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Dr. Lily White

Nov 21, 2008, 5:45:19 AM11/21/08
My first time was when I was 19. My bestfriend from high school played
football at Clemson and I was a Sophomore there. I had been single for about
6 months and used to go to his keg parties all the time. His best friend was
a light-skinned black guy that was always really sweet. Was never
disrespectful. He never groped me or even made the slightest lewd comment to
me. One night at one of my bestfriend's key parties, he was being
particularly flirty with me. I was there with my roommates. We lived in the
same building as my bestfriend. Well, there was all the usual stuff. A lot
of drinking, beer pong, and cards.

Towards the end of the party it was me and Bryant and just a few other
people there. He was still being really flirty and I hadn't even noticed
that he hadn't had much to drink. I was getting kinda tired and told him I
was going to go home. He asked if he could walk me. I said yes. We got
outside and he asked if I would go get something to eat with him first. I
don't know why, but I just felt comfortable with him and said yes. The only
place open was Waffle House. Clemson is a small college town and not much is
open after 2am. It was 3am at this point and time.

We drove the 4-5 miles there laughing the whole time. He had a big SUV. I
know, not surprising for a college football player. We got to Waffle House
and parked. We were just talking. I noticed that 45 minutes had passed and
we were still in the truck talking. It seemed like we had only been there
for moments. I dropped my phone in the floorboard. I reached down to pick it
up smiling and the look on his face was just so cute. I could tell he wanted

I will interject that I had never even fantasized or even been attracted to
black men. However, he was so cute and so nice. Not to mention 6-6 and about
270 pounds of muscle. The smile he had was electric. I couldn't take it
anymore. I jumped across the console and into his lap. We made out for what
was probably 10-15 minutes. He was an excellent kisser and was so strong.

Finally I said, "ok, you need to take me home before I do something I am not
ready to do." We drove home in silence. I think he was disappointed and I
was just thinking. My mind was racing. We got back and he pulled up in front
of my building not parking. I remember asking him why he wasn't going to
walk me up? He seemed embarassed and parked the SUV. He walked me to the
door. He was so cute saying how much fun he had hanging out with me. I
unlocked the door and backed a couple of steps inside. He was saying goodbye
and that he hoped I didn't regret kissing him in his truck. Just as he was
turning to walk away and I grabbed him and jumped him.

The next 30 secs was a whirlwind of clothes flying off everywhere. I got him
to my bedroom with me having nothing but bra and panties on he only having
his boxers on. I was truly amazed at his body. It was a work of art. All I
could do was keep running my hands over his chest. I looked down for the
first time and noticed his cock. It looked huge underneath his boxers. I
lied him down on my bed and went and locked the bedroom door. I lied down
next to him and started kissing him again. I then moved my hand down to his
boxers and began stroking his cock. It was absolutely huge... I was turning
into a super turned on maniac.

I jumped up and pulled his boxers off as quickly as I could. It revealed a
cock that was 9" long and as thick as a coke can. I couldn't believe it. My
previous ex had been almost 10", but nowhere near as thick. I decided right
then and there that I was fucking him that night. I tried sucking him, but
could only fit a few inches in my mouth. I could tell he really enjoyed it,
but I just wasn't used to sucking a cock that thick.

Finally, I took off my bra and panties and decided I wanted to fuck him. He
was just sitting there using his hand to hold his cock straight up. I knew
the only way I was going to accomodate him was to work my way down while on
top. I didn't realize until I started lowering on his head that I was as wet
as I was. I had never been that wet before. Even after cumming. It took some
work, but I finally had him most of the way inside of me.

All I will say is that he had amazing stamina and fucked me that night from
4am until 8am that morning. I didn't realize until I woke up at 2pm that we
had had sex 3 times and all three times were without a condom. I let him cum
in me each time. Luckily I was on the pill. It was just amazing sex.

I ended up dating him for almost 2 years. I have been with 5 other black
guys in the past 6 years since. However, he was the best out of all of them.
ONly Mr. Wonderful is better in the bedroom than he was.

Great memories.


Sep 23, 2015, 5:51:18 PM9/23/15
that's one hot story

do u have more?

Nov 15, 2016, 7:26:27 AM11/15/16

Jun 5, 2018, 8:33:20 AM6/5/18
Bryant McNeal?
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