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Dec 13, 2004, 4:21:58 PM12/13/04
I have made 357 visits to 94 different amusement parks in both North
America and Asia. I have to say that I am pissed at the amusement park
industry for its choice in selecting Holiday World as the 2004 Applause
Award winner. Why am I upset? It seems there is only a dozen parks that
have won this award and there are dozens more that deserve it. Let's
see...Six Flags Over Texas was the world's first regional theme park,
but has it won the applause award? This award is based on leadership
and breaking new ground in the industry. Six Flags Over Texas was a
groundbreaking park. What about Astroland/Deno's Wonderwheel parks?
These parks have preserved America's rich amusement park heritage and
the Cyclone walks all over the Legend and the Raven. Dollywood is
another noteworthy park. Then, there is Paramount's Kings Island. This
park has been an innovator in the roller coaster wars and the Beast is
still in the record books 25 years after it was built. A park is lucky
if a coaster holds a record for two years-25 years is a long time!
Islands of Adventure hasn't won the award(I know Universal Studios has
won it, but IOA is a separate park). Kennywood has preserved its
traditions, entered the modern age and even built up two other parks
into viable sources of income. Indiana Beach is another park that has
found a way to grow and thrive-despite having very little land-it takes
good leadership to make a park the size of Indy Beach grow. There is
Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England, along with Alton Towers-both parks
have done notable things-BPB is like Indy Beach and AT has to go to
great lenghts to build a major coaster. There is Lotte World in South
Korea-the world's largest indoor park. Major coasters operated at Lotte
World 365 days a year. South Korea also has Everland-one of the world's
largest parks. It has thrill rides, a zoo, great landscaping and themed

I have named a dozen or so parks that should have been nominated and
won long before Holiday World. Holiday World claims to be the first
theme park-that is bullshit. There were storybook themed parks long
before Holiday World. Storybook Forest at Idlewild was build in the
30's(Holiday World opened in the 40's) and was separate park from
Idlewild until Kennywood purchsed both of them. Holiday World doesn't
even have a large Carousel(a child's merry go round doesn't count).
There isn't a ferris wheel at the park either. The park has done
nothing to show leadership in the industry. The free soft drinks at the
park are not really free. The year this started, the cost of admission
was raised by $4.00($3.00 to cover the drinks and $1.00 to cover the
new Legend coaster-someone from Holiday World told me that).

Let's not forget their so-called ban list. There are employees at the
park who are a first name basis with some people who belong on the
list. I have proof that one of Paula's buddies has violated safety
policies at Miracle Strip, Paramount's Kings Island and Six Flags Great
America-this person is a REPEAT OFFENDER named Tina Nelson who lives in
West Virginia. She now has a private website that requires a password
to view. Tina Nelson is hiding her misdeeds. Tina Nelson is covering up
the fact that she has violated park safety rules. If Paula wishes to
remain on good terms with people like that, Holiday World's staff has
no validity when it comes to the topic of rider responsibility and as
for judging who should and who shouldn't visit the parks, aren't the
Kochs religious? That has always been my impression. According to the
Bible, Jesus didn't turn people away when they did things he didn't
agree with. Neither should Holiday World. Religious people are the
worst people in the world. The Bible looks good when you read it, but
honestly, how many Christians have the validity they want to portray
they have. I also have printed numerous trip reports from websites
which speak of Holiday World's policy on one or two clicks of the lap
bars during coaster enthusiast events. With this policy, someone who is
small enough could easily free themselves(or should I say herself) from
the restraints. It is true that Holiday World didn't choose for Tamar
Fellner to stand up, but it would seem that being lax in securing the
rider by not pushing the lap bar down far enough to prevent a rider
from standing could easily allow an individual to stand up. I wonder
what would happen if Azriel and Judith Fellner got copies of those trip
reports. Perhaps someone should send the copies to them. Holiday
World's president did say that things should be openly discussed when
he issued his statement on rider safety last year.

I believe that selecting Holiday World for this year's Applause Award
was nothing more than a pity award because of their whining last year.

I have been to 94 parks on both sides of the world. I have made 357
visits to the parks, taken over 10000 rides and security has never had
an issue with me at any of the parks I have visited. With around 10000
rides under my belt and I have never lined jumped, never violated a
restraint or camera policy and I have never illeagly taken anything
from a park. With over 350 park visits and over 10000 rides taken and
no issues from security while I was at the parks, it is people like me
who give enthusiasts a "bad name" and who "ruin it" for everyone else.
It is too bad politics are involved in ban lists. Banning people for
personal disputes caused by lies will not curb unsafe riding practices,
all it does is tries to take away that person's validity. It is funny
how someone can do the right thing and speak out against the
enthusiasts doing things like expecting special favors from the parks,
gay enthusiasts dating and screwing underage boys, enthusiasts who use
the five finger discount at a park and then the person who takes a
stand and says the right thing is banned. George Washington once said
"the truth is not always popular, but it is always right". I can think
of no other statement that is truer than that one. Some coaster clubs
continue to show tolerance for those who violate park rules-this after
banning an individual who didn't like the way a park poorly handled a
personal issue. It seems to be okay to violate rules and break the law,
but if you say something negative about a park, you can be barred from
future membership in ACE. ACE has no validity. They know so little
about enthusiasts and the industry that it isn't even funny.

