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Chris Kern

Jan 30, 1994, 7:24:13 PM1/30/94
The Voice of America's international News and English Broadcasts radio
newswire is now available via anonymous FTP and the Internet Gopher,
along with a variety of other information from VOA and Worldnet

The News and English Broadcasts wire service includes the texts, in
English, of radio reports prepared by VOA staff correspondents, contract
news reporters ("stringers"), and feature and documentary writers. The
wire provides a comprehensive daily report of news events, worldwide.
It is one of the core news products of the Voice of America, and is used
as the basis for much of VOA's programming in all languages. The public
Internet server is updated within a few minutes of the issuance of each
report by the VOA central news department; a seven-day archive of the
wire is available on the public server.

In accordance with U.S. law, program materials such as the News and
English Broadcasts newswire are provided exclusively for recipients
outside the United States.

Selected VOA and Worldnet program schedules, shortwave radio frequency
and satellite downlink information, public announcements from the Voice
of America and Worldnet, and technical documents on international radio
and television broadcasting are also available on the public Internet

All the materials on the server are available by anonymous FTP and the
Internet Gopher. Schedules and other general information materials may
also be requested via electronic mail; the News and English Broadcasts
newswire is not available via email because its contents change so

The Voice of America and Worldnet are, respectively, the international
radio and television networks of the United States Information Agency,
and operate out of headquarters in Washington, D.C. VOA has news
bureaus in many major world cities.

Anonymous FTP Access

Host: ftp.voa.gov
Logon: anonymous
Password: <your electronic mail address>

Internet Gopher Access

Host, Port: gopher.voa.gov, 70

Link Info:
Name=Voice of America and Worldnet Television
Admin=VOA Computer Services Division, +1-202-619-2020 <postm...@VOA.GOV>

Electronic Mail Access

Address: in...@voa.gov

To request emailed instructions on how to use the server, send a message
with the contents "send help" to the above address.

To request emailed instructions on how to use the server plus an index
of available files, send a message with the contents "send index" to the
above address.

[Note: We are still in the early stages of transition from a uucp-only
site. Some client programs may temporarily have difficulty resolving
the IP address of our public server (ftp.voa.gov or gopher.voa.gov)
until their local name server receives updated information on the
VOA.GOV DNS zone. If you experience difficulty connecting to these
symbolic address, the IP address of the server is]

Chris Kern c...@voa.gov ...uunet!voa3!ck +1 202-619-2020

R. Stewart Ellis

Jan 31, 1994, 8:23:26 AM1/31/94
c...@VOA.GOV (Chris Kern) writes:

>Anonymous FTP Access

My DNS server cannot resolve this hostname:

[23](ttyp5)_nova_ellis_/sun/gnu/src/gopher/gopher2.011> nslookup ftp.voa.gov
Server: nova.gmi.edu

*** No address information is available for ftp.voa.gov

>Internet Gopher Access

>Host, Port: gopher.voa.gov, 70

>Electronic Mail Access

>Address: in...@voa.gov

R.Stewart(Stew) Ellis, Assoc.Prof., (Off)313-762-9765 ___________________
Humanities & Social Science, GMI Eng.& Mgmt. Inst. / _____ ______
Flint, MI 48504 el...@nova.gmi.edu / / / / / /
Gopher,News and modem maintainer, all around hack /________/ / / / /


Jan 31, 1994, 10:21:36 AM1/31/94
In article <2ij5iq$r...@osiris.kbfi.ee>, y...@osiris.kbfi.ee (Ylo Mets) writes:
>It might help to connect if you know the IP address.
>Could somebody post it for the ftp.voa.gov machine?
>Thank you in advance.


Dan Ferguson

Feb 3, 1994, 10:24:20 AM2/3/94
In a msg of <Jan 31 16:45>, Ylo Mets of 1:109/716 writes:

YM> From: y...@osiris.kbfi.ee (Ylo Mets)
YM> Organization: Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics,
YM> Estonia
YM> Date: 31 Jan 1994 16:45:46 +0200

YM> It might help to connect if you know the IP address.
YM> Could somebody post it for the ftp.voa.gov machine?
YM> Thank you in advance.

YM> Ylo Mets,
YM> Institute of Chemical Physics & Biophysics,
YM> Tallinn,
YM> Estonia

I think he included it toward the end of the message. Try

Joaquim Baptista [pxQuim]

Feb 4, 1994, 10:44:07 AM2/4/94

May I humbly suggest that this kind of information becomes much more
valuable with the addition of a WAIS (or similar) search engine? If
you have unix, even "grep" can work within reasonable time, and for
small loads.

You turn lots of news into something where you can quickly find some
data, for instance, what news mention Portugal, or Wall Street.

Joaquim Baptista, alias pxQuim

Email: {px,archive}@fct.unl.pt Fax: +351-1-295 5641
Snail: Dept Informatica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
P-2825 Monte de Caparica, Portugal

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