Ham Radio Phone BBS List 1/92

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Thomas Brown [901015]

Dec 28, 1991, 10:50:57 PM12/28/91
Subject: Ham Radio Phone BBS List 1/92

The following is a list of some telephone BBSs that support Amateur Radio.
Some of these are strictly for hams, while others support special interest
groups for hams or have radio-related files or message sections.

Due to the increasing size of the list, it will only be distributed on the
packet networks once or twice each year as a multipart bulletin. If you do
not receive the complete list, please obtain it from one of the following
sources; duplicate copies cannot be sent out on the packet networks.

Internet: wsmr-simtel20.army.mil - PD8:<MISC.HAMRADIO>HAMPHONE.92
wuarchive.wustl.edu - /pub/hamphone.92.Z
Phone BBS: K4NGC BBS (703) 680-5970 - HAMPHONE.92
WB2COY BBS (914) 485-3393 - HAMPHONE.92
Packet: KA2UGQ-4 BBS 145.01 MHz - GENERAL HAMPHONE.92

If you call a BBS on this list and find nothing to indicate it's relationship
to Ham Radio or find that it has been disconnected, please let me know so I can
archive it and clean up the list. I can't gaurantee the accuracy of this list,
but I do strive to keep it as up-to-date as possible. Please send any updates,
changes, or comments to me. 73, Tom Brown KA2UGQ.

Packet: ka2...@ka2ugq.nj.usa.na
Internet: tw...@ns.cc.lehigh.edu UUCP: ..!uunet!ns.cc.lehigh.edu!twb0
BITNET: tw...@lehigh.bitnet ICBM: 40 40' 47" N, 74 25' 03" W / FN20TQ

Verification status (symbol after phone number):
'*'=verified, '+'=busy when called, '?'=questionable, ' '=unknown
':'=new/updated number (since 7/91 list)

'Speed' codes are as follows:
3=300, 1=1200, 2=2400, 9=9600, 0=19200, 8=38400+
T=9600-19200 baud (Telebit/Trailblazer/Ventel modem)
U=US-Robotics HST 9600-38400 baud
V=Hayes V-series 4800-9600 baud
>=PC Pursuitable

Phone-Number Name SysOp Location Speed
============ ==================== ==================== ================== =====
201-332-6098*Edgelight Online BBS KB2BLE Jersey City, NJ 12
201-385-1693*Radio CMBS ? NJ 12
201-387-8898*ROSE Switch Support (login:rats) NJ 12
201-423-4258+Computer Nookery ? NJ
201-694-8122*Sonnet Center Jim Sonnet Mountain View, NJ 312
201-785-1830*The Meeting House N2CZF NJ 12
201-941-3302*B.F.W.K. KB2JXK Cliffside Park, NJ 1U
203-236-3761*Bruce's Bar & Grill Bruce Lomansky CT
203-261-6434*Trumbull Mini WA1QKS Trumbull, CT 312
203-431-4687+Source of Magic B&J Sanders Ridgefield, CT
203-438-9908*Orions Nebula N1CUI CT 12
203-563-6455*Hart-Metro Opus ? Whethersfield, CT
203-665-0090*ARRL Field Service W1AW Newington, CT
203-735-9328 The Draconis Combine ? CT
203-753-8351*CoCo Byte David Yale Waterbury, CT
203-846-3522*NORAD Bill Hurlock Norwalk, CT U
203-865-6960*EarthStation 101 KA9CRG New Haven, CT U
203-888-8375+Dave's Bar & Grill KA1TFB CT
204-785-8518*Bill's BBS VE2UB Canada 12
