Exposed: The Truth About Pfc. Barry Winchell

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rob wade

Jul 29, 2003, 12:57:41 PM7/29/03
Exposed: The Truth About Pfc. Barry Winchell

Homosexual activists have long claimed that the murder of Pfc.
Winchell at Fort Campbell, Kentucky was the result of anti-homosexual
bigotry. The truth is finally emerging. Winchell appears to be the
victim of homosexual jealousy and rage.
The brutal murder of Fort Campell, Kentucky soldier Pfc. Barry
Winchell in the early morning hours of July 5, 1999 was brought to the
small screen in a made-for-TV movie, "Soldier's Girl" in late May,
2003. The show aired repeatedly on Showtime in June.

Private First Class Barry Winchell has been pushed as a martyr against
"homo-phobia" in the military.
Pfc. Winchell was killed in his sleep by a fellow soldier, Pvt. Calvin
Glover, who repeatedly struck him in the head with a baseball bat. The
murder was immediately seized upon by homosexual activist
organizations as an example of the alleged failure of the U.S.
military's "Don't ask, Don't tell, Don't harass" policy instituted by
former President Clinton. The homosexual group, Servicemembers' Legal
Defense Network (SLDN), immediately sent representatives to Fort
Campbell to begin an investigation into the murder of Winchell, who
was rumored to be a homosexual.

Winchell became a martyr for homosexuals and his death was used as a
propaganda tool to push the military into lifting any restrictions on
homosexuals serving openly in the services.

The murder of Winchell, however, was complicated for homosexual
groups. As the facts emerged about his secret life, the press began
reporting about Winchell's visits to Connections, a homosexual bar in
Nashville and his dating a drag queen who calls himself "Calpernia
Addams." At the time, Addams was undergoing hormone treatments to
become a "female" but could not afford the surgery to remove his sex
organs-so he was living as a SheMale-neither male nor female. He has
since completed the surgery.

The New York Times magazine ran a sympathetic article about Addams in
its May 28, 2000 issue. The title says it all: "An Inconvenient Woman:
In order to turn the murdered soldier Barry Winchell into a martyr for
gay rights, activists first had to turn his girlfriend, Calpernia
Addams, back into a man." Times writer David France is clearly on the
side of Addams and Winchell and sees nothing abnormal about a man
thinking he's really a woman. A representative from SLDN urged Addams
to tell reporters that he was really a man, not a woman. And Rhonda
White, with the Nashville Lesbian and Gay Coalition for Justice,
described the dilemma: "Barry was dating an anatomical male. How can
you say he was gay-bashed if he was dating a woman, you know?"

The Murder Of Barry Winchell
Gets More Complicated
How did Winchell begin dating a drag queen from Nashville? And who is
ultimately responsible for his death? Homosexual activists have
claimed it was because of anti-gay hatred within the military. But the
emerging facts of the case suggest something else.

Pfc. Winchell was first taken to Connections, the homosexual bar in
Nashville, by his Army roommate Specialist Justin Fisher, who is
currently serving 12 years in prison as an accessory to murder. Fisher
received a reduced sentence through a plea bargain. Pvt. Glover, the
killer of Winchell, is serving life in prison.

The young man who inspired the killing of Pfc. Barry Winchell suffers
from a Gender Identity Disorder called "Transvestic Fetishism," wears
women's underwear, and was sexually attracted to drag queens.
Fisher is also the person who inspired Glover to actually kill
Winchell. Why? Because, according to David France, Fisher had
frequented Connections before and was fascinated with drag queens and
the homosexual underworld. In fact, at one point, Fisher asked
Calpernia Addams to fix him up with a drag queen named Kim Wayne
Mayfield, who was still physically male. Fisher even groped and made
out with Mayfield at a bar. Keith Caruso, a forensic psychiatrist who
examined Fisher said he suffers from a Gender Identity Disorder known
as "transvestic fetishism," which has led him to wear women's
underwear for sexual satisfaction. In fact, Fisher had worn women's
underwear since he was 14. Clearly, Fisher was a deeply troubled young
man who apparently struggled with homosexual desires-and was attracted
to the drag queen underworld.

"Soldier's Girl," portrays Fisher as being jealous of Addams' dating
Winchell. From what has been reported so far about Fisher's
relationship with Winchell, it appears that the murder of this young
man was not due to "homophobia" or "anti-gay" hatred within the
military. It was the result of Fisher's own repressed homosexual rage
and jealousy. David Mason, a movie critic for the Scripps Howard News
Service, reviewed "Soldier's Girl" on May 31, 2003. Mason noted: "…
'Soldier's Girl' shows what's really upsetting Fisher is the time
Winchell is spending with Addams. Fisher, who acts violently because
of alcoholism, and pill abuse, wants to reclaim Winchell for himself
in the film." Calpernia Addams praised the film's accuracy in a press
presentation for Showtime. He observed: "They really got the spirit of
this story right. And that was just a kind and gentle man loving

The Murder Of PFC Barry Winchell
Was A Crime Of Homosexual Jealousy
From the various media reports now emerging about the murder of Pfc.
Winchell, it appears that the killing was inspired by Spec. Fisher's
jealousy (fueled by his homosexual/transvestism) -not the result of
alleged "homophobia" or anti-homosexual rage within the U.S. military.
It was Fisher who frequented the homosexual bar long before Winchell;
he introduced Winchell to Addams; and he engaged in homosexual
fondling and kissing with a drag queen. It was Fisher who prodded
Calvin Glover to murder Winchell. What has been promoted as a
homophobic hate crime now appears to have been a crime of homosexual
passion-in a bizarre love triangle involving a homosexual, a
transsexual, and a closeted drag queen.

Clay Colwell

Jul 30, 2003, 11:13:10 AM7/30/03
to (rob wade) wrote in message news:<>...

> Exposed: The Truth About Pfc. Barry Winchell


> The Murder Of PFC Barry Winchell
> Was A Crime Of Homosexual Jealousy
> From the various media reports now emerging about the murder of Pfc.
> Winchell, it appears that the killing was inspired by Spec. Fisher's
> jealousy (fueled by his homosexual/transvestism) -not the result of
> alleged "homophobia" or anti-homosexual rage within the U.S. military.

Exactly how would this "inspiration" have occurred without homophobia
or anti-homosexual rage? This was *precisely* the vein tapped by
Fisher, as portrayed in the film (and which you seem to agree with).

In short, this article is simply wrong in its conclusion.

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