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Feb 22, 2021, 4:03:26 PM2/22/21
On Sun, 27 Sep 2009 18:28:35 -0500, "D. Arlington"
<inv...@nowhere.invalid> wrote:

>Can anyone tell me how they made out RVing with a cat? Our neighbors
>abandoned their yr old cat when they moved and we adopted her. We have 2
>trips planned for next month and no one to leave her with. Do cats travel
>well? Do you put them in a "cat-carry" while on the road? Loose in the RV?
>In the Tow-Vehicle (i.e. TV)? Do you use a leash and collar? A harness? I
>fear we may open a door and she'll dart out and get lost or run over, or
>she'll rip up the screens if left loose or alone in the RV. I would love to
>keep her but not if travel will be torture for her. Suggestions PLEASE!

My wonderful Manx cat Bob LOVED to travel in our motorhome. We did
over 200,000 miles together.

He'd detect when we were getting ready for a trip and would guard the
door out to the motorhome. Before we took him out, one of us would
put a harness on him. He ran free in the MH, his favorite place being
the passenger side dash.

He'd never try to exit the MH so no leash when we got out for gas or
snack breaks. He LOVED to be around us at the campsite. There I used
a lightweight 20 tether and one of those screw-into-the-ground anchors
to tether him to.

Some photos, many of him camping with us.



Feb 22, 2021, 4:20:22 PM2/22/21
On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 01:47:50 -0500, "D. Arlington"
<inv...@nowhere.invalid> wrote:

>After reading these replies I plan to keep her in a comfy cat-carrier while
>on the road.

Please don't unless her behavior requires it. She very well might
spend the trip in your lap. A cat carrier will both put her in a very
confined space and keep her away from you, her "parents". And if you
have to brake suddenly and the carrier goes tumbling, that would
torment your kitty.

>She'll be free in the TT with access to her pan, food and water
>when we stop for the night. I'll have a collar or harness on her with a
>leash and we'll be careful opening the TT door until we see if she tries to
>bolt when it's opened.

No collar. Every cat I've ever had could easily slide out of a
collar. Get the kind of harness with a strap across her chest and
straps that her legs go through.

> I know it would be better for her to stay at home
>while we travel, but that would really inconvenience our neighbors.

NO! Leaving a kitty which has bonded to you at home is cruel. I lost
my wife and sold the motorhome. Now I have to leave Fred at home
because most motels won't allow pets. I pay a lady to check on him
every other day. There's a security camera to keep an eye on things.
Even with a visit every other day, his plaintive cries bring me to

I'll probably get another small motorhome or trailer just to
accommodate Fred.


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