Vote against the sick lying assholes!

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Nov 30, 2002, 1:59:08 PM11/30/02
Vote against the unethical, defaming assholes who want to stop their
lies being exposed.
How could any decent person vote yes?

Vote NO on rsa.terrorist, just to piss the assholes off. Fill in your
email address and send this vote to Don't let
the assholes and terrorists win!

======== BEGINNING OF BALLOT: Delete everything before this line =======
| 1ST CALL FOR VOTES: rec.skiing.alpine.moderated
| Official Usenet Voting Ballot <RSAM-42-1> (Do not remove this line!)
| Please provide your real name, or your vote may be rejected.
| Usenet handles are also acceptable. Place ONLY your name (ie. do NOT
| include your e-mail address or any other information; ONLY your name)
| after the colon on the following line:

Voter name:

| Insert YES, NO, ABSTAIN, or CANCEL inside the brackets for each
| newsgroup listed below (do not delete the newsgroup name):

Your Vote Newsgroup
--------- -----------------------------------------------------------
[ NO ] rec.skiing.alpine.moderated

======== END OF BALLOT: Delete everything after this line ==============

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