WBCQ moving from 7415 to 7490

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Oct 22, 2011, 5:21:30 AM10/22/11
Glenn, WBCQ has notified me that the FCC has given them until Monday, October
24, 2011, to vacate their 7.415 MHz frequency. The new frequency will be 7.490
MHz. I expect Al will address this in further detail on his show this evening
at 0000 UTC on 7.415. Regards, ((Larry Will, Area 51, 2036 UT Oct 22, DX

Yes, he did. Summary: FCC says it is because the Civil Air Patrol has a new HF
fixed communications system on 7416. 7415 was WBCQ`s #1 frequency since it
went on the air Sept 8, 1998. A good run, but have always known that operating
on an out-of-band frequency is always subject to getting bumped to another
frequency if the US government requires.

Hopes 7490 will be better anyway, away from China Radio International
interference on 7415. So happens that the antenna peaks closer to 7.5 MHz.
Will retune over the weekend, maybe not on full power at first from Oct 24.

So happens that TimTron Worldwide celebrates tenth anniversary so may give him
as much time as he wants this Saturday on 7415 for the last time. Normal time
is 7-9 pm EDT.

gh comments: this is good because of the CRI QRM, which was never enough to
get Allan to move of his own free will. B-11 schedules show WWCR on 7490 in
the mornings, when WBCQ has never been on the air anyway (but 7415 had been
available 24 hours for WBCQ, whatever the collisions). We shall be VERY
interested to hear if anyone actually picks up CAP on 7416.

The Kazakhstan site is listed on 7490 at 18-22 toward Europe 300 or 200 kW,
301 degrees, the first half for YFR, unknown what for the second half. That`s
not too far from Kashgar where the CRI QRM was comingn from. And BBC via
Thailand at 22-24, 250 kW, 25 degrees. That`s also toward us, and I`m afraid
in the winter that will be a QRM problem along the grayline.

This of course affects WORLD OF RADIO, Thursdays at 2130 UT, and from November
at 2230, effective immediately to be on 7490 ex-7415 (Glenn Hauser, DX




Oct 22, 2011, 8:12:53 AM10/22/11
WWCR "B11" Schedule
October 30, 2011 to November 6, 2011
Transmitter #2 - 100 KW - 85 Degrees
7490 kHz @ 1300–1600 UTC
WBCQ Program Guide for Frequency 7490 kHz
Not 'on' this frequency @ 1300–1600 UTC
Short-Wave.Info for 7490 kHz


Nov 3, 2011, 3:56:50 AM11/3/11
> October 30, 2011 to November 6, 2011http://www.wwcr.com/
> Transmitter #2 - 100 KW - 85 Degrees
> 7490 kHz @ 1300–1600 UTChttp://www.wwcr.com/transmitter-sched.html
>  .
> WBCQ Program Guide for Frequency 7490 kHzhttp://www.wbcq.com/
> Not 'on' this frequency @ 1300–1600 UTChttp://schedule.wbcq.com/main.php?fn=sked&freq=7490
>  .
> Short-Wave.Info for 7490 kHzhttp://www.short-wave.info/index.php?freq=7490
>  .
>  .

Hearing WBCQ 'The Planet' on 7490 kHz @ 0215 UTC
broadcasting 'The Overcomer Ministry' [OM] with
Brother Stair [[BS]

Caller to the OM ranting that WBCQ was trashing
the Frequency that WWRC had Blessed with it's
programming : BS said that the Caller was Demon
Possessed and all should Pray for the Callers
'Awaking' and do the right thing by $upporting
the OM.

S-Meter : S4~S6 SIO 454 and good audio
on 3 NOV 2011

WBCQ : 7490 kHz @ 1900~0400 UTC : 03PM~12AM EDT
yes - i heard hear it on the short-wavy ray-di-oh ~ RHF
Twain Harte, CA -USA- : http://tinyurl.com/2fn6xog
Grundig Satellit 800-M Receiver ^Antenna^Info^
Shortwave Listener QSL Reports : http://tinyurl.com/2d9qlq
- = 2FN6XOG = - & - = 2D9QLQ = -
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