Indicator List (SPOILER)

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Ross Beresford

Jun 13, 1992, 3:40:13 AM6/13/92
The following list is derived from indicators used in a variety of
crosswords: the letters in the left column are the letters being
indicated; the right hand column is how these letters might be
indicated in a clue.

Caveat emptor: many of the entries in this list would be considered
unsound in some puzzles (some of these unsound indicators are marked
with a +). Entries marked * are used mostly in advanced cryptics.

I would welcome corrections and additions to the list.

a Austria
a I
a academician
a accepted
a ace
a acre
a active
a adult
a advanced
a afternoon
a aleph
a alpha
a amateur
a ampere
a an/ane
a angstrom
a answer
a ante
a are (metric)
a articles - English
a associate
a atomic
a ay
a aye
a before
a blood group
a bomb
a effect
a examination
a fifty
a film
a first character
a first class
a first letter
a five hundred
a five thousand
a good
a high class
a it
a key +
a level
a midday
a note +
a one *
a paper
a road
a strings (violin)
a un
a unit
a violin string
a vitamin
a year
aa motoring organisation
ab able seaman
ab hand
ab rating
ab sailor/salt/seaman
ab tar
abbe priest (Fr.)
abe Lincoln
abel first victim
abel murder victim
abel second child
abel third man
able can
able expert
abo native
ac account
ac accountant
ac aircraftsman
ac alternating current
ac before Christ
ac bill
ac current
aca accountant
acas peacemakers
acc account
acc bill
ace card
ace champion
ace expert
ace one
ace pilot
ace service
ace winner
act decree
act performance
actor tree
ad Christian era
ad advertisement
ad after date
ad before the day
ad contemporary
ad in the modern age
ad in the year of our Lord
ad modern times
ad notice
ad now
ad nowadays
ad our time/era
ad period
ad present day
ad promotion
ad puff
ad this era
ad today
adam first character
adam first person
adam number one
add sum
add tot
aden port
admin management
admin running
ado business
ado difficulty
ado fuss
ado row
ado trouble
ae aged
ae poet
aet aged
ag silver
aga Muslim leader
age (long) time
age mature
age period
agent spy
agm annual meeting
agm meeting
agm yearly meeting
ai capital
ai first class
ai good
ai high class
ai main road
ai sloth
ail trouble
ain own (Scot.)
air appearance
air display
air song
aire river
ait island
al Alabama
al Alan
al Albania
al Albert
al Capone
al aluminium
al gangster
al one pound
ala Alabama
ala after the style of
ala in the style of
ala to the (Fr.)
ala wings
alas Alaska
alb one pound
ale beer
aleph Hebrew letter
all completely
all everybody
all everything
alp mountain
alp peak
alph river
alpha Greek letter
alpha beginning
alpha first character
alpha first letter
am America
am American
am I am
am admitting
am boasting
am half day
am hymns
am in the morning
am morning
am self-confessed
amen final word
amen last word
amer American
ammo missiles
amos bookmaker
amp one member
an I
an articles - English
an before
an if (old word)
an one *
an un
ana tales
ane I
ane one
ane one
ankh life symbol
anne princess
anon now
ans answer
ans brief reply
ans collection
ans short answer
ant if it (old word)
ant six-footer
ant social worker
ant soldier
ant worker
ape copy
ape primate
aq water
ar arrive/arrival
ar year of reign
ara academician
ara artist
ara painter
arab horse
arc curve
argo old ship
aria song
arm gun
arm limb
arm member
arr arrive/arrival
art contrivance
art craft
art cunning
art painting
art skill
as Anglo-Saxon
as ayes
as ays
as like
as one's
as specifically
as when
ash remains
ash tree
asia continent
aside one fifteen
asis existing state
asp snake
ass donkey
asti wine
ate goddess
ate mischief
athena goddess
ation at one on
atoll bikini
au gold
au to the (Fr.)
aus Australia
aux to the (Fr.)
av bible
av lived so long
ave average
ave greeting
ave hail
ave road
ave way
aver average
avon county
ay I
ay agreement
ay always
ay ever
ay yes
aye I
aye I say
aye agreement
aye always
aye ever
aye yes
az Azed
az scope, plenty of
b Bach
b Beethoven
b Belgium
b Brahms
b Britain
b British
b a follower
b bachelor
b baron
b bedbug
b bee
b bel
b beta
b beth
b bishop
b black
b blood group
b bloody
b book *
b born
b boron
b bowled
b boy
b breadth
b inferior
b key +
b magnetic flux
b note +
b paper
b second
b second class
b second letter
b three hundred
b three thousand
b vitamin
ba Bachelor of Arts
ba airline
ba bachelor
ba barium
ba degree
ba graduate
ba scholar
bac airline
bacon philosopher
ban curse
ban outlaw
ban prohibition
bar Inn
bar lawyers
bar prevent
bar save
barb horse
bat fly-by-night
bb bees
bb books
bb very black
bc ancient times
bc before Christ
bc period
bd beady
bd bound
bd cleric
bd theologian
be exist
be live
bea airline
bear speculator
bed in bed
bee buzzer
bee group of workers
bee six-footer
bee social worker
bee worker
bef Gort's men
bess queen
beta Greek letter
beth Hebrew letter
bi double
bi two (double)
bird prison
bis two (twice)
bit chewed
bit piece
biz business
bk book
bl British company
bl lawman
bl lawyer
blue Conservative
bm British Museum
bm doctor
bo American man
boa snake
board directors
bob old shilling
bp bishop
br Britain
br British
br British Rail
br bank rate
br branch
br bridge
br brig
br brother
br brown *
br lines/landline
br railway(s)
br trains
br transport
bra female support(er)
bra support
bra undergarment
brass money
brat child
bren gun
brer rabbit
bridal old wedding
bro brother
bs bees
bst summer time
bull American policeman
bull gold
bus transport
c Celsius/centigrade
c Charles
c Conservative
c Cuba
c about (approx.)
