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Dead Yaesu Frg-8800 and a new radio

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Joe Pechie

13.05.2002, 22:44:3113.05.02

My Yaesu Frg-8800 does not want to reset. I have tried every combo of
resetting I can think of but still just a blinking display. I have not
listened to shortwave for about 7 years. So that brings me to real point of
this post. I am getting a new radio. A new house pretty much killed my
chances at a table top this year so I have narrowed my choice down to 3
radios. Actually getting a portable should be great. I live 30 miles from
the access road to the Shenandoah Mountains and have always wanted to go up
there with a portable.

The choices at this time are.
1.Sangean ats-909
2.Sony icf-2010
3.Sony sw-7600g

If anyone wants to give me there opinions I would be grateful. I have read
the reviews on line but am not sure if that helped or muddied the water. If
I remember right The passport to world band radio contains some reviews. If
not, it was a great excuse to order one any ways. One of my concerns is
overloading the front end. Something I did not worry about with the Yaesu
(Boy I miss that radio).

Thanks for your time.



13.05.2002, 23:22:5713.05.02
>From: (Joe Pechie)

>The choices at this time are.
>1.Sangean ats-909
>2.Sony icf-2010
>3.Sony sw-7600g

Everyone has a different opinion. Make sure to do a search of this
NG's archives to see thousands of posts on this subject. I own all three. All
are excellent radios, but I believe the 2010 to be clearly superior in
sensitivity and selectivity. The sync on the 2010 works better than the one on
the 7600g. The 2010 probably has the best audio, at least from those three you
list. Granted the 2010 is more expensive, but I think its worth it.

Consider the KIWA filter mods if you go the 2010 route. They make a better
radio even better.



14.05.2002, 04:57:4414.05.02
You may have tried this , but I had a similar problem with my FRG8800 it
turned out to be half flat memory backup batteries .I took them out and it
worked fine.
regards MVH

"Joe Pechie" <> wrote in message

Joe Pechie

14.05.2002, 12:57:4214.05.02
I have taken that batteries out but still no luck.

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John S.

14.05.2002, 14:14:0314.05.02
Before dumping your radio get the specific instructions for resetting
the CPU in the 8800 and replace the batteries. Also clean the
contacts. Was there any corrosion in the battery compartment?

The CPU on that radio was know for shutting down almost at random as
well as static electricity, weather, etc. Very sensitive. Still its
a neat radio, so don't give up on it yet! (Joe Pechie) wrote in message news:<>...

Silicon Geek

14.05.2002, 18:00:3914.05.02
In article <>, says...

The FRG8800 is a strange radio. I've had a number of weird problems with
mine, including reboot problems after brief power outages. I couldn't
get it to reboot once so I left for a couple hours with the radio
plugged in and when I got back it was fine. (I've heard that the
microchips in them are sensitive.) I got it used, traded a 2010 for it.
The problems I've had have been a freq/clock control broken in shipping
from Maine and a resistor that went bad that is apparently typical for
this radio. I keep mine unplugged until I actually use it. I use a DX396
for listening to DW news every night.


14.05.2002, 19:03:4714.05.02

A couple of things you can try before you give up:

1. Replace the fuse.
2. Turn the radio on. Turn it off. Unplug the power cord from the
back of the radio, and then unplug it from the outlet (yes, I know this
is not the normal way things are done). Remove the batteries. Wait
half an hour. Put the batteries back in. Plug the power cord into the
back of the radio, and then plug it into the outlet. Turn your radio
Good Luck1


Joe Pechie

14.05.2002, 22:14:4614.05.02
I changed the batteries again tonight. The battery compartment looks
good. No rust in sight. I played with it for about an hour. I have 3
different things happening now. While it still does not work it does
give me a little hope. I can get no display and no sound. I can get no
display with sound and a working squelch. I can get a blinking display
that tunes and no sound. Before I just got the blinking display that
tunes with no sound. When the sound first came out of the speaker I
thought I had it but nope. I am not sure if the radio is toast or I am
just missing that one step that slips my mind.

Thanks for the advice
Joe (John S.) wrote in message news:<>...

Joe Pechie

14.05.2002, 22:29:5614.05.02
I searched old posts and found this.

PROBLEM: The PLL is unlocked when the temperature changes.

1. Remove the AC cable from the AC jack. Remove the top cover.
2. Remove the PLL unit from the chassis.
3. Remove R18 22k ohm 1/4w resistor. Replace with 4.7k ohm 1/4w resistor.
(add solder side)
4. Replace the PLL unit.
5. Replace top cover. Modification is now complete.

Has anyone done this and found it to solve the problem.
Joe (John S.) wrote in message news:<>...

Joe Pechie

17.05.2002, 10:12:5217.05.02
Thanks to all who gave advice. I purchased a Sony 7600gr. I have not
given up on the yaesu but do not see a quick fix either. The Sony
should arrive on Monday.
On a side note, someone sent me an email offering to fix the radio.
Sorry but I lost that email so if you could send me another one I
would like to talk with you.

Again thanks to all who responded to my post.

Recent copy of monitoring times - check
Passport to worldband radio - check
Large coffee pot - check

Come on Monday.


tq <> wrote in message news:<>...

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