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Surf Dance Chris

Aug 25, 2023, 1:02:46 AMAug 25
I visited Coney Island and Adventureland today. The weather was looking iffy at best for today for the last few days, but woke up to find the prediction had gotten better and just likely cool and cloudy until after midnight. I got to Coney around 11:30 and surprisingly actually got to park next to Cyclone with lots of spaces available. The cooler than normal temps (plus maybe many staying away with the original rain predictions) certainly kept the crowds away from the beach, boardwalk, and the parks. These parking spots are back in only. 2 hours max for parking was $3.25 (better than the $20 I was expecting to pay for a spot in the Cyclones lot like we did last year). I first rode the Cyclone for $10 and it’s running decently well. Unfortunately, there is no choice of seat. When I arrived at the station there were only 2 riders in the train, one in the first and one in the second row. I was instructed to sit in row 3. At least it wasn’t a wheel seat. While I get that they want to fill the train so no waiting for first or last row, I was surprised I couldn’t choose any remaining seat. A few people arrived after me, all of them instructed to fill the rows starting with the closed available to front.

I then went over to Tony’s Express, the new for 2022 coaster that still wasn’t open yet during my visit in 2022 early in the summer. This ride is also $10. Choice of seat allowed, I chose the second row from the back. It was just me and a few other riders. An ok ride, but won’t be spending $10 on it again anytime soon. This was coaster credit 530, and likely my last new credit of 2023 (11 total this year). As I walked out of the ride, it started raining and quickly became a steady rain. I ate at Nathan’s in the boardwalk (I usually eat at the main location on Surf Avenue). The rain went on steady for an hour or so so I visited some nearby stores and eventually walked around some more in the rain which lightened up but was still steady. Rides were almost all closed. I did go ride the Spook-A-Rama which is always a good time. Eventually my parking meter time was up and it was time to head out. I didn’t really plan on riding much else anyway, but was hoping to just enjoy the typical non raining Coney Island atmosphere more.

Luckily, the weather held out as I got to Adventureland. I arrived around 2:30 or so. Considering the cool and cloudy weather with an iffy forecast, I was surprised when I arrived how many cars were in the parking lot. Checking the park’s Facebook page, they had just commented on a post earlier that day that the park was indeed staying open until originally posted closing time of 10pm.

I bought my admission online, got my armband at a ticket window at the front of the park, and went in. Took an obligatory photo with the old talking tree near Mystery Mansion. Glad it’s still out on display, but I wish it was a little less hidden.

Since there were no new rides this year that I needed to make sure I got on, I first went to ride the Rattlesnake Coaster. 2 train wait. I was able to get a seat in the 2nd to last row. The worker there was very enthusiastic with all the guests. This is always a fun ride. Still 2 circuits around each ride, as it’s been since the ride opened in 2000. I then went to Turbulence, only one train wait. Something I don’t remember from my visits in past years is that the ride has themed music going up the lift! It always gives a good smooth and pretty quiet ride. I rode that one again later, waited a few trains that time.

Next up was Alfie’s Rescue Boats. I really enjoy this type of ride, and Adventureland’s is definitely the best of the ones I’ve ridden. Since it was so cool and I was still wet from being rained on at Coney earlier, I definitely avoided the waterfall on the ride. After that, I went to FireBall, I really enjoy this unique ride, and luckily I got to ride facing the park 2 of the 3 rides I got this visit. Glad to hear the music still plays on the lift on that one. Took a ride on the always classic Wave Swings as well.

I rode the Train twice during my visit. Many guests on the ride were counting the Alfie dolls that are scattered throughout the ride. I enjoy seeing all the retired ride vehicles and other park history signs and scenery throughout the ride. The 2 train operators I saw were both very enthusiastic.

I rode the Frisbee, which I think I’ve only ridden at Adventureland once before (I’m not a big fan of this type of ride, and it did take the place of my favorite ride the Surf Dance years ago). Still not a big fan of it.
I also rode the Musik Express, which was good as usual.

The line for Mystery Mansion was long when I first arrived, but later I was able to get 3 rides throughout the day. The ride is excellent. All/most stunts were operating and it’s plenty entertaining and fun whether you do or don’t like dark rides/haunted houses. The last ride I went on for the day was the Pirate. You never know when this ride will be retired, so despite not being a huge fan of it, I did ride once.

I looked in the Midway Marketplace while in the park, and they had some new shirts and a few other park branded souvenirs, but nothing I was interested in getting.

I ate a small meal while in the park, I went with the chicken nuggets combo in the main Restaurant. Unfortunately, they are not as good as the ones I used to eat quite regularly there years ago. The fries were good. Also I should note that if you pay with cash it’s a little cheaper than if you pay with a card. So bring cash to save!

Other miscellaneous items:
The restrooms were clean and well maintained. The one in the arcade may have been redone last year or sometime recently.
I didn’t play any games.
Landscaping looked good.
I wish the Ferris Wheel didn’t have a no single rider policy.
There’s an Alfie statue in the middle of the park, Albert never got the attention Alfie does! By the way, Albert is still looking out onto the park above the restrooms near the front of the park.
I still think it’s odd that the park still gives people POP bands to wear now that the park is admission only and has been for several years.
The park history signs in the arcade windows have been updated and now go through the 2020s!

I stayed until almost 7pm and had a great time at the park. I can’t wait to see what they do next year. I’m hoping that since there were no new rides for 2023, there may be something new for 2024.

Tallies for the day:

Cyclone 1
Tony’s Express 1
Spook-A-Rama 1

Pirate 1
Rattlesnake 2
Turbulence 2
Mystery Mansion 3
Musik Express 1
Rescue Boats 1
Frisbee 1
Wave Swings 1
FireBall 3
Train 2
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