c approx(imately)
c around
c cape
c caput
c carbon
c caught
c cedi
c cent/centime
c centi-
c century
c chapter
c circa
c club
c cold
c complex number
c copyright
c coulomb
c electrical capacity
c hundred
c hundred thousand
c key +
c lot
c many
c note +
c roughly
c sea
c see
c speed of light
c spring
c tap
c vitamin
ca about (approx.)
ca accountant
ca approx(imately)
ca calcium
ca roughly
cab transport
cade conspirator
cain first murderer
cain killer
cain murderer
cal California
cam river
can able to +
can is able to
can prison
can vessel
cantuar archbishop
cap chapter
cap international
car carat
car transport
carnation motor race
cart transport
cat jazz fan
cato censor
cattle neat
cave warning
cb Seabee (Amer.)
cc county council
cc seas
cc small measure
cc small quantity
cc two hundred
cd diplomat
cd seedy
ce Church of England
ce church
ce engineers
ce this (Fr.)
cent money
cet this (Fr.)
ch China
ch Companion of Honour
ch Switzerland
ch award
ch central heating
ch champion
ch chapter
ch chief
ch child
ch church
ch companion
ch honour
ch order
cha tea
chai gypsy woman
chair president
chal gypsy
char daily
che guerrilla
che revolutionary
cher dear (Fr.)
chere dear (Fr.)
chi Greek letter
ci Channel Islands
ci hundred and one
cia secret service
cia spies
cid captain
cid chief
cid detectives
cid police
cid spanish hero
cinc commander
cl chlorine
cl class
cl clause
cl gas - chlorine
cl hundred and fifty
co Colombia
co business
co care of
co cobalt
co commander
co commanding officer
co company
co county
co firm
co gas - carbon monoxide
co house
co objector
co officer
cod fish
cod swimmer
col neck
col pass
cole old king
colon stop
com commander
comb hairdresser
composer scorer
con Conservative
con against
con party
con politician
con study
con swindle
con trick
cooler prison
core decentralise
corn naval commander
cot bed
cot house
cow lower
cow neat
cr credit
cr crown
cr king
cs Civil Service
cs Czechoslovakia
cs hundreds
cs seas
ct Connecticut
ct carat
ct caught
ct cent/centime
ct court
ct small weight
ct weight
cu copper
cu see you
cue queue
cure priest (Fr.)
cutie pretty girl
cv autobiography
cy see why
d (old) penny
d Dee
d Democrat
d Deutsch
d Germany
d Schubert's works
d copper
d damn
d date
d daughter
d day
d dead/died
d deci
d degree
d delete
d delta
d deserted
d deuterium
d diameter
d diamond
d differential operator
d electrical flux
d five hundred
d four
d four thousand
d hundreds
d key +
d lot
d many +
d mark
d note +
d notice
d number
d strings (violin)
d violin string
d vitamin
da American lawyer
da District Attorney
da agreement - foreign (Russ.)
da dagger *
da lawman
da lawyer
da yes (Russ.)
dab expert
dad father
dad old man
dail Irish house
dam barrier
dam mother
dam restrain
dame lady
dan tribe
das articles - German
das the (Ger.)
dc Washington
dc Washington
dc current
dd cleric
dd days
dd divine
dd doctor
dd doctor of divinity
dd theologian
de from (Fr.)
de of (Fr.)
dean good man
dec Christmas period
dec last month
decanter Tantalus' prisoner
dee river
deed indeed
deed legal document
deep in the main
deep main
deep sea
deg degree
del of the (Ital.)
dela from the (Fr.)
dela of the (Fr.)
demi half
den retreat
den study
der articles - German
der the (Ger.)
derby horse race
des of the (Fr.)
det detective
di double
di five hundred and one
di princess
di two (double)
die articles - German
die the (Ger.)
dime 12.5 cents
dior designer
dis Hell
dis Pluto
dis underworld
disc circle
disc record
disc ring
dish pretty girl
dit named
dit reported
dit said (Fr.)
dit say (Fr.)
diy amateur's department
dk Denmark
dm mark
do (the) same
do act
do cheat
do cook
do ditto
do note
do party
do work
dodo double act
doh note
don fellow
don nobleman
don put on
don university teacher
down county
dr dead reckoning
dr doctor
dr dram
dr drawer
dr healer
drake bowler
dt alcoholic state
dt psychotic state
du from the (Fr.)
