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Feb 18, 1992, 6:04:57 PM2/18/92
If there are any Dallas fans out there, what is Mike Izullino's stats? He
started his carreer here with Penn State and then made a very smart move a went
to St. Francis,PA. He had gotten alot of critizism from die hard Penn State
fans for transfering and alot said that he was only dreaming when it came draft
time. Well he is in the NBA and Penn State fans should take note of what could
have been. Later


Paul Fowler

Feb 19, 1992, 10:42:13 AM2/19/92
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> If there are any Dallas fans out there, what is Mike Izullino's stats?

Well, I'm no great fan of the Mavericks, but here are season stats from
Dallas Morning Snooze for Mike Iuzzolino:

G Av.Min. FG FG Pct 3pt FT FT Pct Reb Reb.Av. Ast PF Stl TO Blk Pts
Avg Hi
21 11.3 33-73 .452 7-23 18-22 .818 19 0.9 45 22 8 9 0 93
4.4 12

In last nights loss to the 76ers Iuzzolino played 18 minutes, and had
10 points and 4 assists. He, along with the other young guys on the
Mavs, has been getting more minutes lately since the team has thrown
in the towel for the season - they are now the third worst team, and
look set to give the Timberwoofs a fair run for the cellar and top shot
at the Shaq (dream on, Norm Sonju...). Highlight for Iuzzolino? -
probably the time he got mad during a game with the Jazz and squared off
wanting to take a swing first at Mark Eaton and then at Karl Malone...
(Iuzzolino is about 5'11", so the scene was a bit comical.)

Mavericks trade rumors: the Mavs would _love_ to dump James Donaldson, but
nobody wants him much. Bullets took a look, but backed off, and now the
Knicks are reported to be talking with his agent. Knicks have also
offered John Starks for Ro Blackman, but the Mavs want a first round
pick as well. Rumor here last week was that the Blazers inquired about
Blackman too, but the Mavs wanted Cliff Robinson - no deal. Thursday is
the trade deadline - it will be interesting to see if they can peddle
Blackman by then. They are also reportedly offering Rodney McCray around,

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