Aurora Colorado Democrat sentenced to 6 months in jail for using dog for sex acts; dog likely to be euthanized

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Oct 6, 2019, 8:45:03 PM10/6/19
An Aurora man will spend up to six months in jail for engaging
in sex acts with his dog, and the dog will be euthanized because
it has become aggressive after being removed from the abusive

An Arapahoe County judge on Tuesday sentenced Frederick
Manzanares, 51, to six months in jail and two years of
supervised probation for participating in sex acts with the dog
and his former girlfriend. Manzanares pleaded guilty to two
counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty in September.

And, Bubba, the male Akita mix who also goes by Biscuit, was to
be euthanized Tuesday afternoon, said Michael Bryant, a
spokesman for the city of Aurora.

Bubba had been living at the Aurora Animal Shelter since
authorities took custody of him this summer. The dog has become
progressively aggressive at the shelter, Arapahoe County Deputy
District Attorney Amy Ferrin said at the hearing.

“Bubba is not doing well at all,” Ferrin said.

Judge Cheryl Rowles-Stokes considered the fate of Bubba in her
sentencing decision, she said.

“This dog cannot safely be adopted,” Rowles-Stokes said at the
hearing before reading her sentence. “This dog cannot safely be

“This dog cannot recover,” she said.

Manzanares, dressed in a dark suit, spoke in the courtroom
before Rowles-Stokes read the sentence. He said that he now
recognized that the sex acts were wrong and that he didn’t mean
to harm the dog.

“I know those desires are morally wrong and they will never
manifest themselves again,” he said.

Manzanares also asked if he could be allowed to work with Bubba
to help rehabilitate the dog for any potential adopter. His
voice cracked as he spoke about Bubba.

Instead, Rowles-Stokes forbid Manzanares from owning, caring for
or cohabiting with any animals during his probation. He will
also complete treatment for his deviant sexual behavior as part
of his sentence.

In a letter to the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office,
the animal shelter manager said the city also had charged
Manzanares in municipal court for allowing a dog to run at-large
and for keeping an aggressive dog.

When Manzanares surrendered Bubba to animal control in July he
told officers that he had concerns about the officers’ safety in
handling the dog. The manager, Jenee Shipman, gave Manzanares
permission to go to the shelter to help officers vaccinate and
place a collar and identification tag on Bubba.

“The dog has exhibited unpredictable behavior, and shows signs
of aggression towards veterinary services staff, volunteers,
community service workers and staff members that the dog is not
especially familiar with (staff who clean, fee, provide
enrichment and treats daily,” Shipman’s letter said.

Shipman went on to say, “It is my opinion this dog is not a safe
adoption candidate or transfer candidate based on the history,
kennel behavior and continued increase in aggression observed

Manzanares’ former girlfriend and co-defendant, Janette Solano,
pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty and received a 24-
month deferred judgement and sentence, meaning she will not be
convicted or serve jail time unless she violates the courts’
restrictions during the two-year period.

Ferrin, the prosecutor, requested that Manzanares be sentenced
to 18 months in jail — the maximum penalty — for the first count
of animal abuse and five years supervised probation for the
second. Manzanares’ attorney, Christopher Decker, asked the
judge to consider a deferred sentence like the one Solano
received. Decker said it would be an act of gender bias if
Manzanares received a harsher penalty than Solano and alleged
the two were equal participants in the crimes.

Solano called police in March 2017 to report a domestic violence
incident. When Aurora police officers arrived, she told them
that she and Manzanares had been arguing and that she was
leaving him because he had been pressuring her to have sex with
the dog.

Solano told police that Manzanares had sent her videos and
literature about bestiality for six months.

Police later found a custom bench that Manzanares designed to
facilitate sex acts with the dog inside a mobile home near the
couple’s home, according to the man’s arrest affidavit.
Manzanares filmed the sex acts with the dog and used a hormone
spray to excite the animal, the affidavit states. Police found
photos and videos showing Solano having sex with the dog while
Manzanares was nearby.

Colorado outlawed sex with animals in 2007 as part of an update
to animal cruelty laws. Bestiality was previously legal in the

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