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Surf Dance Chris

Jun 26, 2021, 9:04:39 PM6/26/21
Took my annual (except 2020) visit to Adventureland in New York. This year, the park requires admission from everyone, and buying your ticket online is a $5 discount. In an unusual move, adult admission is less than a general admission, and an adult is considered 25 or more, 24 and under qualifies as general admission. With the online discount, general admission is $40 plus tax and adult is $30 plus tax.

I met up with my nephew and brother in law just before 6:30, leaving us just over 3.5 hours to enjoy the park. We did the Adventure Falls flume first, since it was probably going to get chillier later. Waited about 20 minutes. The ride has new boats this season. The old ones they had since the ride opened in 2001 could seat 5, with one seat divider. The new ones can fit 4, with a seat divider between each seat. Despite a lot of water already on the floor of the boat when we boarded, we enjoyed the ride and got decently wet. We then went to the Alfie’s Rescue Boats, the park’s Wild Water Rondell which opened in late 2003. In 2019, the “Crocodile Run” as it was called until then, was rethemed to rescue boats, sponsored by Saf-T-Swim. The sponsor was dropped last year, and this year the ride was renamed Alfie’s Rescue Boats (after the park’s mascot Alfie Adventureland). Waited about 3 or 4 ride cycles. I always enjoy these rides. My nephew went under the waterfall and got quite wet, I avoided the waterfall in my vehicle. We then went to the park’s new for 2021 ride Sports Tower. It replaced the Balloon Tower which opened in 2002. The themes of the balloons are different sports balls, we were placed in the basketball. It’s a much higher ride than the old Balloon Tower, and the ride loads on ground level and not requiring to climb stairs to get to the load station.

My nephew rode the Surf’s Up, and then we went on the Wave Swings, which took forever to load (no fault of the employees there working it, just guest issues and the nature of the ride). We then went to the Musik Express (was surprised to see 4 people working it, usually it’s from 1-3). Luckily, we timed catching the train perfectly just after, as the station is across from the Musik Express. We noticed a lot of the old Crocodile Run vehicles are now displayed along the train route, amongst other props and items from the park’s past. I checked out the park’s gift shop, and other than a new t shirt style, not much new for the season as far as park specific merchandise. We then went to the Rattlesnake, the park’s medium Zierer Tivoli coaster, which opened back in 2000. Only waited one cycle. Then did the Turbulence, the park’s Mack spinning coaster new for 2015. Waited about 15 minutes. My nephew and his dad played a few games (water race in the gazebo across from the Express, and basketball game near ya as well) and won a stuffed turtle and a basketball. Afterwards, we rode the Lighthouse Drop Tower. This is a fun ride, though it’s surprising it has seatbelts in addition to lap bars, as Legoland Florida has the same model ride, and theirs only has lap bars, and that seemed sufficient. We rode this twice in a row, as no one was waiting when the ride was over, and the ride op offered to give everyone another ride. Time was running out at this point, we then went to the Ferris Wheel, waited about a ride cycle (they were still using 8 cars that late, though!), a quick ride on the newly renamed “Route 110 Bumper Cars”, and then a ride on the dark ride Mystery Mansion. The sign said no single riders, but allowed me to ride single while my nephew and his dad rode together on another vehicle. The ride seemed the same as I last rode in 2019 as far as I can remember. We then had time for a last minute Rattlesnake ride and then the park closed.

We all had a great time at the park. One thing I noticed is all the ride ops seemed more relaxed and happy to be there than usual, likely due to not needing to check armbands and tickets all the time from the guests. And the guests also seemed that way since everyone had already paid to go to the park so everyone was having fun together. I think the park’s decision to go to an admission only park was a great one. The thing I don’t understand is why the park still puts an armband on everyone’s wrist though when they enter, as it’s not required to be shown anywhere in the park.
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