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Ryan Bayne

Aug 18, 1993, 10:09:00 PM8/18/93
I won't make any other comments about the Clash that I just watched but
one thing after watching "The Shock Master" stumble into A Flair for the
Gold and lose his Darth Vader-esque helmet. It reminded me of one thing
from Saturday Night Live.
<singing> They call him the Whip Master!
Bill Murray playing a replacement for a TV character, because the
original was having a contract dispute. He wasn't quite competent with
a whip, and started hitting the peoples faces, and doing other silly
things. Thats the sort of incompetence this reminded me of. WCW does
remind me of it too somedays.
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ž 1st 1.11 #173 ž Daddy, what does "Formatting Drive C" mean?

Jeff Frazier

Aug 20, 1993, 5:40:20 PM8/20/93
> ş 1st 1.11 #173 ş Daddy, what does "Formatting Drive C" mean?

After seeing this I told my friends about it and we decided they
should have a tag team of the Shock Master and the Whip Master.

Jeff Frazier (

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