Boy Scouts: A wholesome US institution poisoned by opportunistic homosexual predators

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Feb 22, 2020, 4:53:13 PM2/22/20

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) - one of the largest youth organisations
in the US - has filed for bankruptcy amid an avalanche of sexual abuse

The century-old group became as American as the Norman Rockwell paintings
that immortalise their three-fingered salutes.

But its considerable membership - 2.4 million youth participants - is
about half what it was in the 1970s, a decline that tracks mounting
scrutiny surrounding the Scouts.

So what is behind the rise - and fall - of this American institution?

Boy Scouts accused of failing to prevent sex abuse
Abuse claims see US Boy Scouts seek bankruptcy
Boy Scouts lift ban on gay leaders
Founded in 1910, the non-profit claims 2.2 million youth members and
800,000 volunteers across the country. According to BSA, more than 130
million young people have participated in Scouts programmes since its

It boasts famous alumni like ex-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and
former Secretary of Defence Robert Gates.

Considered a bastion of traditional American values, the BSA's self-
declared "foundation of scouting" includes an oath to fulfil one's "duty
to God and my country", with a mission to "prepare young people to make
ethical and moral choices".

But behind the camp fire singalongs lurked "the largest paedophile ring on
earth", a lawyer representing alleged victims said last year.

The BSA has been beset with a deluge of sexual misconduct allegations.

In February 2019, as reports emerged that BSA was considering filing for
bankruptcy, the Abused in Scouting group used television ads to reach Boy
Scouts across the country and found nearly 2,000 people with complaints,
including one in every state, according to the New York Times.

The organisation now faces hundreds of claims directed at nearly 8,000 Boy
Scout leaders.

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
And such controversy isn't entirely new. A 1935 article in the New York
Times detailed files on hundreds of people, labelled as "degenerates" who
had served as leaders with BSA.

The organisation says its transition to bankruptcy is intended to build
compensation for victims of sex abuse.

"The BSA cares deeply about all victims of abuse and sincerely apologises
to anyone who was harmed during their time in scouting. We are outraged
that there have been times when individuals took advantage of our
programmes to harm innocent children," chief executive Roger Mosby said in
a statement.

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"While we know nothing can undo the tragic abuse that victims suffered, we
believe the Chapter 11 process... will provide equitable compensation," he

But critics say the organisation has been negligent in addressing a
culture of abuse, many pointing to more than 20,000 documents released by
a state court in 2012 - initially concealed by BSA - which name more than
1,000 banned volunteers, and show that the Scouts had identified and
monitored known abusers, without consistently reporting them to parents or
the authorities.

Statutes of limitations for sex crimes may hinder some older cases from
being pursued. But amid other high-profile abuse scandals, like those in
USA Gymnastics and the Catholic Church, some states like New York and New
Jersey have amended their laws to allow old cases to be brought forward.

BSA's liability could be substantial. In a 2010 landmark case in Portland,
Oregon, a jury held the organisation liable for $18.5m (£17m).

No collusion - Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III, March 2019.

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Feb 23, 2020, 3:20:29 PM2/23/20
On 2/22/2020 3:53 PM, Leroy N. Soetoro wrote:

This is heartbreaking and it angers me to see what the liberalization of
any organization can do to really useful and educational outlets for
young boys.
We should be hanging those that encouraged and supported the horrible
changes to the Boy Scouts of America.

J. Hugh Sullivan

Feb 23, 2020, 8:04:06 PM2/23/20
On Sun, 23 Feb 2020 14:20:30 -0600, Vincent <> wrote:

>On 2/22/2020 3:53 PM, Leroy N. Soetoro wrote:
>This is heartbreaking and it angers me to see what the liberalization of
>any organization can do to really useful and educational outlets for
>young boys.

>We should be hanging those that encouraged and supported the horrible
>changes to the Boy Scouts of America.

The Chair of the board that first admitted pedophiles was the head of
ATT. I wrote a note of protest to BSA at the time.

Eagle Scout, Class of 1943.


Feb 24, 2020, 12:01:09 PM2/24/20
I guess the Lib/Dems just could not stand the idea of a daily good deed,
an oath to God,Family and Country. The merit badge system produced some
very productive people for this world. I have a very old BSA manual that
may things for young boys and men.Even Adolph Hitler saw value in the
Boy Scouts. At least one of our Presidents was a Boy Scout(Republican).
Camp Wilderness(Minnesota), Valley Forge and many others with be miss. I
think it is time to pressure our elected fools in Congress, and the
Senate to correct this travesty. The Churchs need to get off their hind
quarters and weigh in on these kind of corruption in America and the world.


Feb 24, 2020, 2:19:31 PM2/24/20
When there are violent assaults resulting in injury in public schools
the people in charge tend to NOT want those crimes reported to
police..... And under the ObamaRegime they even made it policy to NOT
encourage reporting black students that commit violent assaults in the

They didn't want the Blacks to be reported at a higher rate than any
other group. So the solution wasn't to change the behavior but rather
to change the reporting of the acts.

Typical Democrat process of trying to ignore the truth and to then make
it appear that the Democrats policies are actually working. But we all
know better don't we.

And so the BOY SCOUTS ignored the gays and the Pedophiles by hiding the
sexual dysfunction in the organization and as I remember the actual
SUPREME LEADER quit when the gays were introduced into scouting and that
became a controversy.... SO the Liberals and gays got their way, and
apparently the Pedophiles also got their way. They moved from the
Catholic Church to the Scouts and then the BOY Scouts also had problems
with gays and pedophiles.

Being as Homosexuality and Pedophilia are a mental illness, you'd think
they would just ban anyone with violent or sexual mental illness and
with sexual confusion issues. They should have made it a sexual binary
organization, and forced the gays and Trans to sue them to get in.... it
might have been cheaper than the thousands of lawsuits by the little
boys who were sexually abused by the NON binary or sexual diverse gays
and trans and their brethren.

That's Karma

*Liberalism is unsustainable, self destructive and contradicting*


Mar 1, 2020, 12:46:10 AM3/1/20
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