30 Years Ago: Usenet Gateway to Packet Radio

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Paul W. Schleck

Apr 26, 2015, 2:14:23 PM4/26/15
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This is from a web-site that is replaying Usenet, including
net.ham-radio, from 30 years ago (currently spring 1985). The site is:


If you prefer to use your own newsreader, the site also supports an NNTP
connection at:


>From net.ham-radio Sun Apr 26 13:01:35 2015
>Relay-Version: version B 2.10 5/3/83; site utzoo.UUCP
>Posting-Version: version B 2.10.2 9/5/84; site ky2d.UUCP
>Path: utzoo!watmath!clyde!burl!ulysses!mhuxr!mhuxt!houxm!vax135!ariel!hou5f!hou5g!hou5h!ky2d!ad7i
>From: ad...@ky2d.UUCP ()
>Newsgroups: net.ham-radio
>Subject: Packet Radio Netnews Gateway
>Message-ID: <1...@ky2d.UUCP>
>Date: Mon, 22-Apr-85 20:50:52 EST
>Article-I.D.: ky2d.19
>Posted: Mon Apr 22 20:50:52 1985
>Date-Received: Tue, 23-Apr-85 06:49:49 EST
>Distribution: net
>Organization: KY2D Packet Radio Gateway, Little Silver, NJ
>Lines: 36
>Xref: dummy dummy:1
>X-OldUsenet-Modified: added Xref

~From: Paul Newland, ad7i, via packet radio*
To: All Amateur Radio Stations

Announcing the KY2D Packet Radio Gateway!

The KY2D Packet Radio Gateway is a 68000 based UNIX** System operated
by Jim Kutsch, KY2D, from Little Silver, New Jersey and serves as a
gateway for amateur packet radio to "Usenet-netnews" and the "UUCP"
computer mail network. Packet radio stations in the greater New York
City area can read and post netnews articles in the "net.ham-radio"
newsgroup. A local group called "general" is also available for items
of interest only to users of the KY2D system. Additionally, electronic
mail can be exchanged both between packet users as well as with the
Usenet community.

For those not reading this on netnews, Usenet is a world-wide collection
of computers sharing news articles. The articles, themselves, are
called the "netnews". Many large corporations and universities have
systems connected to Usenet. There are over 12,000 sites on Usenet,
most in the continental US, but Hawaii, Korea, Japan, and many sites in
Europe are also connected. For more details, see the article "Usenet:
A Bulletin Board for UNIX Users," by Sandra L. Emerson, Byte, Oct. 1983,
pp. 219-236.

If you are a packet user in Northern NJ, New York, or southern CT, try
connecting to "ky2d-2" on 145.01. When you get the "login:" prompt,
reply with "guest". Some preliminary instructions will be provided
after login. Frequent users can request a personal login.

For more info, contact Jim Kutsch, KY2D, via the callbook address
or mail to ...!ihnp4!houxn!hou5h!ky2d!jak or ...!ihnp4!houxn!jak

- --------------
* This article was posted via amateur radio using packet communications.
** UNIX is a trade mark of AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.14 (NetBSD)


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