du of the (Fr.)
dutch wife
e Asian
e Edward
e Elizabeth
e England/English
e Spain
e boat
e bridge players
e direction
e east/eastern
e eight
e eight thousand
e energy +
e epsilon
e eta
e five
e five thousand
e key +
e layer
e logarithm base
e low grade
e note +
e orient
e oriental
e point
e quarter
e strings (violin)
e two hundred and fifty
e two hundred and fifty thousand
e universal set
e violin string
e vitamin
ea East Africa
ea each
ea river *
ea running water
ea water
ear listener
ear organ
ear spike *
earp lawman
eat Tanzania
ebor archbishop
ec London district
ec city
eccles Cakesville
ed Edward
ed editor
ed journalist
eden garden
eden old Prime Minister
eden paradise
edison inventor
edit censor
ee ease
eel fish
eel swimmer
eer always
eer ever
eer invariably
eg for example
eg for instance
egg bomb
egg cocktail
egg encourage
eight rowing boat
ein number one (Ger.)
el American railway
el American railway
el articles - Spanish
el measure
el printer's measure
el small measure
el the (Span.)
eld old age
eli priest
eli prophet
elia writer
ell four feet
ell length
ell measure
ely city
ely city
ely see
em measure
em printer's measure
em small measure
em small square
em them
en measure
en printer's measure
en small measure
eng England/English
ent otorhinolaryngology
entry record
eon age
eon time
ep record
er Cockney girl
er QE
er difficulty
er ever
er hesitation
er king
er monarch
er queen
er royal badge
era generation
erasmus old scholar
ere always
ere before
ergo so
eric gradually
erie lake
err blunder
err sin
err wander
erse Gaelic
es French art
es ease
esp sixth sense
esp telepathy
est is (Fr.)
et Egypt
et alien
et and (Fr.)
et exotic
et extraterrestrial
et film
eta Greek letter
eta estimated time of arrival
eta illegal army
eta terrorists
eton college
eton educational establishment
eton school
etty artist
eur continent
eve first lady
eve first mate
eve lady
eve woman
ew bridge partners
ew partnership
ex former
ex from
ex late
ex one time
exe river
eye I
eye I say
eye seer
eyot island
ezra pound
f Fahrenheit
f France
f Friday
f clef
f farad
f farthing
f fathom
f fellow
f female
f feminine
f filly
f fine
f fluorine
f folio
f following
f foot
f force
f forte
f forty
f frequency
f gas - fluorine
f hole
f key +
f loud
f noisy
f note +
f strong
f vitamin
f woman
fa football
fa note
fah note
fal river
fare China area (Far East)
fast firm
fe iron
fed American detective
ff folios
ff followings
ff fortissimo
ff very loud
ff very loud
ff very strong
ff very strong
fig small illustration
fir tree
firm business
firm company
fist duke
fl flourished
fla Florida
flower bloomer
flu illness
fo Foreign Office
fo folio
fob free on board
foc free of charge
fol folio
fool dessert
foot infantry
for free on rail
force police
fore warning
four rowing boat
fr French
fr father
fr fragment
fr franc
fr frequently
ft feet
ft foot
ft measure
fz forced
g Gauss
g George
g Germany
g agent
g clef
g four hundred
g gamma
g gamut
g gee
g girl
g gram(me)
g grand (Amer.)
g gravity
g guinea
g gulf
g key +
g man
g midnight
g note +
g strings (violin)
g suit
g thousand
g thousand
g violin string
g weight
g-man American detective
ga Georgia
gab gift
gad tribe
gael Gaelic
gal girl
gar fish
gat gun
gate old goat
gb Great Britain
gb our islands
gee horse
gee little horse
geiger counter
gel jelly
gen Genesis
gen general
gen information
gen low down
gent fellow
george pilot
gg Gee-gee
gg horse
gg little horse
gi American soldier
gi doughboy
gi fighter
gi government issue
gi private
gi serving man
gi soldier
gladiator old fighter
glc capital authority
gm counter
go bargain
go energy
go in good condition
go ready
go success
go traffic signal
go work
gotham New York
gp doctor
gr Greece
gr Greek
gr King George
gr grain
gr grammar
gr gramme
gr grouse
gr king
gr small weight
gr weight
grant general
grass informer
grist miller's corn
grs gunmen
gs general service
gs general staff
gt fast car
gt sports car
gu guinea
gu old fiddle
gue old fiddle
h Dirac's constant
h Hungary
h Planck's constant
h bomb
h gas - hydrogen
h hand
h hard
h heart
h height
h henry
h horse
h hospital
h hot
h hour
h house
h husband
h hydrant
h hydrogen
h tap
h two hundred
h two hundred thousand
h vitamin
ha half ditch
ha laugh
ha this year
haha ditch
haha laugh
hair net lock keeper
ham (poor) actor
han Chinese dynasty
hand worker
has bears
haw hedge
he (high) explosive
he His Excellency
he ambassador
he excellency
he gas - helium
he governor
he helium
he legate
he male
he our man
he the man
head point
hearth hard ground
hebe goddess
hehe laugh
hen female
hen layer
her female
her the woman's
her woman
hf half
hg Dad's army
hg mercury
hh very hard
hi greeting
hi hello
hic here in Rome
hic this (Lat.)
