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Havana Syndrome In Your Neighborhood?

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Mar 6, 2022, 12:39:02 AM3/6/22

But the same scientists DON'T WANT to believe when we, millions of
Targeted Individuals (TIs), a euphemism for TORTURE VICTIMS complain
ASIS ASIO Psychopaths with Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons for
were BRAINWASHED that Western Countries are ANGELIC DEMOCRACIES and
hence CANNOT/WON'T TORTURE their own public.

Whites DON'T UNDERSTAND their own "Smile, Shake Hands, Back Stab and
KILL", modus operandi.

EVERYTHING about WASPs is pathological lying, cunning, deception.

CONCLUSION: White filth doesn't have a SINGLE IOTA of respectable
character trait and hence should be completely eliminated from this
beautiful planet and universe.

Whites are an EVIL VIRUS which afflicted human species. POC should
continuously BREED with WHITE WOMEN.


Havana Syndrome In Your Neighborhood?

By Karen Stewart

HAVANA SYNDROME has been in the news on and off the last few years. Many
remember that this is the name of the type of mostly internal injuries
received by American Diplomats assigned to the Embassies in Cuba, then
months later in China. Few remember the sparse news article follow-ups
saying that when these victims of what turns out to be nebulous but very
real “Directed Energy Weapons” (DEW) or Electromagnetic weapons, such
as Microwave and Radio Frequency (RF), returned, they were also attacked
along with other Federal workers in the US and their homes broken into.
That was hidden because it is highly unlikely that a foreign power
followed them home and is operating under Homeland Security noses, is it?

The US government has been tripping over itself to try to pretend to be
ignorant of what these weapons could possibly be, even promoting
contemptibly ridiculous stories like the injuries were from “sonic
crickets”. What they have not told you is that Nikola Tesla, an inventor
from New York, created the basic concept for electromagnetic weapons and
built many effective and dangerous devices. When he died in the 1940s,
the FBI swooped in and illegally confiscated all his documents and
inventions. Various DOD entities and Contractors have been developing
these weapons, both war arena-sized weapons and anti-personnel and
hand-held variations, for decades. Indications are, Contractors have
been selling these weapons secretly to anyone who had the money, not
only willy nilly to foreigners, foreign governments but rich people with
bad intentions, criminals, gangs and drug lords too. The US government
doesn’t want to admit how much it has kept secret from you because they
knew you would be concerned it would be used for evil. They were
entirely right.

In Australia and Canada, recent (2022) peaceful protesters have reported
being hit with some kind of mystery energy weapons that burned them,
swelled their faces, caused horrific ear pain and blinding headaches,
dizziness, etc. very similar to, if not exactly like the injuries
suffered by the Diplomat victims, who were diagnosed with neurological
brain damage referred to as “Havana Syndrome”, some now permanently
disabled with permanent brain damage from only a few minutes’ exposure.
Yet, are we to believe that the governments of Australia and Canada
somehow have known all about these weapons, developed them, then put
them in their military and police arsenals to use agains friend and foe
alike, but that the United States has somehow remained completely clueless?

No, rogue, criminal elements of our government, military, and affiliated
contractors (MIC/Military Industrial Complex) and politicians have been
directing such weapons be used on “inconvenient individuals” to secretly
assassinate them. Think Breitbart, Scalia and others not as well known,
but affiliated with or in the way of crooked politicians somehow and
considered “to have known too much”. Likely more people than you can
imagine have been murdered this way. It is a popular way of dealing with
whistleblowers especially as well. In fact, the now-institutionalized
method of eradicating inconvenient people is as follows: a powerful
person conveys to the DHS or FBI/Fusion Center network that they want a
torture and kill contract taken out on someone. The FBI/Fusion Center
system investigates the person, jimmies up a ludicrous, false dossier on
him/her to secretly get rubber-stamped by a complicit FISA Court, then
the nearest Fusion Center sics a pre-trained secret network of civilian
mercenaries on that person 24/7 to harass, intimidate and use various
covert weapons (war-grade poisons, gases, and DEW upon them until they
die from induced cause. Police and local officials are bought off or
told stay out of it, “it’s a Federal program”. Cancer pockets develop in
neighborhoods active in the slow-kill murder, but this conveniently
kills off potential complicit witnesses as well.

Karen M. Stewart
Intelligence Analyst, ret.
National Security Agency
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