Sorry I missed you at the NW Treasure Hunt.

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May 11, 2003, 1:07:36 AM5/11/03
I know that I had promised several people that I would run a little mini-class
on dry glove assembly and installation at the Northwest Treasure Hunt and give
you a discount token to take to your dive shop, however I had to cancel because
of illness. I only managed to pass out a couple of the coupons for $5 off the
glove set as well so I have put up a little page to go print off a coupon and
take it to your dealer.

I do have a pictorial, step by step of the glove assembly and installation at:

and the coupon is at:

Again, sorry I couldn't stay and set up my booth, but I hope all that were there
won some prizes and had fun.

Ray Contreras

Evans Winner

May 12, 2003, 10:51:34 PM5/12/03
RayC <> wrote in message news:<>...

> Again, sorry I couldn't stay and set up my booth, but I hope all that were there
> won some prizes and had fun.

On an only very slightly related note, Mr. Terkel of Terkel Dive
Equipment was there (didn't get his first name) showing off his new
canister light. It looked pretty cool. The body is one piece of
molded (not machined) poly-urethane that has the belt loop for
DIR-style mounting built-in to the canister. The head is delrin. I
don't know enough about them to say whether or not it is any good, but
it looks nice, at any rate. Nimh, 10 watt HID, strain-reliefs on the
cord, etc. Not trying to sell the thing. Just thought it was

I didn't dive with the whole catastrophe at the hunt. There were
about 100 divers all lined up on shore and most made it underwater
when they said to "go." It was the kind of scene I try to avoid,
generally. I do know that the guy who won the Viper is a nice guy.
That's about it.

I did however go to nearby Les Davis straight away afterward to
finally dive my brand spanking new Halcyon wing.

Not to be (yet another) commercial for Halcyon, but I did like the
thing. Being as new to diving as I am, I figured that even if it had
all the good points they say, most would probably be lost on me. But
I have to say that my air consumption was way down (really noticeable)
and also that I felt a bit over weighted, which I have read is common
when going from a jacket to a wing (yes, I took 6 off the belt first).
Less air trapping from the wing, I gather. Anyway, I sure did like

Buddy was diving a new can light, too. She has a jacket BC and we
couldn't for the life of us figure out a graceful way to belt-mount
the thing, so we ended up threading the tank cam band through. Guess
that's the best we can come up with for the moment. She hates not
being able to turn it on and off when it's on the tank. I don't blame
her. I think we will try mounting it upside-down, so maybe that way
she will be able to reach the switch. I'll just try to convince her
to get a wing too, and then it won't be an issue.

Les Davis was awesome. At least I thought so. Lot's of painted
greenlings. Tons and tons of that leafy green stuff that sits on the
bottom in the shallows. I've never been to Les Davis. Someone I
asked said it is a total not-to-worry site where currents are
concerned. Seemed true, as we went in in the middle of what I think
was a huge exchange and there was only a bit of current. A bit more
than I would have liked to swim against on the surface, but okay on
the bottom. Anyway, I wonder if it was a really unusual current for
Les Davis, because there was just gobbs and gobbs of that leafy kelp
stuff in the water. As we came up from about 60 feet there were these
huge cascades of the stuff coming down over the concrete blocks there.
In some places it was so think you couldn't see more than a couple
feet. Maybe this is old hat there, but it was very new and cool for

Wow, what a free associational post. Oh well. Doesn't the
constitution guarantee the right to free association?


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