him male
hm Her Majesty
hm His Majesty
hm king
hm queen
ho house
hobo tramp
hock prison
hol short break
hp hire purchase
hp never-never
hr hour
hs here is
ht high tension
hun German
hun barbarian
i Italy
i a
i an/ane
i ay
i aye
i che
i electrical current
i eye
i first person
i imaginary number
i iodine
i iota
i island
i line
i lunchtime
i number one
i one
i one
i single
i square root of -1
i straight line
i un
i unit
i upright
i yours truly
ia Iowa
iam I am
iam admitting
iam afternoon
iam boasting
iam early morning
iam self-confessed
ian Scot/Scotsman
ians one answer
ib in the same place
ib same place
ibid in the same place
ic I see
ic hundred
ic in charge
ic ninety nine
ice diamond(s)
ice hard water
iceni old people
id I had
id I would
id fish
id genius
id identification
id instinct
id same
id that (Lat.)
ida princess
ide fish
idem said
ie that is (that's)
if condition
if provided/providing
ign gin cocktail/sling
ii eleven
ii eyes
ii two
il Israel
il articles - Italian
il one pound
il the (Ital.)
ilb one pound
ill I shall/will
ill Illinois
ill badly
ill unwell
im I am
im admitting
im boasting
im self-confessed
imp little devil
imp mischevious child
imp one member
impi soldiers
in at home
in batting
in elected
in fashionable
in favoured
in in fashion
in not out
in playing
in trendy
in wearing
ina princess
inch island
ind India
ine oriental
ing gin cocktail/sling
inn local
insect six-footer
intens decimally
io cry of triumph
io joyful cry
io maiden
io ten
io triumphant cry
ioc dime (Amer.)
iom Isle of Man
iom island
iom man
ion number one returning
iota Greek letter
ious credit notes
ious promises to pay
ip trivial sum
ir Iran
ira illegal army
ira terrorists
ire anger
ire rage
irl Ireland
is Iceland
is ayes
is ays
is eyes
is island
is one's
isis goddess
isis river
isle man
ism doctrine
ism theory
iss exists
ist first
it Italian
it sex appeal
it the thing
iv four
iv ivy
iv tea-time
ive I have
ix nine
j Jack
j Japan
j heat
j jay
j joule
j judge
j justice
j knave
j one
j pen
j square root of -1
ja Jamaica
ja agreement - foreign (Ger.)
ja yes (Ger.)
jack sailor/salt/seaman
je I, being French
je In Paris, I
jo little woman
jo sweetheart
job bookmaker
jock Scot/Scotsman
joe American soldier
jolly Marine
jug prison
k Kay
k Khmer Republic
k Kirkpatrick
k Koechel
k Mozart's works
k Scarlatti's works
k constant
k kappa
k kelvin
k kilo
k king
k knight
k monarch
k potassium
k thousand
k twenty
k twenty thousand
k two hundred and fifty
k vitamin
ka double *
ka genius *
ka individuality
key opener
kg cagey
kine cattle
kine neat
kine ox
kish graphite
kl kale
km kilometre
kn cayenne
knee bender
ko decisive blow
ko kick off
ko knock out
ko stunner
kr krypton
kt knight
kv cave (beware)
kv cavy
ky Kentucky
l Labour
l Liberal
l Luxembourg
l angle
l apprentice
l corner
l el
l elevated railway
l ell
l fifty
l fifty thousand
l half century
l hand
l inductance
l inexperienced driver
l la(m)bda
l lake
l lambert
l latin
l latitude
l league
l learner
l learning
l left
l length
l licentiate
l line
l lira/lire
l litre
l long
l lumen
l luminance
l many +
l money
l new driver
l novice
l number plate
l one pound
l overhead railway
l port
l pound
l pupil
l railway
l side
l sovereign
l student
l trainee
l tyro
l vitamin
la Los Angeles
la Louisiana
la articles - French
la articles - Italian
la articles - Spanish
la look *
la note
la the (Fr.)
la the (Ital.)
la the (Span.)
lab Labour
lab laboratory
lab party
lab politician
lab science centre
lac aircraftsman
lac hundred thousand
lah note
lakh hundred thousand
lam beat
lam pound
lambda Greek letter
lamed Hebrew letter
lar Libya
laud archbishop
lay song
lb one pound
lb pound
le articles - French
le the (Fr.)
lear king
lee general
leg limb
leg member
leg on
leg support
lei flowers
lei wreath *
lely artist
les articles - French
les the French
let allow(ed)
let hindrance
let permit(ted)
let service
let with a tenant
lewis gun
lh left hand
li fifty one
lib Liberal
lib book
lib party
lib politician
limn old paint
line shipping company
ling fish
ling swimmer
lips mouthpiece
lips speakers
lit drunk
lit loaded
lit settled
ll ells
ll els
ll fifty pounds
ll fifty-fifty
lner old railway
lo look
lo see
loch lake
log maths function
log record
los articles - Spanish
loser fabulous hare
lot large amount
loti first item in sale
lower cow
lowing neat sound
lp long playing
lp record
ls ells
ls els
lso orchestra
lt Lieutenant
lt officer
lud old king
lum chimney (Scot.)
