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May 23, 2022, 2:33:17 AM5/23/22

Whites DON'T UNDERSTAND their OWN DNA of "Pathological LYING, CUNNING,
Modus Operandi of "Smile, Shake Hands, Back Stab and KILL".

Millions of americans and global public's brains are ALREADY LINKED to
NSA HIVE AI Grid and being REMOTELY OPERATED like PUPPETS for the last
40 years.

Remaining humans will be LINKED to that HIVE MIND in the next two decades.

It is already GAME OVER for human species.

Entire human species will be NEURALLY ENSLAVED and CONTROLLED by
Supercomputer AI in the hands of the EVIL WHITE CHRISTIAN PSYCHOPATHS in
CIA NSA and Oligarchic Elites.


They LIVE IN MORTAL FEAR of their GOVTs "BUT YET" delude themselves that
their countries are FREE WORLD DEMOCRACIES.

Whites are SOOOOO FUCKING DISGUSTINGLY DUMB about their Govts, they
DON'T UNDERSTAND even AFTER being TOLD with LOGIC and FACTS that their
POLITICIANS biden and bojo are NOT THEIR GOVT.

their EQUIVALENTS in Aus, Can, NZ and UK.

Politicians are POWERLESS PUPPETS "remotely controlled" by the REAL
Shadow US Govt but CUNNINGLY PROJECTED as VERY POWERFUL to the world to
DECEIVE and PERPETRATE the LIE that west are angelic democracies.

US Govt Security Organization Chart

POTUS is at Level 17 in Top Secret Crypto. There are 11 Top Secret
Crypto and another 10 MAJOR Security Levels ABOVE Potus.

Which means the real govt aka Nation State "cunningly PROJECTS POTUS" as
the most powerful person on the planet to the american public and the
world to "DECEIVE and PERPETRATE the LIE" that America is a free world
democracy overflowing with freedoms, when in REALITY POTUS is a
"powerless puppet" remotely
controlled by the CIA and NSA Deep State.

US Govt Security Clearance Chart



In many countries around the world people are being terrorized with new
technologies. But the terror takes place in secret. Unseen by the
mainstream media and the public, humans are used as guinea pigs. For
researching a technique more dangerous than the atomic bomb .

The word mind control has been haunting the Internet for a number of
years. You can read about it on various websites, there are videos that
deal with it, and recently there have also been radio podcasts in which
those affected have their say and report on terrible human rights
violations. Mind control means torture with the help of the most modern
technology. Those affected speak of physical and psychological influence
from weapons that can be used at a distance. Electromagnetic waves that
can trigger different effects in people. Implants that can read bodily
functions and transmit them wirelessly. Pain that can be triggered at
the push of a button and from which there is no escaping. Insomnia that
drives you crazy. Tracking and constant monitoring. the effects

Early research under the Nazis

Mind control seems to be a new phenomenon that is increasingly being
talked about. But appearances are deceptive. Mind control is an old
technology that has been developed since the Nazi reign of terror. At
the beginning of the twentieth century, there were first attempts to
research the effects of electromagnetic waves on biological systems.
Effects on the human body were also examined. Experiments were carried
out in the Nazi concentration camps to manipulate the human psyche and
influence people's thinking and behavior. When the Nazi empire fell and
the Allies occupied Germany, the secret research fell into the hands of
the USA. It is not known whether other countries were also aware of the
scope of the human experiments. However, there is evidence that the USA
had numerous Nazi scientists who had previously been involved in human
experiments in the concentration camps brought to the USA via secret
routes. Many of these researchers escaped trial for involvement in war
crimes. As part of the Paperclip project, several thousand researchers
are said to have been secretly transported to the United States. The
transports took place with the help of the CIA, which organized secret
routes across the Alps to Italy, and from there by sea to America.
Members of the Vatican are said to have helped smuggle the war
criminals. Arriving in the USA, the "former" National Socialists were
allowed to continue the research they had started in Germany under the
protective cloak of the CIA. involved, which the CIA ran unnoticed by
the public for decades.

