticia Adams of the
GOP:” The endorsement of Joe the Plumber is going to be more important
than that of Colin Powell. “ oookay then.

Later, it’s remarked that Powell said that Obama represents a chance
for the US to regain it’s standing in the world. Brian Kilmeade
brings up that hey, Berlusconi loves Dubya, as does Sarkozy (possibly
the first time a French president has been *praised* on Fox) and so
do past/present English Prime Ministers. Yes! We at Fox *do* care
what other countries think of us! And they think we’re swell!! Take
THAT Colin!!

A guy from “The Center for Media & Public Research” comes on and and
he says that – hang on to your hats boysand girls – THE MEDIA IS

James T Harris, a BLACK CONSERVATIVE radio host who’s on Fox basically
every time you turn it these days for some reason, is speaking. He
says Powell’s endorsement didn’t “seal the deal. After all, you have
to read between the lines and look at what Powell DIDN’T say about
Obama." Well, glad that’s settled!


Blonde Fox Chick: ”Ok, we’ve talked about him from time to time…” I
wonder if she realizes how hilarious that comment is.

They have a professor from good old Hofstra University (I almost went
there) who knows Ayers. The bottom of screen headline is “Professors
Know Ayers and Like Him”.
Kilmeade shrieks: “How does a guy that forms a group like the Weather
Underground get anywhere in this education department? Where does that
appear on the resume?” I feel for the boy.

Professor Singer says: “I don’t understand why this is being raised in
the election right now. You can’t catch ideas like a virus. Being in
the same room with somebody you don’t catch what they think.”

Startled by the appearance of common sense in their presence, F&F
spouting the usual talking points. They repeatedly show this picture
of Ayers standing on the American flag. Singer says the Republicans
keep bringing up Ayers because they can’t compete on issues. Kilmeade
and Carlson repeatedly interrupt. HE’S A TERROWRIST!! WAAAAH!!

And now...John McCain. Remember him?

Footage of McCain on Fox Sunday discussing Obama’s $150M in September
(which came delivered gift wrapped with a big red ribbon and a card
from Sarah Palin.) He’s whining about Obama betrayed him (he didn’t)
and now this much money is inevitably going to lead to the same kinds
of abuses that happened during Watergate. (Plus he’s making more of
those weird facial expressions) The problem (of course) is that so
many of these donations are under the $200 limit. Who ARE the people
making these donations? There’s no paper trail! WAAAH!!

Enter:The Luntz-O-Meter. Frank Luntz shows clips of a Citizens United
website documentary called “Hype” (whatever) and they have all these
squiggly lines that rate favorability to the comments of whatever the
person onscreen is saying. Of course, all the lines are trending down
whenever the names Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers are mentioned,
blah blah blah. These guys are adorable!

Hey Bill Hemmer is in Iraq. “Baghdad is a functioning city again” YAY!
Apparently, all this week (and next for all I know, there is a special
Iraq report daily. The Surge Worked!


And that's pretty much it for politics. Lynne Spears was a guest. Who
gives a shit?

I also didn't have time for Cavuto. Maybe tomorrah.

Jason "Unfair + Unbalanced" Todd


Oct 21, 2008, 8:11:55 PM10/21/08

> And that's pretty much it for politics. Lynne Spears was a guest. Who
> gives a shit?
> I also didn't have time for Cavuto. Maybe tomorrah.
> Jason "Unfair + Unbalanced" Todd

.... Uhmmmm.... what?

The Fairness Doctrine will make everything okay in the world of JTodd.

Lord Gow333, Jeff Jarrett's number 238823454 fan!

Oct 21, 2008, 9:40:54 PM10/21/08

"Jason Todd, Executive Director of the McCain-Palin Campaign"
<> wrote in message


Please to be turning off the TV and going the fuck outside.

LG (skipped half of Rush today, for God's sake)
RSPW Hall of Fame Class of 2008!

Lord Gow333, Jeff Jarrett's number 238823454 fan!

Oct 21, 2008, 9:41:59 PM10/21/08

"TMS" <> wrote in message

He's been sitting too close to the screen again...


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