205-758-5017*The Bulletin Board W4WYP/WD4DAT AL 3
205-853-6144*Bham Sperry, 60M Jack Efird Birmingham, AL 12UV
205-988-4816?Superboard ? AL 31
206-237-3472 Bears BBS WM7O WA
206-355-1295*The Precedent N7NIP WA 12
206-566-1155*AmoCat BBS Rich Langsford Tacoma, WA U
206-637-2398+Seattle Software Exc LeRoy DeVries Seattle, WA U
206-767-3223+Amateur Radio Supply WB7EWO/W7PV (6PM-9AM)Seattle, WA 3
206-774-9566*Briar Patch ? WA 12
207-495-2490*I.A.R.N. K1MAN Belgrade Lakes, ME
212-380-3864*Atari BBS K2BSM NY
212-645-2176*Metro CPU ? NY
212-781-4723*Friends WB2RSI New York, NY 312>
213-370-4113+Long Island RB ? CA
213-374-7929*PC Heaven BBS N6XQU Redondo Beach, CA 12
213-376-9567*Beach Cities KB6MND Redondo Beach, CA
213-420-9327:The QED BBS KC6SCN CA 31290
213-541-2503*GFRN RCP/M WB6YMH Palos Verdes, CA 312
213-761-8284+Kenwood Radio Inc. ? CA
213-761-8292?Kenwood Radio Inc. ? CA
214-394-7325 Dallas Rem. Imaging DRIG Dallas, TX
214-394-7438*Datalink BBS-AMSAT N5ITU Dallas, TX 319V
215-244-3916+32 Bit BBS ? PA
215-273*2606:The Tech Connection KA3TFM Honey Brook, PA 312
215-568-2137*LBARA bbs (login:lbara, password:hams) Philadelphia, PA 12
215-584-1412*System-2 ? Norristown, PA
215-678-9334*File Cabinet ? PA UV
215-827-7689?K3DSM BBS K3DSM Malvern, PA
215-948-0593?K3DSM BBS (?) K3DSM Malvern, PA
216-237-8208*NOARS BARF-80 BBS KB8NW Cleveland, OH 312
216-349-4515*Infoguide Josef Stiene Cleveland, OH U>
216-526-9480*AMCOM Bill Poissant Cleveland, OH ?>
216-526-9481*AMCOM Bill Poissant Cleveland, OH ?>
216-526-9482*AMCOM Bill Poissant Cleveland, OH U>
216-526-9485*AMCOM Bill Poissant Cleveland, OH U>
216-526-9489*AMCOM Bill Poissant Cleveland, OH UV>
216-526-9490*AMCOM Bill Poissant Cleveland, OH ?>
216-545-0093*Steel Valley Opus ? Girard, OH
216-661-9065*Comstar Roger Dye Cleveland, OH U>
216-777-4569?Connections II Ryan Wilkins Cleveland, OH ?>
216-867-6984+Buckeye Hamshack ? OH
216-942-6382+Hamnet WB8APD Cleveland, OH U>
216-942-7516*Hamnet WB8APD Cleveland, OH V>
216-951-4287*Eastlake Ken Bayko Cleveland, OH U>
301-272-5313*Aberdeen Interface ? Aberdeen, MD 31
301-388-1517*Dead Zone ? Baltimore, MD
301-551-6517*KA3DXX Hamshack BBS KA3DXX MD 12
301-574-1984?Berkshire Board ? Essex, MD
301-590-9629*3 Winks RBBS W3INK Gaithersburg, MD 31
301-593-9067*PC-Ham BBS G3ZCZ MD 12
301-599-7651*Mad Faces BBS Kim Wells Upper Marlboro, MD
301-604-1589+The Earthstation BBS ? MD
301-621-9669*Around & About WA3TKW MD
301-645-7964?Diamond Jims ? MD
301-670-9621*3 Winks Fido W3INK Gaithersburg, MD 31
301-725-1072*F.C.C. PAL Hotline FCC MD
301-831-5954*WJ3P Exchange Lucas Spiros Mt. Airy, MD 12
301-831-9012?Thundr Bay Trad Post WA3ZLB MD
303-497-5000*NOAA (propagation +) NOAA Boulder, CO
303-497-5042*NOAA 3 line rotary NOAA Boulder, CO
303-534-4646*The Comm-Post Brian Bartee Denver, CO 9
303-972-9600*Microlink ? Denver, CO 9
305-325-8709+Medical Software Exc ? FL
