[CWF] Maximum Overdrive Pay Per View Part One

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Generalissimo Ominous - The Dictator For Life Of RSPW

Jan 8, 2010, 7:57:44 PM1/8/10
[And now, the time has come. MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE IS NEXT!!!]

[The camera shows the latest matches of CWF, and then the pairings on
tonight's matches, as a clock begins to come down. It's at 60 seconds.
At 30, the scene shows Maximum Overdrive’s logo, and then, it
explodes, with the clock at 15 seconds. Then,
it turns into the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The lights
are out. The only thing that can be seen is a clock on the CWFTron,
and the crowd counts with it!!!]

Crowd: 10!!! 9!!! 8!!! 7!!! 6!!! 5!!! 4!!! 3!!! 2!!! 1!!!!

[A huge boom is heard, and fireworks and pyro erupting everywhere]













[“Inland Sea” By Trail Of Dead plays loudly from the PA system as the
Official Theme of Maximum Overdrive.. Fireworks light up the whole
arena. Then blue pyro ignites from the four corners of the ring, and
the show has finally begun. The camera shows the millions upon
millions of fans screaming and waving their home made signs]

["RJ Souza puts mean doggies to sleep.. BAD KARMA STYLE!" “Hey Shane
Spencer don’t forget to give Stan a call!” “Dave Slater.. The Red-Dog
is Unchained, Starving.. HUNGRY for Gold!” “Casey Starr is Close
Encounters of the Turd Kind!” “Universal Warrior is CWF’s Universal
Weapon!” “Outlaw deserves a Season’s BLOODY Beating!” “Grant Ralton
will remain the Last Man Standing in Montreal!” “Summer and Jezebel =
Goddess Shower Buddies!” “Jonathan Cage.. I want some Dark Carnival
Loving!” “We Want Violent J!” “Bloodhound - This Evil Dog is LOCKED
DOWN for extermination!” “Eli Kingston – Future Rookie of the Year!”
“God’s Gift to SUCK.. Chris Hatchet!” “All I want for Christmas is
Darla And Melissa!” “No Jenna Levinsky-Matthews? YAAAY!” “Mr. Bones is
Pure Extreme to the bone!” "Brad Banks isn't naughty or nice.. He's
just an ASS!" "Jack Levinsky is Hebrew Man-God Awesomeness!" “Vince
Matthews stands closer to the brink of.. Annihilation!”]

[The cameras then show the entrance ramp, as “Inland Sea” By Trail Of
Dead continues to play on the PA system, and two familiar faces come
down the aisle. Johnny Anderson and Luke Richards get a standing
ovation, and they walk to the announcer's table. They put on their
headsets; the fans are at a fever pitch for the action that awaits

Johnny Anderson:Welcome to Maximum Overdrive! It is here and it is
arrived bursting with electric energy all around us.. There’s no
feeling like it anywhere else as we are coming to you live on pay per
view amid this radical sell out crowd gathered here in the Bell Centre
in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to witness our winter spectacular! I am
Johnny Anderson and with me the sardonic and attentive Luke Richards
and what an emotional evening of thrills and memories we’ll be seeing
made come to life right before our eyes!

Luke Richards:What could be better than hot fierce action delivered
hard and driven with
Rapid fire intensity on a cold, cold night in Montreal Quebec? That is
what the CWF is all about! I never get over this exhilarating
experience of being here live on pay per view on a night where you
know something magical is about to take place.. Just look at what’ll
see tonight. Dave Slater’s anxious long awaited defining moment with
Chris Hatchet.. Will this be Slater’s moment to finally achieve the
impossible becoming champion?

JA:It’s something that the CWF Faithful has been talking and debating
about since Dave Slater started his quixotic quest for the CWF World
Heavyweight Championship. It’s something he’s gotten very close to
winning on several occasions with several complications always getting
in his way but will tonight be the night Dave Slater makes history as
our first Native American World Champion? He’ll face stiff opposition
from Chris Hatchet that is capable of anything when the mood and
moment is upon him!

LR:That’s not all as we’ll see another top Marquee match up that has
had fans buzzing all around the wrestling world as Hell will literally
come to Montreal as Bloodhound and RJ Souza will finally have their
dreaded one on one confrontation inside an enclosed steel cage! It
will literally be life against death when the cage is locked and
sealed shut!

JA:This match is also unsanctioned meaning anything can and will go no
matter the consequences for both men as the CWF board of directors has
washed their hands of what may occur as it will be ferocious and
unforgiving. Speaking of tough gritty battles we’ll have another on
our hands as Grant Ralton and Vince Matthews meet again in a rematch
of their harrowing epic fight they had last year at Countdown To
In a Last Man Standing Match!

LR:Oooh!! I am definitely looking forward to that match as well!!
Those two guys brought the pain and personal hatred so real you could
literally see it and taste it!
Just imagine with all of the events of this year that same hatred
magnified times ten!

JA:Grant Ralton and Vince Matthews have been at the epicenter for a
struggle for complete power that’s been shadowed by the near suicide
on air of Violent J in the last month. They’ve taken their rivalry to
insane and intensely personal levels as there will be no count out or
DQ with everything legal. With only one man remaining standing. The
outspoken scathing Shane Spencer will also defend his Intercontinental
Championship against not only Jack Levinsky but Jonathan Cage in a
furious and frantic three way dance. Now it’s Time to get started..
Steve Horton’s in the ring.. Take it away Steve!

Steve Horton:WELCOME TO MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!!! The following contest is
scheduled for one fall and is a Rookie's Battle Royal.. The winner
will become the Future Icon's Champion!!! Introducing the participants
currently in the ring.. Universal Warrior!!! "U.F.O." Casey Starr!!!
Eli Kingston!!! And Brad Banks!!!

[Universal Warrior is in the middle of the ring smiling and flexing
his muscles, Brad Banks is off to the side pacing by the ropes as
Michelle his girlfriend talks to him, Eli Kingston is preparing
himself in one corner, Casey Starr is acting strange and awkward as he
runs in circles all around the ring and laughs loudly pointing to the

JA:Our rookie battle royal has been chosen to kick things off here
at Maximum Overdrive as all four men are in the ring, Universal
Casey Starr, Eli Kingston and Brad Banks all part of the amazing
of talent into the CWF Recently are each set on winning big here

LR:You couldn't ask for a better way to spark it than with a preview
peak into the future as all four of these guys will look to blaze big
trails into 2010! All these men, any one of these guys can choose to
step out big by winning their first PPV to really stand out and get
noticed here!

JA:The bell rings as we're off on our first match at Maximum Overdrive
as these four men are set to deliver! Universal Warrior goes right
after Casey Starr who makes a dive for the middle of the ropes saving
himself! Brad Banks runs at Eli Kingston missing a punch.. Kingston
grabbing the arm winding it up into a keen Arm Drag!

LR:There's going to be a lot of fast and hard hitting interaction as
all four of these guys are fresh and willing to do whatever to
exhilarate this crowd and reach for that next big level!

JA:We're bound to see some fireworks light up Montreal in this first
match as Brad Banks and Eli Kingston along with Universal Warrior have
had flashes of success with their recent performances on Loaded. For
Casey Starr this is his first time proving himself but he's having
some trouble as Universal Warrior stalks him in the ring demanding he
come and fight!

LR:Why not? Universal Warrior is the BIGGEST, BADDEST guy in this
at a commanding height of six four and weighing at 270 pounds.. He's
literally a Great Dane!

JA:A great Dane with extraordinary power, strength and size attributes
not to mention his remarkable agility and speed. Brad Banks and Eli
Kingston are getting right into it as Bad Banks fights his way out of
the Armbar and pummels Kingston into the ropes with kicks and punches!
Banks in an all out attack!

LR:Brad Banks is truly Bankable every time he's in that damn ring! He
a proven commodity that will only continue to rise and get better.. He
just gets up
and goes right at you and knows what to do no matter what the
situation calls for!

JA:Casey Starr finally rolling back in, A rather strange oddball that
has landed in the CWF quite literally made a great impression at
Loaded but now finds himself with three equally hungry men looking to
make their own impression! Casey Starr cleverly evades Universal
Warrior from the corner leaping at his back hammering him with all
sorts of shots!

LR:Uhh yeah don't you get the feeling Casey Starr has a liking for
being in a ring
with four guys that are hungry? Just saying.. Nothing wrong with that

JA:It's hard to tell where this guy is coming from as he's been a
total Martian that's hard to really understand no pun intended! WHOA..
Universal Warrior swings him over to the mat as Casey Starr crawls
away looking shocked back under the ropes.. Starr once again
chickening out of the fight!

LR:He's not shying away Anderson, Casey Starr is using smart
diversions and adroit calculations to formulate the best alternative.
And to get under your skin as well!

JA:To get under your skin.. That's what I figured! Meanwhile Eli
Kingston almost up and over the ropes wraps his legs around Brad Banks
as he tries to eliminate him! Universal Warrior turns and attacks Brad
Banks freeing Eli Kingston as he slides back in the ring.. Warrior
almost has Banks out!

LR:OOoooh!! Brad Banks is hanging on with everything he's got! Good
Universal Warrior really is stacked like Lego's! Denmark is home to

JA:We know that Luke, Casey Starr finally sees his target of
as he kicks and stomps away at Eli Kingston and yanks him by his hair
and slams his head into the buckles! Coming at him in close range with
bold punches and chops! Brad Banks now dealing with the bigger
stronger Universal Warrior gets whipped to the ropes and blown over
with a clothesline!

LR:How is Brad Banks gonna get past this guy? He's solid all over!

JA:It's only turning up hotter as these four men really start taking
it to each other for the right of being the first Future Icon's
champion! Eli Kingston the surely Australian fights back with several
tooth chipping shots as Casey Starr hits the mat!

LR:Man, Animal or Alien you'll never win a fist fight with Eli
Aussie's were born hardened criminals.. His family tree is actually a
Crime Stoppers poster!

JA:Will you stop that? Eli Kingston going up top.. Missing with a
somersault senton as he lands on his feet. Starr ducks out of the way
and hits him on the return with a blazing spinning heel kick as Eli

LR:Whooossh!! Casey Starr can turn it up speed for speed with Eli
He just hit him and lit him like the Northern Lights across the
Canadian sky!

JA:That was a beautiful spinning heel kick as Casey Starr puts down
wild eyed-wild haired Australian.. Casey Starr going up top himself..
MISSES THE MOONSAULT!! Starr lands on all fours as Eli springboards
off his back and to the ropes for a Asai Moonsault of his own on
Starr! Great timing and execution from the Brisbane, Australian

LR:G'Day Mate! Eli Kingston's hopping and bopping all over this ring
like a Kangaroo on crack!

JA:Casey Starr should have taken note that Eli Kingston much like
himself is built with equally fast design and aerial ability to take
of the skies and move with little effort in the air or ground.
Universal Warrior
pounds away on Brad Banks against the ropes.. Banks with an eye rake
back with several stiff shots on the pride of Denmark!

LR:Look at this.. Look at this.. Is he not Swank? Is he not the Bank?
Brad Banks is gonna roar into 2012 cementing his legacy here at
Maximum Overdrive!

JA:The highly overbearing and sarcastic Brad Banks mocking Universal
Warrior as he slaps him about with Michelle chuckling along.. Banks
really thinks the world revolves around his whims. Banks hits the
ropes for a clothesline.. DENIED!! Warrior lifts up Banks and plants
him with a Spinning Samoan Drop!! Warrior was trained for this sport
by the Great Dane Bear - Asbjorn Riis!

LR:Ohh that Great Dane Bear.. The guy that looks like Hulk Hogan
Asbjorn Riis has TONS MORE talent than Hogan ever had.. Good god! What
stupid morons will watch TNA now?

JA:I didn't say that you did Luke, Universal Warrior taking command
right here in Quebec as he pulls up Brad Banks and pushes him towards
the ring ropes and lifts him over but Banks tries to fight elimination
hanging on. Eli Kingston going to the top rope but Casey Starr sees
what he's going for and races up putting a stop to it with a tilt-a-
whirl head scissors off the top rope!!!

LR:Whoooo... What planet is Casey Starr from again? I'd swear he came
from Uranus? HAHAHAHA!!!!

JA:Only you find yourself amusing Luke, Which is sad.. Very sad! But
Casey Starr burns it into hyper drive as he comes off the ropes with a
flash fire Shooting Star Press!! Starr laughs out loud as he continues
stomping all over Eli Kingston! Universal Warrior revs up for a
struck down the UFO but missed his target as Starr gets shot into the
crowd barrier!!

LR:With all that silver Casey Starr looked like a pinball shot
across the ring! Hehe.. See? Brad Banks knew where he was
and he retook control of the driver's seat like a lucid athlete does!

JA:Not the expected result Universal Warrior was after as he turns and
gets kicked.. Driven into the mat with a forceful DDT by Brad Banks as
he poses and preens getting these Montreal fans even more riled up!
Brad Banks follows up with several elbow drops and a axe handle smash
off the ropes!

LR:Brad Banks is looking Bank like Government Mint tonight.. He's
got it in the bag, He gets all the swag!

JA:This ring is electrified as are these fans by this amazing action!
Brad Banks is certainly feeling mighty bold having pulled the plug
on Universal Warrior's solid momentum as he has him up by the ropes
almost up and over the top. Eli Kingston attacks Brad Banks and
has him up and over!!! Kingston or Banks are teetering dangerously
to elimination!

LR:WRONG!! Leave it to Brad Banks to dig down deep and fight back
with everything.. Like I said.. All that matters to him in this ring
is his moment and little else!

JA:His moment could easily be stolen by Eli Kingston as Eli with a
razor sharp feeling muscles his way back up.. He's socking Brad Banks
backwards.. He goes for an Irish whip.. But Banks reverses but
Kingston like rubber bounces out of the corner snaring Banks with a

LR:Eli Kingston's come in here with a much sharper mind set and ready
instinct of where he is. But that could be because Summer St. Claire
there to leave Eli feeling all gooey inside!

JA:Eli Kingston has been on a high, bright and dramatic roll since his
explosion on to the CWF Scene in late fall, Casey Starr acting even
weirder as he looks to take advantage of Universal Warrior's softened
condition as he rubs up Warrior's chest before trying to lift him up
to no avail.

LR:Whoa... Touchy-Feely is Casey Starr, Please tell me none
of the other UFO's are like this.. Intelligent Life my ass!

JA:This could be a clever use of mind games but who knows what it
could be as it awakens the fire in Universal Warrior as he clubs away
on Casey Starr who was unable to get away.. Irish whip.. Starr clings
to the rope as Warrior comes in close but gets booted in the face as

LR:Casey Starr had the only solution to the Warrior, He is smart, Give
him credit for being so technically advanced like an Alien from the

JA:The things Casey Starr can do are like Sci-Fi and generally
mesmerizing to watch and take in.. But Casey Starr is pressing his
luck acting like a goofball. He tries to whip but gets whipped to the
corner.. Warrior crashes into the corner as Starr moves with rapid
speed as he mounts the top rope.. WHAT AN AWESOME DIVING CROSS BODY!!

LR:WHEEEEE!!!! Casey Starr is just so blinding fast and moves with
such precision.. It's like he's Defying Gravity!

JA:Like him or not Casey Starr is going to do even more phenomenal
in the CWF in the coming year, Eli Kingston tackles down Starr and
the stuffing out of him!

LR:Careful Eli, You'll smudge his eye shadow!

JA:What a fantastic match to gun us off here at Maximum Overdrive as
these young stars are pulling out everything to impress above the
rest! Eli Kingston comes off the ropes for a diving forearm but Casey
Starr ducks and nails a spin kick sending Kingston forward into Brad
Banks who nails him with his own Million Dollar Knee lift! Banks pulls
up Kingston.. Butterfly Suplex with textbook perfection!

LR:It is good to be consistently great.. Brad Banks is the hottest
Lion in the CWF, He's like the Texas Longhorns of college football!

JA:The action coming quick, heavy and hard as Universal Warrior
explodes out of the corner.. He knocks down Casey Starr and Brad Banks
with a double clothesline!!! The Danish Powerhouse! Universal pulls up
Brad Banks.. Irish whip.. Warrior picks up Banks and back drops him..
Casey staggers up into the wrong path.. Warrior hoists up the UFO!!!

LR:NO WAY IN HELL! Look at that.. Casey Starr just tasted ground zero!

JA:The fans are just blown away.. Universal Warrior has driven his
impact right here at Maximum Overdrive! What a Gorilla Press Power
slam on Casey Starr.. Brad Banks staggers to his feet.. He dropkicks
Universal Warrior down and tries to throw him over but Warrior knocks
him into the ropes and grabs him by his legs and tosses him right over
the top!

Steve Horton:Brad Banks has been eliminated!!!

LR:THAT IS NOT FAIR!!! Brad Banks got robbed, Mugged out of his
Universal Warrior used the tights!

JA:It is what it is Luke, We're down to just three men for the right
to the Future Icon's Championship as Universal Warrior sent Brad Banks
to the showers as Michelle protests. Eli Kingston with many blazing
chops leaves Casey Starr strung out on the ropes.. He comes off the
ropes for a cross body but Casey Starr matrix moves out of the way!!
Eli gets strung up on the top rope.. Starr with a dropkick sends
Kingston over the top rope!!!

Steve Horton:Eli Kingston has been eliminated!!!

LR:G'Bye Mate.. Eli Kingston ended up a boomerang short of winning
this whole thing!

JA:Only down to just two men.. Who will take it? Casey Starr had used
his quickness to move out of the way of Universal Warrior's big
strikes gets struck down hard and deep from Warrior's heavy fists..
Starr slumps into the ropes.. He looks spent! Warrior charges in..

LR:HE DID IT!! Casey Starr stuck it out and he's won this entire
Battle Royal.. I told you he was too advanced and too technical to

JA:HOLD ON LUKE, WAIT A MINUTE!!! Universal Warrior clung on to the
as he's on the apron.. There was that amazing agility again! Casey
Starr acting more sillier lowers his arms and turns.. Warrior grabs
him in a choke and drags him out over the ropes and drops him to the

Steve Horton:Ladies and gentlemen, Here is your winner and NEW CWF
Future Icon's Champion.. Universal Warrior!!!

JA:What a fierce and engaging match to start us off good here at
Maximum Overdrive as Universal Warrior just proved unstoppable plowing
over everybody in his way to become the Future Icon's Champion. Our
first champion crowned here tonight!

LR:NO WAY! No F'ing way! Universal Warrior won by a sliver! Casey
had him thrown over.. His feet touched! Casey Starr had really shined
in this match;
He should have been the winner!

JA:You can complain and balk all you want Luke but Universal Warrior
put out exceptional effort and drive to win his first big pay per view
match. That's just one down as we have a plethora of hot exciting full
tilt excitement headed your way here in Montreal, Quebec Canada!

(Scene opens in Darla Daniels personal locker room which also serves
as Jack's. Both are already dressed out but are having a conversation)

Darla: Come on Sis, Forget about what Summer said, I'm sorry about
the lack of communication this week but Jack and I have been busy
working with Joe on trying to right the CWF from Vince and Jenna and
CNN wanted to do an interview with me for their top ladies in Business

Melissa: Yep Yep Yep... It's just I had a chance to shine last week
and I blew it. I just feel that everyone may be right..