lv meal ticket
m Bond's boss
m French man
m Malta
m Monday
m em
m lot
m maiden
m maiden over
m male
m man
m many +
m mare
m mark
m married
m masculine
m mass
m master
m measure
m member
m meso-
m meta-
m meter (metre)
m midday
m mile
m modulus
m monsieur
m month
m moon
m motorway
m mu
m noon
m roof
m small square
m spymaster
m thousand
m vitamin
ma Master of Arts
ma academic
ma degree
ma educated man
ma graduate
ma master
ma mother
ma old woman
ma scholar
mab fairy queen
mab queen
mac Scot/Scotsman
main deep
main sea
mal bad French
mam mother
man Friday
man fellow
man fighter
man hand
man husband
man island
man piece (chess)
man soldier
man worker
manifesto show-ring
mass Massachusetts
mass service
maxim gun
may can
mayo tree ring
mb doctor
mc master of ceremonies
mc medal
md doctor
md one thousand five hundred
me first person
me note
me number one
men people
men soldiers
ment intended
ment meant
ment on purpose
ment understood
mer sea (Fr.)
met New York opera
met police
mg magnesium
mi main road
mi motorway
mi note
mig aeroplane
mill economist
min half minute
min thirty seconds
ming Chinese dynasty
ming china
mini car
miss Mississippi
mm French men
mm ems
mm medal
mn Merchant Navy
mo Missouri
mo doctor
mo half minute
mo month
mo second
mo short time
mo time
mo way of working
mog cat
mon Monday
mon Scot/Scotsman
moo low
moo neat sound
mos months
moses lawgiver
mot car test
mot test
moth fly-by-night
mp fairly quiet
mp member
mp member of parliament
mp military police
mp mounted police
mp mountie(s)
mp policeman
mp politician
mp representative
mph rate
mph speed
mps chemist
mr mister
ms ems
ms handwriting
ms manuscript
ms paper
ms text
ms writing
mss manuscripts
mss papers
mt hill
mt mountain
mtb torpedo boat
mu Greek character
mu Greek letter
mum mother
mum quiet
mum silence
mur wall (Fr.)
mutt dog
my gracious me
n Avogadro's number
n Norway
n born
n bridge players
n direction
n en
n gas - nitrogen
n half an em
n indefinite number
n knight
n midday
n name
n neper
n neuter
n new
n newton
n ninety
n ninety thousand
n nitrogen
n noon
n north(ern)
n note
n noun
n nu
n number
n point
n pole +
n quarter
n unfavourable aspect
n unknown number
n unlimited number
na North America
na no (Scot.)
na not (Scot.)
na sodium
nae no (Scot.)
nae not (Scot.)
nag horse
nag little horse
nat born
nation people
nation race
national horse race
nb nota bene
nb note
nco non-commissioned officer
nco sergeant
nd North Dakota
nd no date
ne Durham area
ne Humberside
ne Tyneside
ne born
ne bridge opponents
ne gas - neon
ne neon
ne north-east
ne not (old word)
ne quarter
neat cattle
neat ox
ned donkey
ned little horse
nee born
nemo submariner
ness head
ness loch
ness point
net capture
net fabric
ney Marshal
ng no good
ni Northern Ireland
ni Ulster
ni nickel
nib writer
nick prison
nie close (old word)
nie near (old word)
nil love
nil nothing
nitre chemical
nitre fertiliser
nj New Jersey
nl not clear
nl not far
nl not permitted
nn ens
no New Orleans
no indefinite number
no not out
no number
no play (Jap.)
no refusal
noh play (Jap.)
noi leading
noi no one
noi number one
non no (Fr.)
nose informer
np North Pole
np pole
ns bridge partners
ns ens
ns not specific
ns partnership
nt Holy Writ
nt New Testament
nt Northern Territories
nt book(s)
nt books
nt good book
nt part of Bible
nt preservationists
nt scriptures
nu Greek character
nu Greek letter
nu name unknown
nu unidentified
num miners
number anaesthetic
nun bluetit
nurse shark
nus dawn
nus students' (union)
nut teachers
nv envy
nw Merseyside
nw bridge opponents
nw north-west
nw quarter
ny Gotham
ny New York
o Ohio
o around
o aught
o bald patch
o ball
o blob
o blood group
o cavity
o cipher
o circle
o circuit
o circular letter
o dial
o disc
o duck
o egg
o eleven
o eleven thousand
o empty
o examination
o full moon
o gas - oxygen
o globe
o gulf
o hole
o hollow
o hoop
o loop
o love
o naught
o nil
o no
o nothing
o nought
o oh
o omicron
o opening
o orb
o ortho-
o ought
o owe
o oxygen
o pellet
o ring
o round
o spangle
oaks horse race
oates conspirator
ob old boy
obe award
obe honour
obe order
obit dead/died
obit final message
obit last word
oc commander
oc officer commanding
odo bishop
oe old English
oe old Etonian
offa old king
og ogee
og own goal
og soccer blunder
oic officer in charge
ok acceptable
ok all right
ok approval
ok authorisation
ok correct
ok fine
ok okay
old man captain
ole cry of delight
om award
om honour
om order
omega Greek letter
omega final letter
omega final word
omega last letter
omitting skipping
on about
on acting
on being broadcast
on leg
on on the menu
on operating
on performing
on playing
one lunchtime
one undivided
oo duck's eggs
oo ohs
oo owes
oo spectacles
oom Dutch uncle
op operation
op opposite
op opus
op out of print
op work
optic seer
opus work
or alternative
or alternatively
or before *
or gold
or yellow
oral examination
oral test
ord no way
ord ring road
orion hunter
orpheus classical musician
os Ordinary Seaman
os big
os large letters
os ohs
os old style
os outsize
os owes
os sailor
os very large
ost east (Ger.)