305-382-6687+Right Connections N4LDG Miami, FL
305-822-4673?Miami Infomatics BBS ? FL
305-828-7909*Telcom Central Fido ? FL 12
305-836-0463*Head Start Fido BBS N4ETS FL 12
306-586-1551*Polestar Opus VE5EK SK 312
312-776-5561*N9CSA Ham & Hobby N9CSA Chicago, IL 12
313-291-2520+Genesis II WB8ZPN MI
313-482-4436+Somewhere In Time KE8JY/N8KJL Ypsilanti, MI
313-546-7045+Air Studio Fido KA8NCR MI
313-649-6213?Blue Water TBBS ? Birmingham, MI
313-759-6569*Royal Oak RCP/M W8SDZ Royal Oak, MI 31
313-879-7387:The Blalck Hole BBS N8MAX MI
314-837-5422*Cindex Tech Support KB0FMQ Florissant, MO 12
314-965-0477*Cat Box BBS ? MO 12
315-695-4070*Phoenix High School ? NY 31
316-943-6030+Wichita BBS KE0TV Wichita, KS
317-353-9981*Someplace BBS Mike Shepard Indianapolis, IN 12U
317-535-9097+SouthSide Fido BBS KB9BVN Indianapolis, IN U
317-654-6555?The Friendly BBS Jason Seabolt Frankfort, IN
317-882-4454*IBM-Net Connection Rex Hawkins Indianapolis, IN U
317-882-5575+IBM-Net Connection Rex Hawkins Indianapolis, IN U
318-443-0271*Amer. Silver Dollar WB5ASD LA 12
318-688-7078+NoChange #2 Mike Berry Shreveport, LA 31
318-797-8310*Net 380 Host ? LA 12
319-351-8783?Opus Board ? Iowa City, IA
319-393-4499*Cedar Valley Datanet ? Cedar Rapids, IA
319-432-6586?US Amateur TV Society? Mechanicsville, IA
319-582-3235*Electronic Cottage KA0FDI/KA0JAW IA 12
401-521-2931*Telecom Central ? RI 12
402-289-4658*Aksarben ARC BBS WB0QPP Omaha, NE 312
402-421-1963+Southwest Lincoln ? Lincoln, NE
403-295-7088*The Cameo Fido BBS VE6TAK AB Canada 12
403-464-5069+Alta Packet Info Net ? AB Canada
404-320-6202*AV Sync BBS ? Atlanta, GA
404-355-5625*Visions Kevin Pierce Atlanta, GA U
404-363-1640*Hams Bulletin Board WA4CBT Forest Park, GA 31
404-487-1376+Star Trek Connection Eddie Ferguson GA U
404-491-6365?Flagship Express KC4ME Atlanta, GA 12
404-763-4369+Scan Atlanta BBS Bill Scruggs Atlanta, GA 312
404-834-9097?Commodore Msg. Ctr. KB4EUX Carrollton, GA 3
404-929-0800*Atlanta Connection ? Atlanta, GA
404-964-5277?Greyhound Opus John Miller GA
407-269-5188*Tech Talk ? FL 12
407-338-8486?PC Logic Wildcat BBS W4NVC FL
407-649-9834?EABBS Media Board ? Orlando, FL
407-879-4823*PCLogic W4NVC FL 12
408-253-1309+Digikron Systems BBS N6OYU CA
408-298-7464*PD Software Exchange ? CA
408-395-1402*Saratoga Clone WA6LYZ/WD5ICZ CA 12
408-667-2256*Freq Scan Tim Ames Big Sur, CA
408-674-5048?Elmer II WA6LMM Greenfield, CA 31
408-683-0338*S2C2 BBS ? San Martin, CA 312
408-866-4933?MAC Science Fido BBS Ray Terry Campbell, CA
409-838-3761?Lamar University BBS WB5VNX Galveston, TX 3
410-625-0817*Amateur Radio BBS WB3FFV (login:bbs) Middle River, MD 1298
410-625-9482*Amateur Radio BBS WB3FFV (login:bbs) Middle River, MD 1298
410-625-9663*Amateur Radio BBS WB3FFV (login:bbs) Middle River, MD 1290
412-226-7357*KA3NVP BBS KA3NVP Lower Burrel, PA 12
