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Noisy neighbor & dog

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Steve Enbrey

Feb 24, 1998, 3:00:00 AM2/24/98
to wrote:
> I need suggestions for a noisy neighbor who also has one of those
> small, neurotic dogs that yelp and cry for two hours every time she
> goes out.
> Here are some examples of the problems I'm having:
> - She has family money (i.e., no need to get up for work in the
> mornings), so she parties every night and stumbles in loudly at 1:00
> AM drunk on weeknights
> - Her little dog yelps not only when she leaves, but also when she
> brings a "friend" home and locks the dog out of the bedroom
> - Every once in a while, she thows tantrums where she'll be upstairs
> thowing stuff around her apartment for a few hours. This usually
> happens in the wee hours of the morning
> The problem isn't just the noise - it's the timing. I get up at 5:00
> AM to prepare for a long day of work... but sometimes do this after a
> restless night of tossing and turning because of the noise.
> I have already started dealing with this through the landlord. This
> is a slow, frustrating, unfulfilling process. But the process is
> underway. The problem is that eviction could take 6-8 months if the
> landlord ever gets to that point.
> I'd like to find some ways to inconvenience her - i.e., give her a
> taste of her own medicine.
> One thought I had:
> - Anyone know a way I can generate some high-pitched noise to make the
> dog go bezerk when I know she's asleep?
> A couple of disclaimers...
> 1. I don't want to break any laws
> 2. I don't want her or anyone else physically hurt because of some
> revenge gone awry
> 3. I won't do anything to hurt the dog (it's not the dog's fault that
> the owner doesn't take responsibility for it).
> Any suggestions or ideas will be appreciated.
> Thanks...

This post is not a good candidate for a revenge issue. You should keep
working with your landlord and try to solve the problem. I would hate to
see the dog taken away from the owners and placed in the local pound,
only to be put on death row.

Steve Enbrey
New Brunswick, NJ


Feb 25, 1998, 3:00:00 AM2/25/98

I disagree. i think this a great issue, not so much revenge as responsible
ownership training. In most areas, (unfortunately) animal control is so lax
that animals are never removed from their owners unless there is physical
proof (usually videotape) that the animal is being abused, so I doubt
barking would be enough for the doggie to go to jail.

I've had good luck so far in breaking my neighbor's dog of barking by
calling her every time the dog begins a rampage. It's not harassment, as I
have always shown genuine concern in telling her "I think something's wrong
with your dog. He's barking like crazy!" This worked for about a week
before she stopped answering the phone. Step 2? The "panic button" for a
car alarm. When the dog goes off, so does the car alarm. Strange
coincidence. After a week of this, she started answering her phone again.

The neighbor's still a pain in the ass, but the dog's alot better behaved.
Best of luck to you and hopefully, a good night's sleep.

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