ot Holy Writ
ot Old Testament
ot book(s)
ot good book
ot occupational therapy
ot part of Bible
ot scriptures
ou Open University
oui agreement - foreign (Fr.)
oui yes (Fr.)
ouija Franco-German agreement
ous nothing to America
ouse river
out away
out not at home
out unfashionable
over maiden
ox bull
ox neat
oxonian dark blue
oy oh, why
oz ounce
oz small weight
oz weight
oz wizard place
p Celt
p Kelt
p Portugal
p copper
p four hundred
p four hundred thousand
p page
p park(ing)
p participle
p pawn
p pea
p pedal
p pee
p peg
p penny
p phosphorous
p pi
p piano
p pint
p poise
p power
p president
p prince
p quiet
p small change
p soft
p softly
p vitamin
pa Panama
pa father
pa old man
pan god
par standard
para Brazilian
para airborne soldier
parent source
pas dance
pas step
pate head
pawn piece (chess)
pawnbroker uncle
pb lead
pc copper
pc policeman
pe Peru
pe gym
pe physical education
pe training
peg tee
pen author
pen enclosure
pen prison
pen writer
per by
per for each
per through
pet cherished
pet favourite
pg paying guest
ph local
phi Greek letter
pi Greek character
pi Greek letter
pi confusion *
pi good
pi religious
pi upright
pier mole
pit Hell
pitt old Prime Minister
pl Poland
pla mountain retreat
pla port authority
plato philosopher
plo illegal army
plo terrorists
plot garden
pm Prime Minister
pm afternoon
pm half day
pm in the afternoon
po Italian flower
po Post Office
po airman
po palladium
po pole
po river
polo Merchant of Venice
poly college
pony twenty five pounds
pony twenty-five pounds
pop father
pop old man
port left
port wine
pp pages
pp peas
pp pees
pp pianissimo
pp very quiet/soft(ly)
pr Puerto Rico
pr Romans/Roman people
pr electoral system
pr image building
pr president
pr price
pr prince
pr public relations
pr two
pra academician
pra artist
pra painter
pres president
prison bird
pro expert
pro for
pro public relations officer
prof academic
provos terrorists
ps footnote
ps peas
ps pees
ps postscript
ps second thoughts
pt part
pt physical training
pt pint
pt platinum
pt point
pt post town
pt stop
pt training
pub local
pv peavy
q Celt
q Kelt
q Quebec
q Queensland
q boat
q cue
q electrical charge
q farthing
q five hundred
q five hundred thousand
q koppa
q ninety
q ninety thousand
q quality
q queen
q query
q question
q queue
q quintal
q rational numbers
qp kewpie (doll)
qt cutie
qt quart
qt quiet
qu quart
qu queen
quad prison
que what (Fr.)
qui who (Fr.)
r Reaumur
r Regina
r Republican
r Rex
r Romania
r are
r arithmetic
r castle
r eighty
r eighty thousand
r hand
r king
r monarch
r month
r queen
r radius
r rain
r rand
r reading
r real numbers
r recipe
r resistance
r rho
r right
r river
r road
r rontgen unit
r rook
r royal
r run
r side
r take *
r writing
ra Royal Academician
ra Royal Academy
ra Royal Artillery
ra academician
ra academy
ra artillery
ra artist
ra big guns
ra gunmen
ra gunner(s)
ra painter
ra soldiers
ra sun (god)
rab Butler
rac motoring organisation
race people
rada academy
raf fliers
raf service
rage fashion
rain waterfall
ram butter
ram music school
ram sheep
ran managed
ran smuggled
ras head
ras prince
rat art nouveau
rat desert fighter
rat desert(er)
rat scab
rat strikebreaker
rate speed
rc Roman Catholic
rc church
rd little way
rd road
rd way
re Royal Engineer(s)
re about
re again
re concerning
re engineer(s)
re note
re over
re religious education
re sapper(s)
re soldiers
re touching
rebecca Welsh riots
rec recipe
rec take
red anarchist
red bloody
red cent *
red communist
red leftist
red revolutionary
red socialist
regan princess
regan wicked sister
reine French queen
reme engineers
rene French man
rep agent
rep salesman
rep traveller
res old thing
resh Hebrew letter
ret soak
rev priest
rev vicar
rex cat
rg argy(-bargy)
rh right hand
ri Rhode Island
ri king emperor
rib wife
rid clear
rid free
ring circle
rio port
rip final message
rip last word
river banker
river flower
river runner
rly lines/landline
rly railway
rly transport
rly way
rm Marine
rm Royal Marine(s)
rm jolly
rm old Irish magistrate
rm resident magistrate
rma Sandhurst
rms mailboat
rn Navy
rn Royal Navy
rn fleet
rn sailors
rn service
ro right hand
roc fabulous bird
rock diamond
rod fast car
rod pole
rod sports car
roi French king
roi king (Fr.)
