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Top 50 California Independent Wrestlers

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Jun 26, 1997, 3:00:00 AM6/26/97

California Independent Pro Wrestling's Top 50 Competitors
By Shane Hanson

These rankings are of current wrestling competing in California-based
independent promotions and are the opinion of this writer alone.

1. "The Natural One" Michael Modest APW - Probably the best all-around
wrestling in the state of California. Modest is the top heel in
Hayward's All Pro Wrestling and will most likely remain the main man
until he gets picked up by one of the major promotions. A die-hard
traditionalist, Modest hates high-fliers and risk-takers and prefers to
keep his matches on the mat.
2. Louie Spicoli EWF - A journeyman wrestler who's competed all over the
globe makes his home in San Bernadino's Empire Wrestling Federation.
Spicoli has competed in Mexico (as Madonna's Boyfriend), Japan, all over
the U. S. including the WWF where he was known as Rad Radford.
3. "Brown Bomber" Robert Thompson APW - Thompson is a second generation
wrestler who currently holds the APW Tag Team titles with Donovan
Morgan. Bomber's a former APW Heavy-weight champion and has competed
against the likes of "Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez, Ted Dibiase and Mike
4. Irish Assassin EWF - Formerly held the EWF Heavyweight title until
the championship was declared vacant after a brutal match with Tim
Patterson. Probably one of the strongest wrestlers in the state,
Assassin recently challenged former WWF heel Ludvig Borga, who backed
out of the match at the last minute.
5. "Maxx Justice" Mike Diamond APW - All Pro Wrestling's resident
powerhouse. Diamond is a big guy with big plans for his future. He
expects to sign with WCW or WWF some time in the near future. A former
fan-favorite, Diamond has tossed the rule-book out the window after a
short alliance with Manny Fernandez.
6. "Hollywood Blonde" Tim Patterson EWF - A veteran of the ring wars,
Patterson came close to taking the EWF Heavyweight title from the Irish
Assassin recently, but the belt was eventually held up. Combines his
knowledge with cunning ring psychology to win matches.
7. Chris Cole APW - All Pro Wrestling's Junior Heavyweight Champion has
stunned the world with his surprising upset victories. Throws one of the
most dangerous super-kicks in the sport. Although on the smallish side,
Cole utilizes his high-risk style to take on all comers.
8. "Aerial Assault" Bobby Bradley EWF - A veteran of Mexico's Lucha
Libre, Bradley has worked for most of the major promotions in the
country. He's a former tag team partner of "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van
Damme but now focuses on his team the Bratt Pack with Christopher
9. "Leprechaun" Erin O'Grady APW - Former APW Junior Heavyweight
Champion, O'Grady is another high-flier but he's got the strength of a
man twice his size. Once a favorite of adults and children alike,
O'Grady has become more and more aggressive since losing his title to
Chris Cole.
10. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels EWF - Bobby Bradley's tag team
partner in the Bratt Pack is has also competed in Mexico for several
lucha libre promotions. A high-flyer with abundant ring savvy, Daniels
could make an impact in one of the major promotions some day.
11. "Cowboy" Frank Murdoch APW - The nephew of legendary "Captain
Redneck" Dick Murdoch, Frankie is one tough hombre that prefers a good
old-fashioned brawl but can wrestle when necessary. Beer-drinking,
cigarette-smoking womanizer is some-how a fan-favorite in All Pro
12. "Handsome" Jack Stud AIWA - Current heavyweight title holder in
AIWA. Defeated veteran Alex Knight for the title. Generally relies on
outside interference from his valet to win matches. Has competed as
Harley Racist in Incredibly Strange Wrestling in the past.
13. "Suicide Machine" Donovan Morgan APW - Young up-and-comer who's
incredible risk-taking have earned him the nickname "Suicide Machine."
Co-holder of APW Tag Team titles with Robert Thompson. Definetly a star
on the rise.
14. Suicide Kid EWF - At only 16 years old, this youngster is already
making a name for himself in the Southern California area. Teams
regularly with veteran Louie Spicoli. High-flying style works well for
him against larger opposition.
15. "Vicious" Vic Grimes APW - The Beast from Backwoods, Arkansas has
terrorized All Pro Wrestling since making his pro debut late last year.
