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Dec 25, 2002, 11:18:26 PM12/25/02
I have seen this question posted before, but slightly differently--so I hope
it isn't repetitive....

I am interested in doing more study in photography--but local courses are
more focused on the mechanics of developing, printing, etc. I have a
darkroom and have been printing for years. What I want to work on is
vision, composition, expression, creativity generally....I am not much
concerned with learning the tricks of the trade to do wedding photography,
or store-front portrait photography, or sports, PJ, etc.

I was looking that the NYIP course blurbs on their site. I ordered a
catalog, but it hasn't arrived yet.

The course appears to have good reviews from people in the photo
newsgroups...but I can't tell for sure why they think it is good. Most seem
to want to go out and make some money (which is great); I am really just
interested in being a better photographer; with no "market" considerations
whatsoever. In other words: Images with heart; some that are hopefully
art, but don't care if I never do the "ring ceremony" or the high-energy
touchdown pass.

Any thoughts on NYIP as a program that will help with this? Or are
retreat-type workshops better (and if so, which ones)?

Tony Spadaro

Dec 25, 2002, 11:43:58 PM12/25/02
Take art courses locally. Even art appreciation class. I know several
people who never finished the NYIP course as it was slow moving and they
found the "instruction" lacking anything personal - pretty much by rote and
geared toward the technical. However there is one person on this forum who's
wife took and enjoyed the course.
A few books on art could be all you need and there is a list of good
books on composition at The Camera-ist's Manifesto which is located at:
and partial home of
The Camera-ist's Manifesto
The Links are at
"Andy-J" <andy-...@mchsi.com> wrote in message

Steve Kramer

Dec 26, 2002, 3:28:03 AM12/26/02
Andy-J wrote:
> Any thoughts on NYIP as a program that will help with this? Or are
> retreat-type workshops better (and if so, which ones)?

I took their course, and will say without hesitation that it was the
single best thing I ever did to improve my photographic skills. I didn't
complete it, as the remaining class was nothing I was interested in, but
the first 5 were spot on! That was several years ago. I have learned a
lot more since taking that course, but nothing compares with the over
all content and simplicity of the learning method. I had plenty of
personal attention and individual critiquing of my photos while I was
involved with NYIP and would recommend this course to anyone who
dislikes the classroom setting but want to improve their photographic
skills. This is NOT to imply that other methods are bad... just that
speaking from personal experience, NYIP was very good for me.

Steve Kramer
Chiang Mai, Thailand

"The voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new horizons,
but in seeing with new eyes." - Marcel Proust


Dec 26, 2002, 5:18:10 AM12/26/02
Yes I looked at their site and it looks like a good course.

I myself would prefer to spend the money on second hand photography books,
and blowing thru loads of film.

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