Darla: That's crazy talk, you know it and I know it. But right now you
need to get your head right as we got Summer and Jezebel Fyre right
where we want them let's take them down and show how Texas girls and
the Daniels are the best when it comes to wrestling...

Melissa: Let's just do this! I'm ready to make Melissa Daniels a
household name! I'm gonna be famous my own way....

JA:We're gathering steam and momentum on this lovely night in
right here at Maximum Overdrive as we shift the mood to the athletic
lovely and intelligent Siren's. Darla and Melissa Daniels team up for
the first time
ever to handle the Goddess team of Summer St. Claire and Jezebel
Fyre.. This should be something!

LR:Good.. Good.. Something! I am JONESING for some Siren's action
the debacle we've had with the Lexxy Draiven and Giovanna
Bartuzzinni’s “Naked” match getting canceled. It'll be sweet seeing
the Goddesses tangling with the Daniels sisters!

Steve Horton:This Siren's tag team match is for one fall, Introducing
first from Texas.. Here is Darla Daniels!!! And her sister Melissa

["Redneck Woman" By Gretchen Wilson hit the speakers as Darla Daniels
and Melissa Daniels emerge together on the stage and show themselves
off to a loud pop. Darla is wearing her skin tight red Lifeguard
while Melissa is wearing a black sports bra, black lycra shorts and
black wrestling boots, Melissa and Darla slap hands to the ring and
enter it
getting another big pop as they pose in the ring together.]

JA:Darla Daniels and Melissa Daniels get a warm and rapturous love
from these fans as they are teaming up for the very first time as a
tag team. They are the pride of Texas. It'll be interesting to see
these two talented young women can do together here at Maximum

LR:The Stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas
and all the way out here in Canada! Darla and Melissa Daniels have
that lissome feel good all over charm and personality that makes you
feel so loved inside. I have a feeling they'll be pure Southern
Dynamite together!

Steve Horton:And their opponents, representing the Goddesses!! Here
are Jezebel Fyre!!! And "Extreme Goddess" Summer St. Claire!!!

["Goddesses" By The band Electric Sun plays as Jezebel Fyre along with
Summer St. Claire make their entrance from the back and do separate
sexy poses while the CWFTron shows various images of the Goddess women
in action with clips of the women dancing in a studio. The spotlights
flash blue, purple, red and gold colors. Jezebel is dressed in a red
and black vinyl bra top, ultra tight red and black vinyl booty shorts,
black fishnet pantyhose, black boots with the letters "JF"
intertwined. Summer wears
a black and red "Extreme Siren" tank top, Tiny Black booty shorts,
black fishnet pantyhose, Knee high black boots. Jezebel and Summer do
a sexy strut down the ramp getting massive heat from all the fans.]

JA:Summer St. Claire and Jezebel Fyre raising all levels of heat
with this revealing spectacle their putting on here, Summer has really
made herself a pest these past few weeks with her men the Young Gunnz.
Summer and Jezebel look to be a very potent, powerful quick striking

LR:Hooo-Whee!!! When Santa Claus made his naughty and nice list this
year he made a special classification as Summer St. Claire and Jezebel
Fyre are not just Naughty, But Extra-Extra-Extra NAUGHTY all over!
Summer knows how to make men and women sweat and Jezebel will leave
you scorched all over!

JA:We're all set to go for our first and apparently only Siren's match
here at Maximum Overdrive.. Darla Daniels attacks Summer St. Claire..
There's the bell!

LR:Darla Daniels is a natural born aggressive fighter that never
throws caution to the wind.. She's got a lot to settle with Summer St.

JA:After Summer's apparent attempts to sway Melissa Daniels into
becoming a Goddess and filling her head with nonsense about not being
appreciated unlike her sister Darla. Darla Daniels like a rocket knows
how to brawl as she can straight up wrestle as she's backed Summer
into the corner! Irish whip across.. Daniels with a running lariat
knocking Summer head over heels!

LR:Ouch Darlin.. Save some for your sister too! Darla Daniels is
sometimes TOO Aggressive! She's like a Squirrel. Their small and
unsuspecting but can put a rabid bite on you!

JA:Her size is indeed very deceptive Luke as Darla Daniels can hit you
and level you from just about any angle with her speed, flying ability
and ground skills. Irish whip sends Summer St. Claire slamming into
the buckles.. Darla mounts the second rope.. SHE COMES DOWN WITH A BIG
BULLDOG!!! One.. Two.. Jezebel Fyre makes the save!

LR:She certainly is.. But how oh how is Darla Daniels gonna deal with
Jezebel Fyre? She is BIG SEXY TROUBLE!

JA:The Goddesses always resorting to low brow cheating tactics to save
their skin and to get ahead and that's what may be a hindrance to the
Daniels cause but Darla much like her father the legendary Texas
Cowboy Homer Daniels fears nothing and nobody as she's even nailing
Jezebel Fyre with big rights! Darla like a Texas Tornado on the open

LR:Aerosmith anybody? There's some "Sweet Emotion" right there!

JA:Darla Daniels ever popular in Canada as she is around the world
having been featured on the covers of various magazines and TV Guest
Starring Roles along with many promotional tours.. Darla's star has
since her famous unveiling in 2005. Darla grabs Summer and plants her
the mat with a Russian Leg Sweep!! The cover.. One.. Two.. Melissa
heads off Jezebel but Summer manages a brief kick out!

LR:You know looking at Darla and Melissa got me to thinking, Does
Daniels have a second job working as head foreman at the sexy factory
cranking out daughters that look like this?

JA:That's a possibility Luke, Things are really turning up red hot now
no pun intended as Summer St. Claire gets thrown over the top rope to
the floor!! Melissa Daniels gets forced back to her corner.. Darla
hammering down on Summer but she doesn't anticipate Jezebel Fyre
coming from behind her.. GOOD GOD.. WHAT ENORMOUS POWER.. JEZEBEL

LR:Ooooh!!! Watch your back.. Jezebel Fyre just continues to bring
that pure unvarnished power rough, brutal and yet surprisingly smooth

JA:Jezebel Fyre has been a truly dangerous acquisition since joining
the Goddesses having demolished pretty much every woman in her path
since finding her own "direction". Could this be what Summer intends
to do for Melissa Daniels? Jezebel helps Summer back in the ring as
the Goddesses swing the favor of this back in their hands.

LR:Who knows, Its hard to tell how Summer's mind works inside that
gorgeous body. She could do a lot of wonderful things for Melissa
but Melissa won't ever sell herself out. She's her own woman.

JA:There's a whole lot of Siren's action inside this ring that's
to a fever pitch on this cold night here in Montreal, Quebec. Summer
Claire makes the tag to Jezebel Fyre as Jezebel comes in and delivers
big body slam on Darla that rattles and shakes her all over!

LR:Jezevel Fyre certainly embraced her own inner sexy and it's did
wonders for herself as she's no longer ignored but back to being the
revitalized threat she should be as the Fire Goddess!!

JA:Jezebel Fyre taking some enjoyment in stalking Darla Daniels as she
crouches in the corner.. CLOTHESLINE ON DARLA DANIELS!!! Jezebel
taking time to flex her muscles before walking with a foot over
Darla's chest!

LR:WHOAAA.. A lot of steam inside that move.. Almost knocked Darla out
of her swimsuit!! WOWZA!

JA:I think Darla Daniels is going to need to tag out as there's only
so much you can endure from such a feminine, mean and raw to the nerve
woman like Jezebel Fyre.. She pulls up Darla Daniels and whips her to

LR:What can you say? Jezebel Fyre is a beautiful deadly machine!

JA:It's impossible for Darla Daniels to fight off both these women..
Jezebel Fyre makes the tag to Summer St. Claire and takes Darla into
an inescapable bear hug crushing her ribs while at the same time..
RIGHT OFF!! Summer with a seductive cover.. One.. Two.. Thre.. Darla
somehow escapes!

[Summer St. Claire does a sensual bump and grind inches from Darla
Daniels face as she taunts Melissa Daniels from the ring.]

LR:Whooo.. Summer St. Claire is looking so scandalous and fabulous
tonight.. Mmm.. Mmm.. Mmm.. Summer's getting HOT, HOT, HOT ALL OVER!!!

JA:Was that rather risqué display even really needed? Summer St.
Claire just loves to flaunt her sexuality to raise even more rancor
from these fans.. Summer with a snap suplex goes to the apron and
shimmy's for a bit before whipping her hair back and delivering a full
out Senton Splash!!!

[Summer sits up and we briefly see flashes of her bare breasts as her
top comes undone for a few seconds.]

LR:WHOOPSIE!! Hahah.. That must be the most sought after, Most
requested Holiday "Gift" this season!

JA:I see you noticed that didn't you?

LR:I have a feeling that one will be Tivo’d to death! Hahaha!

JA:A little wardrobe malfunction but no malfunction from the Extreme
Siren as
Summer St. Claire with a cover.. One.. Two.. Thre. Darla staying
tenacious kicks out again! Summer quickly grabs her top and tags back
in Jezebel Fyre. The Goddesses doing their best to isolate and cut
down Darla Daniels. Jezebel pulls her up and pounds down across her
back and whips her to the buckles.. Big hard hitting clothesline by
Jezebel Fyre!

LR:What better combination than this? The FYRE from Jezebel.. The HEAT
Of Summer.. Poor Darla Daniels is just getting smoked and flamed from
sexual back draft from the Goddesses!!

JA:Darla Daniels is dazed and hurting as she slouches in the corner..
Summer St. Claire gets tagged in and she lays in a couple of mean
to the chest back and struts off flaunting herself before running in
a low hard piercing dropkick in the corner! Summer pulls out Darla and
up for a Tornado DDT.. She goes for it!! NO!! DARLA SLAMS THE BREAKS!

LR:WHOOPS!!! Darla Daniels looks like she's gonna put out Summer's
sinfully sweet fire down below!

Both women down.. It won't be enough.. She can't fight both these
women off. Darla Daniels is a tough girl, but she's still just human.
Summer staggers off.. DARLA kicks her and nails her own DDT! Darla
crawling.. She's got to make the tag.. She's close.. NO! Jezebel Fyre
drags her back!

LR:You have it to hand it to the Goddesses in high pressure situations
they always play for keeps!

JA:These Goddesses will do whatever they can to win using whatever
underhanded approaches they can think up! Jezebel Fyre clutches Darla
Daniels by her throat.. Is it a choke slam? NO! Melissa Daniels has
enough and she runs in and she dropkicks Jezebel Fyre down. Summer St.
Claire flees the ring scared.. She wants no part of Melissa!

LR:With the way Summer's fighting to flee the ring I take it.. No deal
for Melissa Daniels?

JA:Obviously not! There's no where to run or escape for Summer St.
Claire! Melissa Daniels shoves her between her legs for a Texas sized
Power bomb.. Darla Daniels raises her arms.. And.. OH MY GOD!!!! OH MY

LR:Oh.. No.. This can't be.. It couldn't be what I think it is!

JA:What is going on here!!? Melissa Daniels just shoved aside Summer
and blasted Darla Daniels down with a lariat!? Melissa's turned on
own sister!

LR:Ohh no.. Ohh yes.. YES! YES! YESSSS!!! Melissa Daniels just played
us all.. Look! Summer and Melissa are dancing with each other!

JA:How could she!? Why!? Melissa Daniels has nailed Darla Daniels with
that lariat, And that was definitely NO ACCIDENT! Melissa is walking
out! This crowd is stunned! Darla being left to the wolves.. Summer
St. Claire crawls on top of Darla Daniels hooking the leg.. One..
Two.. Three!!!

Steve Horton:Ladies and gentlemen, Here is your winners.. "Extreme
Goddess" Summer St. Claire!!! And Jezebel Fyre!!!

[Summer holds up Melissa Daniels hand along with Jezebel.]

JA:Oh no.. It can't be it.. It just can't be!

LR:OHH BUT IT IS!!!! Melissa Daniels has officially joined the

JA:How could she do this? How could Melissa Daniels turn on her on
flesh and blood like this!?

LR:You know what? Melissa Daniels wanted a change.. She wanted new
direction and the Goddesses overtures were too much too resist!
Melissa was too tempted too get in touch with her Sweet.. Naughty

JA:This is just so revolting and disgraceful!? Melissa Daniels fully
embracing the heat of these fans having committed a heinous sin
against her sister. What deplorable explanation could she possibly
have for this? Jenna Levinsky-Matthews is backstage with some kind
Of special presentation.

[Scene shows Jenna Levinsky-Matthews smiling devilishly in her
dressing room, She is wearing a low cut white silk blouse, caramel
leather three-quarter-length jacket, Brown suede pierced skirt, black
pumps. She has on pearl earrings.]

Jenna Levinsky-Matthews:Fans, Tonight I have something very SPECIAL in
mind for all of you.. Including you most of all Daddy.. The tape that
will show a side of me and Vince you never expected to see. A first
view of our never before seen celebration of our love for each other.

[Fans gasp in surprise inside the arena.]

Jenna Levinsky-Matthews:As King and Queen of the CWF and all of
wrestling it’s only fitting we consummate our marriage of power right
here on pay per view for all to witness at Maximum Overdrive!

(Scene opens inside a gorgeous bedroom all set up with candles and
other trinkets. we see two people enter the bedroom acting like two
animals in extreme heat. the light from the candles show it's Vince
Matthews and his wonderful new bride Jenna Levinsky-Matthews.)

HVM: Get ready I'm gonna wear you out from both sides!

{She gets up -- he goes closer to her; she backs away from him.}

HVM: Only this time I wanna take you from behind so I can show your
father his little girl being made oh so happy. If he wants to disown
you, that's fine I think you need a new 'father figure' anyway.

(Vince picks up a remote and presses the play button and the stereo
system begins to play "Father Figure" by George Michael. He backs her
into a wall. He comes very close to her -- puts an arm behind her to
the wall.) He is kissing her -- hard, rough. He forces her against
the wall.)

#That’s all I wanted
Something special, something secret
in your eyes For just one moment
To be bold and naked at your side#

We hear her dress RIP. He kisses her harder -- we hear her
panties RIP. He gets the dress off, pushes his hands under
her bra --

Jenna: Yes!--please, Vince -- UGH Yes!

#Sometimes I think that you’ll never
Understand me
Maybe this time is forever
Say it can be#

We see a shot of Vince crouched behind Jenna kissing her lower back
and rubbing up and down all over her lean long legs while Jenna moans
out, Jenna's breasts are covered by a black box

Jenna:(continuing) Please OH-- OH --

#Ooooh That’s all you wanted
Something special, something secret in your life
Just for one moment
To be warm and naked at my side#

He puts his mouth to her shoulder, bites it -- as they move down to
the floor. Atop her... he kisses her neck... his hands under her,
raising her... he moves down, kisses her breasts... puts his mouth
around a breast... she arches, moves... he kisses her shoulder...
biting into it... she opens her mouth... we hear cries of passion.

#Sometimes I think that you’ll never
Understand me
But something tells me together
We’d be happy#

Atop him... she kisses his chest, licks it, lowers her head...
lower... lower... he arches his back... her mouth comes up... her
mouth on his lips again... he turns her.

I will be your father figure
(Oh baby)
Put your tiny hand in mine
(I’d love to)
I will be your preacher teacher
(Be your daddy)
Anything you have in mind
(It would make me)
I will be your father figure
(Very happy)
I have had enough of crime
(Please let me)
I will be the one who loves you
Until the end of time#

Atop her... he moves her legs apart... she holds his back... digs in
her nails...rakes his back with them... digs in again... his back
bleeds... he moves inside her... harder... the nails dig...blood
trickles down his back.

#That’s all I wanted
But sometimes love can be mistaken
For a crime
That’s all I wanted
Just to see my baby’s blue eyed shine
This time I think that my lover
Understands me
If we have faith in each other
Then we can be strong#

He is behind her... she is on her stomach... he raises her by her
hips... kisses her back... races her spine with his tongue... traces
her lower back... he kneels... moves into her... kisses her neck...
his fingers are in her mouth...as he moves.

#I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
Until the end of time#

Atop him... she leans close over his face, her tongue in his mouth...
kneeling over him... she moves his arms above his head... moves higher
atop him... her breasts in his face... she reaches over to the
side... she moves higher above him... kneeling over his face...
moving oh-so-slightly... his face strains towards her.

#If you are the desert
I’ll be the sea
If you ever hunger
Hunger for me
Whatever you ask for
That’s what I’ll be#

She kisses him... moving her hips lower now... over his chest...
lower... And he is inside her... her arms above him... his eyes
open... she kisses his neck... bites but not hard...moves... grinding
hard against him now.. she is on her knees... head arches back.. her
breasts high.. still grinding.

#So when you remember the ones who have lied
Who said that they cared
But then laughed as you cried
Beautiful darling
Don’t think of me#

Vince and Jenna roll over each other passionately kissing, then
close ups of Jenna her eyes closed moaning loud, louder as she starts
to climax on the bed.

#Because all I ever wanted
It’s in your eyes baby, baby
And love can’t lie, no
(Greet me with the eyes of a child)
My love is always telling me so
(Heaven is a kiss and a smile)
Just hold on, hold on
I won’t let you go my baby#

Her back arches, strains... he strains toward her... she holds her
arms high... she comes out of the arch...shivering... falling over
him... his arms come forward and hold her close.. closer...
closer...as she moves with slight... shivery... movements.

#I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time#

He is sitting on the side of the bed, his head down... his back a line
tracing of dried blood. She is asleep next to him, naked.

#I will be your father
I will be your preacher
I will be your father
I will be the one who loves you
‘Til the end of time#

He looks around the room. Torn clothes all over the floor. He gets up
and walks over the to camera and begins to speak.

Vince Matthews: Hey Joe, consider this an early Christmas present
dad! *laughs as he hits the stop button and the recording ends*

[Scene shows the ending of the video playing on a flat screen HDTV in
Joe Levinsky’s darkened office. Joe himself sits wide eyed in a cold
sweat and gripping the ends of his chair with a manic expression
frozen on his face. He is motionless but breathing heavy.]

LR:I’ll say it first.. WHAT the hell was that?

JA:There really is no way to describe just what we saw.. There isn’t.

LR:Look at Joe Levinsky he’s absolutely petrified!

JA:This whole “Presentation” by Vince and Jenna was just another ruse
Matthews to further incense and get into his father in law Joe
Levinsky’s head!

LR:I think Vince was getting into something other than Joe’s head..

JA:That was not necessary!

LR:This video really opened up a lot of eyes, Jenna Levinsky-Matthews
is looking in fine form...

JA:You can stop now Luke!

LR:The only thing confusing was to tell where Jenna ended and where
Vince began!

JA:Don't start with that! Oh mercy.. That was just so putrid,
tasteless and vulgar.. How could those two have done that to Joe
Levinsky? Where they trying to give him another heart attack?

LR:I think that was the point! Damn.. Looks like Vince and Jenna made
their own
Sexy soup!

JA:It’s going to take us quite a while to get over what we just saw as
the fans are still reeling from it.

LR:You and me especially, I bet you don't get that kinda loving around
the Mrs. as for me.. Uhh.. It's a very good thing I am sitting down! A
side of Jenna and Vince as I’d never seen them before!

[We open to see the ring ropes to the ring have been replaced with
barbed wire by some CWF Ring Workers.]