412-266-5947*Bridger Ambridge Schools Ambridge, PA
412-573-0537?Rad Board ? PA
412-766-0732*Blinklink William Wilson PA
413-256-1037+Pioneer Valley PCUG ? Amherst, MA 9
413-443-6313*VETLink #1 ? Pittsfield, MA
413-967-9541*Quaboaq Valley Xfer Gary Reardon Ware, MA 12
414-282-4181+Midwest Communicator ? Milwaukee, WI
414-543-0988+Milwaukee City ARES WB9YSG Mil. City, WI 3
414-548-9866*Milwaukee Heath UG KA9TGN Milwaukee, WI 12
414-738-1219*Applegate ? Appleton, WI 12
415-481-0252?No_Name Fido RBBS N6MON CA
415-574-3663*Toad Hall J Thaddeus San Carlos, CA
415-595-2427+Toad Hall J Thaddeus San Carlos, CA
415-651-4147*Sonshine ? Fremont, CA
415-659-9169+RSVP BBS ? Fremont, CA
415-943-6238+Diablo Valley PCUG ? Walnut Creek, CA
415-961-7250?BBS-JC K6LLK CA 312
416-431-6836?Connection ? Toronto, ON Canada
416-598-1934*Boards Galore ? Canada 12
416-827-0704*Amateur Radio BBS VE3RD Oakville, ON Can. 12
416-882-5525+Dits & Bits VE3OY Toronto, ON Canada
501-442-8777*TRS7 BBS ? AR
502-267-7422*Deckman's Exchange N4VEH Jeffersontown, KY
503-239-4960*Experimenter's Anon. ? OR 12
503-285-0378+MicroBits ? OR
503-286-3855*The Rose Fido ? OR 12
503-296-4328?Dog House BBS ? OR
503-370-9739+Purgatory Fido BBS ? OR
504-273-3116+HelpNet Baton Rouge W5KGG Baton Rouge, LA
507-281-1989?Medical Software Exc ? FL
508-385-3427*Salt Air BBS KQ1K Dennis, MA 12
508-429-1784*CUL-DE-SAC Fido BBS WA1YDL MA 12
508-481-7147?Waystar BBS ? MA
508-688-1348?Pleasant Valley BBS KA1MGO Methuen, MA U
508-949-3590+The Ham Shack Don Eklund Webster, MA
508-960-2226*W1FW WWIV BBS W1FW North Andover, MA 12
509-276-6431*Touchstone Susan Waters WA
509-534-6866?ANARC BBS ? Spokane, WA 12
512-258-5528 Boardwalk Ham'n&Jam'n? TX
512-323-9111 Mind's Eye Fido BBS ? TX
512-359-1748 Electronic Avenue KA5THB TX
512-444-1052*Antenna Farm Fido WD5HLS Austin, TX 312
512-444-9908 Health Link Fido KB5IN Austin, TX
512-653-7697 UCOM Premium BBS Tom Cunha San Antonio, TX 312
512-827-1025 The 128 PC Fido BBS ? TX
512-837-0953 Jimnet BBS WA5VLZ? Austin, TX
513-253-2017 Ham Shack Dave Shard Kettering, OH
513-258-0971 Traders Cove Bill Kahler Dayton, OH U
513-547-3313 Light in the Darke WA8RUO OH
513-548-5128 Light in the Darke John Desmond OH
513-762-1115 KIC Fido BBS N8KTW/K8CO/KA8AWY OH
513-777-1234 PME-FIDO BBS WB8BFW OH
513-851-6454 Melnibonean Manor ? OH
515-961-3325*W0RPK AMSAT BBS W0RPK Indianola, IA 312
516-226-3989 ICS Computing Greg Carman Long Island, NY 2
516-293-2283 Radio Electronics BB R.E. Magazine Farmingdale, NY 31
516-422-2215:AfterImages "A" N2MUO/N2NBZ NY 312
516-561-6590 LICA LIMBS WA2EXP Long Island, NY 319
516-581-1896*Ham Radio Sell. Post Lenny Buonaiuto Long Island, NY 31
516-661-3643 No Frills+ (SSARC) WB2VOZ/KB2UR/K2TV Long Island, NY 312
516-862-8764 Datalink BBS KB2KUR St. James, NY 312
518-374-5298 Radio Freq's ? Latham, NY
519-578-9314 Kitchner Waterloo AR VE3MTS Kitchener, ON Can.
