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The newsgroup, first established in 1993, has been
recently revived by an active moderation team. We are currently seeking
suitable information, FAQ, and bulletin articles from the entire* newsgroup hierarchy for simultaneous cross-posting to our

We are seeking a replacement maintainer for the following information
bulletin formerly posted to (and currently archived at ):

Subject: FAQ: A Guide to Buying and Selling on Usenet
Maintainer: jeff...@Hawaii.Edu (Jeffrey Herman)
Last Posted: 6 Nov 2001 19:25:51 GMT
Posting-Frequency: Monthly

We are willing to provide any technical support necessary to get this
article updated and automatically posted again at a regular interval.
This would include establishing contact with the original maintainer for
any necessary permissions. We would prefer to seek a new, dedicated
maintainer at this time, rather than start auto-posting the original
article ourselves.

For more information about our newsgroup, see:

Please direct any comments, questions, or criticisms to

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