JA:What a shocking night we've had so far Joe Levinsky is still
shaken up and rightfully So as Vince and Jenna have struck a severe
emotional blow to him here as Maximum Overdrive continues. Up next
it's time to turn things up ultra violent as Mr. Bones defends the
Extreme Championship against the relentless Outlaw!

LR:Awww yeah now we're talking! This one's gonna get good and gutsy!
Bones.. Outlaw.. A whole lotta barbed wire and a lot of space for
untold fun and pain! We might even see a lot of that red substance..
What is it?? What is it?? Oh right..

Steve Horton:This match is for one fall only and is for the CWF
Extreme Championship!!! Introducing first.. From the South West
of Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 238 Pounds.. Representing the
Dark Carnival!!! He is the CWF Extreme Champion.. Here is Mr. Bones!!!

["Chicken Hunting" erupts over the speakers, immediately causing
everyone in the arena to explode in cheers! Mr. Bones comes out, to an
ecstatic jam-packed arena. He comes out, bouncing up and down, his
adrenaline pumping and Bones ready for the match. Mr. Bones sprints
down to the ring wearing the CWF Extreme Championship around his
waist. Bones does a head first baseball slide into the ring. Bones
gets up, ready to brawl.]

JA:Mr. Bones our Extreme Championship has come to Montreal itching
to fight, Bones looking forward to mixing it up in the barbed wire
was forged for the extreme from the streets he was born on in Detroit.
Bones is fixing to get extreme inside the confinements of barbed wire!

LR:Yeah he should be use to evading barbed wire after what he learned
in Detroit breaking entering and theft but one man he won't steal from
is Outlaw! It doesn't seem Bones is all that keen settling for the
Extreme belt but he'd better care otherwise Outlaw will carve him like
a turkey!

# Do to the graphic nature of this program, listener digression
is strongly advised #

["Becoming" by Pantera rips through the PA sound system.]

Steve Horton:And his opponent, The challengers, from Latrobe,
Pennsylvania, standing 6 feet 7 inches and weighing 273 pounds...

... "The Outlaw!"!!


[Outlaw steps out. He is wearing his "Outlaw: Bringing the violence" t-
shirt and pair of cut off jeans. He begins to walk towards the ring.
The fans boo loudly; Outlaw threatens to hit the fans on his way to
the ring.]

[Outlaw reaches the ring. Outlaw gets into the ring. Outlaw doesn't
pose instead choosing to go to one of the corners and await his
opponents. A look of pure focused energy crosses his features. Outlaw
is ready for this.]

JA:Outlaw is big, bad and extremely dangerous has been on a
roll these past few weeks with dominating results. Outlaw truly has no
heart for who he targets. Becoming increasingly hostile and violent.
Will Outlaw's roll to prominence be stopped cold right here tonight?

LR:Not a chance.. Outlaw is as Outlaw does and it's VIOLENCE to the
core!! Look at this man.. This match is all Outlaw could ever wish
To spread as much malice and abuse wherever he wants it! There's no
stopping this smash-mouth, body breaking bad boy from Pennsylvania!

JA:There will be no limits to what happens as Outlaw and Mr. Bones
get in each other's faces neither man backing down. You might want to
put your kids to bed. This is going to be a blood bath!

LR:Naww keep them awake.. This is a natural part of life you learn
kiddies, We all gotta bleed someway and it might as well be tonight!

JA:There's going to be nothing pretty or fancy about this affair as it
will be violent and extreme in every possible way! It starts out
quickly and viciously! Outlaw pushes back Bones and runs at him but
Bones shows surprising speed by giving him a drop toehold!

LR:EWHHHH!!! Right in the barbed wire.. I LOVE IT! This is starting
off hard and heavy! Outlaw already dropped the first pint of blood but
Bones only had a lucky shot!

JA:Outlaw's head is cut open already as his head lands right across
that bottom strand of barbed wire! But he is back up on his feet but
Bones is waiting for him as he catches the big Keystone Crusher with
several big elbows to the face. And a short arm clothesline but Outlaw
is only fazed on his feet standing!

LR:It's gonna take a little more than that Bones.. A WHOLE LOT MORE..
You don't think he knows how to hot wire a Bulldozer as that's about
only thing he's gonna need!

JA:Mr. Bones getting right into it as he leaps at Outlaw like an out
of control buzz saw! Bones showing a rather psychotic side as he
starts ripping into him with several hard shots and biting at his open
wound.. Good god! That's just barbaric!

LR:I don't think we've seen anything yet! Mr. Bones knows he is in a
desperate position with a lot against him and most importantly he's
using that street smarts in that he knows Outlaw is gonna KILL him!

JA:Mr. Bones is use to fighting with his back against the wall with
nothing else to rely on but his own killer street aggression and
Bones now dropping legs and knees.. Everything he can on top of Outlaw
keep him down and burst open that wound!

LR:Against a legit beast like Outlaw you do what you gotta do.. He's
no longer the baby kissing, fan hand slapping and autograph mugging
one but a pretty pissed off angry boy!

JA:Outlaw's transition this year from fan favorite to a menacing,
uncaring belligerent has been truly appalling. The Barbed wire hasn't
come into play that much but you can expect it will be the common
denominator in who gets the most damage from those unrelenting razor
sharp spikes! Mr. Bones choking him but it's not enough as he jumps
over the barbed wire ropes and tosses in a chair!

LR:Awww no! It's waaaay too early for that.. Do you really want to
this man any weapons? Outlaw doesn't need weapons when his body is
built like one large weapon! Again.. All Bones.. NO BRAINS!

JA:In a close quarters match like this anything helps Luke, There is
no rule against weapons as it's pretty much NO DQ. Mr. Bones has that
chair ready.. He swings for the fences but Outlaw using his superb
standing dropkicks the chair as it explodes back into Bones face!

LR:Uh oh!! That's what Bones didn't count on.. The fact that Outlaw is
a big dude at 300 pounds that can hit you from nowhere with a simple
dropkick and take the wind right out of you! Things are gonna turn
around fast!

JA:Both men down but Outlaw slowly gets back up looking to put the
on Mr. Bones momentum as he nails a stiff boot to the side of the
head! Bones defiantly stands back up but Outlaw pops him with a stiff
oncoming right hand.. Bones falls to his knees.. Outlaw grabs Bones..

LR:BLOOD!!! BLOOD!! Rev up the tires.. Gun the engine! The Outlaw:
"Bring The Violence" Tour Bus is gonna take Bones down a lowly stretch
of road
on a journey of unbelievable suffering and pain!

JA:What a jaw dropping impact Mr. Bones took as he is strung up and
racked up
on those ring ropes crucifix style.. Outlaw showing zero mercy lifts
Bones by the hair, and grabs him around the waist. He lifts him up...

LR:Ewhh!!! That is SICK.. Outlaw is a sick, sadistic bastard!

JA:You're telling me! Outlaw is smiling and brimming with vile
as he increases the pain by pressing his body mass on Mr. Bones as he
sputtering and choking, his throat is bleeding! The crowd is going
They're as sick as Outlaw as he continues to pull down his body
to increase the pressure around his neck!!!

LR:Outlaw is creative at using those barbed wire ropes to create a
masterpiece in pain and human bloodshed! Bones might just leave
tagged and body bagged by this uncaring, unloving human monster..

JA:This visual is not only quite troubling it's just sickening! I
can't believe we're watching this carnage! Finally Outlaw stops
yanking at Mr. Bones body as he throws him over.. Outlaw measuring him
up to drop the elbow....


JA:What a turn around.. What a extreme championship match! Bones
to slide that steel chair over his chest as Outlaw dropped his full
weight on that elbow cracking it against the chair! He's rolling in
pain! He might have shattered that arm!

LR:Mr. Bones is like a Detroit Cockroach. Clever at times.. No matter
how much you stomp it he just keeps going!

JA:The Keystone Crusher wanted to get sadistic and spill blood and
he's getting
what he gives! Mr. Bones drags Outlaw up to his feet.. BONES WITH A

LR:GAHHH!!! MR. BONES IS INSANE!!! Then again I would if I had to
listen to that putrid drizzling pooh that is ICP music. It would make
me wound up like a mother too. Listen to Metallica instead.. No wait!
They sold out years ago!

JA:The Barbed Wire replacing the ropes is shredding and cutting
through these two men.. Outlaw especially.. His face is cut up all
over.. What a bloody mess! Mr. Bones not finished as he grabs Outlaw
and delivers a flipping Canadian Destroyer style Power bomb into the
steel chair! Outlaw bleeding all over!

LR:Remember.. Give blood this holiday season.. This message brought
to you by Championship Wrestling Federation and the American Red

JA:That had better not be a cheesy plug Luke as this is a truly bloody
affair we're witnessing here at Maximum Overdrive as these fans are
from the onslaught so far. Bones seething with a sick look on his face
for the Juggalo Drop! He climbs up.. If he hits it this will be over.

LR:Mr. Bones looks like he's doing a little "Chicken Hunting" whatever
hell that means.. Heheh! Christmas at the Slaughterhouse baby..

JA:Wait!! Outlaw manages to stagger up and he slams his body weight
into the turnbuckle in a last ditch attempt to stop Mr. Bones! He
crotches himself on the barbed wire!! HE'S SUSPENDED ON IT HANGING

LR:BARBED WIRE TESTIES!!! You can't make this crap up fans! Looks like
Mr. Bones won't be wooing any Dark Carnival skanks with a couple of
prickly pairs! HAHAHA!!!

JA:This is no laughing matter Luke, What kind of sick, malicious ideas
are floating in that man's head? Outlaw is reaching into his back
What’s that? WIRE CUTTERS! He's cutting the barbed wire piece Bones
balances on.. HE'S RUBBING HIS FACE ALL OVER IT!!! This is just too
extreme! Outlaw is a meat grinder with no heart! He is enjoying every

LR:Outlaw has come to rectify the past his own way, Outlaw has
come to WIN! And leave a lasting impression at Maximum Overdrive
and a lasting one on Mr. Bones face!!!

JA:I think Mr. Bones is going to need several stitches to close up
the wounds as Outlaw is pressing that barbed wire in as deep as it can
go puncturing all the way as blood pours out. Bones is down, writhing
in pain!
Outlaw now cutting the rest of that wire free, and he is choking Bones
with it!
This mat is getting soaked in plasma!

LR;Dare not call Outlaw innovative? A genius in applying the simple
act of pain? He's gonna paint Montreal red with Mr. Bones blood!

JA:What a disgusting display! This match was billed as extreme and
we're seeing it in all it's horrific form! Outlaw stands up the chair
up in the middle of the ring! He scoops up Mr. Bones.. POWER SLAM ON
up Bones.. No.. No.. Don't you do it Outlaw.. Outlaw with a Back

LR:This.. This is how you get respect.. And how you make people stand
and respect you! Mr. Bones made a serious mistake and Outlaw is just
all BAD ASS and out and out terrible and violent and he's making no
apologies about it!

JA:Just how much more is Outlaw willing to go in order to put down Mr.
How far will Bones last to endure this ungodly massacre to fight back?
Outlaw goes to the middle rope.. He goes for a big splash...


JA:TOO LATE!!! Mr. Bones also using his own ingenuity managed to wrap
his boot with that barbed wire! He caught Outlaw direct in the jaw as
he's bleeding from his mouth now.. He may have lost a tooth! Bones is
back to his feet, but he's shaky. He grabs Outlaw and drapes his neck
across the middle strand of wire! Bones rolls out of the ring...

LR:GAHHHH!!! NO! NO! NO! I don't believe this.. This level of violence
just unreal!

JA:It's only going to get more severe as this match continues with
sheer volume of hate these two men have accumulated. Outlaw is
in pain! Blood is all over the place! Mr. Bones rolls him out of the
He picks up and slams his head into the steel steps! His head is
bloodier than ever!
What a voracious orgy of blood this is turning into.

LR:You think this was bad? Heh.. Wait till RJ Souza and Bloodhound get
to business!

JA:That enclosed steel cage match coming up a little later on promises
to be just as gory and violent but right now Mr. Bones climbing to the
top rope..
He goes for an elbow drop.. NOBODY HOME!!!

LR:Now maybe Mr. Bones realizes how serious this fight is. He won't
overlook Outlaw for Shane Spencer because Outlaw's sick of getting

JA:This all started at No Man's Land in August and it'll end in some
fashion here at Maximum Overdrive as this barbed wire match is all or
Outlaw slowly stirring as the referee counts out both these men. Mr.
Bones planted himself into the cold hard concrete. Finally both men
rise back up.. I don't know how but they are. Mr. Bones swings a right
hook but Outlaw grabs him and runs full speed crushing him into the
ring post with full power!

LR:OOOOH!!! Mr. Bones just got embedded into the steel ring post the
hard way.. We may need a spatula! HAHAH!!

JA:Just what else are we going to see from these men as it's become a
neck and neck battle of unwavering toughness! Outlaw grabs that wire
he cut off the ring; he's WRAPPING IT AROUND BONE'S NECK!!! This is
too much!! It's out of control! DON'T DO IT OUTLAW!!!


JA:Outlaw climbing up to the top, HE'S HANGING MR. BONES WITH
THE WIRE! This is just not human.. This is just border line
Blood is flowing all over Bones's chest! As he chokes, sputtering,
blood everywhere! He's literally being hung with that wire around his

LR:It's not High Noon but rather than a Outlaw in the Old West.. It's
Mr. Bones
time to hang'em high!

JA:How can you condone this man's actions? Purely Outlaw is indulging
in every sick idea that enters his head.. This has got to be the
lowest unforgivable act this Outlaw has done! Mr. Bones grasping for
straws desperate for life is released. Outlaw a bloody mess, rolls out
and grabs Bones, rolling him back into the ring.

LR:Jesus.. We're gonna need a clean up crew! Part's of Outlaw and
are still clinging to the barbed wire but Outlaw doesn't give a damn!
This is how badly he wants to win!

JA:It doesn't seem Outlaw is eager to win as he is just ripping Mr.
Bones apart and brutalizing him and that could come to bite him on the
arse, But Outlaw having had enough fun picks up Bones.. Outlaw Drop
possibly coming up..

LR:Mr. Bones should be relieved.. He'll finally be put out of his

JA:BUT IT'S NOT TO BE! NO! Mr. Bones insatiable guts and fighting
instinct carries him on as his body is badly depleted, He's laying
into Outlaw with every last remaining shred of power he can muster!
Right hands staggers Outlaw! Bones has the wire and he is viciously
gouging at Outlaw's face.. Again! Again! Bones is a bloody

LR:What will make this degenerate stay down!?

JA:I don't know but the fans are behind him.. As Bones is a dripping
He's going for a pile driver. No! Outlaw won't budge.. BACK BODY DROP!
Bones lands on that chair in the ring!

LR:Mr. Bones put all his chips on the table and got a whole lot of
BLOODY nothing! Outlaw is going take it on home!

JA:This is compelling action delivered fresh right here at Maximum
Overdrive as the Extreme Championship could go either way! Outlaw
slowly picks up Mr. Bones..
But he's slowly running out of energy having dropped gallons of blood.
He's going for a top rope Outlaw Drop... Bones may be entirely spent
and there it is! Super Outlaw Drop!! Outlaw sprawled on top of Mr.
Bones with the cover. One.. Two.. Three!!!

Steve Horton:Ladies and gentlemen, Here is your winner.. And NEW CWF
Extreme Champion.. Outlaw!!!

JA:What a bloody and murderous ride! Outlaw is savagely cut, ripped up
badly all over is victorious in the end as he holds aloft the CWF
Extreme Championship! Outlaw wresting it from Bones after a brutal
back and forth struggle!

LR:I'd never seen anything like that before.. Maximum Overdrive is
opening up all kinds of awesome tonight!

JA:Outlaw's goal of revenge finally complete but what if someday the
that held that belt.. Triple X comes back someday anxious to even the

LR:Ohh please.. Triple X is long gone from CWF.. Outlaw probably made
him contemplate the joys of living the civilian life. He won! He did
what he set out to do this year.. He destroyed Triple X and he's
claimed himself Extreme Gold. Not a bad way to end 2009?

JA:I think Outlaw would agree with that assessment as he is STILL
bleeding and stumbling at ringside but a good kind of pain but give
credit to Mr. Bones as he fought his heart out until he had nothing
else left!

LR:Looks like the clean up crew is headed out here to mop up all the
And remove the human flesh from the barbed wire.. I don’t think these
poor stiffs get paid enough for this work.

JA:Now wait a minute, I am getting word that there’s something going
on in the back!
Let’s take you to that while things get cleaned up here.

LR:What’s going on!?

[The camera race towards the backstage hallway of the Air Canada
Center and the scene
Scene before is of the Commissary area. We see a table and a few
chairs knocked over
And some tech crew members scrambling to get away. Chris Hatchet is
shown sprawled out as Brad Banks is standing over him taunting him.
Michelle is nearby smiling.]


LR:That’s a very good description Anderson, You earned yourself a
Christmas Cookie!

JA:I am not joking Luke, What is the meaning behind all this?

[Brad Banks steps back and races in with a vicious front kick to the
temple as Chris Hatchet shakes and quivers from it, Banks yells at him
some more before slapping his head around then backs up and nails
another vicious front kick to the head as Hatchet can barely recover
at all Michelle walks all around Hatchet’s beaten form.]

LR:Ooooh! That was a NASTY Kick.. Damn near put his sole through his
head! I guess all those insults and cheap shots of Chris Hatchet
finally all caught up to him!

JA:How can you say that? Brad Banks is steadily beating down and
tearing apart Chris Hatchet in an unprovoked all out attack!

LR:Hey Now! How do you know Chris Hatchet didn’t come up and initiate
the attack? Heh.. With way he’s been acting these days I am amazed it
didn’t happen sooner.

[Finally some referee’s tried in vain to stop the attack as Brad Banks
shoves all of them away and turns over Chris Hatchet and beats down
all over his head with several rough punishing shots as Hatchet tries
to cover his face.]

JA:With the way this man’s words and actions have been lately I
seriously doubt that Luke, This was obviously something Banks had
planned out! Right on the night that would matter most to Hatchet, The
referee’s trying in vain to stop this surprise attack!

LR:I don’t think Brad Banks had enough!

JA: Will somebody stop this!? He’s still going at Chris Hatchet and
continuing to maul him! Brad Banks still angry, bitter and upset that
he lost earlier in the night.. He’s just snapped!

LR:It was all leading up to this moment Brad Banks wanted immediate
action.. He wasn’t just gonna walk away.. He was gonna get Chris
Hatchet some way and let him know he will not snub him!

[Just then Brad Banks pulls up Chris Hatchet hammering him with
forearm shots
And then laying in some stiff looking kicks to the ribs and chest,
Hatchet is barely fighting back and breathing heavy. Banks then
positions Hatchet’s head between his legs and drills him into the cold
cement floor with a brutal Piledriver. Hatchet’s legs shake
For a bit then he looks lifeless as Brad Banks stands over him looking
cold and heartless.]

JA:He’s been ambushed he can’t fight back! You can’t justify this!
What.. No! No!
Brad Banks just set up Chris Hatchet and cracked his skull with a
Piledriver on that hard cement floor!

LR:Ewhhh!! That is gonna mess you up!

JA:That was just cold, sick, and ruthless, Thankfully Brad Banks has
finally walked away from this onslaught but Chris Hatchet.. Hatchet is
in a very questionable physical state!

