Remote Neural Monitoring - A Living Nightmare Imposed Upon Innocent People

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fred k. engels ®

Sep 15, 2018, 4:23:30 PM9/15/18
Remote Neural Monitoring~A Living Nightmare Imposed Upon Innocent
People (Sept. 23, 2016)

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[Editor's Note: The information provided in the Youtube video link
found below has accurate information about the shocking and nefarious
capabilities of Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite technology. However,
the electronic voice narration is spoken too fast and is annoying to
listen to. The video includes some portions that are print only and
other parts that are printed screen and electronic voice. I've typed
out all of the information presented into a single English transcipt
which can be translated into other languages using Google translator or
the electronic translations found above. It's hard to know how many
people in the United States are being tortured and victimized by this
horrendous victimization of innocent American citizens by government
agencies including the US Air Force, the CIA, the NSA,and other
military/intelligence groups - often working in collusion with
corporate players and big city police. Some have estimated 4,000 -
10,000 victims, while others have suggested that it's closer to 100,000
victims, and others yet have claimed that it's as high as 3 million

If we don't do something soon to stop this high tech torture and go
after the criteins who are doing it, it's going to eventually enslave
and victimize EVERYONE in this country. If we allow this to happen,
life in the United States will become a living Hell.]

Published on Jan 13, 2013 by OSINFORMERS

Remote Neural Monitoring

English transcript by Ken Adachi

[Printed on screen]
Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Harassment/Terrorism Awareness

The purpose of this video is to inform you and the public of the
illegal, criminal use of Remote Neural Monitoring via satellite
technology. This is being used simultaneously with what is known as
Organized Stalking and Harassment to harass and terrorize individuals
for years at a time..

The following information was gathered from several trusted sources and
victims of the illegal criminal use of Remote Neural Monitoring...

Technological Harassment
Technological harassment refers to the use of technology to view,
track, monitor and/or harass a person near or from a distance. The
technology may include audio and/or video surveillance, GPS trackers on
vehicles, "Non-Lethal Weapons" (NLWs), Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs),
and satellites using what is known as Remote Neural Monitoring.

Remote Neural Monitoring (short description)
Remote Neural Monitoring has the following capabilities:

1.- Ttracking is able to lock onto a human being and track that
person around 2 - Mind Reading is able to read that person's mind
and give a response, answer, or reply over TV or radio as to what
you say or think privately to yourself. 3- Assaults is able to hit
that person with Directed Energy [microwaves] and is able to tap
into all electronics ~ TVs, radios, police scanners, and computers
with voice morphing, or synthetic voices and is able to say things
over TVs, radios, and ('Voice Morh') clone or copy individual
voices and then broadcast those voices over police scanners. This
technology can imitate any actor's voice or any individual's voice
over the TV and respond to what you are thinking or saying in that
individual's voice/

Capabilities of the Remote Neural Monitoring

Thought Mind Reading (reading of thoughts remotely)

1. Vision ~ See as through a camera, through the victim's eyes to
see what the victim is seeing 2. Hearing ~ Ability to hear and pick
up what the victim is hearing. This is how illegal criminal Human
Trafficking and Racketeering Operations are being criminally run
with this Remote Neural Monitoring technology to profit off of
unweary, unsuspecting victims. 3. Speaking~Remote Neural Monitoring
has the ability to speak to the individual being targeted through
speech voice morphing and interjections of speech into TVs,
stereos, radios, scanners, and cellular phones. 4. Speech and
Speaking~Ability to speak to the victim through the air or send or
broadcast voices or whispers around the target that can appear to
come from anywhere. 5. Directed Energy Assaults from the Remote
Neural Monitoring satellite technology that may come in the form of
shocks, jolts, jars, jabs, pokes, taps, stings, and burns. 6.
Control of Sleep Patterns~Sleep deprivation done by directed-energy
assaults from the satellite technology 7. Computer to Brain
Interface Control and Communication~Complex control of the brain
such as inplanting thoughts, retrieving memories and implanting

