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Wallie D

Apr 29, 2020, 1:02:07 AM4/29/20

What are we, in character:

Renegades of Wrestling is not your daddy's wrestling. Dean Johnson Bradley the Third grew up in a world of privilege and it shows in how he acts, looks and runs this fledging wrestling company. He throws his family's ridulous wealth to make sure he can have the best shows in the best locations with the best wrestlers. It's oft spoken (in whispers!) that it's his play thing and a bit bragadocious but he's assembled a strong team of talent agents, location scouts, producers and, most importantly, wrestlers. It's heavily produced and financed and it shows in everything they do. It's his baby and he'll use "his" money to make sure it's the best around.

What are we, out of character:

Kevin Pence is a well to do movie producer. Between family money, Hallmark movies and a couple cult classics he was able to call in some favors, get a few loans and do something he always wanted to do: Run a wrestling company. But he wanted to do something different and run something really off the wall. Theatric with wild characters and settings. He wanted to use all his resources to make something wild and to be remembered. So he got some sets, hired from the industry and Hollywood both and hopes he has something special.

So what does this all mean:

So essentially, out of character, this is gonna be a fed where almost anything goes... question mark. It's gonna be Lucha Underground combined with some of the current Covid wackiness. It can be super theatrical or as straight as you want. I'm hoping characters will be fairly wild. There's a place for straight laces, but colorful characters will likely go farther. Again, think Lucha Underground or some indy Japanese stuff, lucha, old school ECW, etc. It's wrestling done by movie guys. Straight characters work too though, to a degree. I'll likely be a bit picky. As well, I don't want characters, for now, that exist or have existed elsewhere with some very small exceptions. This is a highl;y kayfabed world

Shows will be set pieces. So rings won't be in arenas. Warehouses, multitiered concert areas, in an underground parking lot surrounded by rich people and their fancy cars. On a freighter or cruise liner. In the mountains and forests. Who knows. These are movie sets, so it can get wild. The crowd is partly paid, partly papered and partly actors. Sometimes it's all actors. Who knows!

So what about an app or something?:

Send me a character, what they look like, their moves and pitch me why the belong. I am taking this fairly casually for now. We'll see how it develops.

Email me at and we'll talk. I am on Hangouts as well. I may start a hangout and/or discord channel if it takes off. Ask me questions. I'll help as best I can. This is a covid experiment but I am also semi retired after getting rid of my former business so should have time even after that.


Jul 2, 2020, 1:43:17 AM7/2/20
come join the CWF.
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