Spirit of the game trademark?

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Jan 28, 2005, 6:11:06 PM1/28/05
About Spirit of the Game™

Can the UPA really do this? Trade mark Spirit of the Game? Is this
some kind of joke?

Does this mean that no other sport has a concept called Spirit of the
Game. I know this isn't true.

Would the UPA actually want to prevent other new sports from using the
term and the meaning behind Spirit of the Game as a form of
officiating. Why?

Also, taken right off the UPA website

"Rather than dictate what Spirit of the Game is or should be, it is up
to each player to do so for him or herself within the context of the
teams he or she plays with and against."

Doesn't this imply that if a group of players decides that maintaining
good sportsmanship while having an unbiased official make foul calls to
be part of the Spirit of the Game then that player can play with
officials and still be playing under the guidelines for SOTG.

The UPA needs to rewrite their description of spirit of the game to

"Rather than dictate what Spirit of the Game is or should be, it is up
to each player to do so for him or herself within the context of the
teams he or she plays with and against as long as the context is not
playing with active unbiased officials."

Or in the words of James Hetfield
"You can do it your own way, if it's done just how we say."

G. Detson

Jan 28, 2005, 6:19:08 PM1/28/05
I think golf might sort of have something similar. But anyway, yes,
organizations and people can trademark a wide variety of terms and
phrases. I'm fairly sure the UPA has had this trademark for a long time
(at least ... eight years maybe? I'm not sure, but a while).


Jan 28, 2005, 10:50:21 PM1/28/05
Also taken from the UPA website under the section labeled 'vision
statement' the last line reads, "As players we have the freedom to make
our sport whatever we dream it to be." I have mentioned this in
previous posts, but no one has really had a response. It surprises me
a bit, especially not hearing from folks that has voiced their concerns
regarding unbiased, third party arbitrators taking a proactive role in
the game of Ultimate.


Jan 29, 2005, 7:16:42 PM1/29/05

Our Sport is Ultimate, which is a ... "Player defin­ed and controlled
non-contact team sport played with a flying disc ­on a playing surface
with end zones in which all actions are gove­rned by the 'Spirit of
the Game.'"

And simply stated for all to see is that part about Player defined and
controlled...Thus, under UPA definations Referee Disc is not

<<I have mentioned this in
> previous posts, but no one has really had a response.>>

Yes there was.....


The logical question becomes..can the defination be changed?

This of course assumes you are willing to work with the UPA as opposed
to some sort of counter-culture organization creating your own thing
when the existing "thing," aint all that bad. If the existing "thing"
is unfair in someway then thats another story..but as far as I can tell
it's perfectly fair...

My .002 anyway...

p.s. I still say the NUA is a hoax
p.s.s. I don't mind the ref idea

Mike Gerics

Jan 30, 2005, 10:58:11 AM1/30/05

p.s. I still say the NUA is a hoax
p.s.s. I don't mind the ref idea


---uhm....ya can't really say that the NUA is a hoax.
i mean...that's like saying that a Tournament Director at any tournament in
the world is a hoax.
I know very little about the NUA.....i have no inside info....
but they are hosting a tournament......so.....it isn't a hoax.
the NUA is simply providing an opportunity for athletes to compete.
i can't picture what the "hoax" could be.
they may or may not continue to thrive....with or without a vast majority of
support from the community.
But, they are directing and organizing a tournament that will undoubtedly
have participants.......
so it can't be a hoax.

...unless.....they are only pretending to host a tournament, which...they
may or may not be doing............

some call them a governing body of ultimate.....
i am not even sure if that is the case......
i mean....if they are governing the 6 teams in the elite div of their
tournament...then, yes, they will be a governing body......

To me....it simply seems that they are some folks trying to host a
unless they are trying to pull a huge cyper-joke on the rsd community...then
they can't really be a hoax....


Jan 30, 2005, 1:21:26 PM1/30/05
Hey RA, I understand the UPA's definition of Ultimate. But wouldn't
you agree that their vision statement opens the sport up to future
development. Please know that we welcome the UPA, but it's become
apparent that we are not welcome to the UPA. I embraced the UPA from
1988 to 1997 as an active member, prior to my competitive retirement.
The NUA president is a lifetime member. Everyone on the staff are UPA
members, except for myself. I personally would welcome the UPA to
attend our event, set up a booth and pass out information on Ultimate
and the SOTG (subject to NUA board approval of course)

But a hoax? Classic. Thanks MG. We've spent at least 100 man hours
and thousands of dollars already on a hoax? The Rules committee meets
every two weeks to debate, argue and gain consensus on the rules to
pull off a hoax? Countless manhours to get the website up and running
only in an effort mess with your mind? Truth be told, the NUA is a
reality show.

Fact: The NUA is hosting a Ultimate tournament, if only 3 teams show
up, we will hold a tournament. We will have a $10,000 throw contest.
We will provide amenities to players. We have over 350 hotel rooms
blocked out across the Wilmington area. We have agreed in principle
with 4 major sponsors whose logo's and information will be available on
the webiste in future days to come. A cruel hoax it would be to have
50-80 teams come to Wilmington with no tournament.


Jan 30, 2005, 11:48:52 PM1/30/05
I apologize for my skepticism, but it's difficult to take R.S.D all
too seriously. Especially if a portion of the content is presented in
the form of (what I interpret to be) "flame threads," from a couple
of guys named Toad and Wagonseller. If indeed you are making an honest
effort to host a disc tournament which incorporates "referee
rules," some cool creative contests and cash prizes, then, I'm all
for it.

As per the discussion of the UPA's Statements of Mission, Vision,
Values, and Charter, I would recommend that you speak with them
directly. But, I will not be surprised if they agree with your
assessment of the section of the values statement that you have been
quoting. You might even find that this was done purposely in to
encourage creative thinking, and the development if ideas by the
members. Additionally, (the way I read it) there is very little in the
entirety of all of the statements which is contradictory to referee
rules disc. If you were to succeed in changing 10 words on that page,
you could change the entire direction of the UPA. (to the mission you
seem to be undertaking) But recognize that the adoption of the totality
of what you suggest requires that not only the definition of the sport,
but the very Mission of the UPA itself to be changed; and therefore the
membership will have to prove that these are the changes they desire.

In this case, I don't think that there is much doubt to logic of
working from within the system as it is very well defined, reasonably
small, and generally user friendly.

Have a great tourney!



Jan 31, 2005, 10:29:42 PM1/31/05
Thanks R.A. We appreciate the clarification. The UPA is a great
organization. Their timely rethinking of the removal of our tournament
from their event postings on the website is a fine example of what a
well oiled machine they can be. We support the UPA, which is why 90%
of the teams at our tourney will be playing under their governing body.

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