519-660-1442*VE3GYQ BBS VE3GYQ London, ON Canada 312
601-896-3970 On-Line Systems Rich Maddox/KF5MQ Gulfport, MS 129
602-235-9653 Health Info-Com Net (Usenet port) Scottsdale, AZ
602-495-1797 Neighborhood Net KB7DJE AZ
602-742-1551 Bit Bucket ? Tuscon, AZ
603-424-0923 VaxCat Mark Buda Merrimack, NH
603-424-5497*Stateline BBS Bob Wescott Merrimack, NH 31
603-525-4438 73 Magazine KW1O Peterborough, NH
603-547-6485 InterVisioN ? Francestown, NH
603-783-4239 Info Biz ? Canterbury, NH
603-883-4466 The Legal Beagle K1TCD Nashua, NH
603-888-6999 Access-80 ? Nashua, NH 3
603-924-9809+73 Magazine KW1O Peterborough, NH 31
604-764-4672 The Grapevine Fido ? BC Canada
607-777-4333:N2LZM BBS N2LZM Binghamton, NY 3129
607-777-4866:N2LZM BBS N2LZM Binghamton, NY 3129
607-777-2821:N2LZM BBS N2LZM (request:bb) Binghamton, NY 3129
609-652-4914 Stockton State Col Tom McNally Pomona, NJ
609-652-4923 Stockton State Col Tom McNally Pomona, NJ U
609-663-8203:Masters Inn II ? NJ
609-667-5652:Liberty Bell ? NJ
609-693-8849 Jersey Shore BBS W2FJC NJ 31
609-751-3847:Memory Link ? NJ
609-859-1910*Pinelands Fido RBBS W2XQ Vincentown, NJ 312
609-893-2152 Jersey Devil Citadel K2NE NJ
609-894-4366*N2EHM BBS N2EHM Pemberton, NJ 31
612-291-0567 Digital Newsletter K0TG St. Paul, MN 31
612-377-3469 PC Info Exchange ? Minneapolis, MN
612-426-0000 Digital Newsletter K0TG St. Paul, MN
612-431-1149 HR Commodore Clique WA0CQG Apple Valley, MN 31
612-432-5348 TCRC Ham Radio Lib. W0BU (TCRC) Apple Valley, MN
612-490-1187 Nick's Nest Don Seiford Vadnais Hills, MN
612-571-6280 The Computer Lab N0JVD MN
612-920-L5MN NASA/ESA press rels. L5 Society Minneapolis, MN 312
613-542-9901 Dits & Bits ? Kingston, ON Can.