rom gypsy
rose flower
rosinante poor horse
rot corruption
rot decay
rot rubbish
rr Right Reverend
rr Rolls Royce
rr ars
rr bishop
rr car
rsm non-commissioned officer
rt arty
rt right
ru football
ru rugby
ruc Irish police
rue street (Fr.)
run manage
run smuggle
rur Capek's play
rv bible
ry landline
ry line(s)
ry little way
ry rail
ry railway
ry transport
ry way
s Bach's works
s God's
s Sabbath
s Saturday
s Schmieder
s Sweden
s as
s bend
s bob
s bridge players
s direction
s dollar
s es
s ess
s has
s his
s is
s largesse
s old Bob
s old shilling
s paragon
s part of collar
s point
s pole +
s quarter
s saint
s second
s seven
s seven thousand
s shilling
s side
s siemens
s sister
s snow
s society
s son
s south(ern)
s space
s spade
s square
s stokes
s sulphur
s sun
s us
sa South Africa
sa South America
sa essay
sa it
sa sex appeal
sa without date
sad blue
sailor able seaman
saint paragon
salt able seaman
sam uncle
sas soldiers
sat Saturday
satin dressmaker
sc namely
sc self-contained
sc small capitals
sc specifically
sc that is
sc viz
scot fine
scot tax
scr scruple
sculptor blockbuster
sd South Dakota
sd without a day fixed
sdp nationalists
se Home Counties
se London Area
se bridge opponents
se quarter
se south-east
sea deep
sea main
sec dry
sec second
sec short time
sec time
see look
seed children
semi half
semi house
sent ecstatic
set group
set put
seth fourth man
sgt non-commissioned officer
sgt sergeant
sh hush
sh quiet
sh silence
she (the) woman
she female
she lady
she novel
sherpa mountaineer
si South Island
si agreement - foreign (Span.)
si note
si silicon
si yes (Ital.)
si yes (Span.)
sib relation
sic thus
side team
silk dressmaker
sin err
sin evil
sin without
sin wrong
sine maths function
sine without
sir knight
sis sister
sly tinker
sm French king
sm French queen
sm king (Fr.)
sm non-commissioned officer
smith economist
sn Essen
sn partnership
sn tin
so ergo
so note
so therefore
so thus
so well
soh note
sol note
sol sun-god
som county
some approx(imately)
son issue
sop soprano
sos appeal
sp South Pole
sp childless
sp odds
sp pole
sp species
sp starting price
sp without children
spa spring
spire Oxford dreamer
spy agent
spy mole
square unfashionable
sr old railway
sr senior
srn nurse
ss German soldier
ss Sunday School
ss liner
ss saints
ss ship
ss steamship
st good man
st hush
st little way
st paragon
st road
st saint
st silence
st stone
st street
st stumped
st thoroughfare
st way
st weight
stag speculator
sten gun
stet don't change it
stir prison
stop traffic signal
sts saints
sty filthy place
stye eyesore
su Soviet Union
sub U-boat
sub stand-in
sub substitute
sub warship
supra over
sure certain
sw Cornwall
sw Devon
sw bridge opponents
sw quarter
sw south-west
swift screecher
swiss roll jammed cylinder
sx Essex
t Thailand
t Tuesday
t bandage
t bar
t bone
t cart
t cloth
t cross
t crossed
t half dry
t hundred and sixty
t hundred and sixty thousand
t junction
t model +
t peg
t perfect letter
t plate
t rail
t shirt
t short time
t square
t tau
t te
t tea
t tee
t tesla
t the
t time
t ton(ne)
t tritium
ta Territorial Army
ta army
ta cheers
ta reserves
ta soldiers
ta terriers
ta territorials
ta thank you
ta thanks
ta volunteers
tab label
tace silence
tag label
tan beat
tan brown
tan maths function
tar able seaman
tar art nouveau
tar sailor/salt/seaman
tata Tosti's song
tata goodbye
tate gallery
tau cross
tay river
tb torpedo boat
td medal
te Lawrence
te note
tea leaves
tec detective
ted Edward
ted Heath
tee peg
teen old injury
tees river
tell archer
temp secretary
ten PM's address
tene old injury
tent wine
ter three (triple)
ter thrice
test educational journal
test examination
test match
teth Hebrew letter
the article
the articles - English
ti note
tic note
tic spasm
tic twitching
tier row
time father
times daily
timon misanthrope
tin can
tin cash
tin money
tin vessel
tiny small
tion empty container
tit bird
tit inferior horse
tit poor horse
tnt big banger
tnt explosive
tod fox
todo commotion
toe extremity
toe member
tom big bell
tom cat
tome book
ton fashion
ton hundred
ton large amount
ton weight
tonne weight
tor hell
tor hill
tor mountain
tor point
tor prominence
tory Conservative
tory party
tory politician
tp teepee
tr Turkey
tr transaction
tr translation
tram transport
tree actor
tres very (Fr.)