LR: It all just exploded here at Maximum Overdrive. Notice something
else? That Piledriver looks similar to the Chronically Flawless.

JA:Brad Banks used Chris Hatchet’s own move against him.. Almost the
same way the same vindictive manner that Hatchet used himself to make
his own first impression At Maximum Overdrive when he Piledrove White
Knight’s head into the concrete like that when he first got his start
here several years ago!

LR:I know.. Don’t you see the irony? The same karmic irony of all
that? Brad Banks did.. He decided to stick it to Chris Hatchet in a
way he’d remember it!

JA:What a sickening devastating crunch.. How could he possibly endure

LR:No way to know unless you feel it. Brad Banks wanted to make a
lasting impression and he’s made the best one of the night with Chris
Hatchet’s skull here at Maximum Overdrive!

[Brad Banks finally grabs Michelle’s hand and walks away with her as
Chris Hatchet is left sprawled on the floor totally knocked out. CWF
Doctors and a few paramedics rush to the scene to check on Hatchet as
we then flash back to Johnny and Luke at the table.]

JA:We've been having a highly interesting night of activity backstage
here at Maximum Overdrive after that terrible beating we just saw
Banks administer to Chris Hatchet backstage.. This will seriously
the main event into jeopardy if Chris Hatchet is unable to wrestle.

LR:Chris Hatchet wasn't attacked.. He probably just tripped over a

JA:You saw that didn't you? Brad Banks attacked him and hurt him

LR:Well.. Maybe Chris Hatchet didn’t watch where he was going and
tripped over his own gear bag, then ran into Brad Banks and got into a
little scuffle!

JA:You just don't get it, Dave Slater will not stand for being denied
his championship match tonight, What else could possibly happen?
Coming up next is our Intercontinental Championship match as Shane
Spencer defends his title against two very different, driven
challengers who hate his guts in Jack Levinsky and Jonathan Cage. This
maybe Shane's last ride as our champion!

LR:Hahah.. NOT A CHANCE!! Shane Spencer is not backing down any less
that what he's always packing every time he's in the ring.. He won't
be intimidated but it'll still be a fierce, fast moving, rip roaring
ride with Jack Levinsky and Jonathan Cage giving him hell, This one's
got "blockbuster" written all over it!

The lights dim as the opening riff to "Hearts Burst Into Fire" by
Bullet For My Valentine begins to play over the speakers. The CWF-Tron
begins to play a career retrospective of Jonathan Cage. Then the solo
kicks in as strobes begin to light up the arena. As the song picks up,
the strobes begin to pulsate in time to the drum beats. The song
begins to hit the fast section signified by hi-hat crashes.

Then Matt Tuck's voice hits the speakers.

##I'm coming home##
##I've been gone for far too long.##
##Do you remember me at all?##

As that is being sung, Jonathan Cage makes his way out from behind the
curtain with Mr. Bones at his side. A white light covers him as he
stands at the top of the ramp.

##I'm leaving##
##Have I fucked things up again?##
##I'm dreaming##
##Too much time without you spent.##

Steve Horton: "This match is scheduled for one fall and is a Three Way
Dance for the CWF Intercontinental Championship.. Introducing first
the challenger.. Making his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan.
Weighing in at two hundred and forty two pounds. He is the only Grand
Slam Champion in the history of the CWF. This is..."The Shadow"

Cage makes his way into the ring and Steve Horton. Horton
exits the ring. "Hearts Burst Into Fire" fading away.

JA:Jonathan Cage is fueled up with passion and energy and
motivated more than ever to reclaim the CWF Intercontinental
Championship, It's been a volatile year of highs and lows
for the Shadow but Cage is more than ready for the challenge!

LR:Good God.. It looks like Bozo's socially demented homeless
half brother! Jonathan Cage manages to trump himself on the
"weirdo" scale! Cage had better be ready for a real close edged
fight with only himself to rely on if he really wants that belt!

Steve Horton:And the second participant, Weighing in at 234 Pounds..
From Westlake, Hill's Texas!!! Our CWF Co-Owner.. "Jagged" Jack

#Jack Levinsky is the mightiest and most interesting man alive. He
will kill your family and eat your soul. His roundhouse punches have
been known to destroy worlds. All your base are belong to him!!!#

#I'm head of the class
I'm popular
I'm a quarter back
I'm popular
My mom says I'm a catch
I'm popular
I'm never last picked
I got a cheerleader chick#





# Jack Levinsky eats a bowl of diamonds every morning!!! #

# Jack Levinsky is 10 feet tall, weighs 2 tons, breathes fire, could
eat a hammer, and can take a shotgun blast standing. #

# If you gave Jack Levinsky a typewriter and 0.000000000000000000001th
of a second he can write the Complete Works of Shakespeare!!! #

# Jack Levinsky once bench-pressed the entire state of Texas, and all
of its residents!!! #

#I'm the party star
I'm popular
I've got my own car
I'm popular
I'll never get caught
I'm popular
I make football bets
I'm a teachers pet.#





["Popular" Remix By Nada Surf and DJ He-Brew plays over the sound
system as the CWFTron shows various images of Jack in action, Just
then Jack Levinsky dances out from the back along with Linda Anderson.
The fans are booing loudly and chanting "Retard!" He wears white dress
slacks, black muscle shirt and a white sport coat over it with black
boots. Jack parades himself up the ring steps and enters the ring and
poses inside the ring.]

JA:Jack Levinsky parades out here with his wife Linda by his side
exuding his usual over the top obnoxious aggravating personality and
enthused with fighting spirit despite what he's facing, It's an odd
feeling to hear Jack getting cheered so favorably by all these fans!

LR:Ain't it cool? It's what these fans should have done a long, long
time ago, Recognizing and respecting the cool and Hebrew Awesomeness
that is Jack Levinsky! Jack has the power of the bull to move
and the quickness of a Jaguar and he's got a whole lot of "Giving" to

Steve Horton:And his opponent, From Beverly Hills California,
Weighing in at 278 lbs. He is the CWF Intercontinental Champion..
Here is "The Baddest Man On The Planet" "Sexy" Shane Spencer!!

(Money by Pink Floyd kicks in over the PA system)

#Money, get away#

(Shane Spencer appears on the entrance ramp, accompanied by four women
in evening gowns.)

#Get a good job with more pay and your O.K.#

(Spencer and the girls stand there for a minute, taking in the crowd

#Money it's a gas#
#Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash#
#New car, caviar, four star daydream#
#Think I'll buy me a football team#

(Spencer starts to make his way towards the ring, arm in arm
with two women. The other two follow behind him, awestruck.
Spencer grins at the fans as he passes them)

#Money get back#

(Spencer and his crew circle the ringside area. He makes sure he
stops at the commentators table and show off his girls to Luke

#I'm all right Jack keep your hands off my stack#.
#Money it's a hit#
#Don't give me that do goody good bullshit#
#I'm in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set#
#And I think I need a Lear jet#

(Shane Spencer climbs onto the ring apron and holds the ropes so
that the women can enter the ring. He instructs the cameraman
to hold the camera in a way so that everyone can get an up lovely
shot of the women as they get in the ring)

#Money it's a crime#
#Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie#
#Money so they say#
#Is the root of all evil today#
#But if you ask for a rise it's no surprise that they're#
#giving none away#

(Shane finally gets into the ring. He poses for a bit, which pisses
off the crowd. Then he starts to show off the girls. Finally, he
some more as the girls leave the ring and his theme music fades out.)

JA:Shane Spencer has ignited fires on all sides of him with the
controversy’s this man has created in the past months as he digs
deeper and deeper, Especially having to deal with two hungry
challengers at the same time, Shane will have his hands full all

LR:It's nothing Shane Spencer can't handle as he's always ready and
waiting for whatever comes down the pike, He sweats nothing! All the
attention and all the lights are all on Shane Spencer as he proudly
the gold, The heat is on him and Spencer wouldn't want it any other

JA:It's time to get down to business as the bell rings, Jonathan Cage
and Jack Levinsky stare each other.. Two men who have stared a great
deal of mutual hate and distrust. But they soon look towards Shane
Spencer and both charge right for the Intercontinental Champion!

LR:What Shane Spencer has go to do is think and fast and start using
that exceeding muscle power and his amazing finesse and GBD! Get
Business Done!

JA:He had better be expecting a great deal of trouble headed his way
as Jack Levinsky and Jonathan Cage have gone right for Shane Spencer
pounding him with shots from every direction before Spencer drops and
rolls out of the ring.. He'd had enough! Just how can Shane handle
against two major opponents? I don't think he can!

LR:Of course he can deal with two opponents who are out to burn him..
Shane Spencer can do it all.. Didn't you know? Shane's a Panzer Baby..

JA:Yeah well that Panzer's having a hard time getting any traction
going forward as Shane Spencer just walks around the ringside keeping
eye on both men.. Jack Levinsky and Jonathan Cage both head out of the
as Shane rolls back in and taunts them from there.. Looks like we're
being joined by the gorgeous Linda Anderson!

LR:Well Hello! Hello Linda.. Been a long time since you've sat next to
how have you been?

Linda Anderson:I am feeling good.. I didn't have a match tonight so
I thought why deny my fans a chance to see me when I could come out
here to see my husband fight!

JA:Things really heating up inside and outside the ring as Jack
Levinsky and Jonathan Cage do some talking.. What are they plotting?
Looks like they've made a truce of some sort! Jonathan Cage rolls in
as Spencer decides the best form of defense is offense as he goes for
the Shadow with big right hands but Jack jumps Spencer from behind and
now Both Cage and Levinsky both taking it to this seedy reprobate!

Linda Anderson:Go Jack! Get him good.. My husband may sometimes like
to play silly but when he is riled up he is more trouble than you

LR:You don't have to preach to me Linda, I know all of the legend of
Jagged Mack! By the way you look criminally sexy tonight!

Linda Anderson:Awww Thank you Luke! I hope your wife Megumi is holding
up well with her pregnancy?

LR:Uhh yeah.. Sure Linda. Don't mention it! REALLY.. Don't mention it!

JA:Trouble at home Luke? We're now fully underway with our
Intercontinental Championship Three Way and this will be a wild,
unpredictable thrill ride!
Jonathan Cage and Jack Levinsky just ripping apart Shane Spencer in
the corner as they both double team him with hard stomps and punches!
Levinsky pulls Spencer to his feet and whips him to the opposite
turnbuckle.. Cage runs in and hits a Jumping Body Splash!

LR:What's going on!? We've seen some strange things all night long but
this is another STRANGE one.. Jonathan Cage and Jack Levinsky working
together! NO! NO! NOOOO!!

JA:Seeing is believing at Maximum Overdrive Luke, Jonathan Cage and
Jack Levinsky don't like each other but their willing to do business
for each other to put down their shared enemy! Shane Spencer staggers
out and walks straight into a vicious clothesline by the Jagged Mack!
Jack dancing around the ring getting the fans pumped up. Cage off the
ropes with an elbow drop on Spencer! This may be too much to take for
the Sexxicutioner!

Linda Anderson:Good!! Stick it to him! I'm so happy that the fans love
my Jagged Sexy Man!

LR:So I take it you're not upset with Jack for uhh.. How do I put this
his bouncy happy fun time with Jenny Anderson inside the casket at

JA:Don't be silly I love Jack! Me and Jenny are still sisters.. We are
sort of use to sharing everything together.. My twin was just being
goofy with her Vampire garbage. She'll come around.

LR:So you're twins and you don't mind swapping men?

Linda Anderson:Of Course, It's easy to get us confused since we're
identical twins.. Me and Jenny do it all the time!

LR:So what I have gathered is Norwegian Twins have very loose morals
and are exceptionally beautiful women and tend to share everything.
Duly Noted! I need to find my own set of twins!

JA:Shane Spencer has been spewing his hatred like a virus he should
have known he'd be feeling the fire as Jack Levinsky and Jonathan
Cage's hatred for each other has been override by the fact that they
hate Spencer just as much to work together to hurt him in a very bad
way! Cage and Levinsky whip Spencer to the ropes and double back body
drop him! Cage goes for the cover.. One.. Two.. Jack pulls Cage off
and the two exchange a few words!

LR:Heh! Well that didn't last long! They should have known there was
too much at stake for Jack and Jonathan to be buddy-buddy for too

JA:That's the way things go in these three way matches as it's often
every man for himself as it is in life! The two exchanging furious
punches! Jack with a cheap face rake followed by some rapid fire Boxer
style jabs and a right leaves Cage on wire legs! Jack Levinsky sends
Cage into the corner!

LR:Jack Levinsky has already got the winning edge! So Linda Anderson,
Do you have any big plans for if and when Jack becomes
Intercontinental Champion!

Linda Anderson:I'll be most thrilled.. Me and Jack will have a special
celebration of course!

LR:So Linda.. You won't uhh.. By any chance possibly strip out of
that tight swimsuit if Jack does win?

JA:Please Luke, Don't start that again! Jack goofs around but runs in
but he gave Cage too much time to move out of the way as Levinsky hits
the pads chest first.. Cage exploits it by driving Jack's face into
the canvas with a Running Face Crusher! Cage hooks the leg.. One..
Two.. Jack manages to kick out, Cage whips Jack with a great deal of
force to the mat with a Snap Suplex! Another cover.. One.. Two.. Again
Jack kicks out!

Linda Anderson:Well it depends IF Jack wins.. Do you really want to
see me take off my swimsuit and dance?

LR:Yes!! Please? It would make me and these fans but most importantly
me happy.. Have I made it not clear enough? YES! YES! YEEEEEESSS!!!!!

JA:My broadcast partner has seemingly lost his head once again.. Back
in the ring Jonathan Cage pulls up Jack Levinsky to his feet and
him with some quick striking rights but at the corner of his eye Cage
sees Shane Spencer getting back up and side steps him as Spencer
and ends up running over the Jagged Mack with a thunderous

LR:Boo!! Jonathan Cage is nothing but a shady opportunist exploiting
the situation for his own benefit!

JA:Oh and Shane Spencer isn't? WHOA!! Jonathan Cage thinking quickly
grabs Spencer and brings him down with resounding fury with a Reverse
DDT! Cage quickly utilizing some masterful technique applies a Beast
Choker style of submission Some rare never before seen stuff from the

LR:It's hard to remember Jonathan Cage is a well rounded fighter when
he looks like a scarier version of Violent J looking as if he had a
bad acid trip!

JA:That's part of the Dark Carnival Mystique in that their a breed
from everybody else in how they do things. Right now Jonathan Cage is
putting the squeeze on Shane Spencer as his arms are wrapped on tight
on Spencer now transitioning into a sleeper hold and really wrenching
into it but Spencer manages to muscle his way to his feet and pushes
Cage to the corner to break it! Spencer had enough awareness to know
where he was!

LR:Shane Spencer has too much to lose riding in this match.. It's not
pride as it is being the greatest Intercontinental Champion that puts
that special fuel of desire to win by any and all means that defines

JA:We're really seeing a serious fight boiling down as Jonathan Cage
and Shane Spencer get into it with a fierce trade of right hands which
is won by Spencer with a questionable knee to the gut which looked
like a low blow!

LR:It was NOT A low blow.. Shane Spencer is a champion and champs
never take short cuts!

JA:It looked pretty low to me!

LR:It was not!

Linda Anderson:I do agree, That looked more than a little low.

LR:Probably was.. Wait! Never mind! So you will strip out of your
swimsuit if Jack wins?

Linda Anderson:It depends Luke.. Like I said I may strip if Jack wins
and I may not. You'll just have to wait and see.

JA:Either way the referee didn't see it. Shane Spencer uses his
overwhelming power and muscle takes control as he grabs Jonathan Cage
and brings him down with rocking authority with a massive side belly
to belly suplex! Spencer now taking a moment to rub it into these fans
as he poses proudly showing off his sculpted body mass of muscle.

LR:Check out those peaks and valley's on Shane Spencer.. His
conditioning is so superb and scary it's like he has muscles within

JA:It's an impressive physical frame as Shane Spencer commits a great
deal of time and energy to devoting to his work out regime.. If only
he'd work on shutting his bloody mouth! Shane whips Jonathan Cage and
barrels in with a damaging clothesline!! Spencer pounding and choking
Cage with the ropes!

LR:Aww please.. Shane Spencer's got all these Montreal women swooning
and crooning.. You know Heather Burnside couldn't get enough!

JA:Speaking of which Shane Spencer has demanded an answer for a sit
with the mother of his child Heather Burnside but she has failed to
answer him
up on it and with way this raving egomaniac is it's hard to see why
not as she
doesn't give a damn about anything but his own indulgences! Spencer
lifts up
Cage and drops him neck first on the ropes!! Good God!

LR:Hey Shane Spencer apologized for his actions to Heather, You know
man enough to assume responsibility.. He's loaded with money.. He's
willing to pay for his piece of the pie he took!

Linda Anderson:Shane is a big dumb ape, He has some nerve to threaten
me.. I hope Heather doesn't take him back!

JA:Somehow I truly doubt Shane Spencer being anywhere near sincere as
long as we've known him! Spencer taking his time in taking apart the
Shadow as he whips Cage to the ropes.. Cage ducks a big boot.. Cross
body is caught.. Spencer drives Cage into the mat with a Power Slam
and pauses to flex again!

LR:Shane Spencer is such a strong capable athlete, He knows how to
handle himself, He just gets in there and does it!

JA:Shane Spencer's athletic prowess isn't in doubt as it his morals
and his behavior that tends to go over the line.. Shane goes in for
the pin but as soon as he lowers his head is nearly taken off as Jack
Levinsky comes crashing into him with a Big Boot!!

LR:YESS!! Jack Levinsky comes right back!! I am REALLY rooting for
Jack now.. So Linda will you strip out of your swimsuit if he wins?

Linda Anderson:I don't know.. I'm still pretty mad about what Shane
Spencer said about me! I don't think I may strip if I still feel this

LR:Shane's just being Shane.. I don't think he meant to hurt your
feelings. C'mon! You have to strip.. Nothing would make this pay per
view even better than see your beautiful naked form in all it's glory!

JA:The odds are slowly catching up to our Intercontinental champion!
That's what is unraveling here at Maximum Overdrive as Shane Spencer
took a nasty kick to the head which has left him dazed and exposed as
Levinsky moves in peppering him and smashing into him with several
jabs and clubbing right hands! Jack hits the ropes and comes off with
a hard
charging right hand which sends Shane out between the ropes!!

LR:Jack Levinsky doesn't need to use anything fancy to leave you
lying on the floor a drooling punchy mess! He uses what works and it's
his fists just as he had growing up on the harsh streets of West Lake
Hill's Texas!

Linda Anderson:Yeah Jack.. Go get that stupid ape! Hurt him.. Make him
feel every punch!

JA:The affluent and wealthy suburbs of Westlake, Hill's is what you
clarify but none the less the tonic is enough to work as Shane Spencer
stumbling on his feet while Jack Levinsky is making an even bigger
of himself with that annoying "Crank That" dance.. Does anybody still
do that?

LR:Hey well it's still cool cause Jack Levinsky is doing it!

Linda Anderson:Hahaha! My husband is such a clown!

LR:No.. He's a great man of intellect of power that can bust a move..
Jonathan Cage is a clown.. a creepy wierded out clown!

