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John C. Davenport

Nov 9, 1994, 11:22:45 AM11/9/94
While I've gotten a number of replies to my call for volunteers to do
comments for team reports, no one has been able to help yet with the
data I requested: double plays turned and errors made, by team, for
minor league teams. I cannot start producing the DTs until I get that
information, and I don't know of a publication that will have it
before the Baseball America Almanac in mid-December. I don't want to
wait that long, and I'm sure most of you don't either.

As of Wednesday morning, the following people had requested to make
comments for a team. If you are knowledgeable about any of the teams,
especially the unclaimed ones, drop me a line. You don't need to know
any stats, and you don't have to be a stahead: I've got that suit
covered. Anybody who can give intelligent commentary on the minor
league prospects of any team is welcome. Even if you would only know
some of them (for instance, you live in Phoenix and can tell me about
the Giant prospects who were there), I can pair you with people who
know other parts of the system. Where more than one person is listed,
the two can work either together or seperately, as long as a good,
informative report is eventually produced.

If you have written me and are not on the list, send another note to
me. Our newsreader and mailers have been buggy the last few days.

Boston, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Texas, Seattle, Montreal,
Philadelphia, Houston, Pittsburgh, Colorado, San Francisco, Los
Angeles, and San Diego: vacant

Baltimore: Dave Nieporent. While I will probably have an occasional
comment for many teams, this is the team I could talk about most, so
I'll have a lot to say here as well.

Detroit: Sean Sweda and Dave Hogg

Toronto: Gord Niguma

Cleveland: John Kastner

Kansas City: Rany Jazayerli, Rodger Payne

Milwaukee: John Kastner

Minnesota: Roy White

Oakland: Gary Huckabay

California: Nelson Lu

Atlanta: Dale Stephenson, Eric Roush

New York Mets: Dorian Kim, Scott Fischthal

St. Louis: Harold Brooks

Florida: Dave Naehring

Cincinnati: Steve Geswein

Chicago Cubs: Dave Geiser

Clay Davenport jc...@virginia.edu
University of Virginia Department of Environmental Sciences
"I took baseball for granted. I'll never do that again." -Chipper Jones
Now more true than ever...

'Thunder Tim' Mavor

Nov 9, 1994, 12:24:29 PM11/9/94

I would be interested in working on the Red Sox. I would hope to be paired up
with someone, but would tackle it myself if need be. Perhaps Ted (Valentine)
would care to join me, as his comments from last year were insightful.

I am calling my local minor-league team (Wilmington Blue Rocks, KC-A) to see what
double play data, etc. they may have and share. I will let you know about


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