CIA and NSA have a HISTORY of STEALTHILY TORTURING Americans and Global Public

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PART 10:



CIA and NSA have a HISTORY of STEALTHILY TORTURING Americans and Global

CIA has a history of "stealthily torturing" americans and global public
whether it is Tuskegee Experiments on African Americans, LSD and Mind
Control tortures of American public, Radiation Experiments on americans
in Tennessee, violating human rights and torturing Guantanamo Bay
prisoners with waterboarding, sexually abusing and torturing Abu Ghraib
prisoners and stealthily torturing innocent people with renditions in
other countries etc.

a) One to two million americans are being "stealthily TORTURED" by US
Govt - said Whistleblower Bryan Kofron.

One to two million americans are being "stealthily TORTURED" by US Govt
- Whistleblower Bryan Kofron
Highly intelligent people are targeted, isolated from family and friends.
False diagnosis of schizophrenia, manic depression, delusional paranoids
for victims.
The federal govt use it as an excuse to say they have to care for you.

But as a Targeted Individual/Victim, I know for a FACT at least 5 to 10
million american brains are already SECRETLY INVADED and LINKED to NSA
HIVE AI with their "UNIQUE DNA Resonance Frequencies".

Bryan Kofron Targeted Individuals Mind Control Voice to Skull Electronic
Harassment GangStalking

b) Ex-MI5 Microwave Scientist Barrie Trower clearly told the public that
Government TORTURES "Targeted Individuals/Torture Victims", UNTIL
they die or commit suicide.

11:03 - 12:05 - Govt is torturing victims UNTIL THEY END UP IN MENTAL
ASYLUMS or DIE - Ex-MI5 Microwave Scientist Barrie Trower

Bigger Than Snowden. Neuro Weapons. Directed Energy Weapons. Mind
Control. Targeted Individuals.

c) Bryan Kofron EXPOSES Gangstalking, Electronic Harassment, Mind
Control Targeted Individual Program

1:20 - 2:15
Paul Hellyer - US is in grave danger not from the outside but from the

2:20 - Super computer Artificial Intelligence Manipulating the thoughts
of everybody in USA.
It is horrifying, it is a crime against humanity. It should be tackled
by human rights activists, lawyers right now.

This technology turned it into a video game.
Controlling all of the civilization and controlling people at individual
Control the moods, attitudes, thoughts and thus motivations and actions
of people 24x7, 365 days a year.
Literal total and complete mind control over the Targeted Individual (TI)
Extremely evil and nefarious purposes

many of the victims are Highly educated successful people. Their lives
are SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYED, careers sabotaged, using V2k skull, gang
stalking, intense character assassination, leaves them isolated
and turns their family and friends against them.

d) MisDiagnosis and Mistreatments by Manipulation of BioData

e) Pain is perceived by the brain - Dr Robert Duncan

f) CIA doesn't do experiments, they TORTURE PEOPLE and call them experiments

A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation (CIATORTURES)

g) US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies, in 2002.

That is ONE SPY for every SIX HOUSES on your street. Much Much worse
than stasi nazi germany. Just think about it.

h) CIA Chief David Patraeus: We'll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher

i) Infragard - FBI Program of CITIZEN SPIES


Organized stalking, sabotage, leaves them unemployed, turns family and
friends against them, EVIL I cannot understand

Millions of americans are crying out for help, are being tortured,
stalked, emotion manipulation

all day, every day, 24x7, 365 days a year of TORTURE. Extremely EVIL.

Horrifying beyond description

At 16:40
Beam images and motion pictures into brain

Take over one's hands, make targets press brakes, press accelerator, can
see what the target is seeing and hearing everything they feel, being
recorded to the end of time.

Manipulate emotions, love, hate, fear, confident, depressed, happy, any
fucking emotion

Control Dream, Dream cycles, sleep patterns

Read the thoughts verbatim as they occur in human minds

make you attracted to other humans, match makers, cupid, getting couples
together, doing the opposite also breaking up couples

It is getting worse

Entire population of america can be controlled one day

Every single word I am saying is fucking absolutely true.

Spread the word, complain to congressmen, and educate every american

Bbeaming images and videos into our (Victims) heads every fucking day

victims somehow managing to survive

All americans will become targets

FIELD EFFECT used in Iraq War, induce riots

Social Engineering, completely control complete cities

32:00 - TORTURE 24x7, 365 days with Radio frequency and microwaves,
literally cook victims bodies every single day, every night deteriorate
muscles, bones, eats away age, completely crippled.


all day, every day, 24x7, 365 days a year of TORTURE.

They are also monitored 24x7 by a system of surveillance, what on the
internet are called "Gang Stalking".

They are EVIL in a way that I cannot and do not want to understand

Psychiatrists are working with who are running this program. They are
paid by this program to render a diagnosis of schizophrnenic, multiple
personality disorder, delusional paranoid disorder.
Perfect way to COVER UP the program.

They will conclude that this person must be crazy.
Good people are being abused adn tortured and ENSLAVED, american
citizens are crying out for help and their fellow americans say, why
don't you take some prozac, becase we think you are schizophrenic.

TIs are getting beamed this into their heads every day and somehow
managing to survive and hold it together.

Millions of victims out there in America

This needs to be tackled immediately by civil rights lawyers.
We need laws right now, this is out of control and it is only getting worse.
The entire population of america could conceivably be controlled by this
technology one day.
As an insider, been a part of this program and seen it operate on a day
to day basis, I am aware there are NOW entire cities in america which
are nothing but massive social engineering experiments.

There are applications of this tech, to use it against,
Anywhere from small groups of people, 10-20-100 to a medium size to
several thousands to tens of thousands.
This is done by creating a FIELD EFFECT where an entire field of electro
magnetic energy is created in a geographical location and any human in
that field, will be affected by this technology. This can be used to
INDUCE a general mood in a population, it can be made them passive or
agitated, cause or induce riots, stop thoughts, start thoughts, massive
mind control on a city wide level.

Emotional control of the entire population both on macro, micro level,
societal and individual level, absolutely HORRIFYING.

Who are supposed to be protecting our constitution so our children don't
grow up in a hell on earth,
so that horrible evil people do not get hold of this country and harm
our friends and family

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