613-564-5672 Carleton U Opus ? Ottawa, Canada
614-267-5441 Hot CoCo BBS ? Columbus, OH
614-279-2327 Scientific Columbus David Hinerman Columbus, OH
614-294-5314 MARDUK II ? OH
614-294-5336 Cross-fire Fido BBS ? OH
614-351-2274 South Parking Lot ? OH
614-457-4227?Ham BBS (HBBS) N8EMR Columbus, OH 12T
614-895-2553+Ham BBS (HBBS) N8EMR Columbus, OH
614-927-3644 Alternative BBS ? Columbus, OH
615-443-2237 Lebanon Link Fido N4SCT TN
615-690-5467 Volunteer Ed Dial Knoxville, TN V
616-263-7454 ST Paradise Steve Finzel Traverse City, MI
616-363-7360 The Edge Kevin O'Malley Grand Rapids, MI
616-393-3262 Edge CBCS ? Grand Rapids, MI
616-457-1964 Consultant Connection Daniel Wynalda Jenison, MI 1T
616-457-9909 Consultant Connection Daniel Wynalda Jenison, MI 312
617-237-1511?Wellesley BBS Heath Users Club Wellesley, MA
617-277-5577 Jesse's BBS Jesse Cheng MA
617-326-0259 Binex II KB1S Westwood, MA
617-471-0542 Tom's BBS KA1TOX Wollaston, MA
617-471-3009 Tom's Fido BBS KA1TOX Wollaston, MA
617-545-6239 Garden Spot BBS NS1N Scituate, MA
617-565-9136+WB3ABN BBS WB3ABN Boston, MA 31
617-598-6646 Baystate BBS Steve Ryback Lynn, MA
617-720-3600 Future Tech Bud Napier Boston, MA
617-742-8822 K1HLZ BBS K1HLZ MA
617-923-7605 MassHam BBS K1OJH MA 31
619-256-7250 The G3KFN Board G3KFN CA
619-279-3921+RADIOSPORT WB6BDY San Diego, CA U
619-390-7328 Lakeside Wildcat! N6CQW CA
619-549-3927 K3FWT BBS K3FWT San Diego, CA
619-562-8758 Santee Experiment Jim El Cajon, CA
619-692-1961:AA6WS BBS AA6WS San Diego, CA 129U
701-746-4814 Shortwave Network ? ND
703-250-1837?SMA Scanner BBS ? VA 31
703-366-4299 Sparkie's Machine KC4LWI Roanoke, VA U
703-435-0836+Sterling Info Exch. KF4GL VA 3
703-528-7753 Longwave Database ? Arlington, VA
703-591-5744 Midnite Rider Joe Reeves VA
703-648-1841 Virginia Connection Tony McClenny Reston, VA U>
703-680-5970*K4NGC Packet BBS K4NGC (login:bbs) Woodbridge, VA
703-689-7156 KC3OL BBS KC3OL VA
703-734-1387*AMRAD BBS K8MMO McLean, VA 31
703-734-1796 Issue Dynamics Inc. Sam Simon Washington, DC
703-791-6198*Dos Spitzen Sparken Dick Miller Manassas, VA 31
707-545-0746 Sonoma Online Don Kulha Santa Rosa, CA
708-234-8011+Callbook BBS Callbook Publishing IL 31
708-394-0071?Samson BBS KB9DIP Arlington Hts., IL U>
708-491-2611 Chicago Business ? Evanston, IL
708-529-1586*Elk Grove Repeater (N9DKO?) G. Randles Elk Grove, IL U>
708-674-1638 Bill's PCBoard William Knopp Lincolnwood, IL V>
708-790-0187+Cope of Chicago Steve Bonine IL
708-790-4688 The Generic BBS HST ? Glen Ellyn, IL
713-242-6041 KC5UP BBS KC5UP Houston, TX 312
713-280-8711 NASA Activities NASA Houston, TX
713-483-2500*Johnson Space Center NASA (Enter#:62511) TX 1
713-498-7996 Launch Pad ? Houston, TX
713-579-8979 Breakfast Club Jimmy Vance Katy, TX
713-879-1448 ACOM II Eddie Runner Houston, TX
713-937-9097 Broadcast Computer David Armstrong Houston, TX V
713-955-7564 PCEVE ? TX
714-275-9094 N6KZB BBS N6KZB CA 312
714-636-2298 F.O.G. Jim Ward CA
