Sandberg divorced?

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Oct 5, 1994, 1:19:44 PM10/5/94
I heard a nasty rumor (a friend heard something about it from Paul Harvey)
that Sandberg's wife filed for divorce 2 weeks after his retirement. Can
anyone verify this?


Oct 5, 1994, 9:26:01 PM10/5/94
In article <>, writes:

>could the rumors about ryne sandberg's wife filing for divorce 2 weeks
after his retirement be true?

Yes indeed. Retirement may have been a way to forstall his wifes threat
to divorce him. It didn't seem to work. Ill bet we see him in uniform
next year -- I've read he said he's interested in coaching.

Barry Daniels

Oct 7, 1994, 10:58:20 AM10/7/94

True. Hot from the Cubs newsgroup, this is the supposed scenario...

Both were small town kids, HS sweethearts, and married young (20?). As Sandberg
became more and more famous, and more and more wealthy, it went to HER head. She
is supposedly very obnoxious and has blasted Sandberg for being "unsophisticated".
This issue became a wedge in their relationship.


o They are not divorced. Proceedings were dropped by the court because of lack of

o He has supposedly moved back into the house they have in Scottsdale, Ariz.

o He is planning on becoming a coach for the Cubs next year. I actually think he
retired because of this divorce pressure. Obviously his play has suffered. Once
he gets this divorce garbage behind him (one way or another), I think he will
become un-retired. Baseball is more important than a marriage, at least it
was in my book :).

o Rumors of the past have been resurrected, i.e. the reason Rafael Palmeiro was
traded from the Cubs was because of his affair with Cindy Sandberg (shit!
considering they kept Mark Grace, they should have just let the affair go on
and not traded Palmeiro :)); she supposedly had an affair with another player
whose name never surfaced. Rumors of turmoil in the Sandberg household have
been in the Chicago gossip columns for several years.

o The latest rumor is that Cindy Sandberg has been seen quite often with Dan
Marjele of the Phoenix Suns. They are suppposedly an "item" in the Phoenix

The terms of the divorce settlement were out-of-sight, Sandberg was being taken
to the cleaners.

Stay tuned. Thats all I know.


Rob L Dorocke

Oct 7, 1994, 1:05:48 PM10/7/94

The lead article in today's Chicago Tribune talks about this subject,
but is from the angle of fans talking about the divorce on the Internet.
The article made it look like there are a lot of Cubs fans talking about
the divorce - where is this discussion? Is it on Chicago Online? Anyone

The Cubs may not be the best team in baseball, but Cubs fans have more
patience than any other people in the world.

Rob Dorocke

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