JA:It's a really odd feeling to see Jack Levinsky get cheered like
After that fiery scathing promo he delivered in the free 4 all, Jack
Levinsky grabs Jonathan Cage and plants him with a Seated Uranage
Slam! Jack goes in for the cover One.. Two.. Thre.. Almost barely!
Levinsky indulging the crowd reaction starts stomping away on Cage!

LR:Are you kidding? How can you not like Jack? He was on fire
with that promo who wouldn't want to spend the holidays with
the Jagged Mack and his sensationally hot wife Linda!

Linda Anderson:Awww why thank you Luke!

JA:Jack Levinsky now living the moment here at Maximum Overdrive as he
feeds of the energy of these fans cheering him on, Jack pushes
Jonathan Cage to his feet and starts slapping him around and taunting
him before pushing him into the corner. Jack starts to juke and jive
before hitting Cage in an all out furious attack of hard stinging
right and left hands!

LR:Jack Levinsky has his ass kicking boots on tonight, His old ass
kicking boots are stored in the Smithsonian as their labeled a
historical artifact for their epic Hebrew Awesomeness!

Linda Anderson:My husband.. My hero!

JA:Another crazy and unbelievable tale about Jack Levinsky but the
fans have accepted him as he pulls Jonathan Cage out of the corner
And nails a snap mare followed by a mean football style kick to the
back of the head! Jack gets on his knees flexing his muscles before
pulling up Cage and delivering a swinging neck breaker!

LR:Jack Levinsky even names his fists! Haha.. Mr. Bizz and Mr. Arno
will always get the job done. So Linda do you uhh name any of your
body parts by chance?

Linda Anderson:Only Jack knows this.. Hahah! Jack had better be
careful; Shane Spencer is starting to get back up!

JA:A tad ridiculous sounding to me but Jack Levinsky is edging ever
closer to the Intercontinental Championship but he shouldn't turn his
back on Shane Spencer as he's slowly getting back up! Jack covers the
Shadow, One.. Two.. Jonathan Cage kicks out! Levinsky pulls up Cage
and whips him into the turnbuckles and charges in but gets a face full
of Cage's elbow!

LR:Jonathan Cage snuck in the elbow, He's got a rare opening on Jack
Levinsky.. He'll need something BIG to equalize the threat of the
Jagged Player if he wants to even take
Home the Intercontinental Championship!

JA:When it comes to bringing the big and awesome to reality Jonathan
Cage will do it as he's done countless times on pay per view! Jonathan
Cage mounts the top rope but Jack Levinsky fires back with a fist to
the stomach.. He goes up.. GREAT SCOTT!! LEVINSKY IS SETTING UP FOR A

LR:Ohhh Lordy! If Jack Levinsky nails this there will be an permanent
impression of an ugly clown into the mat! Like really crappy modern

JA:Not if Shane Spencer has anything to say about it as he sees his
ripe chance to leave a MAJOR impression!! No.. No.. Look at this!
Spencer climbs up and grabs Jack! Jack wide eyed and bewildered
as he shakes his head and gets set down hard with a brutal and I mean
brutal Super Belly To Back Suplex!!! OHHH BLOODY HELL!!


LR:Shane Spencer brought down the house with that! Spencer is gonna
collect a BIG WIN here in Montreal if he can put down Jagged Jack!

JA:Jack is flattened out completely!! I don't think Spencer is out of
the woods.. Jonathan Cage is still on the top rope.. Shane Spencer
moves in for the cover.. One.. Two.. Cage leaps off coming down with
excruciating intensity with a guillotine leg drop across the back of
Spencer's neck! Cage rolls Spencer over and covers.. One.. Two..
Thre.. No! Jack pushed him off with his remaining energy!

LR:Oooooh!! So close!! A good shot but not enough for Jonathan Cage to
win the big fuzzy bear for the Dark Carnival!

JA:This is action upon action we're seeing as the pins come in at a
faster feverish pace! Jack Levinsky goes for his Jagged Edge DDT But
Jonathan Cage counters with a hammerlock pushing him into a big lariat
by Spencer.. Jack recoils back into Cage’s hands.. Cage with a
fearsome Pump Handle Slam!! The Shadow stands the biggest chance to
win back this title now! One.. Two.. NO! NO! Shane Spencer shoves Cage
Off of Levinsky at the very last minute!

LR:Shane Spencer is just too smooth and suave to be to held down
He's exerting himself the way a champion should!

JA:Shane Spencer knows he's got the most to lose against these two
strong challengers! Shane pulls up Jonathan Cage and he starts
him with several heavy forearm shots! Spencer lifts up Cage across
shoulders and Steam Rolls over him with a Rolling Samoan Drop!!
Shane covers Cage!! One.. Two.. This time Jack Levinsky dives in to
break it!

LR:Oooh! Shane Spencer has got EVERYTHING under his control.. Forget
Jersey Shore.. Look at that body. That is the REAL SITUATION up close
and personal!

JA:This is some real intense moving dramatic action we're seeing as it
sways from one man's grasp to the next! Shane Spencer trying to use
anything and I mean anything to keep these men down, Shane pulls up
Jack and pounds away on him but Jack flashes a psychotic grin and
fires back with hard rights hands backing Shane into the ropes!

LR:Cool.. Versus Cool.. You know Jack and Shane are both cool and
it's a battle of coolness!

JA:A battle of cool which turns into Jonathan Cage's chance for
victory! Jonathan Cage
rolls up Jack Levinsky from behind!! One.. Two.. Nothing!!! Shane
Spencer pulls up Jack and drills him with a Gut wrench Suplex!! Shane
Spencer grabs Jonathan Cage and body slams him on top of Jack!! What a
double crushing impact!! Spencer off the ropes with a knee drop on
Cage's forehead followed by another knee drop and another!

LR:Jonathan Cage said he had put several scars on Shane Spencer? Well
Spencer is gonna put a BIGGER SCAR on Cage if that the way he wants to
play it!

JA:Just what lengths will Shane Spencer go to win this tense double
challenge? Shane Spencer sets up Jack Levinsky for the Tiger Driver
but Jack squirms out.. LOW BLOW!! Jack recovers and brings down
Spencer with a Russian Leg Sweep.. Jack going up top.. There it is..

LR:Whether you like Santa Claus or Hanukkah Harry The Jagged Mack
Attack always delivers!

JA:That looked awesome and sensational.. Jack Levinsky has truly come
into his own here at Maximum Overdrive ditching childishness for
straight action! Levinsky crawls on top of Shane Spencer.. The
cover!!! One.. Two.. Jonathan Cage breaks up the count!
Like a pendulum the momentum is swinging back and forth!

Linda Anderson:Awww Jack almost had him! That’s so not fair!

LR:By the way doesn't that swimsuit get all itchy and tight on you?
Wouldn’t it feel better too just take it off after the match?

Linda Anderson:No.. It feels snug on me, I like the feeling actually.
Just wait and see!

JA:Jonathan Cage with desire in his eyes as he looks to win the title
not for himself but for the honor of the Dark Carnival backs up..
SHADOW KICK.. No!! Jack Levinsky ducks and pushes the referee who took
the full blast.. He's down! Levinsky turns but gets kicked himself..

[Heather Burnside comes out at ringside.]

LR:Hey Linda, Your fellow Lifeguard is coming down here!

Linda Anderson:Heather? What is she doing here!?

JA:I have no idea what she's doing out here, Jonathan Cage has Jack
Levinsky pinned 1..2..3. But no referee's there to pick it up, Cage
turns his attentions to Shane Spencer setting him up for an
Obliteration but Shane grabs Cage's tights and throws him into the
turnbuckles!!! Spencer is standing up.. He's confronted by Heather
Burnside.. She's got the I-C Title in her hands! What is going on with
these two?

LR:Ohh I know what this is! Shane Spencer wanted an answer and he's
going to get his answer, Heather Burnside will deliver her answer!
This is what we've all been waiting for!

JA:Shane Spencer looks shocked and legitimately concerned to see her
say the least! He's trying to talk to her and slowly backing away..
reprobate looking scared being confronted with his lecherous crime!
Levinsky and Jonathan Cage are barely stirring.. Both men rise back
up! But
the referee is still down.. Heather Burnside shaking her head and her
are welling with tears goes right at Shane Spencer with the belt!

LR:Nooo Heather.. Don't do it! Think about Jude!

Linda Anderson:Heather's going to get herself hurt.. Shane's just a

JA:This doesn't look like it'll end well for Shane Spencer, This is
some really heavy stuff we're seeing here. But Heather Burnside
suddenly stops in her tracks.. She's petrified! Shane recovers his
nerve and slyly smirks as he snatches the belt from her! Jack Levinsky
staggers to his feet.. Spencer runs and knocks him down with the

LR:Wait.. No.. No.. Don't tell me!

Linda Anderson:Shane just took out my husband! Why did Heather do

LR:One simple answer to that Linda, Love!

JA:What a strange and blinding turn of events here at Maximum
Shane Spencer just took out Jack Levinsky!! He sees Jonathan Cage
staggering up and like a hawk descends down on him cracking him in the
head as he tried to get up!

LR:Heather Burnside has delivered her message loud and clear!

JA:Damn it! Heather Burnside has seemingly helped Shane Spencer! The
fans are beyond shocked! Spencer smiling managed to get the best over
these two men! He lowers himself on top of Cage.. Referee still groggy
drags himself over.. No.. No.. Don't let it end like this! One.. Two..

Steve Horton:Ladies and gentlemen, Here is your winner.. And STILL CWF
Intercontinental Champion.. "Sexy" Shane Spencer!!!

JA:I can't believe this.. These fans are shell shocked with jaws
as they can't believe it either.. Heather Burnside whether seemingly
her own hand or not has helped Shane Spencer come away still your
Intercontinental Champion!

[Heather Burnside stares longingly at Shane Spencer and then runs
into his arms as Shane spins her around kissing her passionately.]

LR:I don't think it was no mistake.. Shane Spencer got what he had
for.. Heather Burnside! Look at them both.. Aren't they a great
La Amor.. La Amor!

JA:How could she have done this? Shane Spencer made good use of that
championship that Heather handed him to knock out Jonathan Cage and
Jack Levinsky, The fans drowning Shane and Heather with jeers as
they continue to embrace.

LR:See, I told you if there was a way then Shane Spencer would find a
way to win!

JA:There's no excuse you can spin it Luke, This was what Shane
had in mind to protect his belt, Jonathan Cage rolls to the outside
his head and swearing revenge as Spencer and Heather rush away
to the back, I still want to hear Heather's explanation for this!

[Scene opens up to the back as we see Joe Levinsky in the backstage
area having a meeting with the CWF Gray shirt security crew.]

Joe Levinsky:Alright last week we got word that Violent J escaped from
the Looney bin,
We have a seriously tense high security situation on our hands
tonight. I want all guards posted at 40 yards a pace at All nearest
entry points in the arena. Nobody gets in.. Nobody gets out without my
authorization. Is that clear?

Guards:Yes Sir!

Joe Levinsky:I want everyone to keep their eyes open for Violent J or
anything he might try to pull tonight and to use whatever measure is
necessary to keep everyone safe from that lunatic.

[Scene fades back to Johnny and Luke.]

JA:Joe Levinsky has put up much tougher safety precautions in place
since the escape of Violent J from the Henry Ford Kingswood
Psychiatric Treatment Center last weekend. Hopefully nothing drastic
will play out here at Maximum Overdrive.

LR:It’s good that Joe Levinsky is setting the law down tonight and
gotten security stricter around here. We can’t afford to let that nut
anywhere near the CWF Athletes or the CWF Sirens!

[We cut a way to a Blimp high in the night sky circling above downtown
Montreal with the rolling script "CWF Number 1 In Professional
Wrestling -- Maximum Overdrive.. Tonight!"]

JA:Above overhead the beautiful skyline in Montreal the CWF Blimp
high on this cold holiday night here at Maximum Overdrive. Through out
the year Grant Ralton and Vince Matthews have been locked in a vicious
struggle of bitter personal hatred of epic proportions for all out
power that will reach its zenith right here as they meet one on one..
Last Man Standing!

LR:Heh! After what we've already seen from Vince Matthews there's no
way to tell how ugly, gritty and violent it will become after that
steamy tape of him and Jenna. All I know is we're in for one NASTY HOT

Steve Horton:This match is scheduled for one fall only and is a Last
Man Standing Match!!! Introducing first.. Hailing From East Lansing
Michigan. Weighing in at 265 Pounds.. Representing the Dark
Carnival!!! Here is "The Specialist" Grant Ralton!!!

["Headstrong" By Trapt booms forth from the PA System while the arena
lights go out and red and green and blue lights dance all around the
ring and entrance as clips of Grant Ralton in action while the words
"RALTON" And "SPECIALIST" Flash over and over Grant Ralton emerges
from the back to a massive face reaction, Grant Ralton walks down the
ramp with a mixture of resolve and coldness on his face. He enters the
ring and raises his arms in the middle of the ring as fire works go
off then jumps on the turnbuckles and poses for the crowd as they give
him a deafening face pop.]

JA:This crowd is pumped on their feet for the Specialist Grant Ralton!
You can feel the immense energy and intensity emanating from this man!
Ralton has suffered all year since Vince Matthews married his ex-wife
but tonight he's reached this point to fight hard to make things

LR:There is something different about Grant Ralton, He's reached
and found something more deeper and profound to combat what he's up
against in Vince Matthews, A dark, foreboding edge emerging in this
that's prone to do anything, Go past any line to win and above all
else survive!

Steve Horton:And his opponent, From Hollywood, California. Weighing
in at 240 Pounds, Representing the West Texas Mafia.. Here is
"Hollywood" Vince Matthews!!!

["Motherfucker of the year" By Motley Crue hits the PA. Fire explodes
covering the whole stage. As it begins to die down Vince Matthews
makes his way down to the ring.. The boos are loud and deafening.
Vince's face is one of calm determination. He makes his way to the
ring ignoring the fans who continue to boo him. Vince raises his fists
into the air while giving an intense face getting a massive heel pop
from all the fans.]

JA:Vince Matthews is garnering the most extreme hatred imaginable from
these fans after he and his bride Jenna revealed their sleazy sex
tape! Just how can this man live with himself? Matthews is a ruthless
tactical mind that will have free will to cause as much destruction as
he desires!

LR:It's good to be the king and it's EVEN BETTER To be a King like
Vince Matthews! He took it further than I ever expected him to play
it.. That's the thing with Vince he can beat you mentally and unnerve
you before he takes you apart and beats you physically. He is truly
the Gold Standard!

JA:It's time to get down to business as Grant Ralton and Vince
Matthews push into each other’s face.. Standing close.. Face to face..
You can literally hear a pin drop as these two men with so much to
lose and so much to gain stare each other down. This is what raw
visual hatred looks like fans!

LR:Damn.. This is something like out of a spaghetti western.. So much
anxious tension in the air, Who will raise their gun first!? Who will
move first? It's like a Sergio Leone film!

JA:Indeed Luke, As Grant Ralton and Vince Matthews try and lock into
each other's heads with neither man willing to make the first move or
allowing the first critical mistake to get either the advantage..
Their psyching each other out!

LR:This is going to be an interesting fight with two of the CWF's best
most intricate thought out ring generals!

JA:The hatred is real and personal so it could break down faster than
we anticipate! We get a collar and elbow tie up, Grant Ralton pushes
Matthews back into the corner with immense punishing force but
Matthews won't be intimidated as he shoots a death gaze straight in
the eyes of the Specialist and fights back with some well placed knees
to the stomach!

LR:You can't judge Vince Matthews or how he'll come at you as he's
to scrap and fight raw and dirty! Either way we're gonna see a good

JA:The heat of the battle is turned on tonight in Montreal as this
will be the third time they've fought against each other and it's been
more violent and more lucid each time! Vince Matthews delivers a
couple of stiff right hands to Grant Ralton putting his full weight
behind them. Ralton doesn't shake easily but you can see the effect
those fists are having on him!

LR:Each time Grant Ralton and Vince Matthews have fought, They've
given a little piece of their souls and lives.. It's beyond just a
match as it only goes to that rare epic level. There's no telling
where they'll take it to tonight or how RAW they'll get just like
Vince did with Jenna.. Grant's ex wife!

JA:I really don't think you should bother bringing that up again as it
was just putrid and tasteless! But watch out! Grant Ralton explodes
right back with searing knife edge chops that cut right through the
chest of the Gold Standard! Grant goes for a whip but Vince slams the
breaks.. Short Arm.. Avoided but Matthews goes for a German Suplex!

LR:What? Come on it was something unique and different from Vince
He never ceases to find a way to open your eyes and top himself as an
innovator! That sex tape will go down as another classic from the mind
of Matthews!

JA:Shades of what he did with Bryan Blayze's ex wife Shelly years ago,
Vince Matthews no doubt topping himself on how big an asshole he can
become! Grant Ralton stands his ground and elbows Matthews and goes
for a clothesline but Matthews’s one step ahead of the Specialist back
body drops Ralton over the top rope! But Grant lands on the apron
grabs Vince's head.. NECK BREAKER ON THE ROPES!! Grant with the first
strike on Matthews!

LR:Oohhh!! Grant Ralton can switch the situation to his favor in one
fell swoop, All it takes is just one vital second.. All he needed was
a brief opening to pour in everything he wants to hit Vince Matthews

JA:That could be bad news for Vince Matthews as he crawls on the mat
clutching his neck in serious pain from that unexpected strike from
the Specialist. Grant Ralton knows he's softened him up and wants to
exceed the damage as he lays in a deep kick to the side of the neck!
Ralton with a whip to the ropes.. Vince goes for a clothesline but
Ralton side steps it and hip tosses the so-called King of the CWF out
of the ring to the cold hard floor!

LR:That was a nasty spill! Vince Matthews could have blocked that but
his timing was off.. Maybe he's too tired from all the sex he's had
with Jenna Levinsky-Matthews!

JA:Would serve him right after showing us that sleazy lurid sex
video.. Vince Matthews and Jenna Levinsky-Matthews are cheapening and
demeaning this company with the way they play with power.. Grant
Ralton cracks Vince's Matthews head into the barricade as possibly
hard as he can!

LR:Not to mention the way they play with each other.. Whoa.. I swear
that tape put other "leaked" Hollywood sex tapes to shame! That was
visually HOT from all ends!

JA:That tape may have served to fuel Grant Ralton with more immense
overwhelming hatred after seeing his ex-wife having "relations" with
his most hated enemy. And it also serves to motivate him to dish out
KNOCKING THEM OVER!!! Vince hit those steel steps with terrible body
breaking velocity!

LR:KA-POW!!! Grant Ralton is Feeling Like A Loaded Gun in that ring!

JA:Grant Ralton won't hold back or save any ounce of his vehemence as
he's just stomping away on the chest of Vince Matthews with so much
depth that his foot could go right through that chest! Grant pulls up
Vince and situates him.. Ralton delivers a brutal snap suplex on the
cold unforgiving concrete!

LR:Those Suplexes from the Specialist always hurt like a mother just
imagine Grant Ralton Suplexing you down where there is no give or
bounce. That could easily shatter some discs and leave permanent

JA:Which is what the Specialist is going all out to do in his tortured
state of mind. Grant Ralton with a premeditated assault on Vince
Matthews as he slams his back repeatedly into the crowd barrier before
rolling him back into the ring. Grant pulls up Vince by the hair but
gets a few desperate punches to the stomach!

