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Sep 21, 1997, 3:00:00 AM9/21/97

I am thinking about setting up a stock Photo Agency on the Internet. But
their will be a slight difference this time. It will be set up on a
consignment basis. Any photographer who has Internet access will be
offered the opportunity to participate. I am posting this message on
several News groups to gauge the level of interest. Anybody who has
thought of seriously selling his/her photos, knows the daunting task
ahead. To get photos in a Stock Agency is difficult at best for
professionals, let alone for amateurs. My concept while not guaranteeing
you a profit, people have to purchase the right to use your photo, for
that to happen. It will guarantee that your photographs will be seen by
a large number of
My idea is to offer quality photos on the Internet at substantially
lower prices than any other Stock Photo Agency. The only thing that you
as an interested photographer has to do is first contact me by email
(and if you agree to the terms of the contract), second to mail to me
your best photo prints in the 4 X 6 size. This way you are not risking
the loss of your valuable negatives. At the end of each month (provided
you have sold any images) you will receive a check for 50 % of the
Amount charged for the use of the photo. If I feel that your photo is
not of the quality I am looking for, I will mail the originals back to
you. As a photographer you are risking very little. Basically the price
of a stamp, envelope and a few 4 x 6's. A dollar or two at the
most. My email address is I welcome any
comments or suggestions on how to improve this concept. I look forward
to hearing from any interested photographers.

Aug 7, 2013, 9:15:54 PM8/7/13
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