Sucky final sprint at Munich

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Dec 31, 2006, 6:55:04 AM12/31/06
I just finished watching the mens and womens sprints inside the Olympic
Munich Stadium on P2P streaming. The womens final was pretty exciting with
Marit Bjorgen coming from behind to grab the win from Arianna Follis with
Chandra Crawford getting a fantastic podium 3rd. Chandra looked dominant in
all her heats up to the final.

The men's A final on the other hand sucked. Why does the "'brat" Petter
Northugg have to dive over to the inside of the first left hand corner after
the start and throw a crossbody block into his teammate Pettersen Oystein
who then takes down Thobias Fredriksson. The Swede was winning every single
heat all day. This gave Cristoph Eigenmann and Devon Kershaw an easy
cakewalk ski to the finish. Yeah, I know it was great and all that for
Canada to grab podium in the mens race too, but to me it was a crappy way
to get it. If somebody recorded the broadcast and gets it up on the
torrent tracker you'll see what I mean. And BTW what's with our so called
"vaunted" American sprint stars Newell and Randall? Did they even make the
trip to Germany? If they think they can just hang out here for our Nat'ls
and just show up at Worlds they're just going to be also rans like we are
year after year. Don't be fooled by "Team Today" hype.


Dec 31, 2006, 12:39:50 PM12/31/06
I'd have to strongly disagree with you that our American team are 'also
rans'. If you watch the World Cup races from 2003, Freeman and Swenson was
running right at the front with the very best. Randall and Newell have shown
the speed and have results.
The last two years Freeman has struggled with sickness from travel. There is
both an economic cost to flying over to Europe to race and more importantly,
the wear and tear of living/racing over there. From what I've read, Freeman
has changed his program to something he feels will work better. Isn't it
better to try something different than doing the same as last year, which
didn't work out?
You're right, an athlete needs to be out there racing with their competition
and hopefully our team will be doing some of the World Cups in a few weeks.
Chasing all over Europe for the whole season might have them worn down for
the Championship in Japan.

Paul Haltvick

Dec 31, 2006, 12:43:16 PM12/31/06
Thanks for the reportage, but that last part is a cheap shot, no
matter what anyone thinks of the US team's current leadership. Did you
first read the Team Today site and maybe also Zach Caldwell's (blog
about Kris Freeman) to see why the US team decided to return from
Europe, instead of following through with their plans to spend the
season there?


Dec 31, 2006, 1:37:34 PM12/31/06
Another report and photo here:

WCSN is showing the races at 2pm ET today (sub).


Jan 1, 2007, 8:38:42 AM1/1/07

here you can probably find the entire race exept quart of final women
(recording late sorry)
this is a crappy way to get a poduim , but it is a podium and kershaw
and darragon deserve this one (they stay on their ski while others fell
down... eheh this is what's funny in sprint events especially when you
don't fall)

Jan 1, 2007, 1:10:47 PM1/1/07
Thanks a ton tall_thomas. No seeders yet but I'm sure that will come. I
can't wait to watch my buddy Stefan Kuhn race in a world cup (and get
taken down by Oystein Petterson).


Jan 1, 2007, 1:24:24 PM1/1/07
Doesn't that the downloader have to seed it initially?


Jan 4, 2007, 9:28:23 AM1/4/07
that was my first time crating torrent and I thought it was esiaer (it
is with utorrent)
this one should work cause I'm seeding this time

sprint munich
oberstdorf poursuite
oberstdorf 15cl (no sound I guess)
cogne 15cl
Düsseldorf sprint and Team (miss parts)
Kuusamo 15 cl

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