Early mind control projects

Project Bluebird and Project Artichoke were early US attempts to
penetrate the human mind. Various experiments with drugs on soldiers
took place. After the Second World War, the USA had set up secret
prisons, some of them in Germany. Prisoners of war were drugged there
and forced to testify, sometimes with severe torture. The prisoners of
war were used as guinea pigs for new interrogation techniques and all
sorts of experiments. The experiments were influenced by the experiments
that German doctors had made in the concentration camps. The prisoners
were also given pathogens 2. Since the USA had access to Germany's
scientific elite after World War II, it used the knowledge that German
scientists had accumulated in the concentration camps. One of the
doctors who worked with the Americans was Kurt Blome, a committed and
avowed National Socialist.

In the early 1950s, the CIA began intensive research into mind control.
They wanted to explore the possibilities of influencing human
consciousness and behavior. The effort that was put into it was
enormous. MKULTRA had 149 subprograms. Research was carried out on
several thousand American citizens, but also on Canadians, in Mexico and
in Europe. In Denmark alone there were 500 people affected. In Norway,
there were also 500 children who were experimented on. The experiments
were carried out without the knowledge of the test subjects. The CIA
doctors sometimes used prison inmates who were unaware of the
experiments being carried out on them. Much research has been done in
hospitals, on patients who were hospitalized with often minor illnesses,
and then "treated" by the doctors with profound and inhumane methods.
Some of these patients died, others suffered damage that they suffered
for the rest of their lives. Some of the research focused on drug
experimentation. The subjects were placed on various highly potent
substances such as mescaline or LSD. In addition, electric shocks,
hypnosis and sensory deprivation were used, which in combination with
the drugs achieved profound effects. Strong barbiturates were also used,
with the help of which people were sometimes anesthetized for weeks.
This wiped the patient's memory. A classic element of brainwashing
consists of first breaking the person to be "washed" with severe
torture, erasing their memories of the crime, and then import the new
"program", i.e. the content of the new personality. This often involves
using tapes with endless loops of spoken commands that the person has to
listen to for days or weeks. When the spirit is broken and bottomed out
in this way, the person is open to new content. Like an empty vessel,
the spirit can then be filled with what the practitioners deem appropriate.

The Spanish physiologist Jose Delgado laid an important foundation for
modern mind control. He initially researched animals and developed
methods of influencing their behavior. His experiment with a bull with
electrodes implanted in its brain is famous. Delgado was able to
partially control his behavior by electrically stimulating the bull's
brain. The electrodes were implanted in the corresponding brain region
of the bull on a farm. After that, the bull was irritated, similar to a
bullfight. The enraged bull was now ready to attack Delgado. Delagdo
used some sort of remote control to get the attacking bull to break off
the attack. The electrodes in the bull's brain exerted an influence on
certain brain regions through electrical stimuli.3 .

Delgado later also researched humans and developed the so-called
Stimoceiver, a device that worked with radio frequencies and was
implanted in the brains of the test subjects. With the help of radio
waves, different regions in the brain of the test subjects could be
stimulated and different moods evoked. Delgado used radio frequencies to
stimulate regions in the hippocampus and amygdala of mentally
handicapped people, causing them to experience feelings of sadness, joy,
relaxation, concentration, and euphoria. The Stimoceiver worked
wirelessly and allowed Delgado to trigger strong emotions in his test
subjects practically by remote control. The Stimoceiver could remain in
a person's brain for a lifetime. Delgado also found that by stimulating
specific areas of the brain, he could also control subjects' movements.
Delgado later found that physical contact was not necessary to
manipulate the brain. By sending radio frequency waves directly to
specific regions of the brain, it is possible to evoke different
feelings and states of mind.

Today's research

Since the days of Delgado, methods of influencing human behavior have
advanced tremendously. Above all, the secret research is now at a very
advanced level of knowledge. It is said that the military and
intelligence agencies are decades ahead of civilian research. What is
researched in secret state-financed laboratories usually only comes to
light much later. If anything! The MKULTRA example has shown that huge
research projects are possible away from public attention. Although
MKULTRA's death toll is in the thousands, it took almost thirty years
for the secret human experiments to come to light. The real extent of
these attempts may never be known.

