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Re: Canberra addressing CATastrophic damage to wildlife by cats

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May 29, 2021, 2:28:14 PM5/29/21
Fran <> wrote in

> On 28/05/2021 12:54 pm, Dechucka wrote:
>> Excellent!!! Other domestic animals are not allowed to roam freely
>> interfering with other people's lives and killing wildlife so why
>> should cats not be required to be kept on the owner's property?
> I love cats but haven't had one for decades. Since moving to
> suburbia, I've been really sickened by other people's cats shitting in
> my very carefully prepared veggie garden soil.
> I've been really tempted to set up the cat trap and then if I'd caught
> any cats to drive several hours away and dump the cats in a refuge
> miles from here. I haven't done it but I've been very tempted as a
> from of punishment for the irresponsible cat owners.
>> -new-cats-from-2022/100172644
>> All Canberra suburbs to contain new cats from July 1, 2022
>> The ACT is introducing city-wide containment for all new cats from
>> the middle of next year.
>> Currently, all cats in new Canberra suburbs have to be kept indoors
>> or in cat runs at all times.
> And fair enough too.

Aww, just think of all the poor predators that will be going hungry:
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