Most enthusiasts suffer from a serious disease that I call Experts
Disease. This is a condition that causes someone to believe that
because he or she is an expert in one area, than he or she is an expert
in everything. I know people who have gone to college and majored in
finance and while they have good jobs as bankers, they know nothing
about electronics and can't program a VCR. Sure, you can trust them
with your money, but for God's sake, do not let them near your
entertainment system. There are enthusiasts who have been on 500 or
more coasters yet, when it comes to people, they pass judgement without
knowing the facts and sometimes not even knowing the person. Saying a
half a dozen words to a person doesn't mean that you know that person.
Experts Disease is a serious condition that needs to be cured before
AIDS and Cancer are cured.

All of you can say what you want about this post, but none of you even
know me and when you start making your dumbass remarks, it will back up
my claims about Experts Disease.

By the way...who thinks Knoebles has gotten screwed over by the
industry because it hasn't gotten the Applause Award? I do!

Sam Marks

Dec 13, 2004, 4:36:50 PM12/13/04
poor darren just can't find a girl who is into PSYCHOS

Paul Drabek

Dec 13, 2004, 6:13:19 PM12/13/04
On 13 Dec 2004 13:21:58 -0800, wrote:

Darren Mullins, please seek professional psychiaratic help because you
need it dude.

Have Fun

Paul Drabek
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Homey G.

Dec 13, 2004, 6:08:33 PM12/13/04
I wonder if I hit you in the head with a baseball bat 34 times in rapid
succession if I would win an "Applause Award" from the enthusiast


Dec 13, 2004, 8:16:20 PM12/13/04
>From: "Homey G."

>I wonder if I hit you in the head with a baseball bat 34 times in rapid
>succession if I would win an "Applause Award" from the enthusiast

You probably would

BUT the original post does include facts that can not be disputed.

One thing everybody needs to get a grip on is that awards only mean anything
to the marketing people, how much milege can they get out of them.

Ok Holiday world got the "clap", so what?
Does it change how anybody in the "enthusiast" community feels? Those that
worship them are enabled, those that don't don't care, BUT It allows them to
tack that on to their ads to help influence JQP to come visit their park.

How many IAAPA members (the ones who witnessed the award) are going to make it
a point to go spend some cash at Holiday World?


Dec 13, 2004, 8:58:31 PM12/13/04
On 13 Dec 2004 13:21:58 -0800, wrote:

>I have made 357 visits to 94 different amusement parks in both North
>America and Asia.

Too bad you're still a f*cking idiot, Darren.

Have you considered following wrestling, or the Insane Clown Posse?
Those crowds are much more suited to your "talents".

P.S. Kill yourself.

Mike Miller

OMG, I'm a CreHo

Charles Nungester

Dec 13, 2004, 11:23:28 PM12/13/04
Darren Mullins. Mr. I threaten people and get banned from parks is throwing
another hissy fit.

Lets all give him a hand to the face with our fingers curled tightly, Shall we?

See what happens to when Inbreeding goes too far!

Charles Nungester
Coaster Count 249

Ed Mc Inerney

Dec 14, 2004, 1:17:15 AM12/14/04
Brian, something happens this idiot, they will look for a number of us as to
what happened this total ass. It does not help to threaten this missing link in
human developement but his continuing harrassment to individuals is like a
festering wound after 2 years.

Tina has put a password on her site not to hide anything, but to keep this
total troll out, to prevent him from harrassing messages to her through the
site.She would like to share her pictures with everyone, but this idiot
prevents her from doing that, as he uses the the site to send personal messages
after two years of trying to get away from the ass.

Darren is not a troll but a stalker of the worst degree. This is a final
warning, this idiot has to stop or it will be stopped. Get a LIFE Darren or a
new life will be ordered for you. It is over, totally and fully, if you did not
get the hints before, we hope you get the picture now.

Not a threat, just the facts.


Charles Nungester

Dec 14, 2004, 4:56:50 PM12/14/04
Mr. Mullins seems to be confused, He thinks he got banned from a park for
saying things about them.

He was banned for threatening other attending guest prior to a event.

Now like everything he's lost, He has to dwell on it for years and years and
not move on.