Signs of Being Criminally Targeted with Remote Neural Monitoring

1. Having your thoughts read remotely
2. Feeling as if you were being watched
3. Having individuals engaged in organized stalking against you,
dropping hints or conveying to you by actions, that they can see
you 4. Being targeted with Organized Stalking while you were being
targeted with Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology.
Organized stalking usually involves Electronic Technological
Harassment of some form that is going on at the same time, either
ground or satellite-based. 5. Electronic disturbances within your
home - which may include thumping or popping noises on walls, TVs.
or appliances. 6. Light bulbs and TVs flickering. 7. Microwave
Hearing, also known as Voice to Skull, V2K, which includes being
forced to listen to audio harassment or voices; symptoms that
mimics and appear to be mental illness, but is not mental illness.
8. Persistent Loud Ringing in the ears, what is known as (Silent
Sound) fake tinnitus. This is common and frequently reported by
targets and victims of Organized Stalking. 9. Hearing tones or Tone
Bursts in the ears that may last anywhere from five to ten seconds
that may change in volume and pitch. 10. Transmission of Specific
Commands into the Subconscious Mind 11. Visual disturbances, visual
hallucinations 12. Injection of words, numbers or information into
brain via electromagnetic radiation or radio waves or by the Remote
Neural Monitoring satellite technology 13. Being touched or tapped,
or hit by an invisible force or having parts of your body suddenly
moved, causing pain to any nerve of the body or to the body using
Directed Energy from the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite

Remote Manipulation of Human Behavior

Thoughts or Actions

1. Hearing voices or whispers that appear to come from different rooms
of your home or the outside of your home. This is done by the Remote
Neural Monitoring. 2. Hearing Voices or Speech Interjected into your
TV, police scanner or car radio that corresponds to what you are
thinking or saying privately to yourself 3. Strangers or Family Members
Engaged in Organized Stalking Against the Victim repeating, relaying,
or parroting back private things that you thought, did or said while
alone or in private.using Directed Conversation. The individuals
engaged in the Organized Stalking are being criminally given pieces and
excerpts of the target's and victim's thought process to repeat or
parrot back to the victim as constant harassment and psychological

The Remote Neural Monitoring is being used simultaneously with
Organized Stalking to Target, Harass, and Terrorize individuals by
using the target and victims thoughts (Evoked Thought Potentials)
brainwaves to direct and coordinate Organized Stalking Criminal
Harassment activities against the target and victim.

Example: if the victim is thinking of white snowy weather on a day that
it is not snowing, the criminal or criminal organizers who have been
given illegal criminal access to the illegal thought reading logs by
means of cell phone or computer logs, is intentionally coordinating the
organized stalking groups to flood the victim's area with coordinated
white vehicles to psychologically harass and terrorize the target and
victim. This psychological terroristic tactic is being done with any
color, shape, numbers, themes or wholly symbolic actions, gestures, etc.

Remote Neural Monitoring Quotes

"I know from first hand experience that Remote Neural Monitoring is a
reality. I have 'witnessed' the operational capabilities of this
technology and they were later 'verified' by an acquaintance."

"Along with mind-reading, one of the most bizarre users of a satellite
is to physically assault someone. An electronic satellite beam, using
far less energy than needed to blast nuclear missiles in flight, can
"slap" or bludgeon someone on earth. A satellite beam can also be
locked down onto a human target with a victim being unable to evade the
menace by running around or driving around and can cause harm through
application of pressure on, for example, one's head."

"Citizens are being illegally interrogated within their own homes
without ever being charged with a crime as their Fourth Amendment
rights are completely denied them. In the United States alone,
thousands of people have already come forward to describe this
technology and how it is being used to both illegally spy on them,
while also manipulating their thoughts as they are targeted for non
consensual human experimentation."

"Famous neuroscientist warns that Remote Neural Monitoring equipment is
'far from being science fiction' and can be used for control of
behavior and brainwashing."

Scientists Agree Remote Neural Monitoring os a Danger and a Human
Health Hazard

Health Hazards

As a direct result from the Remote Neural Monitoring Technology, the
victim is being exposed to a HARMFUL Directed Energy for years at a
time, which is a HEALTH HAZARD.

Quote: "Scientists believe that like leukemia and the cancerous risks
posed by mobile phones - which also emi microwaves - Remote Neural
Monitoring can also pose similar threats to a subject's overall health
as the heating effect of the tissues with the speed of light is a known
effect of high powered microwave and electromagnetic pulse weapons."