The fans love his devastating ultra-violent style. Secured his
fan-favorite status by rescuing Robert Thompson from an attack by
Michael Modest and the West Side Connection recently.
16. Lil' Haystacks EWF - One half of the outstanding Haystacks Brothers
team that dominates Mexico's WWWO and California's EWF. Rough-and-tough
hillbilly combines hardcore brawling with high-flying aerial attacks.
17. "Gigolo" Steve Rizzono APW - All Pro Wrestling's resident gigolo has
had his fair share of problems with valets Brenda and Gina, but still
makes a good showing in the ring. Former APW Tag Team champ with Michael
Modest. Recently appeared on a USWA television taping in Memphis,
18. Gary "Krusher" Key EWF - Former mainstay in the now defunct Bay Area
Wrestling, Key is a powerhouse who now works mostly in San Bernadino for
EWF but occasionally appeares for T. C. Martin's NWC out of Las Vegas.
Good physique and upper body strength make him extremely dangerous.
19. "Psycho" Johnny Pain BTW - Trained by the late "Mad Dog" Buzz
Sawyer, Pain seems to have taken it upon himself to take of the role of
his crazed mentor. Currently feuding with the Samoan Savage in Big Time
Wrestling. A former protegee of Alexis Smirnoff.
20. El Toro Bravo SWF - Rule-breaking champion of Slammer's Wrestling
used a cigar to blind former champion Jeff Lindberg and take the title.
Often relies on outside interference for Diablo Valdez and Tyrone Little
to keep his title.
21. "West Side Shooter" Tony Jones APW - Newcomer to All Pro Wrestling
has quickly turned from mild-mannered collegiate technician to a hated
rulebreaker by joining the West Side Connection. One of the most
knowledgeable competitors in California when it comes to amatuer-style
22. "Con the Rocker" Logan Kane BTW - Has been involved in an
on-again/off-again relationship with female manager Black Ice in Big
Time Wrestling lately. Has good basic skills buts needs to sharpen them
a little. Could be a real threat in time.
23. "Krazy" Kyle Haystacks EWF - Brother of Lil' Haystacks has made
waves in Southern California and Mexico. An excellent tag team
specialist, Kyle can be equally dangerous in singles action. Mostly
brawls but can surprise anyone with his technical ability.
24. "Mad Mosher" Boom Boom Comini APW - The big, bald bully has returned
to APW after a short absence and is focused on singles since his tag
team partner Bill Calhoun retired earlier this year. Brought back
weasily manager J. R. Benson. Uses his massive weight to squash
25. Super Diablo BTW - Former APW stand-out has slowed-down a bit over
the last few years. Although he's cut most of the high-flying aerial
moves from his arsenal, he can still be a tough opponent in the ring.
Took on Marty Jannetty and Salvatore Sincere recently in BTW.
26. Dick Danger EWF - One half of the EWF Tag Team Champions,
collectively known as Cruisin' With Danger. High-risk style can be
extremely effective but has backfired on him in the past such as a
serious neck injury suffered last year. Managed by Tim Patterson.
27. "Big" Joe Applebaumer BTW - Powerful big man formerly with All Pro
Wrestling has slowed down and jumped to Big Time Wrestling recently.
Scored a win over Jason Styles upon debuting with BTW, but soon after
lost an upset to Logan Kane. Trained with Killer Kowalski.
28. "West Side Playa" Kuame Kamoze APW - The power in the West Side
Playaz team with Jay Smooth. Often acts as Michael Modest's personal
bodygaurd. Throws a devastating "Ghetto Blaster" savate kick. Definetly
not afraid to speak his mind.
29. "Hawkeye" Shane Kody BTW - Ornery wild man is a former Bay Area
Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and has feuded with "Lionheart" Chris
Jericho in the past. Currently competing in the mid-cards of Big Time
Wrestling. Son of California wrestling legend Woody Farmer.
30. Hombre De Oro SWF - Masked man from Mexico is one of the top
contenders for the Slammers championship. Has feuded with SWF Champion
El Toro Bravo for years. Currently embroiled a brutal war with Bruce
Beaudine that has lead to a series of chain matches.
31. Eddie "The Cruiser" Williams EWF - Dick Danger's championship tag
team partner in Cruisin' With Danger. Almost as high-risk oriented as
his partner. Follows tachtical game-plan in the ring layed out by
manager Tim Patterson.
32. Chicano Flame APW - Masked luchador has slowly begun climbing the
ladder of contention in All Pro Wrestling. A reliable tag partner,
Chicano has teamed with the likes of Chris Cole, Jason Clay and El
