Lemme Give Our ConservaTrolls Some Facts About The Documents Found at Bidens' Think Tank

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Ja-Son-Wan-Kenobi Has the High Ground

Jan 11, 2023, 2:43:52 AMJan 11
Donald Trump personally absconded with documents of the highest security level and stored them in a supply room at his personal residence where a wide range of operatives from hostile powers including Chinese and Russian agents had access to them.

Biden staff members appear to have stored documents at an office that were of the highest classification level. The office was NOT SCE level storage, but had no access by foreign agents.

Trump fought to retain stolen documents and failed to cooperate with NARA on their return, going so far as to attach a corrupt judge to his efforts to keep the fruits of his illegal activity.

Biden staff voluntarily called in NARA to take into its care documents from the office and when it was discovered some were SCE level where cooperated completely with the investigation.

Trump and his lawyers are the ones that purposefully mishandled documents.

A staff member, not yet named, has been turned over to the DOJ as the person who caused the failure of the SCE storage under Biden, and again, Biden and his staff have fully cooperated with the investigation.

There is significant evidence the document Trump stole were compromised to hostile foreign powers who Trump has supported against American interests in the past.

There is no evidence (yet) the documents in the closing officer were compromised. The documents were kept for historical research with very few staffers having access to them.


Jan 12, 2023, 3:34:56 AMJan 12
If I don't reply to this Skeeter post, the terroists win.

> It's amazing how you try to pretty up crimes committed by your
> own people.

It's amazing the kind of straws you lot will grasp at to try and
soft sell your side's fuckery.

> Why was it kept under wraps until we took the house back?

No idea. Perhaps to keep irrelevant bullshit out of the election

There's a reason countries like France have news blackouts on major
candidates within 3 months of the election mandated by law.

James Owen

Jan 12, 2023, 6:42:33 AMJan 12
To allow them to break the law without fear of retribution?


Ja-Son-Wan-Kenobi Has the High Ground

Jan 25, 2023, 11:38:44 AMJan 25
And now, Mike Pence with docs in his possession.

Again, HIS LEGAL TEAM, alerted DOJ to this.

There needs to be an overhaul of how we deal with this. Or maybe not an overhaul, (since there's apparently NO controlling force right now), we need to INSTALL a controlling force to keep track of docs.

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