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Lucha Update

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John W. Jermanis

Aug 4, 1993, 1:56:44 AM8/4/93
Well, I simply don't have the time to waste bandwidth with detailed match
reports anymore. I'll simply do an overview of all the "cool stuff" that
my Galavision watching eyes are privy to. Mind you, this info is at
least two weeks old, but hell why not?

From 7/25...

- In CMLL action, Ultimo Dragon defended his Middleweight (maybe) title
against Javier Cruz. Cruz had beaten Dragon the past few weeks in
6-man matches. It was a fairly lack-luster match (*** or less) which
Dragon won in the third fall with a muffed top rope rana (Franken-
steiner) followed by a German suplex. The match also featured the
most lack-luster tope I have ever seen. Cruz looked like he fell
out of the ring, instead of diving. Both guys looked like they
wanted to be elsewhere, which is the norm for CMLL.

- Also in CMLL, Sangre Chicana and La Fiera fought in a hair vs. hair
match. Fiera turned technico about a month ago, after being attacked
by his partners Chicana and Dr. Wagner Jr. The fought in a number
of 6-mans before this match. La Fiera won after pinning Sangre
Chicana in a backslide. A very slow match but had a few moments,
where La Fiera does a face plant after an over-the-top-rope tope, and
Sangre Chicana smashing a beer bottle over La Fiera's head. Chicana's
head was half-shaved before they tore after each other and fought
to the dressing room. As for the match, La Fiera worked fairly hard,
but Sangre Chicana seemed to sleep through much of it.

From 8/1...

- Canadian Vampire and La Fiera fought Sangre Chicana and Emilio Charles Jr.
this week in a decent (***+) match. The rudos won when Vampire kicked
both of them in the "area that ends matches". This matches just means
that the Fiera/Sangre fued isn't quite over. BTW, Chicana's head was
completly shaved for this match.

- In a match I was looking forward to seeing, Felino fought Ciclon Rameriez
mask versus mask. For those that don't know, this is a _big_ deal.
The lead up to this match was good, including a **** match where
Rameriez won Felino's welterweight title after Negro Casas' appearance
at ringside. The brawled in the signing of this match, wearing masks
and three-piece suits. In a six-man the prior week, Ciclon had torn
of all of Felino's outfit, except for the mask and trunks. Keep in mind
Felino wears a full body suit.
The mask vs. mask match was a disapointment for the first two falls. It
featured all mat wrestling, which is ok, but it was _all_ mat wrestling.
The third fall was spectacular. Ciclon Rameriez took two absolutly
nasty shot to the pole. He also hit three spectacluar topes. Felino
won by getting Rameriez to submit in the middle of the ring. Felino
was estatic, kissing the mat and jumping around in joy. Ciclon looked
like he had lost his manhood, which is rather appropriate.
The end surprised me, but not my friend. He said "Felino _needs_ his
mask." He had a point. Evidently, Rameriez gets his mask back in four

- In AAA: Los Destructores (Tony Arce and Rocco Valente) defended their
tag-teams titles against Winners and Angel Azteca. Winners and Angel
Azteca had been on the winning side of a six man two weeks ago to set
up this match. A solid ***+ match with three flase endings before
Arce pinned Winners. A fairly good match.

| John Jermanis --- |
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Alan Whitton

Aug 5, 1993, 2:06:25 PM8/5/93
Bret "The Hitman" Hart was on the evening talk show on CBC Newsworld last
night (Wednesday Aug. 4). He was quite good, although his make up job
was pretty bad. He played it pretty straight, but didn't dodge any questions

The hostess acted like a mark, but there were a couple of calls
that were interesting. One asked him what he thought of the rumour that
he got the world title after threatening to jump to the WCW, he replied
with this was false, "...hey they don't give the world title away..." :-).
There was also a question about what he thought of the WCW and he said
that wrestlers gotta pay bills like everyone else, and they gotta get their
money while they can. He also said that he wished there were more regional
wrestling "leagues" as they help wrestlers to develop.

He was pretty good. He even mentioned that he has a lot of University
type fans (surprised he didn't call them 'pencil-neck geeks' :-).

Anybody else see this?

Alan Whitton
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