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Ms Kitty, DoW #6

Apr 11, 2017, 2:17:56 PM4/11/17

"Checkmate, DoW #1" <Lunatic...@The.Edge> wrote:
> "Expect difficulty training your Siamese cat. Because of their
> intelligence and stubbornness, Siamese cats are very difficult to
> train. For example, a Siamese may ignore unpleasant experiences such as
> being squirted with water, which makes it difficult to deter them from
> bad behavior."
> I wish I had found that article before. While Snowshoe cats are only
> half Siamese, this one definitely got the stubbornness and the "Fuck
> you, I do as I like!" parts. I miss her somewhat, but I know she's not
> about to change her agenda, and I can't adapt to it. They just listed
> her as available again, and I'm betting she'll have a new owner by the
> end of the week. I wish her... and them, better luck.

I'm sure she just needs a different home. If I couldn't let this tabby
outside, he (and I) would go nuts. He mainly hangs out on the patio on a
chairs, and tries to tear up the outdoor carpet under the table and chairs,
but he hasn't made a mark in it yet.

I understand you can't let them outside where you live, because I can't let
my baby go out to the country anymore because she is terrified of wolves,
fox, and hawks.

> I'm now starting to appreciate just how lucky I was with BK, but I also
> think that getting an 8-week old kitten helps make for a healthy and
> happy long term relationship. I'm seeing more kittens starting to
> become available, so I'm holding out hope that the next time is the
> charm.

Yes, it is rare to find one you can bond with. Just remember to spend a lot
of time the first couple of days, showing them where to scratch. I use
catnip to attract them to where I want them to go.

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