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Ratings Crash 20% for Sunday Night Football, Continuing Season Long Decline

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Dec 11, 2020, 2:19:47 PM12/11/20
The NFL is still struggling for TV ratings this year as the most recent
ratings show a 20 percent drop for the Week 13 edition of Sunday Night

According to Sports Media Watch, the league’s Week 13 game on NBC was
down 20 percent in both its ratings (9.8) and its viewership (17.07M)
over 2019.

Most of the other games were also down in Week 13 with the late CBS
game off 13 percent and 12 percent, and Fox’s single-game off an even
worse 30 percent and 27 percent. However, the early CBS game was
comfortably up 21 percent in the ratings and 23 percent in viewers.

The year has not been good for the NFL. To date, ratings are off at
least six percent overall across all platforms and networks compared to
the 2019 season, according to Front Office Sports.

“Season-to-date, the NFL is averaging 15 million viewers. That’s off 6%
from the same point during the 2019 season.,” Front Office Sports
reported late last month.

It has already been reported that the various NFL broadcasts are way
down this year. Monday Night Football, for instance, has crashed 30
percent. Meanwhile, Sunday Night Football has tumbled 23 percent.

The 2020 ratings have thus far reversed the tiny five percent gains won
last season over 2018.

Democrats and the liberal media hate President Trump more than they
love this country.


Dec 11, 2020, 3:57:19 PM12/11/20
Understandable. The game's not the same with empty stands, and people
have other things on their minds, like staying alive.

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