714-681-0731 Ham Radio West John Warren Riverside, CA 312
715-258-0986 Hamline N9BKJ WI
716-544-1863*RFCARC WA2ZKD? Rochester, NY 312U
716-694-0007 Real Programmers' ? NY
716-761-6460 Highland BBS N2JYG NY
717-323-1645 Vaccumn Valley BBS N3DQC PA
717-561-8145*Tec Board BBS KA3ADU PA
717-561-8150 Megaboard ? PA
717-876-0152 Northeast File Bank Stuart Wilson Jermyn, PA U
718-268-2062 Apple Sauce BBS ? NY
718-268-3173 WB2SQM BBS WB2SQM NY 312
718-442-1056 New York Transfer Bob Richards Staten Island, NY 312
718-698-7875 Hamnet ? New York, NY 31
718-761-5727*Programmers Corner David Snyder Staten Island, NY
719-390-5318 Colorado Springs BBS WB0BLV Co. Springs, CO
719-637-1375 Dits & Bits ? CO
800-666-5698 The Idiot Box ? CA 12U
800-766-1720 The Idiot Box ? CA 12U
800-766-5698 The Idiot Box ? CA 12U
800-866-5698 The Idiot Box ? CA 12U
801-634-3655 The Mav Plus Fido BB KB4YHB UT
803-650-9022 Periscope Walt Mayo Myrtle Beach, SC
803-871-3076 The Byte Bucket BBS N4PGN Summerville, SC 3
803-871-3468 Tinbrain's BBS ? Summerville, SC 3
804-249-8621 Diplomat BBS ? Newport News, VA
804-471-3360 Tidewater AR/CF KF4GL VA Beach, VA U
804-550-3338 Flamethrower Jeffrey Loughridge Richmond, VA U
804-591-0736 Felicia ? VA
804-622-9002 Tidewater Msg. Excg. KA2YXH VA
804-796-6828 SCANVA N4RVR VA
804-874-4698 Digit Technical BBS K4UMI VA
804-930-9563 ODDX WB8SCG VA
805-942-0329 Superbyte NE6I Lancaster, CA 3
805-947-4357 WB6FIU Fido BBS WB6FIU Palmdale, CA 312
805-967-0895 Compucations BBS ? Santa Barbara, CA
806-352-2482 The Radio Board Ron Chase Amarillo, TX U
806-352-9365 The Radio Board Ron Chase Amarillo, TX
807-345-3991 CITINET ? Thunder Bay, ON
808-533-0190 Small Biz Help Net ? Honolulu, HI
812-332-7227 Indiana On-Line WB9LWQ/KC9HI Bloomington, IN 312U
813-859-4800 DataLink ? Lakeland, FL
813-874-3078*Pac-Comm, Inc. BBS KC2FF/W1BEL Tampa, FL 312
813-920-8820 Prof Data Exchange K8WVH Tampa, FL U>
814-255-OPUS Flood City's Opus ? Johnstown, PA
814-337-2021?Magical Mystery Tour Glenn Rudolph Meadville, PA U
816-241-1012 N0AJI BBS (a/c 314?) N0AJI St. Louis, MO 3
816-331-5868 Howard's Notebook ? Raymore, MO
816-331-7023 Online II Ham Radio ? Belton, MO 3
816-833-3427+Ham BBS ? Independence, MO 3
817-447-1969 The Archive Fido BBS AA5MM TX
817-531-4761 Dept of Electronics KC5WE Ft. Worth, TX U
817-540-1835 Texas Connection ? TX
817-662-2361 FileQuest Jim Ray Waco, TX U
818-967-3108?Dataline N6ECN Pasadena, CA 31
818-998-0319 CSC Ham Fido BBS K6IYK Pasadena, CA 312
819-778-3856 R&D Fido BBS ? Canada
901-872-8385 CyberNet BBS ? Millington, TN
902-868-2475 VE1EI BBS Doug Oldridge Halfax, NS Canada T
903-753-0485 Marty's Place Fido N5KBP TX
904-651-8684 Hot Muddy Duck N4HMD Pensacola, FL 31
904-733-4515+Jace ? Jacksonville, FL
907-243-0324 CHSIE K7TPN Anchorage, AK 3
908-245-6614*The Micro Room WA2BFW NJ 312
908-486-2956*Computer Forum of NJ ? NJ 12UV
908-494-3417*Planet Shadowstar N2HGY, N2HBN Edison, NJ 312
