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rec.pets.ferrets Posting Guidelines

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rec.pets.ferrets Posting Guidelines

Copyright 2002-2005, Brian Edmonds
$Revision: 1.10 $ $Date: 2005/01/16 00:36:39 $

The latest version of this document can be found at
* post to the newsgroup or mailing list with the following text in
the subject (without the quotes): "send file: guidelines.txt"

Any inquiries, comments or suggestions should be sent to the group
moderators at


* Introduction
* Charter
+ Miscellaneous Policies
+ Robomoderation
* How To Submit a Post
* The Mailing List


The rec.pets.ferrets newsgroup was created in October 1995. The group
originally had a panel of moderators who oversaw all postings. In June
of 2000 the moderation server experienced an extended outage and the
group never recovered.

In April 2002 moderation of the group was passed to Brian Edmonds. The
team consisting of Brian Edmonds and Pam Greene are running the group
and a companion, gated mailing list with the assistance of Brian's
robomoderation software.

Since its creation a number of control messages have been sent which
at some sites appear to have erroneously changed the status of the
group to unmoderated. If this is the case at your site, you should
bring it to the attention of your news admin, as any postings you make
to a moderated group which is not properly recognized as such at your
site will be silently discarded at any site where the group is
correctly carried as moderated.


The group is for discussion of domestic ferrets (Mustela putorius
furo). Examples of appropriate topics include, but are not limited to,
ferret care, behavior, history, and legal status, as well as fictional
works involving ferrets, announcements of ferret-related events or
resources, and peripherally related discussions between members of the
"ferret community".

Miscellaneous Policies

The moderation software may (now or possibly in the future) enforce
the following policies:

* Postings must be in plain text. In particular no HTML or mixed
text and HTML posts will be allowed. Excessive quoting and large
sigs are also not allowed. Any post with more than 70% quoted
material or a sig in excess of 512 bytes will be rejected.
* Postings must be formatted within 80 characters in width (limiting
your lines to 72 characters is recommended), and also must not
exhibit the long/short/long/short/etc misformatting that some
posting agents can produce when misconfigured.
* No binary postings of any sort will be accepted. Exceptions will
be made for cryptographic signatures and such. S/MIME signatures
are usually far too bulky and will probably not be accepted.
* Crossposting is not allowed to more than three newsgroups, except
through manual intervention by the moderator. Contact the
moderator if you feel you need to crosspost to more than two other
* Followups can be to no more than two groups, or to poster.
* Mail address blacklisting and whitelisting may be implemented as
deemed necessary. In addition a number of anti-spam filters are in
place, and will be expanded as needed.

All posts (with a working return address) will either be returned with
a rejection notice, or posted to the newsgroup and mailing list. One
exception is that rejection notices for the same error are suppressed
for a few minutes after the first one is sent to reduce the danger of
the robomoderator being used as a mailbombing agent.

Posting with a non-replyable address is strongly discouraged. If you
feel you must post with such an address, please make sure you are not
using one in a valid mail domain; appending .invalid to the address is
the recommended way to ensure this.


The robomoderation software (robomod) enforces various anti-spam and
text formatting requirements. Note that in order to receive rejection
notices or other information from robomod it must have a valid email
address for you. More information on the registration process,
including how to use munged addreses, can be found at
* post to the newsgroup or mailing list with the following text in
the subject (without the quotes): "send file: register.txt"

Submissions from non-registered addresses will be held for human
moderation. The moderators may at their discretion register addresses
for auto-approval, or revert them to hand moderated status.

How To Submit a Post

At a correctly configured site you should simply be able to post to
rec.pets.ferrets and everything will be managed for you behind the
scenes. If you find this does not work for you, you can submit
directly to the submission agent by mailing your posting to

Please try the newsgroup first, and be sure to bring any problems to
the attention of your local news administrator so that they can be
dealt with.

The Mailing List

All postings to rec.pets.ferrets are also distributed to the mailing
list, which is available in both regular
and digest format. For subscription information, send email to or visit the list webpage at

Likewise, all postings to the mailing list are also distributed to the
newsgroup, so subscribers can use whichever of the newsgroup, list, or
digest formats is most comfortable.

Brian Edmonds
$Date: 2005/01/16 00:36:39 $
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