LR:Trap and corner Vince Matthews and he'll come raging back at you
like a feral mountain lion.. Just pure animal! Matthews won't allow
Grant Ralton to upstage him. Not on a night as important as this!

JA:Not when the world is watching as Maximum Overdrive has been non
Exhilaration here in Montreal Quebec! More than just power is on the
line as it is prestige and pride in proving who is the more dominant
wrestler in the CWF. Grant Ralton backs away.. Vince Matthews gets up
for a clothesline but Grant only baited him into the trap as he kicks
Matthews in the gut and brings him down with a high impact DDT!

LR:That was smooth.. Grant Ralton now playing Vince Matthews game
of pushing his buttons long enough to make a mistake and stop him
cold and flat with a DDT! This is Excellent strategy from the

JA:Grant Ralton looking cool, calm and collected knowing that this
will be tougher than any match he's fought this year against a
dedicated enemy that is willing to cut him down by any sick means.
Grant moves with sharp malevolent prowess as he picks up Vince
Matthews and hits a second hard hitting DDT!! But it's not enough as
Grant pulls up Matthews yet again!

LR:Grant Ralton is cold contemptible and dangerous tonight, A
formidable solid steel weapon that is locked and loaded with the gun
barrel planted firmly in Vince Matthews head!

JA:The Specialist is taking dead aim alright as he HITS ANOTHER HARD
STRIKING THIRD STRAIGHT DDT!! Grant Ralton warned earlier in the night
that this match was only just the beginning of the worst for Vince
Matthews, alluding to Violent J's escape from custody. Matthews
sprawled and looking lifeless! The referee moves in to start making
the count!


LR:"What happens is inconsequential to the bigger scheme" That's what
SCARES me the most.. Grant Ralton knows more than he's letting on
about Violent J. Grant has really put a very dark twist on this!

JA:The Violence will not just begin and end here as that dire warning
pertains to a very cold and dark future as we still have no clue or
sign as to what ended up of Violent J. Referee at 5 now.. 6.. Vince
Matthews is up to one knee 7.. Matthews is nearly up and But Grant
Ralton remains on the attack as he delivers a knife edge chop as Vince
lands in the ring ropes!

LR:Vince Matthews needs something to turn this around, You can't have
Grant Ralton taking MAJOR chunks out of you.. You have to remember
Grant is a hunter he will pursue you until you change the situation to
hunt him back!

JA:The Specialist came into this fight with a keen strategy and rarely
will he make any mistake. The mood and emotions in this match are like
nothing else, Vince Matthews gets whipped but he puts the breaks on
and chops Grant in the chest.. Vince reacting quick lifts up Grant
Ralton.. Reverse Atomic Drop!! The Specialist is temporarily stunned
long enough for Matthews to drop the hammer down with a running

LR:Uh oh! We saw Vince Matthews getting down and dirty with Jenna now
we're gonna see him get DOWN and DIRTY in a whole more brutal way with
Grant Ralton!

JA:The tide has changed in this match in what has already been a
compelling and dramatic confrontation as Vince Matthews pulls up Grant
Ralton who is holding his head.. He kicks Grant and delivers his own
Implant DDT known as the Showstopper! But that won't be enough to do
it as Matthews climbs to the top rope...

LR:If there is a chance to be taken, An opportunity to be found..
Vince Matthews will use it and exploit it! He's like a switchblade..
Uncaring and unbearably sharp to slice deep into your heart!

JA:Vince Matthews soars off with great height and elevation and
plummets down with a flying knee drop to the head of the Specialist!
Matthews now taking the rugged and straight forward approach as he
slips on a padded leather glove and starts hammering away on Grant
Ralton's skull!! Grant is cut open!! Right above the eye!!!


JA:If we hadn't see enough of it already we're seeing it right now all
over Grant Ralton's face as it pours out all over his face!! Vince
Matthews looking like an un-caged animal as he continues hitting him
with forceful unrelenting blows to the head! That padded leather glove
can do big time damage as we've seen before! Matthews slowly rises up
getting huge heat!

LR:With Vince Matthews there will always be blood.. Blood to spill and
blood to take.. blood to formulate your hold on the kingdom that is
the CWF!


JA:It's not enough as Grant Ralton's spirit and passion is too much to
contain as he powers himself off of the mat still covered in blood!
OOOH! But Vince Matthews lays in a disrespectful kick to the face
sending more blood out! Matthews pulls up Grant and Irish whips him
into the turnbuckle as hard as he can.. RALTON FALLS DOWN HIT AS IF BY

LR:With Vince Matthews it might as well be a shotgun as this is the
he'll go to exert power in his kingdom to put down separatists!

JA:There is no kingdom Luke, It's all in this man's mind! The CWF is
not his to rule and never will be! Vince Matthews rolls out and comes
towards us.. HEY!! THAT'S MY CHAIR!!!

LR:HAHAH!! I believe he heard what you said.. Sit your ass down you
stupid infidel. Your King needs your seat!

JA:All is fair game and everything is legal in this match. Grant
Ralton slumps to the corner as Vince Matthews closes in and nails
repeat shot after shot of stiff knees to the head!! Matthews drags
Grant outside and positions his head between the steel step and ring
post.. Matthews backs up and runs in kicking the step crushing Grant's
head in between!

LR:Vince Matthews is gonna do a repeat performance at Maximum
He will leave you sweaty, breathless and tense all over like he did

JA:Didn't I warn you to quit bringing that up Luke!? Vince Matthews
with the chair slams it straight into Grant Ralton's stomach!! And
sharply into his throat! He pulls up Ralton and sets up for the
on the chair but Ralton reads what's coming and rolls off and hits the
Takes Vince down with a hard clothesline across the jugular!

LR:Grant Ralton saw the writing on the wall, He knew he'd be Done and
Dusted if he got smacked with that with no hope of recovery of
standing up!

JA:What a testament to the power of human will! Grant Ralton clubbing
away on Vince Matthews head with furious mounted punches as Vince's
head bounces like a ball off the canvas! All the months of frustration
and anger for what happened to his friend are coming out of Ralton!
He's turned over Matthews.. He's locked on the STF!!! HE'S PUTTING HIS

LR:Vince Matthews is stirring.. It's gonna take more than that to
put down the Iron Clad rule of Vince Matthews and Jenna Levinsky-

JA:No matter what it is that it will take you can rest assured the
Specialist will do it if it means putting Vince Matthews down for the
count! Grant Ralton releases the hold and goes to the top rope and
steadies himself up above but Vince Matthews recovers and throws the
chair clipping Ralton and crotching him on the top rope.. Matthews
goes to the corner and climbs up and grabs hold of Ralton and goes for
a superplex but Ralton won't budge!

LR:Whoa.. Uh oh! This is not looking so good! Not for either of these

JA:What a dangerous and precarious position to be in! Grant Ralton
somehow musters up the strength and energy and hoists up Vince
Matthews and superplexes him backwards off the top rope to the outside
floor!!! OHHHH BLOODY HELL!!!!

Fans:Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

LR:WHAT THE HELL!!?? I can't believe he just did that!!!

JA:That that was the most devastating shot of the night we've seen
here at Maximum Overdrive on a night that has already been eventful.
What a deadly elevation to be dropped! Grant Ralton slowly powers
himself back up as Vince Matthews is still dazed and laid out from
punishing phenomenal blow!


LR:Grant Ralton and Vince Matthews have truly taken their hate to a
higher unexplored level!

JA:This match has been fierce, savage and unrelenting! Vince Matthews
gets rolled back in.. Grant Ralton rolls in after him.. He sets up the
steel chair. He pulls up Matthews.. Neck breaker into that open steel
chair implanting that chair deep into the jugular of Matthews as he's

LR:Grant Ralton is a Cold.. Hardened.. Killer.. With no god and
nothing spiritual to ground him from doing what he needs to do to
remain the last man standing!

JA:The Specialist is a killer tonight! He's got a sick grimace on his
face as he grabs the chair and forces it deep into Vince Matthews’s
gullet choking him with full force as he coughs up blood! He's trying
to break his larynx!

LR:The same way Grant Ralton did to Adam Mitchell and Rage in 2004..
This is a truly SICK Specialist we're seeing tonight, There is no give
and no mercy!

JA:This is just how far and dedicated this man is to remaining the
last man standing after this match! Grant Ralton pulls something out
of his boot.. What is that?


JA:The fans explode as they know what that means.. Grant Ralton wraps
it up all around his fist.. Vince Matthews gets up but Ralton punches
him down in the face.. He's been cut! That piano wire is jagged!!
Ralton unwrapping it on his hand and wrapping it around Matthews
throat! Grant applying a Hangman's Hold while choking Matthews as he
raises him up.. Oh come on! This is just too much! Ralton has gone too
far over the line this time!

LR:The Specialist is not playing by the Geneva rules convention this
is all out war and you do what you gotta do to win and survive and
Ralton is doing just that!

JA:Grant Ralton continues to apply that hold and choke Vince Matthews
with the piano wire at the same time.. Grant using his own leverage to
increase the strain on the neck and body! The wire is cutting in deep
into Matthews neck.. Good God.. This is just inhumane even by the
Specialist's standards!! Matthews choking and coughing up blood and
looking a stuffed pig as he pays for the sins of his greed right here
live on pay per view!

LR:Yes Virginia there is a HELL and Grant Ralton will take you there
to snuff you out!

JA:Vince Matthews is about to be sent to HELL via this capacity crowd
here in Montreal for Maximum Overdrive! Grant Ralton eases off of the
attack and releases Vince Matthews and locks on a German Suplex..
Grant delivers a shattering German Suplex but still hangs on.. He
delivers a second German Suplex!! Vince Matthews looking run over and
knackered as his head sways violently! Grant wants a third.. But
Matthews's survival instincts are sharp and steady low blows out of

LR:Too much!! Grant Ralton got too greedy himself wanting more damage
and he made a fatal error in judgment.. Vince Matthews is now gonna
extract the same amount of pain he took and triple it times ten!

JA:Vince Matthews looked battered and beaten but certainly not broken
as he remains full of malice pulls up Grant Ralton and sets him into
position.. He lifts up and lets go.. Piledriver hits it dead center!!
But that's not all.. No Matthews wants to stick it to the Specialist
and leave him maimed! Matthews sets up for it again.. WHAT A CRUSHING

LR:EWHHH!! Take note med students a human head was not meant to bend
like that!

JA:A total and demolishing effort by the Hollywood Gold Standard as he
struggles to remain with his hold on the CWF! Matthews goes for a
third Piledriver and completely levels Ralton with it.. What a nasty
devastating crunch that had! Vince Matthews now watches and waits as
the referee gives the count.. Grant looks zero devoid of any life!

LR:Violent J is not gonna save you from the hell, torture and abuse of
the Hollywood Legend.. Vince Matthews!


JA:Grant Ralton was cutting it severely short with that as he just
barely got himself off of the mat only for Vince Matthews to plant him
down with a Heart Punch!!!!

LR:This is the rule of Vince Matthews kingdom, You stand up.. You get
put down!


JA:There's no kingdom only the delusions inside this wicked man's
head! Grant Ralton musters the power to stand himself up only to fall
right back down! Just what is Vince Matthews up to now? He's out of
ring and searching for something under the ring.. It's.. It's a

LR:Oh boy.... Vince Matthews is gonna go to town and leave it drained
in the Specialist's blood with that screwdriver!!

JA:There may be nothing Grant Ralton can do about it as he's still not
quite clear as he looks dazed, Vince Matthews waits for Grant Ralton
to get up tapping the screw driver in his hands like a stalking
predator.. Grant gets up and turns.. VINCE SPIKES IT IN HIS FACE!!!
head and starts grinding that screwdriver.. Deeper.. Deeper.. Deeper
into the eye of Ralton!!!

Fans:You sick fuck! You sick fuck! You sick fuck! You sick fuck! You
sick fuck!

LR:The eye! Not the eye!!! No.. No.. Vince you're REALLY going too

JA:It is literally an eye for an eye right here at Maximum Overdrive
as Grant Ralton gets that screw driver ripping into his left eye
leaving him bloody, ripped apart and blinded!!! Vince Matthews is just
a sick animal! He will do anything at this point to put down the
Specialist for good to maintain his powerful hold on this company!


is a truly raw visceral hatred that cuts to the nerve to do this to
another human being!!! Vince Matthews is truly a psychopath by design!
claws deeper and cuts away as blood is pouring out of Grant Ralton's
head.. It’s almost unbearable to watch this sickening amount of

LR:Vince Matthews is truly the epitome of sex and violence tonight at
Maximum Overdrive!

JA:Finally Grant Ralton is released as he is sprawling and rolling out
of the ring.. Vince Matthews holds up the screw driver laughing loudly
before tossing it aside and grabbing the steel chair.. He climbs to
the top rope.. Ralton clutching his bleeding eye doesn't see it

LR:Vince Matthews is Unbelievable.. Unbreakable.. Above all else..

JA:What a hell of a ride this match has been ladies and gentlemen,
Grant Ralton is down but Vince Matthews wants him back up as he holds
the chair getting tremendous heat from these fans.. Matthews waits for
Ralton to get back up and knocks him down with a swift running chair

LR:Grant Ralton is blinded and with no direction.. This is just what
Vince Matthews wanted!

JA:Could we be seeing the final end game to this extraordinary stellar
match up? Just who will be the last man standing.. Vince Matthews with
another gruesome steel chair shot across the back of Grant Ralton's
skull!! Matthews tosses the chair away and starts to tear up our
announcer's table!

LR:Vince Matthews is following his own gut instinct.. You do what you
gotta do to win! Matthews can taste it as he tastes Grant Ralton's
on his mouth!

JA:This is a truly primal affair fans! Vince Matthews rolls Grant
Ralton onto the table.. Matthews climbs on top of Ralton and starts
clubbing away with hard ringing shots to the bloodied face of the
Specialist as the blood from these two men is starting to rain down on
us and the fans!

LR:Holy Shitakes! We get more blood after this match and the backstage
is gonna look like Spirit of 76 up in here!

JA:This is a battle of increased odds for the Specialist that may be
far too great to overcome! What is this!? Vince Matthews rolls off and
climbs to the apron and from there to the top rope! Oh no this is
crazy.. This is just insane!!! Matthews crouches up like a hawk
preparing for the kill.. His biggest kill tonight! But this may be
risking too much!!

LR:Fortune favors the bold.. The greater the money and blood on the
table.. The greater the reward!! It's all or nothing baby.. All or

JA:What a visual stunning moment in time this is fans, You can feel it
in your gut.. Vince Matthews using the last remains of his energy..


JA:NOBODY HOME!!! Grant Ralton rolled off the table to the floor in
the mere sudden sliver of time!! VINCE MATTHEWS CRASHES STRAIGHT


JA:OHHHH BLOODY HELL!!! Vince Matthews just crashed from the top rope
through our announcers table.. Matthews has got to be out.. There is
no way back from this! This risk may have cost Hollywood everything on
the table!

LR:Vince Matthews may come through in the clutch.. But who knows
hell.. They may BOTH be out!!

JA:You must fight as in life to be the last man standing and that is
what we've seen from these two gallant fighters all night! The referee
counting out both men!!! 1....2....3....4.......5... Grant Ralton
starts to get to his feet!! 6...........7......... Vince Matthews
pulls himself out of the wooden wreckage, Ralton is up on all fours..

LR:This kind of excitement is not good for my heart! Good god! Who is
gonna make it up first!?

JA:It's now a matter of sheer will power and mental fortitude as all
physical stamina is out the window! 8............... Vince Matthews is
trying to get to his feet.............9.......... Matthews is on one

LR:Vince Matthews is gonna take this match!! Rise to glory like he has
done all year!

JA:It could be!! That's just how close this match has been. Vince
Matthews stands up a moment later, but is too late! Grant Ralton
clotheslines him down again!!! Grant catches himself by the barrier..
10!!! Grant wins!!! Grant wins!!! He pulled out something extra
special tonight!

Steve Horton:Ladies and gentlemen, Here is your winner.. "The
Specialist" Grant Ralton!!!

JA:What a match!! This action was fierce, hard pounding and nasty
driven from the very start but through it all The Specialist rises up
past the pain.. Past the self doubts to prevail over the wickedness of
Vince Matthews in a telling, resounding victory!
LR:I never had doubts that Grant Ralton couldn't do it but he was
certainly straining against everything Vince Matthews was throwing at
him! How is this man even standing? Ralton is the true testament of
what it means to be a wrestler and an athlete in this business!

JA:You can see just how much this match took from Grant Ralton as he's
bloodied from head to toe and barely seeing after the excruciating
damage done to the left eye!

LR:I can't even look at his face.. Eewhhh! Look at Vince Matthews.. He
doesn't look much better either.. That is a ugly gash across his

JA:Vince Matthews looking worse for wear himself, Had gambled
everything with that drop off the top but hits rock bottom.

LR:Good god imagine what we'll see when RJ Souza and Bloodhound tangle

JA:This match will certainly go down as one of the most pivotal
battles between Grant Ralton and Vince Matthews in recent years and
Ralton can feel some sense of pride knowing he pushed harder than ever
to take it!

(Kevin Richardson is back in the locker room with RJ Souza, only a
little while before the unsanctioned match with Bloodhound.)

Kevin Richardson: I'm here with RJ Souza and the fans have been
buzzing about your "Tom Sawyer" persona. That leaves us to wonder,
what persona will be entering the ring against Bloodhound tonight?

(RJ is holding the mask of his more violent persona, "The Modern Day
Messiah" Tom Sawyer.)

RJ Souza: Kevin, this man is a very evil man. I don't know how evil he
has been. I told Bloodhound I would show him my dark side, I didn't

Kevin Richardson: There has been speculation about your mental health.
People are saying that Bloodhound is so far into your head that you
are showing signs of a split personality.

RJ Souza: There is nothing wrong with me, Kevin. I knew what I was
doing. I still know. I want to beat Bloodhound on my terms. If I lose,
I want to say RJ still did it his way. I am not going to allow myself
to be sucked into the moral being that Tom Sawyer once made me. I
don't know how I lived with myself at that time. Tom Sawyer
threatened, Intimidated and cheated his way to the top of a
federation. He stole their title and held it until they stripped him
of it. I can never be that person. I will win my titles with respect
and pride. I will face all comers, not ditch the challenge with cheap
shots and sneak attacks. Bloodhound better be happy he's facing
me...and not HIM!!

Destiny: RJ, time to go. Let’s get a move on.

RJ Souza: Kevin, I hope I answered all your questions....

JA:That ended rather ominously.

LR:First Violent J flipping his top now RJ Souza, Ohh great another
nut job
on our hands.. Ain’t that peachy!

[We see the enclosed steel cage descending towards the ring.]

JA:The mood is changing to a darker and somber one here at Maximum
Overdrive as these fans know what is next! The feeling is spine
as we see that unforgiving steel cage with virtually no give with only
one way to escape being to SURVIVE and defeat your opponent!

LR:One man shall stand... One man shall fall.. It doesn't get any
easier to understand than that.. RJ Souza and Bloodhound will meet
in what can be described as an epic climatic clash of good versus
pure evil!

