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Re: was Cass robbed?

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Emanuel Berg

Dec 17, 2022, 12:27:10 PM12/17/22
Rick wrote:

>>> Boxing is scored round-by-round, and you can easily make
>>> a case in a particular round that a particular boxer
>>> scored more effective punches than the other. I've seen
>>> many fights, going back, perhaps, to the first Ken
>>> Norton-Muhammad Ali fight
>> Cool, way back in 1973 ...
>>> where my scorecard differed from the officials and, yes,
>>> I thought a fighter was robbed.
>> Indeed.
> Actually, I mis-spoke. It was the second Norton-Ali fight
> (also in 1973) that I thought was scored wrong. I thought
> Norton should have won that fight. Their third and final
> fight in 1976 was also very close, but that one really could
> have gone either way.

This was before my time, literally - I'm born in 1983 - so
I was just double ack'ing the existence of robberies in the
pro boxing circus.

Nevertheless, I have seen all (?) the big Ali fights ... and
while it was clear he was a remarkable man and athlete, if
anyone doubted that, for the boxing purist he did so much
holding, leaning, obstructing and pushing to the point some
fights were Ali standing wrestling matches rahter than hit and
don't get hit.

Maybe that was much more accepted in his era or he just got
away with it for being Ali (or because pro boxing was then
being controlled by Black muslims, who had taken it from the
mobster guys, however that happened - because of Ali himself,
maybe?) ...

referee: "Hey, don't hold, don't hold!"
commentator: "... well, that's easy for you to say"
Canelo Álvarez vs Matthew Hatton (2011)


underground experts united


Dec 17, 2022, 3:31:54 PM12/17/22
"Emanuel Berg" wrote in message
Great example of Ali holding on was in the Foreman fight in 1974 when he won
the title back. His whole strategy that fight was to hold on and let
Foreman punch himself out, which George eventually did.

I was born in 1951, by the way, so I watched Ali's entire career in
real-time and it was fascinating. In some ways he was at the peak of his
skills in the 60s before he got drafted, but the three Frazier fights in the
70s are still pretty amazing to watch.


Nomen Nescio

Dec 17, 2022, 5:38:30 PM12/17/22


Dec 22, 2022, 12:52:24 AM12/22/22
Can you post for me? Nazi took over dejanews and did not allow me to post article.

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Emanuel Berg

Dec 22, 2022, 2:08:42 AM12/22/22
mrliu918 wrote:

> When a Kung Fu or Kick Boxing practitioner fight a boxer on
> street, Kung Fu win absolutely. Do you agree?

"Kung Fu" is a problematic term, in Chinese it just means
martial arts. Outside of China, it tends to mean "martial arts
from China". What's that? Round moves, not straight as
in Karate from Japan. You know, how the Japanese guys always
stand in straight lines by instinct while the Chinese make
a mess of everything. Eh?

No, seriously, the consensus is, pretty much:

Standing up, muay Thai is superior. It's not vastly superior
to kick boxing which BTW is also a problematic term since
there are so many styles and set of rules within that world or
segment of fighting. Let's just say the meanest and toughest
in kick boxing are probably pretty much at the muay Thai
guys level.

But, ultimately, kick boxing's focus on western boxing can't
compete with the lethal clinch and knees from the muay Thai
guys that know neither pain nor fear.

On the ground, which happens pretty quickly in many street
fights, what is superior is either Olympic wrestling or
Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or BJJ as people say. They, while
different, are pretty equally matched says the expertise, so
I don't chose one or the other.

Any questions :)
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