Disinformation and Deception

There are several articles of information that has appeared on the
internet regarding Remote Neural Monitoring being portrayed as a "Crime
Fighting and Detection Tool."

Remote Neural Monitoring was NOT invented to "detect criminal thought
inside the mind" or for "investigations." Nor does it have any place or
serve any legit purpose in law enforcement. These articles appear to be
an obvious attempt to legitimize and condition readers in the public to
accept Remote Neural Monitoring as a legitimate law enforcement tool -
which it is not.

Just as Organized Stalking and Harassment is NOT and is completely the
opposite! It is being criminally used simultaneously with Organized
Stalking to violate, invade, harass, and terrorize individuals for
years at a time.

Polygraphs have served the purpose and are quite accurate of
determining if someone is telling the truth regarding criminal
activity. Also, if Remote Neural Monitoring was to be used for that
purpose, it would require a quite complicated warrant, despite the
unlawful illegal criminal manner that it is being used on individuals
without their consent and their permission.

It is quite obvious that warrants are NOT being obtained and that
Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to intentionally Harass and
Terrorize individuals for years at a time, simultaneously with
Organized Stalking and Harassment.

Warning: Beware of indviduals claiming that Remote Neural Monitoring is
being used for "Health Purposes." This is a health scam and FRAUD being
perpetrated by these Syndicated Criminal Individuals who are actively
involved in Electronic Racketeering and Human Trafficing by use of
Remort Neural Monitoring. These individuals are illegally. criminally
involved in the following:

1. Illegal Electronic Monitoring
2. Eavesdropping and Relaying by Remote Neural Monitoring
3. Health frauds
4. Racketeerig
5. Human Trafficking
6. Hacking
7. Illegal Criminal Tapping and Eavesdropping of internet and
telephone communicatiions 8. Criminal Violations of Privacy
9. Psychological Warfare
10. Stalking
11. Harassment
12. Slander
13. Manipulation
14. Deception

Do NOT believe anything these individuals may tell, send, or relay to

This video is just a small description of Remote Neural Monitoring and
the Capabilities, Misuses, and Abuses, and Harmful Health Hazards
associated with the illegal, criminal use of this technology.

The individuals illegally and criminally using this Remote Neural
Monitoring technology are claiming to be The United States Air Force,
operating illegally and criminaly out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

If you have, or are being targeted and harassed by the criminal use of
this technology, we suggest that you start investigating and directing
your lawsuits.

fred k. engels®

Sep 15, 2018, 4:56:26 PM9/15/18
The FAKE is a chickenshit Cyber stalker Sockpuppet
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P.S. It's just fun to watch THE chickenshit Cyber stalker LOOKS NERVOUS (AS
This is The Real Fred K. Engelsо- Fred K. Engelsо.

chickenshit Cyber stalker Sockpuppet wrote in message

George Cornelius

Sep 17, 2018, 12:59:22 AM9/17/18
In article <pnjpnu$17ff$>, "fred k. engels =?UTF-8?B?wq4=?=" <> writes:
> Remote Neural Monitoring~A Living Nightmare Imposed Upon Innocent
> People (Sept. 23, 2016)
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> [Editor's Note: The information provided in the Youtube video link
> found below has accurate information about the shocking and nefarious
> capabilities of Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite technology. However,

This is a steaming pile of B.S.

Courtesy of, who else?, Fake Fred.

Sep 17, 2018, 9:52:23 AM9/17/18
We have 4G, then that will get hopped up to 5G. Where is the end?, when will that sheet stop!?

Sep 17, 2018, 11:12:38 AM9/17/18
https://journal-neo/2018/09/16/a-view-of-the-deadly-world-order ...A stroke, blood clot, major calamity can/will knock that view out in less than an instant, before there is time to view anything.

Mr. Dominator

Aug 26, 2022, 10:57:19 PMAug 26
This isn’t fake at all. This is an incredibly scary but accurate portrait of the most horrific silent covered up crime against humanity our world faces today.

Mr. Dominator

Aug 26, 2022, 11:03:08 PMAug 26
Thank you for this extremely accurate portrait of what so many innocent civilians around the world currently are forced to live with. This is very well written. These horrific crimes against humanity need to be exposed.

Bob Campbell

Aug 27, 2022, 1:55:20 PMAug 27
Too funny.

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