JA:What started from a minor occurrence ignited into full blown
hostility when Bloodhound and Suicide dared to make it personal by
targeting RJ Souza's wife destiny.. Souza has faced down the hell
storm That Bloodhound has thrown his way and will boldly go into
battle right here in Montreal in an unsanctioned enclosed steel cage

LR:This is the one that will shake the foundations of this arena from
the rafters to the foundation, I am SUPER PSYCHED to see it happen
live! The best part is it is Unsanctioned which means whatever happens
is out of the CWF's hands! Souza and Hound.. Who will survive and who
will perish!?

Steve Horton:This match is scheduled for one fall and is a enclosed
cage match!!! Introducing first.. Weighing in at 315 Pounds and
by Suicide.. Here is Bloodhound!!!

<The lights in the arena go black, the word BLOOD shoots across the
CWFTron. "Fire starter" by Prodigy starts into the speakers. The
phrase "WILL RUN THROUGH THE STREETS" flashes across the screen.
Bloodhound is shown on the monitor in various matches on the screen. A
huge Apocalypse on Blayze to the outside of the ring is shown.
Bloodhound is shown grinning evilly at the camera. Smoke begins to
fill the entry way and then the entire ramp is surrounded with flames.
Bloodhound and Suicide step out. Bloodhound raises his hand high above
his head and he wears the International Championship, as Suicide comes
from behind him underneath his legs flicking her tongue at the camera.
Bloodhound puts his hand down and the flames surrounding the entryway
slowly recede as the two of them continue towards the ring. Bloodhound
jumps right up onto the ring apron. and then steps over into the

JA:This arena is veiled in cold vapid darkness as a hushed silence
takes over these fans as Bloodhound stalks his way towards the cage
steadily like the Reaper himself, Bloodhound has awaited this moment
to rain bloody methodical annihilation from his most sickest desires.

LR:There is absolutely no yuletide joy in this uncaring, unholy
He is the Bringer of Death's Head, The guise of all Impending Doom,
Destroyer of men, He is all these things and so much more. Spreading
cold, dark destruction in his wake.. There is no GREATER evil than

Steve Horton:And his opponent, Weighing in at 240 Pounds.. From Los
Angeles, California.. Accompanied by Destiny.. Here is "Bad Karma" RJ


As ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses" plays RJ comes out wearing his black
jean shorts, black boots and black Ray-bans. RJ's t-shirt reads "Bad
Doggie Get Put Down!" Destiny comes out with him, wearing skin tight
blue jeans, a white T-shirt that reads "his Destiny". RJ goes right
for the door and walks in as the guitar riff continues to play.

JA:What a entrance.. What a fighter.. RJ Souza bodily goes into this
match unafraid and unwavering in the face of pure black evil, Souza
with the united cheers of these fans behind him is fighting not just
for himself but for the woman he loves and everything he believes in!

LR:I REALLY don't think RJ Souza is playing with a full deck tonight
and maybe that's a good thing as only a crazy man would risk all this!
He is walking to that cage and he is DEFENDING his life and fighting
for his very existence, He is walking inside of that cage with a

[We see the white tape on RJ's hands that has "Time 2 Die" on the left
and "T.S Waz Here" on the other. The tapes go up to his forearm.]

JA:Now we see everything is all set in the ring, the lights dim once
more as the massive cage begins to drop.. There it is! The massive
imposing enclosed steel cage.. No way in, no way out. It will surround
nearly the entire ringside area and the only way to win is by pin fall
or submission.

LR:RJ Souza meet your bloody doom.. Damn that thing is huge!

[The crowd cheers on, the cage finally drops to the floor and
the ring. The lights come back on to reveal the eerie sight at

JA:You can feel the nervous anxiety and tension inside that massive
structure. It's all about to go down right now! The referee orders the
bell rung but Bloodhound and RJ Souza stand still, Deathly still as if
awaiting the others reaction in their respective corners, stares
locked, the fans silent with anticipation.. What a confrontation this
is going to be!

LR:This the moment Anderson, The moment when one confronts their own
darkness and their own mortality.. There is no turning back!

[Bloodhound approaches RJ Souza and Souza puts a hand for him to
Souza tilts his head back, arms out ala Raven....and blood spills on
the outside, all over Suicide!!]


JA:RJ got the last shot in on the mind games!!

LR:Souza is gonna pay big time for that.. But on the other hand
Suicide looks way more SEXIER drenched in blood in that outfit.. ROWR!

JA:RJ Souza has no intent to turn back as he's been embroiled too deep
from the threat he's facing as he is here to fight for the honor of
his wife even
if he must sacrifice his body and heart to beat the vile man in front
of him! Bloodhound suddenly charges across the ring, flying at his
opponent with fists poised, teeth clenched, and eyes burning. Souza
however sidesteps as Hound crashes into the turnbuckle!

LR:You can't cheat death forever and you can't cheat or out run
Bloodhound for long when he has your scent on his lips!

JA:RJ Souza not wasting a moment as he gets right into it tearing and
ripping into Bloodhound with guns blazing with several hard hitting
rights on the Hound of Hell! He's got nowhere to go in that cage as
this is what Souza wanted.. No light tricks or parlor games.. Just a
straight up fight! Souza is banging his head with more closed fists!!!

LR:It's one thing to have Bloodhound trapped inside of a cage with
no escape but do you REALLY want Bloodhound trapped in a cage with
no escape!?

JA:I don't think RJ Souza would have it any other way as he's come to
deliver justice the hard way and get Bloodhound right where he wants
him! Souza losing control as he mounts the second buckle smashing his
fists as they rain down like heavy lead on Bloodhound! 1..2..3..4..

for that.. Don't play the hero.. Because Bloodhound CUTS DOWN Hero's!

JA:Unexpectedly and unaware Bloodhound snaked his arms around RJ
Souza's legs and raising him up and walking towards the cage..
crowd reacts with shock! Souza is clutching his jaw as Bloodhound
stalks off seemingly impervious to the blows he just took..

LR:What else are you gonna throw at him now!? Jesus Joseph Mary that
was rough! RJ Souza's already cut and bleeding already!!

JA:That was a punishing reversal from the Entity Of Evil as he spins
abruptly and charges in with a charging big boot sandwiching RJ
Souza's bleeding head against the steel cage! It's a surprise to see
Souza busted open this early in the match but we knew going in this
would get as violent as possible awfully quick with no soft going!

LR:That looked like a awfully stiff blow but I still respect RJ
Souza.. He's down but he's taken big hits before and it just motivates
him to keep chugging forward!

JA:He's a very tough man.. RJ Souza not afraid to absorb three shots
to get in one good shot. Bloodhound lifts up RJ Souza.. LIKE A LAWN
now putting the boots to Souza as this contest gets more hot and

LR:You can't afford to let that man get in more shots as he'll take so
much from you its downright foolish!

JA:Bloodhound snarls with a vicious appetite for blood as he grabs RJ
Souza and thrashes him into the steel mesh cage again.. And again!
Bloodhound stomping and kicking away to no end with each kick more
punishing and resounding!! RJ Souza is slumped against the steel,
Bloodhound stomping him relentlessly, with Suicide looking on grinning
like a witch!

LR:Heh.. I think Souza did us all a favor with that blood coating
Suicide.. It's made her 'Devil Horns' really stick out!

JA:Focus your eyes back to the match as this is what this capacity
filled crowd is glued to as these two men hash it out in a monumental
struggle which could leave its imprint on the CWF! Bloodhound with a
choke! He's choking the life out of RJ Souza and there are no rules to
restrain him from a simple five count as he can dole out the savagery
with reckless abandon as it suits him! Bloodhound looks like a man

LR:Bloodhound is a Godless Dream Killer with zero remorse.. He will
take your soul and rip it into a hundred pieces!!

Fans:Bloodhound sucks! Bloodhound sucks! Bloodhound sucks! Bloodhound
sucks! Bloodhound sucks!

JA:The fans showing what they think of Bloodhound.. The Hound is a
truly destructive cold remorseless force that entered the CWF years
ago and has always managed to bring down even the mightiest CWF heroes
to defeat. Will Souza be among them? Bloodhound throttling RJ as he
drives all his weight into the throat of Bad Karma! Souza is
sputtering and gasping for air!

LR:Not even the most finest the CWF has seen could ever bring this man
to his knees so why is RJ Souza so damned to think he can?? He is a
killer and he will KILL AGAIN right here in Montreal!

JA:Bloodhound releases the choke almost mercifully as if taunting RJ
Souza as he slaps him around berating him. Bloodhound saving any big
power moves for much later on as he takes his cruel enjoyment in

LR:Who is the trapped doggy now Souza? Who is the dog that was put to
death!? Bow Wow-Wow!! Bloodhound will chew you up and spit your bones

JA:That man has no soul, He's a complete border line raving psychopath
who needs professional help!! RJ Souza looks drained.. He doesn't know
where he is at as his flesh looks sliced and seared through.. Eyes
glassy and almost vacant, A long trail of blood at the top of his
forehead a demonstration of how brutal the cage can be.

LR:Look at Bloodhound.. Can you imagine this guy sitting inside a
shrink's office?? Don't humor me.. This man ain't human! He's some
other kind of evil in human form but no way is he an average man!

JA:This is a cage match.. Anything goes.. No holds barred. Bloodhound
doesn't need weapons to make this match any more abusive as he has
only himself which is more than enough! This match is becoming
absolutely brutal! Bloodhound swings for a heavy punch but gets
nothing but steel mesh!! Had he connected with that.. Hound's hand
would have gone through Souza's head!

LR:RJ Souza's gonna have to use that cage as a weapon that’s all he's
got to hope for Anderson!

JA:You also have to remember Luke, The stunning transition RJ Souza
made before this match.. He's no longer a victim as he's brought about
something dark and malicious inside of him. As RJ warned.. Just who
would be in this match.. Souza or Tom Sawyer? SOUZA WITH A LOW BLOW!!
Souza buys himself some time. He's got to get himself back into the
fight and quickly!

LR:Why would it even matter.. It's just a useless piece of cloth! It
can't hurt anybody..
Do you REALLY think Bloodhound is fazed by a piece of damn cloth? He
is the true gruesome visage of everything dark, evil and Satanic!

JA:Is Tom Sawyer is just a state of mind and his time passed or will
he materialize tonight? RJ Souza Irish whips Bloodhound into the steel
mesh of the cage.. FACE FIRST!! Souza grabs Hound's head and bashes it
in repeatedly again and again and again!!! Blood is splattering out..
Bloodhound is literally a bloody hound!

LR:Does Destiny have the mask on her? Or does RJ Souza have it? It may
be the only thing that could save RJ Souza's soul.. To buy back into
the dark side. To combat great evil you must become evil.. Did
Nietzsche teach you anything!?

JA:I am always amazed how a southern redneck like you knows anything
about that. RJ Souza may have the mask in his pocket, Bloodhound is
certainly feeling the malice and wickedness of Tom Sawyer! Souza wipes
the blood from his face and he grabs Bloodhound's hair and takes his
turn smashing his head into all sides of the steel mesh cage! Souza
may have snapped!

LR:I don't blame Souza.. This is what he needed to do. When a man is
in desperation.. When he knows what he has is not enough to protect
his family he must go and take extraordinary measures that may be

JA:No matter how shocking, violent or revolting those measures are..
RJ Souza indeed knowing there is no escape but to survive is fighting
on high adrenaline tonight! RJ Souza grabs Bloodhound and he flings
him with as much force as he can muster into the mesh of this enclosed
steel cage!

LR:Just how long can RJ Souza quell the devil? He may beat Bloodhound
I won't say he can't but who wins out in the end? Bloodhound's evil
is already seeping into this man!

JA:Bloodhound staggers out after impacting with the steel, RJ Souza
throws a wild swinging right hand. But Hound dodges out of the way and
connects with a swift boot to the chest! He's going for a Piledriver
or what he calls the Power Driver.. But Souza reacts smartly having
felt the impact of it before knows what to do as he counters with a
slingshot sending Hound back into the cage!! Hound went face first!!

LR:Blood!!! Blood!!! More Blood!!! Blood will be drained in

JA:Bloodhound is bleeding from his forehead! This is a wild encounter!
He's cut from the back of his head as well.. RJ Souza abandoning
himself to the evil of Tom Sawyer inside of him straddles the chest of
Bloodhound and reaching back, and letting rip with a volley of face
shattering fists!! Blood is flying all over the mat. Bad Karma has
come to Montreal!

LR:I don't think Bad Karma ever felt as bad or came in such a vicious
way as this.. It's like RJ is a total whole other transformed man

JA:This is what he had to do.. This is what he had to unleash inside
of himself! RJ Souza focusing on the wound trying to open it up a bit
more starts biting hard into that bloody gash!!! Bloodhound thrashes
about on the mat as Souza locks on as if a pit-bull with no give the
bite sinking deeper clenching tighter punishing Bloodhound for
everything he's done!!

LR:Man Bites Dog.. How original!!! RJ Souza still needs to lay in some
more extensive damage.. Crippling Bloodhound is the only way to make
sure that EVIL MAN does not get back up!

JA:I think RJ Souza knows what he's doing, He's handled himself well
in his first run in the CWF.. Better than anybody else could have
anticipated and he's got all eyes on him in the ring as he's looking
like the star that's amassed the following he has. Souza whips Hound
across the ring... and a big elbow! Reverse elbow by Bad Karma! Nailed
right in the head!

LR:RJ Souza's strikes are resounding hard like the Bible on

JA:This is close quarters combat and it will be a long, tough, taxing
grueling ride through out if RJ Souza can hang on! Bloodhound staggers
backwards.. Souza dropkicks him into the turnbuckles! Souza now laying
in heavy kicks still focusing on the forehead of Hound!

LR:The thing with Bloodhound you have to remember is that he has loads
and loads of living, breathing UNHOLY energy!

JA:Just how far will these men go out to ravage each other taking
piece after piece from each other? This thing could still go either
way given Bloodhound and Souza's reputations in high pressure matches
where they've been put to the test. Bloodhound is virtually on his
knees as RJ Souza walks away. Both men have blood spreading across
their faces.

LR:This match is starting to resemble the gruesome close in battles on
the western front in World War I with losses just as great and gains
just as minuscule!

JA:Especially in this steel-cage environment where there is little
room to maneuver, It literally becomes a war of attrition with every
second vital. RJ Souza drags a beaten Bloodhound into the middle of
the ring, He hooks him up.. There it is! The Bad Karma Drop!! The
Three Step DDT!! Souza with a cover!! One.. Two.. THRE.. NO!! Hound
kicks out! What frightful resiliency!

LR:There is no stopping pure evil.. RJ Souza had better prepare his
rosary and say his prayers because NOTHING will save him inside this
steel cage.. Especially that stupid ass mask!

JA:RJ Souza showing some clarity as he smears the blood out of his
eyes once again looking up at the sky and at Destiny, Souza with some
rabid hungry offense as he continues clubbing away on Bloodhound's
head.. He grabs him and snap Suplexes him into the cage!! Souza going
to the very top of the cage climbing as it were.. SOUZA WITH A FLYING

LR:I am impressed.. RJ Souza turns heads again with that move! Souza
truly bring the unimaginable and unthinkable to life when it matters

JA:RJ Souza wearing a mask of wrought iron determination as he gets
edge in, He runs down Bloodhound with a clothesline as he slowly rose
Hound gets back up but Souza grabs him from behind as he ducks a
fist.. Sleeper
hold Drop!! The cover! One.. Two.. Nil! Souza with a leg drop, and
leg drop throwing everything on the table!

LR:Balls to the wall! That's just how fast and to the breaking point
RJ Souza can get into you when he's laying everything on the line..
This is why his career has been on the rise again as he is white hot

JA:The situation has changed dramatically! RJ Souza is willing to
sacrifice so much for what he's been put through that he will give
every last breath to fighting and winning tonight. He grabs Bloodhound
whips him over the ropes.. He's stuck between the ropes and cage! RJ
takes full advantage, getting a head of steam...and shoulder blocks
him in that defenseless position. He goes for a second one.. But Hound
falls and RJ hits the cage first face! Causing more extensive damage
he can least afford!

LR:It's all for Destiny alright.. She's quite a lovely rich prize..
Just imagine the sinful naughty things Bloodhound would subject her

JA:I wouldn't want to even think of what this sick and evil psychopath
has planned for her if he somehow wins and takes her. Bloodhound
positions RJ Souza and lifts him up and drives him in deep with the
Power driver.. Power bomb to Piledriver!!! What a full driven
concussion impact that was! RJ's body shakes all over as more blood
pours out!! Bloodhound covers.. One.. Two.. Thre.. Souza barely
escaped that time!

LR:Well you live by the Karma and you DIE by the Karma! HAHAHA!!

JA:Bloodhound wrapping his arms around RJ Souza with a sleeper hold
looking to use his full power and strength to maximize the blunt
trauma to the head as more and more blood pours out! Hound is cold
callous and methodical looking to completely drain Souza of all life
with that Sleeper hold wrapped up tight like a steel vice with no hope
of escape!

LR:Bloodhound is making RJ Souza play his game.. How much is your soul
really worth?

JA:This is a true life and death struggle! Bloodhound is starting to
wear down and cut down on RJ Souza's energy as he can't possibly
endure this painful Sleeper hold for if he doesn't tap he could very
well be put into an unconscious state with the lack of blood flow to
the brain.. The more he squeezes into him the more blood escapes!
Bloodhound laughs maniacally knowing full well the extent of bodily
punishment he's causing!

LR:RJ Souza should be so happy that the National Health Care bill was
passed cause he'll be needing it after the match!

Fans:Souza! Souza! Souza! Souza! Souza! Souza! Souza! Souza! Souza!

JA:This is going to erase a lot of the stamina and fighting spirit in
RJ Souza as his eyes are closed as the blood covers his face.. But
somehow someway.. RJ won't stay down! He's fighting for life.. Souza
slowly rises up on shaky legs blood all over his face grabbing Hound's
head.. JAW BREAKER!!! That was all he could dish out but it saved his

LR:This is unreal.. This is unbelievable! You can't touch this feeling
as it's beyond biblical!

JA:This is the CWF! Bloodhound staggers backwards.. But Souza gets
up.. glint of maniac in his eyes.. TACKLES HIM DOWN AND PUMMELS HIM
MERCILESSLY INTO THE CAGE! RJ Souza hauls an equally bloody Bloodhound
to an upright position as well.. Kick to the midsection and a front
face lock... He goes for another DDT but Bloodhound summons the
strength to counter the move, nailing a vicious kidney-shot.. Off the
ropes.. Hound with a big time spear!

LR:As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death.. Goodnight!!!

JA:Bloodhound once again turns the momentum around in his favor but
just how much does he have left inside of him? Bloodhound spends a
moment catching his breath, wiping the blood from his face, as Bad
Karma pulls himself to his feet but Bloodhound lifts him up by both

LR:EWHHH!! WHAT A BLOODY DAMN MESS!!! I swear.. If Bloodhound hit
cage any harder.. He would have pressed and diced Souza through the
cage itself!!

JA:A horrible thought indeed as these fans continue to get swept up
into this bloody and tantelizing action! I swear the cage itself moved
that is just how hard Bloodhound smashed RJ Souza into it! Bloodhound
wants more damage.. He picks up Souza as if by no effort.. Snake Eyes
him on the turnbuckles further opening up his head wound!! This is
just insane violence, here, in this enclosed cage match at Maximum

LR:OOOH!!! RJ Souza is wearing the Crimson Mask Special!!

