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Hank and Joe had a small horse farm in Wyoming (Not as OT as it might seem)

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Nov 13, 2020, 3:43:39 AM11/13/20
Hank and Joe had a small horse farm in Wyoming. It wasn't much, but
they were satisfied with their lives. Then they got the telegram from
their two aunts in Indiana saying that they were coming for a visit
and would stay at least a week.

When the two older ladies showed up, Hank and Joe showed them around
their small operation, let them ooh and ahh at the horses and took
them on a carriage ride to view the scenery. That evening they served
a respectable dinner of beans and venison. The two sisters were a bit
mystified to find that the tin plates were nailed to the table. One of
them asked Hank how they cleaned the dishes after a meal. Instead of
answering directly, Hank opened the front door and two large dusty
hounds ran into the house, jumped onto the table and began to
energetically lick the plates clean.

The next morning the aunts announced that due to unforeseen
circumstances they were taking the next stage to the train station in
Cheyenne to head home. After they had left, Joe said, "Well, Hank, it
took us a week to train those hounds to lick those plates clean. How
long do you reckon it will take us to break them of it?"

Bob, "I said it wasn't OT"

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