tri three (triple)
tri thrice
troy ancient city
troy old city
try attempt
try essay
ts teas
ts tees
tt abstaining
tt dry
tt on the wagon
tt race
tt teas
tt tees
tt teetotal
tt teetotaller
tt thank you
tu tradesmen
tuck friar
twelve eec
two company
u Conservative
u Uruguay
u Utah
u about turn
u acceptable
u bend
u boat
u educational establishment
u ewe
u film
u for all to see
u high class
u on view to all
u posh
u socially acceptable
u suitable for children
u superior
u trap
u tube
u turn
u union/Unionist
u universal
u university
u upper class
u uppish
u upsilon
u uranium
u yew
u you
uc you see
uk United Kingdom
uk this country
uk this island
ule rubber
ult last month
um doubt
um hesitation
un United Nations
un international
un number one (Fr.)
un one
un one (dialect)
un peacekeepers
una number one (Ital.)
unco very (Scot.)
une number one (Fr.)
uno international organisation
uno number one (Ital.)
up at university
up excited
up in court
up mounted
up riding
up superior
uq you queue
ur ancient city
ur hesitation
ur old city
ur primitive
ur you are
ure river
uru Uruguay
us America
us American
us as above
us ewes
us no good
us transatlantic
us undersecretary
us use
us useless
us yews
us you and me
usa America
use application
use custom
use employ(ment)
use practice
use practise
ussr Soviet Union
ut note
ute half minute
uu ewes
uu use
uu yews
ux wife
v Vatican
v against
v agent
v bomb
v day
v five
v look
v neck
v neckline
v notch
v opposing
v see
v sign
v vanadium
v vee
v velocity
v verb
v verse
v versus
v very
v victory
v vide
v volt
v volume
v win
va Virginia
vad nurse
vale farewell
vale goodbye
vat tax
vau Hebrew letter
vb verb
ve victory
ver rev up
very light
vet surgeon
vg for example
vi half dozen
vi six
via old way
vid see
vid tanner/sixpence
vide look
vide see
vin French wine
vip big noise
vip tanner/sixpence
vir man/Roman
vis viscount
vj victory
vo left hand
vol book
vol volume
vy various years
w Wednesday
w Welsh
w William
w bridge players
w direction
w point
w quarter
w tungsten
w watt
w weak
w west(ern)
w whole numbers
w wicket
w width
w wife
w woman
ward disadvantage (drawback)
washington young feller
we partnership
we you and I
wee little
wee minor
wee small
who doctor
wi Mayfair
wi West Indies
wi Westminster
winner fabulous tortoise
wise youth leaders
wist knew (old word)
women monstrous regiment
woof bark
wt small weight
wt weight
x Christ
x PM's address
x Xmas
x across
x body
x chi
x chromosome
x cross
x draw
x ex,Exe
x film
x illiterate's signature
x kiss
x particle
x ray
x sign of love
x sign of the times
x spot marked
x ten
x ten thousand
x thousand
x times
x unknown
x vitamin
x vote
x wrong sign
x xi
xc ninety
xi eleven
xi side
xi team
xl excel
xv side
xv team
y alloy
y chromosome
y level
y measure
y moth
y one hundred and fifty
y one hundred and fifty thousand
y track
y unknown
y why
y yard
y year
y yen
y young
y yttrium
yard detectives
yd measure
ye the (old word)
ye you (old word)
yea agreement
yew tree
yr year
yr your
ys wise
ys youth leaders
yt that (old word)
yu jade
yule you will, say
yy wise
z Zambia
z bar
z bend
z cedilla
z final letter
z integers
z izzard
z last character
z last letter
z omega
z seven
z seven thousand
z sound of sleep
z zed
z zee
z zero
z zeta
zo cross *
zr Zaire
zz (sound of) snoring

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Stuart MacMartin

Jun 15, 1992, 9:29:34 AM6/15/92
I have only quickly scanned part of this list so far (THANKS!!!)
but I already have one question:

Why is "Greek letter" OK for "beta" but "note" dubious for "a"?
There are a lot more Greek letters than notes.


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Ross Beresford

Jun 15, 1992, 1:23:31 PM6/15/92
to (Stuart MacMartin) writes:
: Why is "Greek letter" OK for "beta" but "note" dubious for "a"?

: There are a lot more Greek letters than notes.

Possibly because the book that presumed to judge the soundness of the
indicators didn't mention beta at all. As I say, the list is merged
from a number of sources, with no editing on my part to make it all
consistent. Perhaps one day ...

I think in this case that "Greek letter" is slightly fairer, because
it is indicating a larger number of letters; also the significance of
note would be hard to spot, whereas Greek letter is a bit of a give-away.

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