JA:We've reached the Equinox of hate here at Maximum Overdrive! RJ
Souza is covered in blood.. His face barely visible behind the
'crimson mask', Bloodhound in a corner of the cage, his face stained
with blood, his eyes wide and maniacal, burning with fury, Souza
grabbing the ring apron, begins to slowly pull himself up to his feet.

LR:I think RJ Souza should thank his lucky stars that there is no way
Bloodhound can use a weapon in there or he'd be finished faster than
can say "Tom Sawyer"!

JA:No weapons can be allowed in as that cage has two solid steel
with no getting in or out of the cage without the key and...

LR:Uhh look over there Anderson.. Suicide's just unlocked the steel

JA:WHAT THE DEVIL!? How did she get the keys from the official!?

LR:I'd say she probably used her sinfully erotic ways.. Either that or
she nicked the keys when he wasn't looking.. Which sounds better?

JA:This is totally not fair.. Not fair at all!! Suicide just threw in
a steel chair now!!! Destiny sees what is going on and confronts her!!


JA:There's nothing the official can do about that as the steel chair
is in the ring, Destiny and Suicide back off from another..


JA:You've seen enough with Jenna Levinsky's sex tape already Luke! I
don't like the look of this... Bloodhound has got that steel chair in
hand. I don't think RJ Souza has any idea where he is much less what
is in the ring with him.. He slowly rises with his legs threatening to
give way beneath him at any moment, How this man is standing I don't
know.. Just old fashioned determination as Souza is showing us his
best tonight!

LR:RJ Souza is showing us everything tonight but unfortunately so is
Bloodhound.. I don't think he knows what Hound is gonna do or what
level of pain he's about to be sent to.


DON'T BELIEVE IT!! Bloodhound damn near took RJ Souza's head off with
that damn thing! That chair is dented.. Dented from the blow from
Souza's skull!! Great Scott! What an enormous heel reaction from these
fans in the capacity packed Bell Centre! Souza is flat on his back..
Blood flowing all over him!

LR:RJ Souza is so dead.. So dead he woke up reincarnated as a kid in
India, He just got taken to a whole other hell!!

JA:I really don't know what to say about this.. There is no humanity
in this match, It's just been heavy, hard hitting horrific since the
onset! Bloodhound has no soul. The blood is flowing from the top of
Bad Karma's head even faster than it was before, the only movement the
steady rise-and-fall of his chest!

LR:As 2009 ends we remember those who have passed on whether they were
Michael Jackson, Britney Murphy or Walter Cronkite.. I think RJ Souza
is gonna join that list.. Rest In Peace!!

JA:I don't think I'll ever see a chair shot like that again. Never.
Bloodhound sees RJ Souza lying, motionless, in the ring, his blood
staining the mat like a black vulture readying for his greatest kill..
Bloodhound thinks his options and starts to go upstairs
uncharacteristically.. Rarely and I mean rarely do we see Bloodhound
do this!

LR:Bloodhound is just so cold and menacing and all kinds of straight
up scary when you see the full extent of what he can do when he is
looking to bury you and take you screaming and kicking to hell!

JA:I think Bloodhound wants to finish off RJ Souza in the grandest way
possible! RJ Souza is unconscious.. Destiny with tears streaming down
her face screaming for her man.. Imagine what this could do to one's
psyche. Bloodhound isn't through.. He's still perched at the top of
the cage..

LR:That poor woman is scarred for life, I don't blame Destiny if she
gets in an institution, No one should see what she saw!

JA:Bloodhound in his own world of evil and wickedness surrounded by
the collective boos of the crowd, taking one look at the fallen "Bad
before leaping from the turnbuckle...FROG SPLASH!! FROG SPLASH!!



JA:AWWW NOO!!! NO! NO!! After Bloodhound just crushed RJ Souza with
the most vicious chair-shot I think I've ever seen, and now he added
insult to injury underneath that 300-plus-pound splash!

LR:This has surely got to be the grisly end of the tortured trail to
hell for RJ Souza!!

JA:I may be inclined to agree as no man could possibly take that and
still kick out. Bloodhound covers! Surely he's got the win, here..
One.. Two..



JA:RJ Souza summoned the guts, The strains of his energy to pull out
at the very darkest hour! I don't know how he did it.. It's
unexplainable! Bloodhound stalks the referee for an explanation but he
has none..

LR:This scene is supernatural and riveting, Come on Bloodhound..
You've got your mission to carry out! You have a soul to take!!

JA:Finally Bloodhound turns around but even this has to have shaken
his psyche in the worst way as he looks flabbergasted that RJ Souza
could even kick out after all that hellish aggression. He goes for
that freshly-dented, blood-stained steel chair.. He raises it

LR:What is Destiny Souza doing now!?

JA:She's putting on the mask of Tom Sawyer. I have no idea what she's
doing but she's yelling and berating her own husband outside the ring!

LR:Is this whole family been drinking the Looney Juice lately!?

Destiny:You ain't man enough! You are a loser.. You can't beat

JA:I think she's trying to motivate him.. Bloodhound pays no attention
raising the chair up like a guillotine but RJ Souza's eyes awaken open

Destiny:You can never beat him because you ain't ME!! You will NEVER
be me!!

LR:This is too crazy!? its just a mask! Just illusion.. It has no

JA:It seems to be doing the trick!! Bloodhound swings the chair.. But
RJ Souza as if moved by a mysterious force ducks swiftly and dropkicks
the chair back into Bloodhound's face.. Souza opening up salvo after
salvo of right hands as if there was no tomorrow opening up
Bloodhound's wounds!

Fans:Let's Go RJ! *Clap, Clap, Clap* Let's Go RJ! *Clap, Clap, Clap*
Let's Go RJ! *Clap, Clap, Clap* Let's Go RJ! *Clap, Clap, Clap* Let's
Go RJ! *Clap, Clap, Clap*

LR:These fans can cheer on RJ Souza all they want but what else does
have left!? He's got nothing!

JA:What a test of survival and will power!! RJ Souza whips
RJ jumps over a passing Hound and leaps to the top of the enclosed
cage.. There's no escape but to win! He kicks him in the head and
drops onto his chest with his fully bodyweight.. Using it as a weapon.
All he's got left! Anything he can dish out! The cover.. One.. Two..
Bloodhound kicks out!

LR:All it is is just a desperate race for time for RJ Souza as his
body can't possibly hold out much longer.. A race he will SURELY lose
when the sand of the hour glass has all but ran out being RJ's very

JA:I have no idea what is pushing this man on after the horrendous
pain and blood he's lost but you can tell he's nearly running on empty
and on his last legs as he fights on in his enduring quest to put down
Bloodhound. Both men have blood literally streaming down their faces,
as the crowd remains in a state of passionate energy rooting on both

LR:These guys are really making an impact.. Not just on each other but
at home and around the world.. This is brutality and violence at it's
finest hour!

JA:The drama is at an all time high.. This is RJ Souza unleashed..
This is what he warned.. This is his dark side front and center! RJ
Souza may well have snapped! He's just going crazy on Bloodhound,
smashing him into that mesh over and over again... That cage is one
dangerous place to be! Souza running out of options rips off his own
shirt and uses it to start choking out Hound! This may be a last
resort as he's running out of gas!

LR:RJ Souza is digging deeper, He's forgotten about wrestling.. He's
fighting for his life! He's just getting medieval!

JA:This is the true measure and testament of a man, What a competitor
RJ Souza is fans! All is legal as Souza is slowly choking out
Bloodhound with his t-shirt. But Hound gets up to ram Souza into the
cage.. But Souza climbs up the cage continuing to choke him out!!
Hound falling to a knee now! But Hound grabs Souza's face and rakes

LR:There's still a whole lot of EVIL left in Bloodhound!

JA:This is a bound and live all out battle for survival now! Slowly..
RJ Souza rises up using the ring ropes.. Bloodhound staggers up not
knowing where Souza went.. He turns.. KARMA KICK!! NO! Hound grabs

LR:I was going to say.. Will take plenty more to send Bloodhound
packing down to hell even with as much damage he's been dealt!

JA:RJ Souza is nearing his end physically and emotionally. Destiny is
wearing the Tom Sawyer mask as she continues egging him on, Suicide
tries to stop it but she gets tackled down! Suicide and Destiny roll
all over on top of each other.. What a match!


JA:Sadly I think RJ Souza has reached his end here fans but what a
courageous heart he showed through out this match.. Bloodhound sets up
for the Apocalypse.. Souza gets raised up a bleeding mess..

LR:RJ Souza fought a harrowing fight but he should have learned NOBODY
wins with the Bloodhound.. Not RJ Souza.. Not Tom Sawyer.. Not

IT IS!! THE KARMA KICK!!! Souza wipes the blood from his face, and
slowly, using every ounce of energy left in him, throws one, limp arm
over the chest.. One.. Two.. Three!!!

Steve Horton:Ladies and gentlemen, Here is your winner.. "Bad Karma"
RJ Souza!!!

[The cage raises up as RJ Souza is on his knees raising one fist
wiping the blood off his face.. Destiny removes the mask and runs in
and comforts him.]

JA:Through the blood, Through the pain, Through the savage torture..
RJ Souza barely comes out alive!!! The fans explode with cheers for
Souza in making the impossible happen tonight!

LR:I don't even know how in the hell he did it but he did.. RJ Souza
just managed to skate by in a sliver of time to nail that Karma Kick
which is about the only thing he had left in him!

JA:What a spine tingling excruciatingly painful bloody affair it was,
Bloodhound and RJ Souza are physically exhausted. but RJ is
having defended his very existence against the damned and dark

[Just then the lights cut out and all is in darkness.]


JA:I don't know what to say!

LR:Hold me!

JA:I will not hold you!

[The lights cut back on.. RJ Souza is still standing but barely as he
sees Bloodhound missing leaving only a puddle of blood where he laid
then the lights cut out again as the fans scream.]

LR:I have a feeling this ain't over!

JA:Now this is really getting weird? Bloodhound has just vanished from
the ring!

LR:Ohh boy! This is REALLY not.. Not.. NOT GOOD!

[The lights return and we see Bloodhound standing up again with RJ
Souza in his grasp.. Hound raises up Souza and delivers a pulse
pounding Apocalypse into the mat as the fans boo and pop loudly. Hound
raises his hands and fire explodes all around the ring.]

LR:My God!! This is just too surreal!! RJ Souza won this match and won
it rightfully so cheating death by seconds but Bloodhound STILL gets
the last laugh!!

JA:This isn't going to sit well with RJ Souza as the flames burn too
high for Destiny to reach him. We’re going to need some help putting
the fire out as Bloodhound and his satanic bride Suicide have vanished
into the air!

LR:And Bloodhound exclaimed as he vanished out of sight.. Hell And
Damnation to RJ Souza and to all a TERRIBLE NIGHT!

JA:This is certainly not the way RJ Souza wanted to end this night as
he beat Bloodhound but managed to get a slight piece of him! Finally
the fires out. Did this brutal body breaking match settle anything or
did it make it even deeper and hellish?

[Scene opens up backstage at the door to the locker-room of Jenna
Levinsky and Vince Matthews...a masked man silently slips in. The man
holds a picture of Jenna in his hands, and creeps around the corner
towards the changing area. Jenna Levinsky is seen wearing a low cut
white silk blouse, caramel leather three-quarter-length jacket, Brown
suede pierced skirt, black pumps. She has on pearl earrings. She is
putting the finishing touches on her make up. The man breathes heavily
as he stares at her. He takes a step back and bumps into the wall. He
quickly ducks behind the couch as Jenna comes out into the locker-

Jenna Levinsky-Matthews:Vince, is that you baby?

[Jenna sighs then goes back into the changing area. The mans eyes roll
in the back of his head as he takes in a deep breath of Jenna's scent.
He waits a minute, then goes back to watch Jenna putting on her lip
liner. He removes a bottle and a handkerchief from his leather
jacket, and proceeds to pour liquid into the handkerchief. Jenna pulls
out her cell phone and begins to text. The man slides in, and stands
right behind her. He takes in another deep breath, and then smothers
Jenna's face with the handkerchief. The cell phone falls to the floor
as she and the man struggle to the floor. She kicks her feet, and the
phone slides across the floor, and underneath the couch. Within
seconds, Jenna Levinsky lies lifeless on the floor. The man holds her
head in her hands and stares at her. He cocks his head to the right,
staring intently at her.]

Man:[Whispering]Jenna...Sweet Jenna.

[The man licks his thumb and wipes the smeared lipstick from around
her mouth. He breathes heavily. He intertwines her left hand with his
right, and twirls her hair with his left fore finger. Jenna's phone
beeps twice, signaling she is receiving a message. He gets up
frantically searching high and low for her cell phone. After a minute,
he picks her up and throws her over his shoulder, and bursts through
the emergency fire exit. He opens the back door, and lays her
carefully across the backseat. He lifts up his mask in a an angle
where we don’t see his face as we see him kiss Jenna’s closed lips. He
pulls his mask back over his face and takes a quick look around, then
jumps in the front seat and speeds off.]

LR:Now really.. What the HELL is going on here!?

JA:Fans we have a had a breaking situation now.. Jenna Levinsky-
as you just saw right now.. Has been kidnapped by some mysterious

LR:KIDNAPPED!? First Jenna and Vince’s revealing sex tape and then
Chris Hatchet getting beaten up by Brad Banks and now this... Does
this night get even stranger by the minute or what!?

JA:This intruder whoever he was forced his entry into the building
tight security and got a hold of Jenna. Joe Levinsky visibly shaken
has already called on police to investigate the matter and find his

LR:I am trembling.. This is really serious! Is Vince Matthews aware of

JA:I believe he was notified as he has already fled the building in a
panicked state.

LR:That guy seemed a real sicko! Remember earlier Joe Levinsky setting
up all those security measures up. You don't think.. No. It couldn't
be, it wouldn't be Violent J!

JA:At this point we don't know anything but it could be a strong
We'll keep an eye on this developing situation as Maximum Overdrive

LR:who would you call? There is no police up here.. Just the stupid
ass Royal
Canadian Mounties? What the hell are they gonna do find the kidnapper
let him off with a good talking to? I really hope this has a happy

[We cut to outside the sold out Air Canada center as we then see a
collection of clips package detailing Dave Slater’s quest for the CWF
World Heavyweight Championship.]

JA:It's been a stellar evening of breathless thrills. Unanticipated
surprises and heart stopping action but now it's time to end this
night in a grand fashion as it becomes Dave Slater's moment of truth
to finally win the big one as the Red-Dog and Chris Hatchet race for
glory for the CWF World Championship!

LR:With all the unexpected things we've seen and felt all night I
we should prepare for anything and the impossible. Dave Slater's
might just become reality or shatter before his eyes. It's all in the
of fate now. Chris Hatchet hurting or not had better be ready to

Steve Horton:The following match is scheduled for one fall, And it is
for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship!!! *Massive Crowd Pop*
Introducing first the contender.. Weighing in at 243 Pounds, Here is
Dave "Red-Dog" Slater!!!

[Music starts off, its native American Cherokee war party chanting.
There is no image yet on the tron. Red pyro and smoke goes off, the
same time the tron is now showing several native Americans war dancing
around a pyre, in full dress. Background voice stating "Honor your
heritage!" Then in Red-Dog's own voice "Hell with that!" Red-Dog walks
out of the red pyro and smoke, the CWFTron showing several pit-bull
snarling and growling, Fans let off a mixed pop]

JA:Listen to this loud and tremendous ovation for Dave Slater!
Through out his career Slater fought against impossible odds
staying true to himself, It's been a long and hard journey he's
taken to the top.. Will tonight be his career defining moment?

LR:It may or may not be but what a hell of a ride Dave Slater
has taken to reach this high-water mark in his storied career.
Like you said he's remained true never selling out as the same
tough and nasty bastard we've come to respect.. He looks proud!

Steve Horton:And his opponent, He is the CWF World Heavyweight
Champion.. From Tampa Bay, Florida.. Weighing In at 250 Pounds.. Here
is.. "God's Gift To Wrestling" Chris Hatchet!!!

[The lights suddenly go out as white strobe lights begin to flicker.
Smoke fills the top of the ramp as two spotlights shine down on the
stage. "Remedy" by Seether begins to play over the P.A. System. A dark
figure walks out from the back as the fans immediately erupt in
cheers. The figure begins to walk out on to the stage as the cheers
get louder as the crowd can see that it's "God's Gift to Wrestling"
Chris Hatchet. He wears the CWF Championship title around his waist,
Chris looks around at the crowd. He begins to walk down the ramp with
a slight limp clutching his ribs. He climbs up the steel ring steps
and climbs up on to the nearest turnbuckle. He stares out into the
crowd with piercing eyes. Chris jumps down from the turnbuckle.]

JA:Chris Hatchet looking forward to defend the world championship is
aching and still in serious pain from his ribs, to his head.. All over
having been viciously and deliberately attacked by Brad Banks
It's questionable as to what kind of performance we'll see from

LR:Hey.. This is how Chris Hatchet has to want it if he's our champion
and especially with the way he's ducked and provoked Brad Banks. I
to say he's only had himself to blame for the way he's ended up. But
knows Hatchet likes to ride a dangerous razor's edge so he may just
pull it out!

JA:Chris Hatchet and Dave Slater engage in a long and tense stare down
as each man knows what is at stake tonight.. The championship it is
all for broke..
All for the marbles.

LR:You can expect a very, long drawn out fight as Chris Hatchet and
Dave Slater have shown no give whatsoever as they both want that gold!

JA:It may as well boil down right down to the wire as we get a collar
and elbow lock up! Dave Slater shoves Chris Hatchet away.. Hatchet
comes right back with a punch! Slater and Hatchet now exchanging

LR:Not exactly a wise thing to do when your head looks like a jelly
donut about to burst!

JA:Dave Slater lets loose a stinging left hand as Chris Hatchet backs
away clutching his wounded head.. He turns around but gets met with a
SPEAR!!! THE SPEAR!!! Dave Slater hit the spear!! Slater hooks the
leg, One.. Two.. Three!!!

LR:Wait.. Is that it?? Was that all?

JA:Apparently so!

Steve Horton:Ladies and gentlemen, Here is your winner and NEW CWF
World Heavyweight Champion.. Dave Slater!!!

world heavyweight champion!! After all the setbacks and
disappointments all
year long Dave Slater has finally accomplished his dream right here at
Maximum Overdrive!!!

LR:That didn't last long what happened to the match? I still don't
believe it.. These fans don't believe it but they are raising the roof
in Montreal! You can bet their gonna throw down hard at the
Reservation tonight!

JA:It may not have been the way Dave Slater expected to win the
championship given the way Brad Banks brutally attacked Chris Hatchet
before his match an hour before but none of it matters to the Red-Dog
as he looks genuinely overjoyed and touched as he gazes into the
championship gold!

LR:Ohh man.. I swear I can feel a real change in the atmosphere.. You
can literally feel the great native spirits in the sky.. Sitting Bull,
Crazy Horse and even Wahoo McDaniel.. They are all smiling down upon
Dave Slater!

JA:Dave Slater has done the impossible right here at Maximum Overdrive
but you can bet our new champion will have plenty of challengers on
the horizon. What a show we've had here in Montreal.. For myself
Johnny Anderson and Luke Richards.. Good night and Happy Holidays!!

2009 Levinsky Enterprises All rights reserved.

[CWF Logo Fades Out]


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