Modern nanotechnology has made implants possible that Jose Delgado could
only dream of. Brain research has made enormous progress in the last
twenty years. Modern technologies make it possible to monitor people's
brain activity from a distance. Devices have been developed that can be
used to read and modify a person's brain waves. With the help of a
computer, the brain waves are modified and sent back to the appropriate
region of the brain 4 . This has a direct influence on how a person
thinks and feels. At least one hundred patents exist on technologies
that make it possible to directly influence brain functions 5. The
danger of misusing this technology is obvious. Who controls the minds of
men controls the world. What government would not be tempted to use such
inventions to further their goals?

The history of mind control shows that there have been and still are
several governments that use mind control technologies. It is always the
local population that is affected. There are mind control victims in
most countries around the world today. Above all, the rich industrial
nations seem to stand out. But mind control is also used in many Asian
and African countries. Those affected often suffer from insomnia, feel
physical pain, listlessness, muscle twitching. There may be vibrations
on the body, strong pressure on certain parts of the body or within the
body. Digestive activities are often manipulated, which can result in
immediate diarrhea. The possibilities of influencing through mind
control are enormous. Both physical functions and mental processes can
be manipulated through mind control. Many sufferers speak of synthetic
dreams and feelings. An artificially induced feeling cannot be
distinguished from one's own feelings. Planting thoughts is also
possible. The manipulated person cannot distinguish between their own
thoughts and the artificially induced thoughts. They take the other
people's thoughts for their own and pursue them.

Mind control can also influence sex drive. A complete disruption is just
as possible as a sexual charging of the target person. The sex drive is
then felt to be so strong that many male sufferers seek the services of
prostitutes. This exerts additional control with the help of the sex
drive. This can also lead to a financial shortage, because those who
spend their money on prostitutes cannot use it for more meaningful
things. Some of the male sufferers also complain of impotence. An
erection can suddenly collapse due to foreign influence for no apparent

A particularly cruel form of torture is the so-called Voice to Skull
(V2K) 6. This is a technique that makes it possible to send voices and
noises into the target person's head. The person then hears
(intelligent) voices that accompany them throughout the day. The voices
often comment on the target person's daily routine, spit out insults, or
try to wear the person down with clever psychological tricks. Those
affected describe it as a kind of radio that runs sometimes louder and
sometimes quieter throughout the day. It's easy to imagine how intimate
this kind of attack on a human being is. Those affected do not speak of
rape without reason. A technique capable of reading and manipulating a
person's feelings and thoughts, allowing perpetrators to penetrate
wirelessly, without visible contact, into a person's brain,

In general, the destruction of a target person's life seems to be among
the goals of those who use mind control. Many of the target persons
experience intense stalking as an additional measure to the physical and
psychological effects of mind control. Chasing by car is just as much a
part of it as being followed by people on the street. Targets are
alerted to the stalkers by actions that are often subtle, such as
winking or grinning. Fake scenes are acted out in the street, grimaces
are made. These measures become more subtle and unobtrusive as the
target becomes more and more aware of what is happening to them. At
first, methods are more drastic, since most of those affected do not yet
know that they are in a secret program. They do not yet pay attention to
the behavior of their environment. Increasingly, those affected register
that they are being persecuted, which means that the persecutors'
methods must be less conspicuous and less violent. Someone who knows
they are being followed pays different attention to the world around them.
A glimpse of hope

In recent years, a small international movement has emerged that wants
to take a stand against these torture practices. Those affected from all
countries make contacts and form alliances. The US-based Freedom From
Covert Harassment and Surveillance 7 is an association of affected
Americans. In Germany, too, there are alliances and self-help groups
that try to bring information about terrorism to the public. In 2011,
Jesse Beltran and Lars Drudgaard founded ICAACT 8, an international
organization of victims. All of these people try to make the public
aware of the new torture methods through various activities. But they
often fall on deaf ears. A deep ignorance has settled in large parts of
the population. The television generation is all too easily distracted
from the real problems and dangers of this world. Cheap entertainment is
part of everyday life for a large part of the population. People are all
too easily influenced by the mass media. And forget that these media
contribute to making them good and malleable consumers.