He's down to keeping a full time prostitute now for a girlfriend. Bet that
cost him a bundle which we will hear about for the next 10,000 years.

Poor guy,


David H.--REMOVE STOPSPAM to reply

Dec 15, 2004, 7:04:03 AM12/15/04
On 14 Dec 2004 21:56:50 GMT, coaster...@aol.comnospam (Charles
Nungester) wrote:

>Mr. Mullins seems to be confused, He thinks he got banned from a park for
>saying things about them.
>He was banned for threatening other attending guest prior to a event.
>Now like everything he's lost, He has to dwell on it for years and years and
>not move on.

You know, the minute I saw the first paragraph, I knew that this was
someone with a personal grudge against Holiday World. I suspected who it
was immediately. And as soon as he mentioned banning people, it was
obvious exactly who it was.

It is important to point out that he was banned from Holiday World for
threatening to harass a guest of the park at a park-sponsored event on
their property.

It is important to note that this entire post has absolutely nothing to do
with the validity of Holiday World receiving the award. It's about a
personal vendetta. Clearly, the judges of the contest decided that
Holiday's World's commitment to their guests merited the prestigious
Applause Award. Clearly, large numbers of enthusiasts agree that the park
deserves the award.

It's important to note that this entire discussion has absolutely nothing
to do with religion. In order to forgive a person, the person must be
truly sorry for the wrongs he has done. Clearly, this individual is not
sorry. His actions show that he is a danger and a threat to ALL of the
patrons of Holiday World. I, for one, feel safer knowing that I will never
have to experience his presence there.

It's just a psycho stalker that got caught stalking and got banned from a
park because of it.

And instead of learning any lessons from it, he has continues stalking this
person and continues to post lies about her and the park endlessly on the
internet for years afterwards.

It's truly sad, But it's hard to feel sorry for him. He's brought
everything on himself and refuses to learn from his mistakes.

And it's even more sad that people like him help to keep women away from
coaster enthusiast circles.

David H,, Boston, MA
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to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he
fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is
unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or
anyone else."
-- Theodore Roosevelt


Dec 14, 2004, 3:47:58 AM12/14/04
But you don't understand. I've been to 94 parks and ridden over
1,000,000 coasters. I have more credibility than all of you and my
origional post still means that I'm better than you, that dispicible
Tina Nelson, Holiday World, or any other group or place that has banned
me for being a child molesting, stalking cock sucker that I am. I
mean, Who really thinks I'm Psycho here? You are all just jealous you
don't have an Asian Ladyfriend, or have been to as many parks or been
on as many coasters as I have.

I have nothing better to do than to make these rediculously long,
boring posts. But if everyone here would just ignore me and report
every post I make as Abuse to Google Groups or whatever you use for
Rec.Roller-Coasters, I'd eventually just disappear.

You can all think what you want to about me, but I am right. I was
wronged by Holiday World for breaking the law. I was wronged by Tina
Nelson for killing her cats. I was wronged by ACE as well. I hate
them all! S.H.I.T. members unite!


Dec 14, 2004, 5:03:29 PM12/14/04
Noted without comment:


Dec 15, 2004, 1:54:20 AM12/15/04
Actually, Blackpool Pleasure Beach was nominated for the 2000 and 2002
award and previous recipients of the Applause Award include Cedar
Point, Sandusky, Ohio; Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, Calif.;
Universal Studios Florida, Orlando; Germany's Europa-Park; and
Efteling, Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands, Silver Dollar City, Branson
Missouri, Busch Garden Williamsburg and Hersheypark.


Dec 15, 2004, 12:22:54 PM12/15/04
Noted without comment:

Douglas Kell

Dec 15, 2004, 5:00:43 PM12/15/04
anyone think that in this case Euthinasia should be employed?
Lets do the world a favour

Douggie in the UK

"David H.--REMOVE "STOPSPAM" to reply" <>
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Fanning Flame

Dec 15, 2004, 5:12:50 PM12/15/04
>Subject: Re: Applause Pity Award
>From: (David H.--REMOVE "STOPSPAM" to
>Date: 12/15/2004 7:04 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
>Message-id: <>

>It is important to point out that he was banned from Holiday World

Wasn't the beloved by RRC, Kenny, also banned from SFAW for stalking?

Sam Marks

Dec 15, 2004, 5:29:37 PM12/15/04
>>It is important to point out that he was banned from Holiday World
>Wasn't the beloved by RRC, Kenny, also banned from SFAW for stalking?

kenny is not a sexual stalker, he's a retarded man who got a bit too manic in
the park, and was asked to take a breather... He has been asked back, so I
believe he's doing fine. Much different than this campaign by darren which
comes from a sick mind, not a malfunctioning one.

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