Flamingo in the past. Looking to make a run at the APW Junior
Heavyweight title.
33. "Naybah Hood" Tech Nine AIWA - One half of the wild duo that
currently holds the AIWA tag team titles. Have competed in almost every
independent promotion in Southern California. Looks reminds fans of
Public Enemy back in ECW.
34. Johnny Starr BTW - Perrenial challenger to Shane Kody. Has fueded
with "Hawkeye" over the Bay Area Wrestling title in the past, trading
the belt back and forth during BAW's television run. Still going after
Shane in Big Time Wrestling.
35. "West Side Playa" Jay Smooth APW - Kuame Kamoze's West Side Playaz
tag team partner. Faster than Kuame but smaller and generally takes more
punishment in the ring than his partner. More of a follower than a
36. "Naybah Hood" Crazed One AIWA - Tech Nine's almost identical AIWA
Tag Team championship partner. Often uses any illegal object he can get
his hands on to bash, smash, maim and destroy the opposition.
37. "Ghetto Boy" Johnny Love EWF - Former EWF Tag Team Champion with
John Black. Currently under the management of Jeff E. Cornette. Out to
regain the titles but the tag competition in EWF is tough right now.
38. Jeff Lindberg SWF - Lost the Slammers title to El Toro Bravo when
Bravo shoved a lit cigar butt in his eye. Has held the SWF title on
several occasions. Generally a scientific fan-favorite, but Jeff did go
through a stage where he was trying to cripple opponents with a
questionably-legal leg brace.
39. "The Icon" Jason C. Clay APW - Once mocked by the fans, Jason has
come to be known as the "APW Icon" and is cheered wildly whenever he
appears, especially in the Pacific Coast Sports Gymnasium. At the bottom
of All Pro Wrestling's rankings, but slowly moving up.
40. "Ghetto Boy" John Black EWF - Johnny Love's tag team partner in the
Ghetto Boyz duo. Under the guidance of Jeff E. Cornette, trying to move
through EWF's premiere tag teams such as Cruisin' With Danger, the Bratt
Pack, and the Haystacks Brothers.
41. "Beautiful" Bruce Beaudine SWF - Efiminate bleach-blonde would-be
movie star has alligned himself with the likes of fellow weirdos Zu the
Gargoyle and Joy Boy. Currently engaged in a brutal series of chain
matches against Hombre De Oro.
42. Cerberus 666 ISW - Formerly known as El Gran Fangorio. Two-time ISW
Heavyweight Champion. The only competitor in Incredibly Strange
Wrestling to regularly work for Johnny Legend's Southern California ISW
and the original San Francisco Incredibly Strange promotion. Recently
unmasked after "selling his soul to the devil." Enjoys powerbombing
opponents through tables.
43. Koko Samoa APW - Big Samoan has make infrequent appearances for All
Pro Wrestling. Slow but powerful, Koko can match power-for-power with
anyone but most opponents can run circles around him. Devastating
44. Tyrone "Tiny" Little SWF - Claims to be the world's strongest man.
Very doubtful. Big, ugly and hairy but somewhat effective in the ring
against smaller opposition. Engaged in a feud with fellow brute, Babe
the Bear.
45. Ebony Blade AIWA - Hasn't appeared for AIWA in some time but
effective whenever he does. Proud of his African-American heritage, but
once teamed with the racist Dixie Demon. That team didn't last very
46. Frankie "Destruction" Dee ISW - Small in stature but flies around
the ring with the best of them. Likes using the Asai moonsault to dive
on to opponents on the ringside floor. Regularly teams and competes
against arch-rival the Unholy.
47. The Unholy ISW - Masked martial-arts master has been a thorn in the
side of Frankie "Destruction" Dee and perennial ISW Champion Cerberus
666. Low center of gravity makes his hard to take off of his feet.
Brutal and calculating. Willing to break every rule in the book to win a
48. Amazing Zu the Gargoyle SWF - Self-described "Most Disgusting
Wrestling in the World." Actually made it into the Pro Wrestling
Illustrated annual top 500 wrestlers in the world. Notorious for biting
and chewing on opponent's feets. Known to consume belly-bottom lint and
ear wax. Ugly as sin.
49. Jason Styles BTW - Regular competitor for Big Time Wrestling. Has
feuded with Super Diablo but was easily squashed recently by Joe
Applebaumer. Still stuck in mid-card status on Bay Area independents.
Some potential.
50. "Amigo" Diablo Valdez SWF - El Toro Bravo's partner in crime.
Competes in tag team matches with Tyrone Little. Making his name known
as a major rulebreaker in Slammer's. First year as a pro. May improve in

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