The superiority of the perpetrators seems to be great, those affected
have little opportunity to protect themselves against the methods used.
Many are resigned, stay in their apartments and hardly dare to go out
into the streets. There are always deaths. The American Jean Stinn died
just last September. The 45-year-old man was found dead in his room. The
cause of death was determined to be a heart attack. The classic death of
a Tis (target person). The heart muscle can be stopped by an
electromagnetic pulse from a microwave weapon. The examining doctor
would diagnose a heart attack. A corresponding laboratory test could
determine the real cause of death, but who bothers to look for a death
by microwave weapons? Against this background, many deaths from heart
attacks appear different. Especially in the case of people with
political influence who die suddenly and early from a heart attack,
murder with microwave weapons would be an option. The charismatic Stefan
Schleuter suffered a heart attack in 2006 after a political speech at
the Constance market place. Although he never had heart problems, that
one heart attack was so severe that it eventually took his life. He
initially survived the heart attack, but then succumbed to his injuries.
Schleuter was on the verge of the Baden-Württemberg state elections,
where he stood as a candidate for what was then the WASG. who die
suddenly and early from a heart attack could be murdered with microwave
weapons. The charismatic Stefan Schleuter suffered a heart attack in
2006 after a political speech at the Constance market place. Although he
never had heart problems, that one heart attack was so severe that it
eventually took his life. He initially survived the heart attack, but
then succumbed to his injuries. Schleuter was on the verge of the
Baden-Württemberg state elections, where he stood as a candidate for
what was then the WASG. who die suddenly and early from a heart attack
could be murdered with microwave weapons. The charismatic Stefan
Schleuter suffered a heart attack in 2006 after a political speech at
the Constance market place. Although he never had heart problems, that
one heart attack was so severe that it eventually took his life. He
initially survived the heart attack, but then succumbed to his injuries.
Schleuter was on the verge of the Baden-Württemberg state elections,
where he stood as a candidate for what was then the WASG. He initially
survived the heart attack, but then succumbed to his injuries. Schleuter
was on the verge of the Baden-Württemberg state elections, where he
stood as a candidate for what was then the WASG. He initially survived
the heart attack, but then succumbed to his injuries. Schleuter was on
the verge of the Baden-Württemberg state elections, where he stood as a
candidate for what was then the WASG.

While most of humanity turns a blind eye to electromagnetic terrorism,
those affected try to prove the crimes. They have taken a decisive step
forward this year. It was possible to prove implants in the bodies of
some of those affected. With a new measuring method, electromagnetic
emissions could be measured, which, although with minimal strength, were
still measurable from different parts of the bodies of those affected 9
. Without the knowledge of the people, a kind of chip was implanted in
their bodies, with the help of which bodily functions and perception can
probably be influenced. The American Dr. In a video, John Hall shows a
so-called Verichip, which is located in the brain of an affected person
10. Measurements in Germany showed clear signals emitted from the bodies
of those affected. This means that some of those affected were probably
implanted with chips. Those affected remain who do not emit
electromagnetic signals, but who nevertheless have mind control complaints.

According to Nick Begich, modern mind control is also done with the help
of electromagnetic radiation. Implants are no longer needed, the
psychoactive frequencies are pulsed practically directly into the brain
of the affected person 11 . The British researcher Barrie Trower also
speaks of this technique. Thereafter, modulated microwaves are fired at
the target. The microwaves can cause different effects in the human
body, from dizziness and nausea to severe pain, difficulty concentrating
and sleep 12. The range of effects that emerge is wide, and varies with
the set frequencies, the pulse rate or the modulation of the waves.
Depending on the setting you get different effects that the target
person has to suffer. In the worst case, the affected person gets cancer.

While for a large part of our society the horizon ends at the end of the
news, for those affected by mind control it begins right there. It's no
longer a question of whether these technologies exist, it's a question
of how far they've reached most of humanity. Mind control exists, the
CIA has been researching the possibility of controlling the human mind
for 60 years. Russia also has psychotronic weapons. Mindcontrol is used
in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Mind control is the ability to
influence a person's behavior and thinking, wirelessly, at a distance.
Aware of these possibilities, it is time to consider why so many things
are going wrong in the world, and why humanity seems unable to solve
their problems. Is it because humans are such primitive, hateful beings,
or are there other causes involved? Would it be possible for humanity to
be influenced by things it doesn't even know exist?

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