Twin Towers (ATL)

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Matthew Chung-Chie Sin

Dec 1, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/1/97

Well, the Hawks showed that they have two towers of their own.
Laettner and Mutombo combined for 40pts, with CL playing only 27 min.
The Hawks took the Spurs out of the game early, with some hot shooting.
Steve Smith blew by Chuck Person and posterized Mr. Robinson.
The Spurs need a bigger backcourt to prevent guards like Smith and
Blaylock from picking apart their defense. Smith posted at will, and
Blaylock drove and drew double teams whenever he wanted.
The two combined for 19 assists.
When the Hawks are healthy, they are definately one of the best teams in
the league. Chucky Brown and Ty Corbin poured in 28pts from the small
forward position, effectively answering that question.
If the Hawks can put together another strong run of winning 8 out of every
10 games before the All-Star break, they'll be tough to catch.
When Henderson comes back, they will be even deadlier.

Next the Hawks finish the Texas three step with Dallas and Houston.
Dallas has a lot of athleticism, but not much cohesion.
Mutombo likes taking on prime-time centers and players taller than him, so
he should have another big night. Laettner should also have a nice game.
Houston will be another story.
Anyways "bring on da' Mavs!!!"


Sean Mitchell

Dec 1, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/1/97

On 1 Dec 1997 04:29:02 GMT, (Matthew
Chung-Chie Sin) wrote thusly:

>The Spurs need a bigger backcourt to prevent guards like Smith and
>Blaylock from picking apart their defense.

The Spurs just need a backcourt. period.

Sean Mitchell


Dec 2, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/2/97

Mike Derucki wrote:
> When are they going to learn that Avery Johnson isn't the answer?
> Perhaps never. They should trade Elliot and a draft pick for a SG. Or
> how about Tim Duncan for Mitch Richmond :-) Just joking.....

You are right. Avery johnson is not the answer. I am amazed when some
people(especially a certain magic fan) claim that avery is a good
player. He is below average for a starting point guard. Michael


Dec 2, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/2/97

Youve said it all along and now that the Spurs are facing some serious
opposition, its quiet obvoius that you were right. Avery Johnson just
straight up sucks. He has to be the worst starting point guard in the
league and I thank you for pointing that out. Have you ever considered
working for ESPN? Theres a gaping hole open up after Olberman left
maybe you could replace him or Stuart Scott once they figure out that
he makes everybody regurgatate.

Michael (Gay)
First Tiger, Nation of Michael

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