908-494-3649*Micro-Fone TBBS K2SHY Metuchen, NJ 312
908-636-7499 The Micro Forum KC2WZ NJ 31
908-757-1491*Holly Park PBBS Dick Roberts Piscataway, NJ 312
908-775-6075 The Other BBS KB2FZH Neptune, NJ 312
908-918-0683*KA2QHD Packet/UNIX BBS (login:guest) Wayside, NJ 312
913-273-1550 Nat.Asoc.Modem Users WV0S Topeka, KS 312
913-273-1551 Nat.Asoc.Modem Users WV0S Topeka, KS 312
913-345-1978*ANARC ANARC Shawnee Mission,KS
913-651-0400 The Ham Shack N0LDY Leavenworth, KS 312
914-365-0180 Mnematics Videotext WA2IAC/(K2SK-HR SIG) Sparkill, NY
914-485-3393*COYnet Ham Radio BBS WB2COY Poughkeepsie, NY 312U
914-667-9385 Joe Brown's BBS ? Mt. Vernon, NY U
914-695-2060 Onesty & Associates KB2KCN Middletown, NY
914-738-6857 M&M's Pelham Public ? Pelham, NY
915-653-9077 HAMNET Fido BBS N5JZZ TX
915-673-9668 Midnight Special ? Abilene, TX
915-755-3053 CrossRoads ? El Paso, TX
915-944-1436 Teleport ][ Fido BBS N5OZX/AA5KG San Angelo, TX U
916-362-1755*Niteline Rick Hight Mather AFB, CA U
916-366-5531 Amateur Radio Opus W6IDS Rancho Cordova, CA
916-678-1535 The Amateur Place WA6RDH Dixon, CA 312V
916-920-1288 QST Fido BBS WA6AXZ Sacramento, CA
916-961-4921 Amateur Radio Opus ? Sacramento, CA
916-985-4041 Starfleet Academy KC6IRK CA
918-241-2667 CMOS ? OK
918-272-4327 Ham Radio Emporium WA4BFE Tulsa, OK
918-747-0250 Tulsa Ham&Egg Center ? Tulsa, OK
918-775-9102 Anawah Mission Netwk.N5FWM OK
919-353-0610 Broadcasting TBBS ? Jacksonville, NC 3
919-455-0618 The C= Ham BBS WF0L NC
919-460-0586 ALS BBS ? Cary, NC
919-779-6674 Micro Mesage Service Mike Strand Raleigh, NC
919-781-4203 Capitol Opus ? Raleigh, NC

Overseas phone # Name / (SysOp) Location Speed
================== =================================== ================== =====
011-0014-800-125-1955 The Idiot Box Australia 12U
011-020-79-3940 The Idiot Box Sweeden 12U
011-046-05-8815 The Idiot Box Switzerland 12U
011-0485-60368 ?SSA Databus Sweeden (?)
011-1678-97018 The Idiot Box Italy 12U
011-31-35-45395 *Radio Netherlands FIDO BBS Hilversum, Holland 31
011-353-1-88-56-34?Dublin Users BBS (Swdn Calling DX?) Dublin, Ireland 312
011-44-707-52242 *RSGB Databox United Kingdom 2
011-46-8-7564197 *Ham Systems Base Stockholm, Sweeden
011-46-8-7495826 ?The Alley Cat Stockholm, Sweeden
011-47-2-267414 *The Ham Chat Oslo, Norway
011-47-34-59530 *Dasan BBS Sandefjord, Norway
011-478-6703 ?B.E.S.T. (Mohamed Albatati) Riyadh,Saudi Arabia
011-54-1-51-9973 ?Gateway (LU7ABF) Buenos Aires, Arg.
011-54-1-764-4189 *Telecom Net Buenos Aires, Arg.
011-06-022-8493 The Idiot Box Netherlands 12U
011-0800-89-2698 The Idiot Box United Kingdom 12U
011-8001-0656 The Idiot Box Denmark 12U
011-852-0-459 ?Hamnet Hub Hong Kong
011-852-0-581828 ?HAMNET Hong Kong 12
011-972-3-512-5396 Radio Amateurs Club (Shlomo Musaali) Israel 312
011-972-4-378-299 The Miler House (4Z4RM) Israel 12
011-9800-10143 The Idiot Box Finland 12U

[End of HAMPHONE.92]

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