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dimitris tzortzakakis

Sep 25, 2019, 3:43:31 PM9/25/19

shall I try to sell my trusty nikon f 60 my old nytech compact
digital and my sony digital camcorder to raise money for a nos
eos 30?(NOT digital!) I know I will get peanuts for a used film
body,a12 year old compact and an SD camcorder, but really the f60
is nothing to write home about, and the other 2 see very little
use as everyone is using their phones now.hes giving me the eos
300 for 300 euros with a usm lens and probably he will accept
credit.he-the guy I bought my f60 from and he will stock slide
film again as i bought all his old stock.the eos 30 was the best
st its category with the famous eye focus.

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dimitris tzortzakakis

Sep 28, 2019, 2:38:52 PM9/28/19
dimitris tzortzakakis <hor...@otenet.gr> Wrote in message:
Update finally gave the compact and the camcorder to my little
niece 8 years old as shes not allowed to have a smartphone yet
and we re all shooting with our phones now anyway.i put up an ad
for the f60 but with almost no hope ss the camera was total crap
didnt evenhave a ttl built in flash.i also got the eos
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dimitris tzortzakakis

Oct 12, 2019, 7:42:57 AM10/12/19
I hate replying to myself but here goes:I got thd eos 30 NOS as
mentioned 300 euros with credit kit lens24-90 EF USM body made in
japan lens in taiwan.I was longing for an enthusiast film camera
since `85 when my aunt and her family came from Canada with the
famous Minolta maxxum 7000, the first auto focus slr ever.she
brought me a freedom ii compact also autofocus.I shot half a
slide film nowthe canon is loaded with tmax 400 unfortunately
slide film can only be processed in athens.so probably i will
process the tmax sooner.the f60 was loaded with the velvia and i
wanted to putthe velvia in the canon but how? No darkroom no tool
to pull the filmleader from the canister ( the f60 alwayz rewinds
the filmleader jnthe canister) so after some thinkjng i took a
steel cable tie bend its end and after some efforts took the
film leader out! But how to advance the film past thelast
without double exposure? i put the canon allin manualandtook
the shots with 2 black tshirts on the lens! There was no lens cap
or batteries in the box the camera came with, probably they
wereused elsewhere by the shop staff.
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