Scratches/developing service/film scanner issues

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Alan Dare

Dec 13, 2002, 11:16:22 PM12/13/02
A few months back I purchased a 2000 dpi film scanner. I've put several
rolls of film through and I 'm seeing really bad scratches on my 35mm
negatives coming right from local processing - I see no such problems on
slides. At first I thought I was handling them poorly, but realized that is
the way I was receiving them. I'm taking them to a camera shop that several
local professional wedding photographers use so I felt it was a good
facility. The scratches don't show on the prints and are hard to see with
the naked eye, but their very pronounced once scanned. I'm seeing the
scratches on every 3rd or 4th cell and it's usually at a slight angle off of
vertical in the middle of the cell from top to bottom. I'm pretty confident
it's not my equipment and I'm being extremely careful with the negatives I'm

Not having scanned many negatives before, I'm wondering if these are normal
artifacts from the developing process that is being amplified by the high
res scan or if my local developer has a issue?



James Cassatt

Dec 20, 2002, 12:13:25 PM12/20/02
A scanner uses a point source that empahsizes all of the detail as
well as the imperfections. I get the same problem using a double
condenser enlarger in the darkroom. Hence I an very careful with dust
(I clean the negatives with a good liquid negative cleaner) and
scratches. For this reason, it kills me when I get negatives back from
the photoprocesser with scratches on them. My scanner has no way to
remove then, and I don't like the way software takes them out. So
they have to be taken out by "hand". Ugh!!!. I think one of the
reasons that processers get them is the way they extract the film from
the cartridges. When I process my own negatives (B&W) I break the
cartridge with an old fashion beer can opener, and take the film out.
Processers use a film extractor which pulls the film back through the
felt. If there is any grit on the felt it will introduce a scratch.

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Dec 20, 2002, 8:57:07 PM12/20/02
I use a leader extractor to withdraw the film from the cartridge onto my
Patterson reel . . have not experienced any scratches to date. However, I
have experienced scratches on about 50% of my machine processed color rolls,
both negative and slide (but mostly with negative film). it is dirt all
right, but suspect it is in the machine, not he cartridge. My hand dunked
stuff is always scratch free. Bottom line is, that when I am shooting for
exhibition or something critical, for color I go to a dunk and dip
processor, and for B&W, do not change what I am doing.


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Bill Karoly

Dec 21, 2002, 10:51:57 AM12/21/02
There should be no scratches, ever, on film coming back from the lab. Do not
accept mediocrity.

Finding a C41 lab that does not scratch the film can be pain sometimes.
Also, the scanner can cause the scratches too.


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Jan 7, 2003, 12:41:23 AM1/7/03
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Check your camera carriage system. By your description these are not
hap hazard scracthes, there is a pattern.
How tight is your film wound before you begin to shoot? Check the
rewind handle and turn clockwise to put slight tension on the film.
I had a similar occurance. Any roll of 36 had a major scratch on
frames 28 - 33
I did the film canister check, showed the lab ( they even went back
and ran several test rolls through). Upon close examination of my
camera back the section above the take up spook had a foriegn object
lodge to it. I don't know how I missed it before, but it was
carefully removed. Then I discovered a slightly protruding bolt or
screw below the take up reel that is being worked on right now.

Alan Dare

Jan 9, 2003, 10:50:45 AM1/9/03
I beleive it is at the developer as the scratches only appear on the color
negitives. I've not had any problems with slides (E6).

BTW, thanks to everyone that has provided information and suggestions.

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